Family Winners for Family U44 (Mary by Monmouth Eclipse) - (There are 176 distinct members with 444 race wins or awards.)
YearNameDoBSexRace NameTrackTime/$/Grp
2020Another Masterpiece2015MNZ Summer Cup (NZMTC)Add3
2020Another Masterpiece2015MNZ Superstars Champ -4/5Add2
2019-2Fast N First2016MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
2019-1Berzerker2016MUSA Maryland SS -3cRcR3
2019-07Highalator2014M1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:48.0US
2019Activated2015FSWE Drottning Silvia Pokal - 4MAby2
2019Activated2015FSWE Stochampionatet - 4MAxe2
2019Alrajah One2016MITA Derby Italiano - 3Agn1
2019Another Masterpiece2015MANZ Inter Dominion Pacing ConsolationAxP3
2019Another Masterpiece2015MVic Derby (heat) -3BallS
2019Darlinonthebeach2013FMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,068,648
2019Fast N First2016MCAN OSS Grassroots -3cMohS
2019Highalator2014MUSA Golden ReceiverM3
2019Highalator2014MUSA Van Rose InvitationalPcDS
2019Jimpeto Joy2015MSLO Slovenia Derby - 4Stoz1
2019Kuyt F Boko2017MEUR Breeders Course -2Jag1
2019Voyage to Paris2016GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ctDelaS
2018-FJK American Beauty2016FUSA Renaissance -2FhldS
2018-2Berzerker2016MUSA Maryland SS -2cRcR3
2018Activated2015FSWE Oaksrevanschen -3fSolv3
2018Another Masterpiece2015M1:55 2YO Times (Alltime-ANZ)ANZ1:53.4
2018Another Masterpiece2015M1:55 2YO Times (Alltime-ANZ)ANZ1:54.3 (1950m)
2018Another Masterpiece2015MNZ 2YO C&G Pacer of the YearNZ NZ : $257,551, 1:53.4
2018Another Masterpiece2015MNZ Harness Jewels (Emerald) -2Camb1
2018Another Masterpiece2015MNZ Welcome Stakes -2Add2
2018Another Masterpiece2015MNZ Yearling Sales Series -2AddL
2018Another Masterpiece2015MStake Earner of the Year (2YOP) (NZ)NZ $261,051
2018Crisp Mane2016FCAN OSS Gold - 2fMoh3
2018Diamond2010GFRA Prix de SedanEngh3
2018Diamond2010GFRA Prix du RouerqueVinc3
2018Diamond2010GStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Netherlands)EUR139,840€
2018Diamond2010GStake Earner of the Year (Netherlands)EUR139,840€
2018Sassa Hanover2012FMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,227,824
2018Shadow Cat2015GUSA Keystone Classic -3cMea3
2018Super Fly2015GUSA Delaware Breeders -3cTDD3
2018Super Fly2015GUSA Delaware Breeders -3cTHar3
2017Activated2015FSWE ASVT Trottex Auktionslopp -2SolvF
2017Diamond2010GHOL Breeders Crown -5+Wlvga2
2017Hambo Transs R2014MFRA Prix de Berlin -3Engh3
2017Hambo Transs R2014MHOL Criterium der Driejarigen -3cWlvga3
2017Hambo Transs R2014MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Netherlands)EUR97,305€
2017Highalator2014MUSA Bobby Weiss -3/4cPcDL
2017Ivo Baldwin2015GHOL Duindigt Tweejarigen S -2DuindL
2017Mr Pine Chip2003MLeading Sire - Stakes (Estonia)EUR 
2017Onangelwings2014FUSA Massachusetts SS- 3fTPRc3
2017Wide Game2014GSWE Gay Noons Lopp -3Solv3
2016-3Frascati BR2013GNOR GrunndivisionenBje3
2016-2Lakeisha Hall2013FUSA Circle City -3fHoPL
2016Bad As Leader2013FCAN Miss Vera Bars -3fWdbL
2016Big Bad Bill2014GCAN OSS Gold - 2cGRvr3
2016Darlinonthebeach2013FUSA Bluegrass -3fLex3
2016Darlinonthebeach2013FUSA Shady Daisy -3fM2
2016Darlinonthebeach2013FUSA Tattersalls (Garnsey Memorial) -3fLex2
2016Darlinonthebeach2013FUSA Valley Forge -3fPcD2
2016Diamond2010GHOL Breeders Crown -5+Wlvga2
2016Escada BR2012FNOR Nils Brekkes Pokallop -4MDramL
2016Gerries Sport2013MCAN OSS Gold - 3cGeoD3
2016Lakeisha Hall2013FUSA John Simpson Memorial -3fPhl3
2016Lakeisha Hall2013FUSA Kentucky SS -3fLex3
2016Mr Pine Chip2003MLeading Sire - Stakes (Estonia)EUR 
2016Onangelwings2014FUSA Massachusetts SS- 2fTPRc3
2016Rose Run Speedster2014MCAN OSS Gold - 2cTGeoD3
2016Rose Run Speedster2014MCAN OSS Gold - 2cTMoh3
2016Tuscania Pal2012FITA GP Citta di Follonica - 4FoDP3
2015Darlinonthebeach2013FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
2015Hills Angel2013FCAN Pure Ivory -2fTMohS
2015Imagine Dragon2012FCAN Town Pro -3fMoh3
2015Lakeisha Hall2013FUSA Kentucky SS -2fLex3
2015Mr Pine Chip2003MLeading Sire - Stakes (Estonia)EUR 
2015Neige du Pommier2011FFIN Stochampionet -4mLap3
2015Sassa Hanover2012FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
2015Sassa Hanover2012FUSA Courageous Lady -3fNfld3
2015Sassa Hanover2012FUSA Jugette -3fDela1
2015Tuscania Pal2012FITA GP Carlo Cacciari -3fMod3
2015Tuscania Pal2012FITA GP Nazionale (filly) - 3fLaM2
2015Tuscania Pal2012FITA Oaks Del Trotto - 3fCap1
2014Airman Batten2012M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.4
2014Diamond2010GHOL Breeders Crown -4Wlvga2
2014Diamond2010GHOL Derby for Vierjarigen -4Wlvga2
2014Sassa Hanover2012FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
2014Sassa Hanover2012FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
2014Sassa Hanover2012FUSA Matron Stakes -2fDD2
2014Western Bayama2012MCAN Coupe De L'Avenir -2cH3R3
2013Blended Scotch2009FSWE Stochampionatet - 4MAxe2
2013JK Black Beauty2010FUSA Lismore -3fYR2
2013JK Black Beauty2010FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fTgDn3
2012Bewitched2008FHOL Sprint Kampionschap - 4DuindS
2012Double the Dragon2010M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:52.0
2012Double the Dragon2010MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cMea3
2012Jasa GL2009MSLO Slovenia NS Classic - 3Lju2
2012Jerry Lou GJ2008MSLO Slovenia Derby - 4Lju1
2012Sky Crest2010MUSA Florida Breeders -2TPPk3
2011A Penny Earned2009GUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTTgDn3
2011Bewitched2008FHOL Sweepstakes -3fGrgn2
2011Bewitched2008FNOR Thoresen Minnelop (hoppe) -3fJarl2
2011Halali2008MGER Buddenbrock Rennen -3Mrndf2
2011Hone the Razor2008GUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cPcDL
2011Jerry Lou GJ2008MSLO Slovenia NS Classic - 3Lju2
2011Jolly GJ2007FSLO Slovenia Derby - 4Lju1
2011Prodigal Seelster2008MCAN OSS Gold - 3cGRvr3
2011Prodigal Seelster2008MCAN OSS Gold - 3cKD3
2011Shadyshark Hanover2008MFastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA1:47.4
2011Shadyshark Hanover2008MUSA Oliver Wendell Holmes -3cM1
2010-08Prodigal Seelster2008M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2010Darlins Delight2003FMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$2,901,926
2010Debbie Brodda2003FSWE EJs GuldskoHagm3
2010Glideable Volo2007MNOR Bergen Festival -3Berg2
2010Livi Barcelona2003GFRA Prix de SedanEngh3
2010Prodigal Seelster2008M1:50 2YO Pacers (alltime)USA1:50.0
2010Prodigal Seelster2008M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:50.0
2010Prodigal Seelster2008MCAN Battle of Waterloo -2cGRvr2
2010Prodigal Seelster2008MCAN OSS Gold - 2cRidC3
2010Prodigal Seelster2008MCAN OSS Super -2cWdb2
2010Shadyshark Hanover2008M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:50.4
2010Shadyshark Hanover2008MCAN Metro Consolation -2cMoh3
2010Shadyshark Hanover2008MCAN Nassagaweya -2Moh1
2010Super Arnie1987MLeading Sire - Stakes (Estonia)EUR 
2010Whiz Past2004FHOL Breeders Crown -5+Wlvga2
2009Chimon2007MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
2009Darlins Delight2003FUSA Overbid Series -OMM2
2009Designated Leader2005FCAN Damsel Series -3&4fmWdb3
2009Higher and Higher2007F1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.2
2009Higher and Higher2007FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
2009Higher and Higher2007FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
2009Plan B in HD2007MUSA Keystone Classic -2cTMea3
2009Quantum Lightning2007MUSA The Standardbred -2TDela3
2009Sakic Seelster2004G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.1
2009Super Arnie1987MLeading Sire - Stakes (Estonia)EUR 
2009Super Arnie1987MLeading Sire - Stakes (Sweden)EUR 
2008-3Jellyfish Joy2006FUSA State Fair Manager -2fScDL
2008-07Bullville Powerful2005M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.0US
2008Bullville Powerful2005MUSA Empire Classic -3cTgDn2
2008Bullville Powerful2005MUSA NYSS -3cYR3
2008Darlins Delight2003FCAN Milton Stakes -fmMoh1
2008Darlins Delight2003FUSA Golden Girls -OMPM2
2008Debbie Brodda2003FSWE V75 International - 4/5Jag2
2008Jellyfish Joy2006FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2fpDelaS
2008Super Arnie1987MLeading Sire - Stakes (Sweden)EUR 
2007-10Sharky Osborne2001G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2007-06Darlins Delight2003F1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.1US
2007Darlins Delight2003FUSA Lady Liberty -OMM2
2007Darlins Delight2003FUSA Silk Stockings -OMPMR2
2007Laughing Art2004MCAN Confederation Cup -3FlmD1
2007Laughing Art2004MCAN North America Cup Cons -3cWdb3
2007Sakic Seelster2004GCAN Autumn Stakes -3cTWdbL
2007Silky Road2000GSWE Axevalla MaratonAxeS
2007Super Arnie1987MLeading Sire - Stakes (Sweden)EUR 
2006-2Jasin GL1998MSLO Dunajsky PoharBrat3
2006-1Jasin GL1998MSLO Dunajsky PoharBrat3
2006Against The Sun2000MNOR Marthinsens AeroslopJarlL
2006Against The Sun2000MNOR Shan Rags LopLgn3
2006Darlins Delight2003FCAN Fan Hanover -3fMoh1
2006Darlins Delight2003FO'Brien 3YO Filly Pacer of the YearCAN 
2006Darlins Delight2003FUSA 3YO Filly Pacer of the YearUSA 
2006Darlins Delight2003FUSA James Lynch -3fPcD1
2006Darlins Delight2003FUSA Lady Maud -3fYR1
2006Darlins Delight2003FUSA NYSS -3fStga3
2006Darlins Delight2003FUSA Rose of Tralee -3fMR2
2006Gold Space2003GSWE E3 Revanchen (Long) -3Boden2
2006Hes Personal2003GUSA Delaware Breeders -3cHar3
2006Jo HV1995MSLO Slovenia Derby - 4Lju1
2006Laughing Art2004M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.4
2006Likely Volo2004FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2006Mr Pine Chip2003M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.0
2006Mr Pine Chip2003MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TM2
2006Mr Pine Chip2003MUSA Stanley Dancer (ex Beacon Course) -3TM1
2006Super Arnie1987MLeading Sire - Stakes (Sweden)EUR 
2005Darlins Delight2003FUSA NYSS -2fStga3
2005Darlins Delight2003FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
2005Darlins Delight2003FUSA Three Diamonds -2fWdb1
2005Hes Personal2003GUSA Delaware Breeders -2cDD3
2005Hes Personal2003GUSA Goshen (Historic) Cup -2M3
2005Hes Personal2003GUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
2005Jason GL2002MSLO Slovenia NS Classic - 3Lju2
2005Mr Pine Chip2003MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
2005Mr Pine Chip2003MUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2cTMea3
2005Quick Trim2003GUSA Delaware Breeders -2cHar3
2005Tycho of Pass2001MHOL Criterium der 4YO (open)WlvgaL
2004Chuck N Ken1996GMost Wins in Year (P-USA)USA23
2004Rogue Hall2001MCAN Mohawk Pace -3cWdbf
2004Thor Companion2001MHOL Holland Sires Stake -3Wlvga2
2004Town Pro1987FHall of Fame (Canada)CAN 
2003-FScreamin Eagle2001FUSA New Jersey Futurity -2FhldL
2003Balance the Paige1999FCAN Lifetime Dream -4mTWdbL
2003Energetic1997MSWE AdalprisetDan3
2003For the Luva Moni2000FCAN Breeders Championship -3fTMohL
2003For the Luva Moni2000FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTMoh3
2003For the Luva Moni2000FCAN SBOA Classic -3fTMoh3
2003Gildone2001FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
2003Maras Mojo2001FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fIndy3
2002-08Ameripan Gigolo1998M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2002Energetic1997MFRA Prix du Plateau de GravelleVinc2
2002Energetic1997MSWE AdalprisetDan3
2002Energetic1997MSWE Sweden MasterskapAby2
2002Livorno2000M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:56.0
2002Livorno2000MFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:56.0
2002Pierce Seelster1998MCAN Governors PlateChrtnS
2002Spat One1999GUSA Charles Smith Mem -3cTFhld3
2001-2Energetic1997MEUR European Derby (heat) -4Solv3
2001Ameripan Gigolo1998MUSA Jug Preview -3ScD3
2001Cara Ass1998FAUT Frank Stronach Derby -3Krie2
2001Cara Ass1998FStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Austria)EUR55,377€
2001Energetic1997MSWE Breeders Crown - 4HAxe1
2001Hi There Lady1999FUSA Maine Sires Stake -2TScarL
2001Protection1996FNOR Kal Eriksen Minneslopp -5BjeS
2001Striptease Lady1999FUSA Massachusetts SS- 2fPRc3
2001Super Arnie1987MLeading Sire - Stakes (Austria)EUR 
2000Behind the Bush1998MUSA Niatross -2cM2
2000Energetic1997MSWE Sommarfavoriten -3Solv3
2000Pro Bono Best1998M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.0
2000Pro Bono Best1998MCAN Champlain Stakes -2Moh2
2000Pro Bono Best1998MCAN Metro -2Wdb1
2000Pro Bono Best1998MCAN Nassagaweya -2Moh1
2000Pro Bono Best1998MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cMea3
2000Pro Bono Best1998MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
2000Protection1996FNOR Jensen Minnelop (Hoppe) -4mBje2
2000Scik Pra1992MITA GP Citta di TriesteTri2
1999Comeover1990GUSA Su Mac Lad -OTM2
1999Frisbest1996FUSA Cinderella -3fMay3
1999Frisbest1996FUSA Kentucky SS -3fLex3
1999Jonas B1997MSLO Slovenia NS Classic - 2Lju2
1999Shady Desire1997FUSA Landmark Stake -2fGoshF
1998Picture Seelster1995GCAN Flamboro Breeders -3cTFlmDL
1998Rastus McDuffee1995GUSA Tompkins Geers -3cTScD3
1997-06Farlane Star1992M1:50 Pacers (First 100)INT1:50.0US
1997-06Farlane Star1992M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
1996Jason B1993MSLO Slovenia NS Classic - 3Lju2
1996Paige Seelster1993FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTWR3
1994Be My Guest1991FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fPcDL
1994BK Bentley1991MUSA Indiana SS -3Ind3
1994Comeover1990GUSA Dygert Memorial -OTHaw2
1994Comeover1990GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -4/5TDelaS
1994Comeover1990GUSA Ohio SS -4&5TNfld3
1994Jasa1990FSLO Slovenia Derby - 4Lju1
1994Patrick Seelster1992MCAN OSS Gold - 2cBar3
1994Probot1991FUSA NJSS (Fall) -3fTFhld3
1994Progrand1991MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3cMoh2
1993Jasa1990FSLO Slovenia NS Classic - 3Lju2
1993Patrice Seelster1991FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTMoh3
1992Choice Property1989GUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cPcDL
1992Enticement1990FUSA Ohio SS -2fScD3
1992Perfectly Honest1990FUSA Review Stakes -2fSpr2
1992Town Pro1987FMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,229,582
1991Flicker Hanover1988MCAN Summertime Series -3GreL
1991Talent Line1987FCAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmGreL
1990-1PJs Music Man1987MUSA Florida Breeders -3PPk3
1990Programmed1979FO'Brien Broodmare of the YearCAN 
1990Super Arnie1987M1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:54.1
1990Super Arnie1987MUSA Review Stakes -3cTSpr2
1990Talent Line1987FCAN Niagara Series -3fGreL
1990Town Pro1987FCAN Fan Hanover -3fGre1
1990Town Pro1987FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fMoh2
1990Town Pro1987FHarness Horse of the Year (Canada)CAN 
1990Town Pro1987FO'Brien 3YO Filly Pacer of the YearCAN 
1990Town Pro1987FUSA 3YO Filly Pacer of the YearUSA 
1990Town Pro1987FUSA American National -3fSPk2
1990Town Pro1987FUSA Breeders Crown -3fPPk1
1990Town Pro1987FUSA Ladyship -3fM3
1990Town Pro1987FUSA Tarport Hap -3fM2
1989HH Forecast1984GCAN Connaught CupConnS
1989Super Arnie1987MFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:56.3
1989Super Arnie1987MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
1989Super Arnie1987MUSA Review Stakes -2cTSpr2
1989Town Pro1987FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fMoh2
1989Town Pro1987FCAN Robert Stewart -2fMoh2
1989Town Pro1987FO'Brien 2YO Filly Pacer of the YearCAN 
1989Town Pro1987FUSA 2YO Filly Pacer of the YearUSA 
1989Town Pro1987FUSA Breeders Crown -2fPPk1
1988-5Emile1981GSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
1988-4Emile1981GSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
1988Emile1981GSWE MalarprisetEsk3
1988Emile1981GSWE Peterson-Brodda MemorialJag2
1987Emile1981GSWE OstgotaloppetMpL
1987Eva Gazeau1985FSWE Silverstoet - 2fAxe2
1987Hearty Welcome1985MUSA Hoosier Futurity -2cInd3
1986-CPissarro1984MUSA California Breeders C'ship -2TLAF
1986Brees Brief1982FUSA Overbid Series -OMM2
1986Emile1981GSWE AdalprisetDan3
1986Emile1981GSWE Arjang Stora SprinterloppArj2
1986Emile1981GSWE MalarprisetEsk3
1986Emile1981GSWE RommeheatetRo3
1986Karisma1984FUSA Hoosier -2fInd3
1986Karisma1984FUSA Review Stakes -2fSpr2
1985Brees Brief1982FCAN Fan Hanover -3fGre1
1985Brees Brief1982FCAN Roses Are Red -fmGre1
1985Brees Brief1982FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fMoh2
1985Brees Brief1982FUSA Cinderella -3fMay3
1985Coque1976GSWE Norrlands MasterskapBsL
1985Forbidden Past1982FUSA Turtle Dove -3fFsR2
1984-2Toots Chip1981FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftCols3
1984Brees Brief1982FCAN Canadian Series Final - 2fMohS
1984Cool Pride1979MSWE Lyons LoppAbyL
1984Dai Pra1981MITA Derby Italiano - 3TdV1
1984Dai Pra1981MITA Elwood Medium -3Pad2
1984Shanghai1979GSWE Walter Lundbergs MemorialSolvF
1984Toots Chip1981FUSA Ohio SS -3fTRP3
1983Arnies Aim1978MFIN Killerin EliitiJyvF
1983Arnies Aim1978MFIN Pohjola Grand PrixOulu3
1983Arnies Aim1978MFIN Seinajoki AjoSeinF
1983China Dragon1976GUSA Dygert Memorial -OTHaw2
1983Coque1976GNOR Shan Rags LopLgn3
1983Coque1976GSWE EJs GuldskoHagm3
1983Programmed1979FCAN Milton Stakes -fmMoh1
1983Programmed1979FCAN Roses Are Red -fmGre1
1983Programmed1979FCTA Older Mare Pacer of the YearCAN 
1982Cheer Message1980GCAN Quebec Circuit Final -2TBBS
1982Ribbling1978GSWE Eskilstuna Fyraaringtest -4Esk3
1981Arnies Aim1978MUSA Dickerson Cup -3TM1
1981Arnies Likeness1979FUSA Nancy Hanks -2fTBrdF
1981China Dragon1976GUSA Dygert Memorial -OTHaw2
1980Arnies Aim1978MUSA Florida Breeders -2TPPk3
1980Blastaways Boy1978GUSA Buckeye State -2pColsF
1980Redmond Lane1968MLeading Sire of 3YO Winners (NZ)NZ 9W
1979Barney B Butler1976GUSA Director of Agriculture Pace - 3Cols3
1978Max Junior1968MAUT Badener MeileBaden2
1977Pepe Dancer1974M1:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)USA1:54.2
1977Pepe Dancer1974MUSA Illinois State Fair Colt Stake -3SprF
1977Solar Eden1970MMost Wins in Year (P-USA)USA44
1976Orola1972FGER Johannes Fromming Memorial -MHmbg3
1975John V1972MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cPcDL
1975Skipper Walt1972MUSA Challenge Stakes -3TScDF
1975Skipper Walt1972MUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela2
1974-2John V1972MCAN Count B -2cGreL
1974-2John V1972MUSA Andy Kerr Memorial -2VDS
1974-1Skipper Walt1972MCAN Van Riddell Trot -2TGreF
1974-1Skipper Walt1972MUSA Thomas Murphy Memorial -2TVDS
1974Gallini1970MSWE Sprintermastaren - 4Halm2
1974John V1972MUSA Goshen (Historic) Cup -2Gosh3
1974Skipper Walt1972MUSA General George Wilkes -2cTBrdF
1974Skipper Walt1972MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
1974Skipper Walt1972MUSA Tompkins Memorial -2THzPF
1973Some Picture1971MUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
1973Walter Be Good1970GUSA General George Washington -3cTBrdF
1973Walter Be Good1970GUSA Matron Stakes -3cTDet2
1972Walter Be Good1970GUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
1971Najo1967MSWE Konung Gustaf V Pokal - 3-5YOAby2
1971Najo1967MSWE Sweden Trav Derby - 4Solv1
1970-2Columbia George1967MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
1970Columbia George1967MCAN Queen City Pace -3GreF
1970Columbia George1967MCAN Trans Canada Pace -3BBF
1970Columbia George1967MUSA American National -3cSPk2
1970Columbia George1967MUSA Battle of Brandywine -3Brd1
1970Columbia George1967MUSA Battle of Saratoga -3cStgaF
1970Columbia George1967MUSA Commodore -3RRF
1970Columbia George1967MUSA Excelsior Stake -3cMRF
1970Columbia George1967MUSA Gaines Memorial -3VD2
1970Columbia George1967MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cVD3
1970Columbia George1967MUSA Horseman Futurity -3cInd3
1970Columbia George1967MUSA Little Brown Jug Trial -3ScDF
1970Columbia George1967MUSA Tattersalls Pace -3cLex1
1970Gjolmes Athene1967FNOR Tamin Sandy Lop -3/4Lgn3
1969-3Columbia George1967MUSA Excelsior Stake -2cMRF
1969-1Columbia George1967MUSA Meadow Lands Pace (VD) -2VDS
1969Belle Noc1967FCAN Canadian Series -2fBBS
1969Columbia George1967MUSA Challenge Stakes -2ScDF
1969Columbia George1967MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cVD3
1969Columbia George1967MUSA Hanover Stakes -2cFsR3
1969Columbia George1967MUSA Lawrence Sheppard -2cYR3
1969Columbia George1967MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
1969Columbia George1967MUSA Star Pointer -2cYR1
1966-1Berry Hill1964MUSA Batavia Downs Stake -2BtvaF
1966Berry Hill1964MUSA Geers Stakes -2Det3
1966Hasty Lynn1964FUSA Reading Futurity -2ftLRF
1965Balenzano1962FUSA Betsy Ross -3fBrdF
1965Balenzano1962FUSA Breeders Filly -3fDelaS
1965Balenzano1962FUSA Flora Temple/Breeders FS -3fVDS
1965Balenzano1962FUSA Tattersalls (Garnsey Memorial) -3fLex2
1965Balenzano1962FUSA The Bronx -3fYR2
1965Rivaltime1962MCAN Beaver/Castor Pace -3RicPkF
1965Rivaltime1962MCAN Trans Canada Pace -3BBF
1965Rivaltime1962MUSA Battle of Brandywine -3Brd1
1965Rivaltime1962MUSA Excelsior Stake -3cMRF
1964-2Balenzano1962FUSA Hanover Hempt -2fBrd3
1964-1Rivaltime1962MUSA Benjamin Franklin Pace -2LBS
1964Balenzano1962FUSA Breeders Filly -2fHzPS
1964Balenzano1962FUSA Breeders Filly -2fSPkS
1964Balenzano1962FUSA La Paloma -2fYR2
1964Balenzano1962FUSA Pocahontas -2fBrdF
1964Julienne1958FEUR Skandinaviskt MasterskapBje2
1964Julienne1958FHarness Horse of the Year (Sweden)EUR 
1964Julienne1958FSWE Farjestads JubileumsloppFarj2
1964Julienne1958FSWE Konung Carl XVI Gustafs SilverhastenSolv3
1964Julienne1958FSWE Norrbottens GP (Top Of Europe)Boden3
1964Julienne1958FSWE Sweden MasterskapAby2
1964Mignon1961MSWE Sweden TravKriterium - 3Solv1
1964Rivaltime1962MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2cBlomS
1964Rivaltime1962MUSA Dan Patch Futurity -2cRRF
1964Rivaltime1962MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
1963Julienne1958FHarness Horse of the Year (Sweden)EUR 
1963Julienne1958FSWE AxevallalopningAxe3
1963Julienne1958FSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
1963Julienne1958FSWE Ericssons MemorialSolvF
1963Julienne1958FSWE Nordiska Femaringspriset -5Aby3
1963Julienne1958FSWE Sweden MasterskapAby2
1963Julienne1958FSWE Walter Lundbergs MemorialSolvF
1962Julienne1958FHarness Horse of the Year (Sweden)EUR 
1962Julienne1958FSWE GoteborgspokalenAby3
1962Julienne1958FSWE Solvalla GP -4Solv2
1962Julienne1958FSWE Sweden Trav Derby - 4Solv1
1961Julienne1958FHarness Horse of the Year (Sweden)EUR 
1961Julienne1958FSWE Solvalla GP -4Solv2
1961Julienne1958FSWE Sweden TravKriterium - 3Solv1
1961Spectator1958MUSA Horseman Futurity -3TInd3
1960Spectator1958MUSA Walnut Hall Stud Trot -2LexF
1959Adriana1955FITA GP E.N.C.A.T.SS2
1958Baden Baden1955FGER Deutches St Leger -3Gels2
1958Lucky Eden1955MUSA Orange County Cup -3cGoshF
1957Checco Pra1952FITA GP Citta di MontecatiniMtct2
1957Checco Pra1952FITA GP Della RepubblicaBolog2
1957Checco Pra1952FITA GP Renzo OrlandiMod2
1957Morris Eden1954MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3cBlomS
1957Victory Lynn1951FUSA El Camino Real TrotSAS
1956Checco Pra1952FITA GP Continentale -3/4Bolog1
1956Checco Pra1952FITA GP d'Europa - 4SS2
1956Checco Pra1952FITA Premio Tino Triossi - 4TdV1
1955Earls Song1950FUSA Governors Cup (Lex)LexS
1955Earls Song1950FUSA Rosecroft CupRcRS
1955Scottish Chief1948MUSA Pomona PaceSAS
1955Scottish Chief1948MUSA San Diego Pace -OPSAF
1955Toni Pra1947MITA GP E.N.C.A.T.SS2
1954Rebell1951MNOR Skandinavisk Grand Prix - 3Bje2
1954Scottish Chief1948MUSA San Diego Pace -OPSAF
1953Earls Song1950F2:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)USA2:00.0
1953Earls Song1950FFastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT2:02.0
1953Earls Song1950FUSA Breeders Filly -3ftDuQS
1953Earls Song1950FUSA Breeders Filly -3ftIndS
1953Earls Song1950FUSA Breeders Filly -3ftSedS
1953Earls Song1950FUSA Breeders Filly -3ftSprS
1953Earls Song1950FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
1953Earls Song1950FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fTLex3
1953Toni Pra1947MITA GP E.N.C.A.T.SS2
1952Earls Song1950F2:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)USAT2:03.1US
1952Earls Song1950FFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT2:03.1
1952Earls Song1950FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fTLex3
1949Jaguar1944MSWE Ericssons MemorialSolvF
1948Snappy Anne1945FUSA Reading Futurity -3TReadgF
1943Lilian Harvey1938FSWE Ericssons MemorialSolvF
1937Guy Scotland1932GUSA Walnut Hall Cup -OTLexF
1929Confidence1918GENG Greenford Handicap (Mar)GfdF
1922Ballin1914MNZ Adams Memorial Cup - OPAxPF
1921Ballin1914MNZ Mountain Hcp - TAxPF
1912Impetuous Palmer1909MFastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA2:05¼TT
1911Belvasia1906FUSA King George VFtEF
1911Belvasia1906FUSA The Buckeye -TColsS