Family Winners for Family U212 (Shadow) - (There are 32 distinct members with 65 race wins or awards.)
YearNameDoBSexRace NameTrackTime/$/Grp
2019Inez Alki2015FHOL Sprint Kampionschap - 4DuindS
2019Velten Von Flevo2016MGER Breeders Crown -3cMrndf1
2019Velten Von Flevo2016MGER Deutches Traber Derby - 3Mrndf1
2017Dame Alki2010FHOL Breeders Crown -5+mWlvga2
2011Vivaldi Flevo2003GFIN Käpylä Grand PrixVermo3
2009Stas Hazelaar2000GUK BHRC Trotter of the YearUK  
2009Ziti di Soprano2006MHOL VW Crommelin Memorial (3-5YO)Duind3
2008Stas Hazelaar2000GUK Roosevelt Cup - OTYorkF
2006Lexus Raun2003MDEN Pay Dirt Mindelob - 3Skive3
2005Nozem Alki1996MHOL 4.5km van AlkmaarAlk2
2004Nozem Alki1996MHOL 4.5km van AlkmaarAlk2
2003Saunders Frolic1996G2:00 Pacers (First 100 in UK)UK 2:00.0 (8f50y)
1999Saunders Rapide1990FUK BHRC Horse of the YearUK  
1996Rainbow Miracle1996GFIN Kymenlaaks Ajo -3Kouv3
1996Saunders Rapide1990F2:00 Pacers (First 100 in UK)UK 1:57.3 (8f50y)
1995Saunders Rapide1990FSCO Famous Musselburgh PaceMussF
1994Saunders Rapide1990FENG Appleby New Fair HcpApple2
1992Reike C1989FDEN Grand Circle C'ship (filly) -3Aalb2
1988Easy Touch1985MFIN Seppelaajo -3Vermo3
1988Herguth Klinteby1981MDEN Bornholm MesterskebBH3
1987Saunders So Sharp1985FUK British SS - 2fYork1
1987Shakir Gwin1984MSWE Locomotives Lopp -3SolvL
1982Saunders Wizzard1979GENG Lakelands Derby -3Ken1
1971Karleby1964MDEN ProvinsmesterskabetTNKF
1971Nick Chalmer1967MNOR Kronprins Haakons Pokal -4Dram3
1971Parker Royal1968MUSA Illinois State Fair Colt Stake -3SprF
1965Halone Poul1962FDEN Jydsk Grand Prix - 3JydskF
1963Northwood Billie1960MCAN Ottawa Valley Futurity -3ConnS
1963Northwood Billie1960MCAN UHHA Futurity -3BBS
1961Al Sam1958MUSA Battle of Brandywine -3Brd1
1959Degata1955MAUT Austria Derby - 4Krie1
1959J Malcolm Forbes 465641907MHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
1957Vitalis1954MHOL Sweepstakes -3cGrgn2
1955Dance Me Loose1952GUSA Ocean Downs Raceway S -3OcDS
1953Peter The Great 289551895MHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
1934Cold Cash1927MFastest Pacer of The Year (USA)USA1:58½
1934Cold Cash1927MUSA Chamber of Commerce (Syr) -OPSycsF
1933-3Cold Cash1927MUSA Grand Circuit FFA-PaceRockF
1933-2Cold Cash1927MUSA Grand Circuit FFA-PaceRockF
1933Yquem1931MGER Jugend Preis -2Dinsl1
1932-5Cold Cash1927MUSA Grand Circuit FFA-PaceHamdPF
1932-1Cold Cash1927MUSA Grand Circuit FFA-PaceNRF
1932Cold Cash1927M2:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)USA1:59½
1932Cold Cash1927MFastest Pacer of The Year (USA)USA1:59½
1932Cold Cash1927MUSA Hotel Lockerbie PaceIndS
1932Cold Cash1927MUSA The RandallNRS
1930Cold Cash1927M2:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)USA2:02.0
1930Cold Cash1927MFastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA2:02.0
1930Cold Cash1927MUSA Kentucky Futurity -3LexF
1922Peter The Great 289551895MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1921Peter The Great 289551895MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1920Peter The Great 289551895MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1919Peter The Great 289551895MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1918Norman Dillon1916GFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT2:07¼
1918Peter The Great 289551895MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1917Peter The Great 289551895MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1916Peter The Great 289551895MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1915Peter The Great 289551895MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1914Peter The Great 289551895MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1913Peter Johnson1910M2:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)USAT2:08¾US
1910J Malcolm Forbes 465641907M2:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)USAT2:09½US
1899Peter The Great 289551895MUSA Douglas TrotLouDS
1899Peter The Great 289551895MUSA Empire City TrotEmpCS
1899Peter The Great 289551895MUSA Old Hickory TrotChOPS
1898Peter The Great 289551895MUSA Kentucky Futurity -3TLex1