Family Winners for Family U16 (Nelly by Mambrino Sterley) - (There are 428 distinct members with 1221 race wins or awards.)
YearNameDoBSexRace NameTrackTime/$/Grp
2020Bee A Magician2010FHall of Fame Living (USA)USA 
2020Danae2004FHall of Fame Living (USA)USA 
2020Dashing Muscle2018FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTMoh3
2020Dashing Muscle2018FCAN OSS Super -2fTMoh2
2020Diana Zet2016FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT9,138,000SK
2020Diana Zet2016FSWE Derbystoet - 4MJag2
2020Diana Zet2016FSWE Drottning Silvia Pokal - 4MAby2
2020Hail Mary2016MSWE Sweden Trav Derby - 4Jag1
2020Incommunicado2018GUSA Massachusetts SS- 2cTPRc3
2020Kane Fortuna2017GCZ Velka cena tříletých (Autumn) -3Velka2
2020Manny Muscle2017MSWE Gay Noons Lopp -3Solv3
2020Massive Flirt2017FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTRidC3
2020Propulsion2011MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT34,343,693SK
2020Propulsion2011MStake Earner of the Year (Sweden)EUR604,500€
2020Propulsion2011MSWE ElitloppetSolv1
2020Ready For Moni2017MCAN Goodtimes -3TMoh1
2020Ready For Moni2017MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TM2
2020Ready For Moni2017MUSA Stanley Dancer (ex Beacon Course) -3TM1
2020Ready For Moni2017MUSA Zweig Memorial -3TVD2
2020Sermon2017GUSA Circle City -3ctHoPL
2019-3Peter Lets Go2017MUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2019Battle Jack2016GFIN Hambo -3cLahti3
2019Diana Zet2016FSWE Sommarfavoriten ston -3fSolv3
2019Diana Zet2016FSWE Svensk Trav Oaks - 3Solv1
2019Durk M Boko2010GHOL Gouden ZweepDuind3
2019Durk M Boko2010GHOL Kampioenschap (NL Paarden)Wlvga2
2019Fantaghiro Brick2017FSWE ASVT Trottex Auktionslopp -2SolvF
2019Hail Mary2016MSWE Kriterierevanschen - 3Solv3
2019Il Sogno Dream2011MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,128,533US
2019La Grace2016FGER Arthur Knauer Rennen -3fMrndf1
2019Osterc2016MUSA Dexter Cup -3TFhld2
2019Osterc2016MUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela3
2019Propulsion2011MEUR UET MastersVinc1
2019Propulsion2011MFRA Prix d'EteVinc2
2019Propulsion2011MHarness Horse of the Year (Sweden)EUR 
2019Propulsion2011MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Sweden)EUR604,500€
2019Propulsion2011MSWE Aby Stora PrisAby1
2019Propulsion2011MSWE GuldbjörkenUma3
2019Propulsion2011MSWE Norrbottens GP (Top Of Europe)Boden3
2019Propulsion2011MSWE OlympiatravetAby1
2019Ready For Moni2017MUSA Kentucky SS -2cTLex3
2019Southwind Avenger2016GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTFlmD3
2019Southwind Avenger2016GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTMoh3
2019Swandre the Giant2016MUSA Indiana SS -3cTHoP3
2019Swandre the Giant2016MUSA Stanley Dancer (ex Beacon Course) -3TM1
2019The Man Band2017GUSA Maine Sires Stake -2cTScar3
2019Trendy OK2012FITA Gran Premio Mario LocatelliLaM3
2019Twister Bi2012MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT11,748,276SK
2019Zolly2016FSWE Guldstoet - 3fAxe2
2019Zolly2016FSWE Varfavoriten -3fSolv3
2018-1Cant Afford It2015MUSA Townsend Ackerman -3TM3
2018-1Moosonee2015GUSA Currier and Ives -3TMeaL
2018Battle Jack2016GFIN Hevosenomistajapokaali -2LahtiS
2018Chock Nock2014MDEN Dansk Derby - 4Char1
2018Dibaba2014FSWE Drottning Silvia Pokal - 4MAby2
2018Dream Together2014FUSA Joie de Vie -OMTTgDn2
2018Dream Together2014FUSA Steele Memorial (Fresh Yankee) -MTM2
2018Durk M Boko2010GHOL Gouden ZweepDuind3
2018Hudson River2016MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
2018In Toto Sund2012FEUR Summer Meeting MaresJagS
2018Jumpshot2016MCAN OSS Gold - 2cTGeoD3
2018Lady Victoria2016FUSA Maine Sires Stake -2fTScar3
2018Mosaique Face2009MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT13,659,178SK
2018Osterc2016MUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2cTMea3
2018Pembroke Prayer2004GMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,098,380
2018Propulsion2011MEUR UET MastersOs1
2018Propulsion2011MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Sweden)EUR909,323€
2018Propulsion2011MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+T) (Europe)EUR909,323€
2018Propulsion2011MStake Earner of the Year (Europe)EUR909,323€
2018Propulsion2011MStake Earner of the Year (Sweden)EUR909,323€
2018Propulsion2011MSWE Aby Stora PrisAby1
2018Propulsion2011MSWE Arjang Stora SprinterloppArj2
2018Propulsion2011MSWE CH Mullers MemorialJag3
2018Propulsion2011MSWE Hugo Abergs MemorialJag1
2018Propulsion2011MSWE Norrbottens GP (Top Of Europe)Boden3
2018Southwind Avenger2016GCAN OSS Gold - 2cTMoh3
2018Southwind Avenger2016GUSA Valley Victory -2cTM1
2018Trendy OK2012FITA GP Citta di TrevisoTrev3
2018Trendy OK2012FITA GP Royal Mares Del TrottoAgn2
2018Vamp Kronos2014FSWE Sto Sprintern -4MTHalm3
2018Windy Corner2016FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2018Windy Corner2016FUSA Keystone Classic -2fTMea3
2018Windy Corner2016FUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2fTMea3
2017-1Propulsion2011MFRA Grand Prix De BourgogneVinc1
2017Born Unicorn2014GSWE Juliloppet -3Or3
2017Bosston Cruiser2015GUSA Delaware Breeders -2cTHar3
2017Cash Hanover2012MGER Bild PokalGels2
2017Cash Hanover2012MGER Charlie Mills MemorialMrndf2
2017Cash Hanover2012MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Germany)EUR49,159€
2017Dancinginthedark2014GFIN Biofarm (Tapiola) Cup -3Kuo3
2017Dream Together2014FUSA Matron Stakes -3fTDD2
2017Durk M Boko2010GHOL Gouden ZweepDuind3
2017Excellence2014FESP Gran Premi Manacor -3Manac2
2017Felicity Shagwell2015FSWE Silverstoet - 2fAxe2
2017Free To Party2014GSWE Sommarfavoriten -3Solv3
2017In Toto Sund2012FSWE Kjell P Dahlstrom Minne -5MpS
2017International Moni2014MCAN Goodtimes -3TMoh1
2017International Moni2014MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3TMoh2
2017International Moni2014MO'Brien 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearCAN 
2017International Moni2014MUSA Bluegrass -3cTLex3
2017International Moni2014MUSA Carl Erskine Trot -3THoP2
2017International Moni2014MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TM2
2017Kadabra Queen2015FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTMoh3
2017Kadabra Queen2015FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTMoh3
2017Kadabra Queen2015FCAN OSS Super -2fTMoh2
2017Kadabra Queen2015FO'Brien 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
2017Leemarks Giselle2015FFIN Breeders Crown -2fJyv2
2017MAS Archie2013MFIN Eugen Pylvänäisen Muistoajo -4Mikk3
2017Mc Arthur2014MGER Deutches St Leger -3Gels2
2017Midnight Hour2011GFIN Joensuu AjoJoen3
2017Midnight Hour2011GFIN St Michel AJOMikk1
2017Midnight Hour2011GStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Finland)EUR333,240€
2017Midnight Hour2011GStake Earner of the Year (Finland)EUR333,240€
2017Midnight Hour2011GSWE Aby Stora PrisAby1
2017Moosonee2015GUSA Keystone Classic -2cTMea3
2017Mosaique Face2009MNOR Steinlagers AereslopMomkS
2017On The Ridge2013MCAN City of London Series - 3/4TLonL
2017One Memphis2012GSWE Axevalla MaratonAxeS
2017Propulsion2011M1:51 Trotters (Alltime)INT1:49.6EU
2017Propulsion2011MEvolution of Trotters Mile (Europe)EUR1:08.1
2017Propulsion2011MSWE GuldbjörkenUma3
2017Propulsion2011MSWE Hugo Abergs MemorialJag1
2017Propulsion2011MSWE Norrbottens GP (Top Of Europe)Boden3
2017Shes All Muscle2013FCAN City of London Series - 3f/4mTLonL
2017Southwind Avanti2014FUSA Helen Smith -3fTFhld3
2017Temple Ruins2014FUSA Keystone Classic -3fTMea3
2017Trendy OK2012FITA Gala Internazionale Del TrottoCap1
2017Trendy OK2012FITA GP Citta di TrevisoTrev3
2017Trendy OK2012FITA GP Royal Mares Del TrottoAgn2
2017Twister Bi2012MFIN Seinajoki AjoSeinF
2017Twister Bi2012MFRA Prix de la Mayenne -5Vinc2
2017Twister Bi2012MNOR Oslo Grand PrixBje1
2017Twister Bi2012MNOR Ulf Thoresen Grand InternationalJarl1
2017Twister Bi2012MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Sweden)EUR993,697€
2017Twister Bi2012MStake Earner of the Year (Sweden)EUR993,697€
2017Twister Bi2012MUSA International TrotYR1
2017Vamp Kronos2014FEUR European Champ -3Solv1
2017Viking Grace2015FFIN Hevosenomistajapokaali -2LahtiS
2017Viking Grace2015FStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Finland)EUR29,882€
2016-1Vanquish Kronos2014FSWE Breeders Crown - 2Aby2
2016Bee A Magician2010FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$4,055,865US
2016Bee In Charge2013GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTGeoD3
2016Bee In Charge2013GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTMoh3
2016Cash Hanover2012MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Germany)EUR56,335€
2016Dream Together2014FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
2016Dream Together2014FCAN Pure Ivory -2fTMohS
2016Explosive de Vie2011GSWE Victory Tilly Lopp -5Solv2
2016In Toto Sund2012FSWE Breeders Crown - 4MEsk1
2016International Moni2014MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2016Mamma Cass Elliot2013FCZ Zimni cena tříletých -3Brav3
2016MAS Archie2013MFIN Oulu Express -3Oulu2
2016MAS Archie2013MNOR Elite -3Bje2
2016Mass Production2014GCAN OSS Gold - 2cTGeoD3
2016Mass Production2014GCAN OSS Gold - 2cTMoh3
2016Mass Production2014GCAN OSS Gold - 2cTRidC3
2016Mass Production2014GCAN OSS Super -2cTMoh2
2016Mass Production2014GO'Brien 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearCAN 
2016Master Lavros2008G2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT2:00.0 (2600m)
2016Master Lavros2008GNZ Addington Free-For-All -TAddF
2016Master Lavros2008GNZ Aged (5YO+) H&G Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $162,908, T2:03.0
2016Master Lavros2008GStake Earner of the Year (5YO+T) (NZ)NZ $162,908
2016Miss Me Yet2013FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3fpDelaS
2016Mosaique Face2009MSWE Peterson-Brodda MemorialJag2
2016On The Ridge2013MCAN City of London Series - 3/4TLonL
2016Propulsion2011MFIN Finlandia AJOVermo1
2016Propulsion2011MSWE Hugo Abergs MemorialJag1
2016Propulsion2011MSWE Norrbottens GP (Top Of Europe)Boden3
2016Propulsion2011MSWE Pr Philips Jubileumspokal -5Farj3
2016Propulsion2011MSWE SmedtraffenEsk3
2016Shes All Muscle2013FCAN City of London Series - 3f/4mTLonL
2016Stelton2009GDEN Harald Lund MindelobNyk3
2016Temple Ruins2014FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2016Trendy OK2012FITA Gala Internazionale Del TrottoCap1
2016Twister Bi2012MNOR Axel Jensen Minnelop -4TBje2
2016Twister Bi2012MSWE St Leger - 4Aby2
2015-4Mosaique Face2009MSWE GulddivisionenGavle1
2015Bee A Magician2010FCAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTMoh1
2015Bee A Magician2010FCAN Maple Leaf Classic -OTMoh1
2015Bee A Magician2010FO'Brien Older Mare Trotter of the YearCAN 
2015Bee A Magician2010FUSA 4YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
2015Bee A Magician2010FUSA Centaur Trotting Classic -OTHoP1
2015Bee A Magician2010FUSA Charlie Hill Memorial -OTScD2
2015Bee A Magician2010FUSA Cutler Memorial -OTM1
2015Cash Hanover2012MGER Adbell Toddington -3 Mrndf2
2015Cash Hanover2012MGER Breeders Crown -3cMrndf1
2015Cash Hanover2012MGER Buddenbrock Rennen -3Mrndf2
2015Cash Hanover2012MGER Deutches St Leger -3Gels2
2015Cash Hanover2012MHarness Horse of the Year (Germany)GER 
2015Catch All2013FUSA American National -2fTBmlP2
2015Deep Impact2013GCAN Define the World -2cTMohS
2015Eternal Quest2012GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTGRvr3
2015Eternal Quest2012GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTMoh3
2015Europoort Pride2011GHOL Criterium der 4YO -4hWlvgaL
2015Haughty2013FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2015Hollywood Hill2013MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTTgDnL
2015Il Sogno Dream2011M1:51 Trotters (Alltime)INT1:50.2
2015Il Sogno Dream2011MUSA Allerage Open -OTLex1
2015Il Sogno Dream2011MUSA Dayton Trotting DerbyDtn2
2015Kvintet Avenger2008MNSW Tabcorp Trotters CupMen1
2015Lagerfeld2013MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2015Lagerfeld2013MUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2cTMea3
2015MAS Archie2013MFIN Breeders Crown -2cSein2
2015Master Lavros2008G$500,000 Stake Earners (ANZ$ only) (All Time)AUS$607,684
2015Master Lavros2008GNZ Addington Free-For-All -TAddF
2015Master Lavros2008GNZ Canterbury Park Trotting CupAdd3
2015Master Lavros2008GNZ Dominion Hcp -OTAdd1
2015Merlin2010GEUR Summer Meeting OpenBjeS
2015Miss Me Yet2013FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2fpDelaS
2015Miss Me Yet2013FUSA Ohio SS -2fScD3
2015Mosaique Face2009MEUR UET MastersMons1
2015Mosaique Face2009MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Sweden)EUR437,224€
2015Mosaique Face2009MStake Earner of the Year (Sweden)EUR437,224€
2015Panne de Moteur2008MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT8,707,500SK
2015Saphire Bi2011FFRA Prix d'Orthez -4Vinc3
2015Savannah Bi2011FITA GP Citta di Taranto -4TarL
2015Savannah Bi2011FITA GP Citta di Torino - 4Turin2
2015Southern Cross2013GUSA Keystone Classic -2cTMea3
2015The Bank2012M1:51 Trotters (Alltime)INT1:50.4
2015The Bank2012MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,110,300US
2015The Bank2012MUSA American National -3cTBmlP2
2015The Bank2012MUSA Breeders Crown -3cTWdb1
2015The Bank2012MUSA Pennsylvania Champ -3cTPcD3
2015The Bank2012MUSA Stanley Dancer (ex Beacon Course) -3TM1
2015Ultimate Wine2011FDEN Dansk Derby (Mare) - 4Char1
2015Verify Dust2011FDEN Grand Circle C'ship (mare) -4Odens2
2015Verify Dust2011FDEN Jydsk Grand Prix (mare) -4Jydsk3
2015YS Suzanne2013FCAN Coupe De L'Avenir -2fTH3R3
2014-3Dark Roast2012FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2014-2Explosive Drama2012GUSA John Simpson Memorial -2cTVD3
2014-1Il Sogno Dream2011MUSA Circle City -3ctHoPL
2014-1Shes So Into Me2012FUSA Landmark Stake -2fTGoshL
2014Aldebaran Eagle2012M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.1
2014Aldebaran Eagle2012MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2014Bee A Magician2010FUSA Breeders Crown -OMTM1
2014Cowgirl Hall2009F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
2014Dark Roast2012FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ftDelaS
2014Explosive de Vie2011GSWE Sikta mot Stjärnorna -3Mp3
2014Explosive Drama2012GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
2014Explosive Drama2012GUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TPhl2
2014Flyhawk El Durado2011M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
2014Frau Blucher2010F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:51.2
2014Hearts Content2011FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ftBlomS
2014Il Sogno Dream2011MUSA Currier and Ives -3TMeaL
2014Kvintet Avenger2008MVic Gunbower Trot CupGunbrS
2014Kvintet Avenger2008MVic Nyah Trotters CupSHL
2014Kvintet Avenger2008MVic Yarra Valley Trotters CupYVF
2014Master Lavros2008G2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:58.6 (1950m)
2014Master Lavros2008G2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:59.4 (2600m)
2014Master Lavros2008GNZ Aged (4YO+) H&G Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $270,337, T1:58.6
2014Master Lavros2008GNZ Rowe Cup -OTAxP1
2014Master Lavros2008GNZ Summer Trotting FFAAdd3
2014Master Lavros2008GNZ Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $270,337, T1:58.6
2014Master Lavros2008GNZ Trotting Champ -OTAdd1
2014Master Lavros2008GStake Earner of the Year (5YO+T) (NZ)NZ $270,337
2014Master Lavros2008GStake Earner of the Year (Trotters) (NZ)NZ $270,337
2014Modest Prince2010M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.1
2014Moni Maker1993FHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
2014Mosaique Face2009MSWE Jamtlands Stora PrisOs2
2014Mosaique Face2009MSWE Sweden CupSolv2
2014Panne de Moteur2008M1:51 Trotters (Alltime)INT1:50.9EU
2014Panne de Moteur2008M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:50.9EU
2014Panne de Moteur2008MSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
2014Political Desire2006G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
2014Propulsion2011M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
2014Redder Than Red2009G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:53.0
2014Riff Kronos2010MGER GP Von Deutschland -4Hmbg2
2014Riff Kronos2010MSWE Solvalla GP -4Solv2
2014Sammath Naur Baba2011FHOL Criterium der Driejarigen -3cWlvga3
2014Savannah Bi2011FITA Premio Italia - 3Bolog2
2014Stelton2009GDEN Lord Valentine Mindelob -5Skive3
2014Stelton2009GNOR Europamatch -4/5TBje2
2014The Bank2012M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:53.4
2014The Bank2012MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2014Tyrone Haji2011GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTLon3
2013-4Clint W Boko2009MEUR European Derby (heat) -4Vinc3
2013-3Mosaique Face2009MEUR European Derby (heat) -4Solv3
2013-1Perfect Tententen2010GUSA Maryland SS -3cTOcD3
2013Anders Bluestone2006MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,026,545US
2013Ashes Cash2010GUSA Excelsior Stake -3cTStga3
2013Bee A Magician2010F1:51 Trotters (Alltime)INT1:51.0
2013Bee A Magician2010F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:51.0
2013Bee A Magician2010FCAN Casual Breeze -3fTMohL
2013Bee A Magician2010FCAN Elegantimage -3fTMoh1
2013Bee A Magician2010FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTMoh3
2013Bee A Magician2010FCAN OSS Mid Season Challenge -3fTMoh1
2013Bee A Magician2010FCAN OSS Super -3fTMoh2
2013Bee A Magician2010FCAN SBOA Classic -3fTMoh3
2013Bee A Magician2010FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fTMoh2
2013Bee A Magician2010FFastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:51.0
2013Bee A Magician2010FHarness Horse of the Year (Canada)CAN 
2013Bee A Magician2010FHarness Horse of the Year (USA)USA 
2013Bee A Magician2010FO'Brien 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
2013Bee A Magician2010FStake Earner of the Year (Trotters) (NA)NA $1,547,304
2013Bee A Magician2010FUSA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
2013Bee A Magician2010FUSA American National -3fTBmlP2
2013Bee A Magician2010FUSA Breeders Crown -3fTPcD1
2013Bee A Magician2010FUSA Delvin Miller Memorial -3fTM1
2013Bee A Magician2010FUSA Hambletonian Oaks -3fTM1
2013Bee A Magician2010FUSA Moni Maker -3fTM3
2013Bee A Magician2010FUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
2013Beehive2004FUSA Broodmare (Trot) of the YearUSA 
2013Blooming Genius2011MUSA Fox Stakes -2Ind3
2013Broadway Phantom2011GUSA Hoosier -2cTInd3
2013Chocolate Crisp2011FUSA Acorn -2fTPhl2
2013Chocolate Crisp2011FUSA Marion Dancer Memorial -2fTFhld3
2013Clint W Boko2009MFRA Prix Raymond Fouard -4Vinc3
2013Clint W Boko2009MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Netherlands)EUR106,218€
2013D'orsay2009F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.0
2013D'orsay2009FUSA Ima Lula -4mM3
2013D'orsay2009FUSA The Muscle Hill -OMTVD2
2013Danae F Boko2010FFRA Prix Fama -3fVinc3
2013Danae F Boko2010FITA GP Orsi Mangelli (filly) - 3fTurin2
2013Deweykeepumnwhy2011G1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.4
2013Deweykeepumnwhy2011GCAN OSS Gold - 2cTGeoD3
2013Deweykeepumnwhy2011GCAN OSS Gold - 2cTMoh3
2013Edna Boko2011FHOL Breeders Crown -2fWlvga2
2013Edna Boko2011FHOL Jofferprijs -2fWlvga2
2013Flyhawk El Durado2011MUSA NYSS -2cTYR3
2013Flyhawk El Durado2011MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTTgDn3
2013Fox Valley Camo2010GUSA Great Mid West Trot -3TMartS
2013Frau Blucher2010FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
2013Frau Blucher2010FUSA Pennsylvania Champ -3fTMea3
2013Guccio2009M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:51.1
2013Guccio2009MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,021,809US
2013Il Sogno Dream2011M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.4
2013Le Cannibale2006MFRA Prix du Bois de VincennesVinc2
2013Lola de Vie2010FUSA Empire Classic -3fTVD2
2013Lola de Vie2010FUSA Lady Suffolk -3fTFhld2
2013Master Lavros2008GNZ Canterbury Park Trotting CupAdd3
2013Master Lavros2008GNZ Dominion Hcp -OTAdd1
2013Modest Prince2010MUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cTM3
2013Mosaique Face2009MEUR European Derby (GP de l'UET) - 4Solv1
2013Mosaique Face2009MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Sweden)EUR485,834€
2013Mosaique Face2009MStake Earner of the Year (4YOT) (Europe)EUR485,834€
2013Mosaique Face2009MSWE Sweden Trav Derby - 4Solv1
2013Neighsay Hanover2006MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,276,548US
2013Onice Axe2008FNOR Kal Eriksen Minneslopp -5BjeS
2013Panne de Moteur2008MSWE EJs GuldskoHagm3
2013Panne de Moteur2008MSWE Frances Bulwark LoppSolv1
2013Panne de Moteur2008MSWE JubileumspokalenSolv1
2013Panne de Moteur2008MSWE Pr Philips Jubileumspokal -5Farj3
2013Panne de Moteur2008MSWE Sundsvall OpenBs2
2013Peter Pan Ke2009MITA Presidente Della Repubblica -4TriL
2013PL Daley2007G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
2013Quite An Avenger2009GFIN Breeders Crown - 4hMets2
2013Quite An Avenger2009GFIN Finland Derby - 4Vermo1
2013Quite An Avenger2009GStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Finland)EUR166,473€
2013Song of Virtue2010FUSA Maine Sires Stake -3fTScar3
2013Stelton2009GDEN Aalborg Stora Pris - 4Aalb2
2013Stelton2009GDEN Grand Circle Championship -4BillF
2013Stelton2009GNOR Axel Jensen Minnelop -4TBje2
2013Stelton2009GStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Denmark)EUR174,036€
2013Young Angus Kemp2009MFIN Eugen Pylvänäisen Muistoajo -4Mikk3
2012-EqYankee Storm2005MUK BHRC Trotter of the YearUK  
2012-3Nuggets Face2010FSWE Breeders Crown - 2Aby2
2012Anders Bluestone2006M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.0
2012Arctic Bullet2009MFIN Uudenmaan Upein -3VermoL
2012Bee A Magician2010F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:53.4
2012Bee A Magician2010FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
2012Bee A Magician2010FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTGeoD3
2012Bee A Magician2010FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTMoh3
2012Bee A Magician2010FCAN OSS Super -2fTWdb2
2012Bee A Magician2010FCAN Peaceful Way Stakes -2fTMoh1
2012Bee A Magician2010FO'Brien 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
2012Castleton Magic1987MLeading Sire - Stakes (Slovakia)EUR 
2012Clint W Boko2009MHarness Horse of the Year (Netherlands)EUR 
2012Clint W Boko2009MHOL Fokkers Trofee -3Wlvga3
2012Clint W Boko2009MHOL Netherlands Derby - 3Duind1
2012Clint W Boko2009MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Netherlands)EUR93,223€
2012Cowgirl Hall2009FUSA NYSS -3fTYR3
2012Danae F Boko2010FHOL Breeders Crown -2fWlvga2
2012Deja Vu Too2010M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.1
2012Dont Wear PJS2006FSWE Peace Corps Lopp -OMTSolv3
2012Fairley Legal2010FUSA Landmark Stake -2fTGoshL
2012Frau Blucher2010F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.4
2012Frau Blucher2010FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2012Frau Blucher2010FUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2fTMea3
2012Guccio2009MUSA Bluegrass -3cTLex3
2012Guccio2009MUSA Matron Stakes -3cTDD2
2012Le Cannibale2006MFRA Prix PythiaVinc3
2012Panne de Moteur2008MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Sweden)EUR370,790€
2012Panne de Moteur2008MSWE Elite - 4Solv2
2012Pembroke Heat Wave 2006FCAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTMoh1
2012PL Daley2007GCAN Don Mills -4/5TWdbL
2012Quite An Avenger2009GFIN Breeders Crown - 3cSein2
2012Quite An Avenger2009GFIN Erkki Rajakpsken Memorial -3Vermo3
2012Quite An Avenger2009GFIN Kymenlaaks Ajo -3Kouv3
2012Quite An Avenger2009GFIN Seppelaajo -3Vermo3
2012Quite An Avenger2009GStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Finland)EUR134,208€
2012Raisa2008FDEN Grand Circle C'ship (mare) -4Aalb2
2012Redder Than Red2009GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
2012Riverfest2009FUSA John Simpson Memorial -3fTM3
2012Russell Mania2010GUSA Indiana SS -2cTIndy3
2012Skully Gully2004FITA GP Renzo OrlandiMod2
2012Soffi Nock2009FSWE Elite -3fSolv2
2012Song of Virtue2010FUSA Maine Sires Stake -2fTScar3
2012Xena Brick2009FSWE Juliennes Lopp -3fSolv3
2012Yankee Storm2005MUK Roosevelt Cup - OTYorkF
2012Young Angus Kemp2009MFIN Hambo -3cLahti3
2011-3Rules Clear2008GUSA Circle City -3ctIndyL
2011Adagio2008FUSA Kentucky SS -3fTLex3
2011Anders Bluestone2006MUSA Maxie Lee Memorial -OHTChst2
2011Antichnaia2007FRUS Russia Derby -4Mosc1
2011Awesome Goal1990MLeading Sire - Stakes (Austria)EUR 
2011Clint W Boko2009MHOL Derby des 2ans (Productendraverj) -2Wlvga3
2011Clint W Boko2009MHOL Jonkerprijs -2cWlvga2
2011Cowgirl Hall2009FUSA Acorn -2fTVD2
2011GH Nemo2006MSWE Good As Gold MemorialJag3
2011GH Nemo2006MSWE SmedtraffenEsk3
2011Guccio2009M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.4
2011Guccio2009MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
2011Lady Andover2008FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
2011Le Cannibale2006MFRA Prix Doynel de St Quentin -5Vinc2
2011Neighsay Hanover2006M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.2
2011Only Kronos2008FSWE Elite -3fSolv2
2011Priority OK2009FITA GP Allevatori -2fTdV2
2011Riverfest2009FUSA Marion Dancer Memorial -2fTFhld3
2011Riverfest2009FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2011Royal Shyster2009MUSA NYSS -2cTStga3
2011Royal Shyster2009MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTTgDn3
2011Rudy Rocks2007GCAN Don Mills -4/5TWdbL
2011Sculpted Vanity2009FUSA Keystone Classic -2fTMea3
2011Sculpted Vanity2009FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2011Sephora De Vie2008FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
2011Skully Gully2004FITA GP Royal Mares Del TrottoAgn2
2011Sunpine2009GUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTTgDn3
2011Tourbillon2007GNOR Jarlsberg GP -4Jarl2
2011Vic Smith2009M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:56.0
2011Vic Smith2009MUSA NJSS (Summer) -2cTM3
2011Weingartner2009M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.2
2011Weingartner2009MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
2011Weingartner2009MUSA Peter Haughton Memorial -2cTM1
2011Weingartner2009MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
2011Yellow Eden2005MSWE CH Mullers MemorialJag3
2011Yellow Eden2005MSWE Harper Hanover LoppSolv2
2010Adonis Boko2007MHOL Sweepstakes -3cGrgn2
2010Awesome Goal1990MLeading Sire - Stakes (Austria)EUR 
2010Ax Man2008GUSA American National -2cTBmlP2
2010Ax Man2008GUSA Review Stakes -2cTSpr2
2010Brave Duo2007FFIN Erkki Rajakpsken Memorial -3Vermo3
2010Brave Duo2007FFIN Tammakriterium -3fTeivo2
2010Elegance Kemp2003FFIN Tamma ValtikkaFor3
2010Glide Power2007FUSA Delvin Miller Memorial -3fTM1
2010Glide Power2007FUSA NJSS (Fall) -3fTFhld3
2010Glide Power2007FUSA NJSS (Summer) -3fTM3
2010Hasty Pulse2008FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fMea3
2010Hasty Pulse2008FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
2010Lantern Kronos2005FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,116,417US
2010Martiniontherocks2008FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
2010Martiniontherocks2008FUSA Breeders Crown -2fTPcD1
2010MMs Lucky Boy2007GUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
2010Nad Al Sheba2007MITA Elwood Medium -3Pad2
2010Nad Al Sheba2007MITA GP Nazionale - 3SS1
2010Nad Al Sheba2007MITA Premio Tito Giovanardi - 3Mod2
2010Nevele Wood2007MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Netherlands)EUR65,528€
2010Nevele Wood2007MSWE Elite - 3Solv2
2010Nonant Le Pin2007FITA GP Societa di Terme -3fMont3
2010PJ Clark2006M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:53.0
2010Red Light2007GUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
2010Skully Gully2004FSWE Norrlands MasterskapBsL
2010Skully Gully2004FSWE Peace Corps Lopp -OMTSolv3
2010Somekindacatch2007FSWE Elite -3fSolv2
2010Temple of Doom2007M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
2010Temple of Doom2007MUSA Zweig Memorial -3TTgDn2
2009-2Adonis Boko2007MHOL Duindigt Tweejarigen S -2DuindL
2009-2Slick N Splashy2006FUSA Maryland SS -3fTRcR3
2009-1Slick N Splashy2006FUSA Maryland SS -3fTRcR3
2009Adonis Boko2007MHOL Derby des 2ans (Productendraverj) -2Wlvga3
2009Adonis Boko2007MHOL Jonkerprijs -2cWlvga2
2009Adonis Boko2007MStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Netherlands)EUR27,125€
2009Anders Bluestone2006MUSA Dexter Cup -3TFhld2
2009Auvergne2007FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2009Awesome Goal1990MLeading Sire - Stakes (Austria)EUR 
2009Bullet Express2007FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2009Caviar and Kisses2007FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ftBlomS
2009Copy Catch2006MUSA Zweig Memorial -3TTgDn2
2009Equinox Bi2001MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,307,385US
2009Glide Power2007FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fTLex3
2009Hell of a Kemp2006MSWE E3 Revanchen (Long) -3Or2
2009Hell of a Kemp2006MSWE Sikta mot Stjärnorna -3Mp3
2009Medulla Del Ronco2006FITA GP Nazionale (filly) - 3fSS2
2009Miss Ridge2007FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2009MMs Lucky Boy2007GUSA Keystone Classic -2cTMea3
2009Moonlight Kronos2006FSWE Elite -3fSolv2
2009Navy Seal2004MNOR Rex Rodney Arespris -4/5Forus3
2009Neighsay Hanover2006MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3TMoh2
2009Neighsay Hanover2006MUSA Bluegrass -3cTLex3
2009Nick Nock2005MDEN Aalborg Stora Pris - 4Aalb2
2009Nick Nock2005MDEN Grand Circle Championship -4BillF
2009Nicota2006GUSA Virginia Breeders -3cCnl3
2009Political Desire2006GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ctBlomS
2009Rudy Rocks2007GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
2009Teaser Elegance2001MSWE AxevallalopningAxe3
2008-1Slick N Splashy2006FUSA Maryland SS -2fTRcR3
2008Awesome Goal1990MLeading Sire - Stakes (Austria)EUR 
2008Blueridge Legacy2006FUSA Horseman -2TInd2
2008Debis Keeper2006GUSA Michigan SS -2cTHzP3
2008Fabulous Frank2006GUSA Landmark Stake -2cTGoshF
2008Gallantly2005GUSA Charles Singer -3&4TM3
2008Gallantly2005GUSA Galt Memorial -3cTMay3
2008Gallantly2005GUSA Horseman Futurity -3TInd3
2008Genarelay Like2003MITA Gran Premio PadovanellePad3
2008Going Kronos2003MSWE Peterson-Brodda MemorialJag2
2008Going Kronos2003MSWE RecordforsoketTi2
2008Inevitable2005FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ftBlomS
2008Lantern Kronos2005F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
2008Lantern Kronos2005FCAN Casual Breeze -3fTMohL
2008Lantern Kronos2005FCAN Elegantimage -3fTMoh1
2008Lantern Kronos2005FO'Brien 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
2008Lantern Kronos2005FUSA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
2008Lantern Kronos2005FUSA American National -3fTBmlP2
2008Lantern Kronos2005FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
2008Lantern Kronos2005FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
2008Lantern Kronos2005FUSA World Trotting Derby -3fTDuQ1
2008Lily Kronos2005FSWE Big Noon Pokalen -3/4Solv3
2008Lily Kronos2005FSWE E3 Classic (Short) - 3fRo1
2008Nans Catch1985FHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
2008Neighsay Hanover2006MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2008NF Quotable2006MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2008NF Quotable2006MUSA Keystone Classic -2cTMea3
2008Sergeant York2005MCAN Flamboro Breeders -3cTFlmDL
2008Skully Gully2004FFIN Glenn Kosmos Memorial -4Vermo3
2008Skully Gully2004FSWE Elite -4mSolv2
2008Super Boy2004MGER Kriterium der Vierjahrigen -4Daglf2
2008Tuscan Gal2006FCAN Robert White Stakes -2ftH3RL
2008Up Tempo2005GUSA Maine Sires Stake -3cTScar3
2008Vacation Day2006GUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
2008Whata Hustler2006GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
2008Wizard Time2006GUSA Kentucky SS -2cTLex3
2008Yellow Eden2005MHOL Sprint Kampioenschap 3YOWlvga3
2008Yin Summerland2005FHOL Grote Unitrot Sale Prijs -3Wlvga2
2007-2Mr Crazy2005MUSA Maryland SS -2cTRcR3
2007-1Indeman2005FUSA Maryland SS -2fRcR3
2007-1Mr Crazy2005MUSA Maryland SS -2cTRcR3
2007-1Tex Diamond1999GCZ Stredoevropska CenaVelka2
2007-09Hagi2004M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.2US
2007Awesome Goal1990MLeading Sire - Stakes (Austria)EUR 
2007Bella Verde2005FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2007Bella Verde2005FUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2ftDuQL
2007Bella Verde2005FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fTLex3
2007Danae2004FUSA American National -3fTBmlP2
2007Danae2004FUSA Hambletonian Oaks -3fTM1
2007Devilish Miss2004FUSA Delaware Breeders -3fTDD3
2007Equinox Bi2001M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.0
2007Equinox Bi2001MCAN Maple Leaf Classic -OTMoh1
2007Equinox Bi2001MITA GP UNIRESS2
2007Equinox Bi2001MUSA Breeders Crown -OTMoh1
2007Ericskarri2003GCAN General Brock Series -4TWdbL
2007Going Kronos2003MNOR Elite - 4Bje2
2007Going Kronos2003MSWE Ina Scot Ara -4Mp3
2007Hagi2004MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3cMoh2
2007Italia Italia AC2004FITA Campionato Femminile -3fGarig3
2007Jimmy Shin2004GUSA Horseman Futurity -3TInd3
2007Lovely Bi2005FITA Criterium Vinovo - 2fTurin3
2007Mr Hobbs2005GUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTTgDn3
2007NF Noitall2003FUK BHRC Mare of The YearUK  
2007NF Noitall2003FWAL Strata FloridaTregL
2007One Moment Please2005GUSA Keystone Classic -2cTMea3
2007One Moment Please2005GUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
2007Sergeant York2005MCAN Balanced Image -2THnvrL
2007Sergeant York2005MCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cTFlmDL
2007Skully Gully2004FFIN Erkki Rajakpsken Memorial -3Vermo3
2007Spunkys Dream2004FUSA Indiana SS -3fTIndy3
2007Up Tempo2005GUSA Maine Sires Stake -2cTScar3
2006APB2004FUSA Florida Breeders -2fTPPk3
2006Awesome Goal1990MLeading Sire - Stakes (Austria)EUR 
2006Benns Cowboy2004GUSA Michigan SS -2cTHzP3
2006Cromwell2002MNOR Josef Kleins Lop -4Lgn3
2006Cromwell2002MSWE Norrlands Grand Prix -4Bs3
2006Dalias Dream2003FUSA Landmark Stake -3fTGoshL
2006Danae2004FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2006Elegance Kemp2003FSWE Gay Gals Lopp -3fSolvL
2006Ericskarri2003GCAN Autumn Stakes -3cTWdbL
2006Forges LB2002MNOR Rex Rodney Arespris -4/5Forus3
2006Forward Momentum2003GUSA Maine Sires Stake -3cTScar3
2006Going Kronos2003MDEN Trearingseliten -3Char2
2006Going Kronos2003MHarness Horse of the Year (Sweden)EUR 
2006Going Kronos2003MSWE E3 Classic (Long) - 3Farj1
2006Going Kronos2003MSWE Jagersro Stora Trearingspris -3Jag3
2006Going Kronos2003MSWE Premio Going Kronos -3Jag3
2006Hagi2004MCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cFlmDL
2006Jet Stream Playboy2003GUSA Massachusetts SS- 3cPRc3
2006Jimmy Shin2004GUSA Horseman -2TInd2
2006Jimmy Shin2004GUSA John Simpson Memorial -2cTLex3
2006Moni Maker1993FHall of Fame Living (USA)USA 
2006Pembroke Prayer2004GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
2006Penn Noble Rocky2004FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2cTM3
2006Spoon Hornline2001FSWE STC Avelslopp -MAxeL
2006Super Chuck2004GUSA Virginia Breeders -2cTCnl3
2006Tasty Max2003GUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
2006Tyrone Spitn Image2002G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:53.0
2005-2Tex Diamond1999GCZ Stredoevropska CenaVelka2
2005Awesome Goal1990MLeading Sire - Stakes (Austria)EUR 
2005Caramba Hall2000MSWE Ego Boy MinneRattF
2005Dakota Bi2000FITA GP Royal Mares Del TrottoAgn2
2005Dalias Dream2003FUSA Landmark Stake -2fTGoshL
2005Eldora King2001FITA GP Antonio Carena -4MTdV3
2005Exelon LB2001MITA GP Citta di Taranto -4TarL
2005Fan Favourite2002FCAN OSS Super -3fTWdb2
2005Fan Favourite2002FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fTMoh2
2005Fast Johnny2001GCAN Don Mills -4/5TWdbL
2005Forward Momentum2003GUSA Maine Sires Stake -2cTScar3
2005Gallagher Grif2003MITA Criterium Partenopeo -2AgnS
2005Holy Guacamolie2000M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
2005Jalopy2002FUSA Hambletonian Oaks -3fTM1
2005Kilroy Kemp1996MFIN Pohjola Grand PrixOulu3
2005Kung Lavec2002MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Sweden)EUR317,106€
2005Kung Lavec2002MSWE Breeders Crown - 3cEsk1
2005Kung Lavec2002MSWE E3 Classic (Long) - 3Ro1
2005Kung Lavec2002MSWE E3 Classic (Short) - 3Boden1
2005Kung Lavec2002MSWE Sommarfavoriten -3Solv3
2005Kung Lavec2002MSWE Varfavoriten -3Solv3
2005Le Reve2002FCAN Coupe Des Eleveurs -3fTBB3
2005Le Reve2002FITA GP Orsi Mangelli (filly) - 3fSS2
2005Patron Limburgia1998GCZ Cena SabbathaBratS
2005Tex Diamond1999GCZ Prix TillherrVelkaS
2005Tyrone Spitn Image2002GCAN Flamboro Breeders -3cTFlmDL
2005Yankee Valor2002MITA Friuli Venezia Giulia -3Tri2
2004Armbro Beseech2001FCAN Celias Counsel -3fTWdbL
2004Awesome Goal1990MLeading Sire - Stakes (Austria)EUR 
2004Brazen2002MCAN OSS Gold - 2cTWdb3
2004Centerfold Hall2002FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2004Centerfold Hall2002FUSA Kentucky SS -2fTLex3
2004Centerfold Hall2002FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2004Dame East1996FSWE STC Avelslopp -MAxeL
2004Delores King2000FITA Gran Premio San Paolo -4Mont2
2004Delores King2000FITA Gran Premio Trinacria -4Pal2
2004Don Boss Vita1999M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.1
2004Equinox Bi2001MITA GP Carlo Marangoni -3Turin2
2004Equinox Bi2001MITA GP Nazionale - 3SS1
2004Fan Favourite2002FCAN OSS Super -2fTWdb2
2004Half Moon1995MSWE Walter Lundbergs MemorialSolvF
2004Ifhallscouldtalk2001FCAN Casual Breeze -3fTMohL
2004Mr Battin2001GCAN Tie Silk Series -3TWdbL
2004Mr Bitter2001GCAN OSS Grassroots -3cTGeoDS
2004Patron Limburgia1998GCZ Cena SabbathaBratS
2004Red Baron1999MBEL Grand Prix d'HiverKuu3
2004Senor Sunset2001GUSA Michigan SS -3cTHzP3
2004Starry Lane2002FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ftBlomS
2004Touch of Moni2002FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
2004Vino Camielle2002MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
2003Armbro Amaze2000FCAN Dream of Glory -3tHnvrL
2003Armbro Amaze2000FCAN OSS Grassroots -3fTFlmDS
2003Awesome Goal1990MLeading Sire - Stakes (Austria)EUR 
2003Celebrity Demi2001FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
2003Com Orsa2000FSWE Oaksrevanschen -3fSolv3
2003Decadent Pagan2000FUSA Zweig Memorial -3fTSycs3
2003Duxelle Hanover2001FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
2003Half Moon1995MSWE Malmo Stadt PrisJagL
2003Holy Guacamolie2000MUSA Colonial -3TWdb1
2003Ifhallscouldtalk2001FCAN Breeders Championship -2fTMohF
2003Ifhallscouldtalk2001FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTMoh3
2003Image Lavec2000FSWE Juliennes Lopp -3fSolv3
2003Incognito Kemp1994MFIN Number OneOulu3
2003Lucky Dream BL2000GSWE Norrlands Masterskap -3BsL
2003Mayon Bowl1993MAUT Badener MeileBaden2
2003Numeric Hanover2000FCAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmWdbL
2003Numeric Hanover2000FUSA Jugette -3fDela1
2003Numeric Hanover2000FUSA Nadia Lobell -3fM1
2003Rae Boko1999FSWE Drottning Silvia Pokal - 4MAby2
2003Rae Boko1999FSWE Elite -4mSolv2
2003Red Baron1999MBEL Belgium Derby -4Wrgm1
2003Sid the Squid2000GUSA Tompkins Geers -3cScD3
2003Tug River Woman2001FUSA Delaware Breeders -2fTDD3
2003Tug River Woman2001FUSA Delaware Breeders -2fTHar3
2003Yankee Monaco2001FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fTBmlP3
2002Avon Skal1998MCZ Jarni Ceny Ctyrletych (Spring) -4Velka3
2002Awesome Goal1990MLeading Sire - Stakes (Austria)EUR 
2002Baker Black Jet1998FITA GP Ariano Andreani -4Ave3
2002Beauty America1998FITA GP Citta di Taranto -4TarL
2002Beauty America1998FITA GP Citta di TrevisoTrev3
2002Beauty America1998FITA Gran Premio Trinacria -4Pal2
2002Caramba Hall2000MUSA Horseman -2TInd2
2002Cigar Dan1999MUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cTHop3
2002El Santana1994MHUN Marschall Jozsef EmlekversenyKerep2
2002Incognito Kemp1994MFIN Malja AjoYlivL
2002Incognito Kemp1994MFIN Number OneOulu3
2002Mikestory2000FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTWdb3
2002Rae Boko1999FFIN Seppelaajo -3Vermo3
2002Rae Boko1999FSWE Breeders Crown - 3fMp1
2002Rae Boko1999FSWE E3 Classic (Long) - 3fBoden1
2002Rae Boko1999FSWE E3 Classic (Short) - 3fRo1
2002Rae Boko1999FSWE E3 Revanchen (Long) -3fEsk2
2002Rae Boko1999FSWE E3 Revanchen (Short) -3Esk2
2002Rae Boko1999FSWE Elite -3fSolv2
2002Rae Boko1999FSWE Guldstoet - 3fAxe2
2002Writteninthestars2000GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ctBlomS
2001American Leggs1998FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
2001Amity LB1997FITA Premio Tino Triossi - 4TdV1
2001Armbro Invasion1987MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : AGEDNZ $551,635
2001Beauty America1998FITA Campionato Femminile -3fGarig3
2001Beauty America1998FITA GP Carlo Marangoni -3fTurin2
2001Beauty America1998FITA GP Citta Di Napoli -3fAgn3
2001Beauty America1998FITA GP Nazionale (filly) - 3fSS2
2001Beauty America1998FITA GP Orsi Mangelli (filly) - 3fSS2
2001El Santana1994MHUN Marschall Jozsef EmlekversenyKerep2
2001Hetties Valley1998GCAN OSS Grassroots -3cTSarS
2001Incognito Kemp1994MFIN Festivaali-ajoKaust3
2001Kiri Goal1998FNOR Pr. Martha Pokal (hoppe) -3fBiri2
2001Lavecster1998MUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cTHop3
2001Lost Lady One1998FUSA NYSS -3fTYR3
2001Mayon Bowl1993MGER Matador RennenMrndf2
2001Miss American Spy1998FUSA Hudson Filly Trot -3fTYR2
2001Ozzie in Action1998GCAN Tie Silk Series -3TWdbL
2001Rae Boko1999FSWE Vinterfavoriten -2fSolvL
2001Romy Groenhof1999FHOL Jofferprijs -2fDuind2
2000American Leggs1998FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2000Amity LB1997FITA Elwood Medium -3Pad2
2000Amity LB1997FITA GP Nazionale - 3SS1
2000Armbro Temple1997FCAN Colonial Lady -3fTWdb2
2000Armbro Temple1997FUSA American National -3fTBmlP2
2000Armbro Variable1998MUSA Landmark Stake -2cTGoshF
2000Asgaya1993MSWE Bulwarks LoppSolvL
2000Cedar Bluff1998GUSA Kentucky SS -2cTLex3
2000Dame East1996FSWE Sto Sprintern -4MTHalm3
2000El Santana1994MHUN Marschall Jozsef EmlekversenyKerep2
2000Incognito Kemp1994MFIN Helsinki AjoVermoF
2000Incognito Kemp1994MFIN Joensuu AjoJoen3
2000Incognito Kemp1994MFIN Kultaloimi GuldtacketPori3
2000Moni Maker1993F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.1
2000Moni Maker1993FCAN Trot Mondial -OTBBF
2000Moni Maker1993FFRA Grand Criterium de VitesseCSM1
2000Moni Maker1993FITA GP Costa AzzurraTurin2
2000Moni Maker1993FITA Gran Premio San PaoloMont2
2000Moni Maker1993FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$5,589,256US
2000Moni Maker1993FO'Brien Older Mare Trotter of the YearCAN 
2000Moni Maker1993FUSA 4YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
2000Moni Maker1993FUSA Nat Ray -OTM1
2000Moni Maker1993FUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
2000PJs Nabby1997MUSA Colonial -3TWdb1
2000Promise Groenhof1998FHOL Derby des 2ans (Productendraverj) -2Wlvga3
2000Promise Groenhof1998FHOL Jofferprijs -2fDuind2
2000Promise Groenhof1998FStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Netherlands)EUR26,478€
2000Rancher Hall1997MUSA Landmark Stake -3cTGoshL
2000Rancher Hall1997MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
2000Sugar Sample1997FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fTScD3
2000Village Barrister1998MCAN Campbellville -2TMoh2
2000Village Barrister1998MCAN OSS Gold - 2cTWdb3
1999-2Moni Maker1993FSWE GulddivisionenJag1
1999-1Southwind Diamond1997FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
1999American Dynamo1997GUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
1999American Dynamo1997GUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTScD3
1999Amity LB1997FITA GP Allevatori - 2TdV1
1999Armbro Scribe1996FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3cTFlmDL
1999Armbro Temple1997FCAN Oakville -2fTMoh2
1999Armbro Temple1997FCAN Robert Stewart -2fTMoh2
1999Blazing Janice1996FUSA Kentucky SS -3fTBgD3
1999Boothill GG1996FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTFlmD3
1999Delmonica Hanover1969FHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
1999ES One1996MCAN OSS Grassroots -3cTHnvrS
1999Fortuna Winner1996MUSA Colonial -3TWdb1
1999Gillnet1996FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
1999Moni Maker1993FFRA Grand Prix d'AmeriqueVinc1
1999Moni Maker1993FFRA Grand Prix De BourgogneVinc2
1999Moni Maker1993FFRA Grand Prix de FranceVinc1
1999Moni Maker1993FHarness Horse of the Year (USA)USA 
1999Moni Maker1993FITA GP Gaetano TurilliTdV1
1999Moni Maker1993FITA GP Palio Dei ComuniMont3
1999Moni Maker1993FO'Brien Older Mare Trotter of the YearCAN 
1999Moni Maker1993FStake Earner of the Year (Trotters) (NA)NA $1,494,972
1999Moni Maker1993FSWE Peterson-Brodda MemorialJag2
1999Moni Maker1993FUSA 4YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
1999Moni Maker1993FUSA American National -OTBmlP2
1999Moni Maker1993FUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
1999Moni Maker1993FUSA Trotting Classic -OTMoh1
1999Rompaway Quincy1995FUSA Michigan SS -4mTNor3
1999Topgun Hall1997MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
1999Victory in Paris1996FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
1998-3Incognito Kemp1994MEUR European Derby (heat) -4Bje3
1998-2Gate Open1994MEUR European Derby (heat) -4Bje3
1998-1Gillnet1996FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
1998Ameron Cam1996FUSA Keystone Classic -2fTMea3
1998Fox Valley Quality1995GUSA Cardinal -3cTBmlPL
1998Gillnet1996FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1998Incognito Kemp1994MFIN Finland Derby - 4Vermo1
1998Incognito Kemp1994MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Finland)EUR99,021€
1998Magic Zodiac1992GSWE Norrlands MasterskapBsL
1998Moni Maker1993FDEN Copenhagen CupChar1
1998Moni Maker1993FEvolution of Trotters Mile (Europe)EUR1:10.6
1998Moni Maker1993FHarness Horse of the Year (USA)USA 
1998Moni Maker1993FITA GP Costa AzzurraTurin2
1998Moni Maker1993FITA GP Delle NazioniSS1
1998Moni Maker1993FITA GP D'Inverno (Etto Barbetti)SS2
1998Moni Maker1993FITA GP Gaetano TurilliTdV1
1998Moni Maker1993FStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Denmark)EUR79,380€
1998Moni Maker1993FStake Earner of the Year (Denmark)EUR79,380E
1998Moni Maker1993FSWE ElitloppetSolv1
1998Moni Maker1993FSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
1998Moni Maker1993FUSA 4YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
1998Moni Maker1993FUSA Breeders Crown -OTM1
1998Moni Maker1993FUSA Nat Ray -OTM1
1998Moni Maker1993FUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
1998Mostly Super1993FNOR Forus OpenForus1
1998Park Avenue Joe1986MLeading Sire - Stakes (Italy)EUR 
1998Si Si Senorita1996FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
1998Sixmilliondollrpan1995MUSA Review Stakes -3cTSpr2
1998Warrawee Kes1995FCAN Colonial Lady -3fTWdb2
1998Warrawee Kes1995FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTBar3
1998Warrawee Kes1995FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTWR3
1997-2Billy The K1995MUSA Maryland SS -2cTRcR3
1997Caitrin1994FUSA Currier and Ives -3fTMeaL
1997Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA336W
1997Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (USA)USA 
1997Huge Van Kemp1993MFIN Eugen Pylvänäisen Muistoajo -4Mikk3
1997Huge Van Kemp1993MFIN Kuopio Stakes -4Kuo3
1997Incognito Kemp1994MFIN Hambo -3cLahti3
1997Jet Ranger1995MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
1997Jet Ranger1995MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ctBlomS
1997Jet Ranger1995MUSA Keystone Classic -2cTMea3
1997Jet Ranger1995MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
1997Moni Maker1993FCAN Classic Oaks -OMTMoh1
1997Moni Maker1993FFastest Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:52.2
1997Moni Maker1993FITA GP Delle NazioniSS1
1997Moni Maker1993FNOR Fina Cup (Biri International) -MBje1
1997Moni Maker1993FSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
1997Moni Maker1993FUSA 4YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
1997Moni Maker1993FUSA Frank Ervin TrotLexS
1997Moni Maker1993FUSA Nat Ray -OTM1
1997Mostly Super1993FDEN Frosty Hanover Mindelob -4Skive3
1997Warrawee Kes1995FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTFlmD3
1996-2Easy Lover1992MEUR European Derby (heat) -4Teivo3
1996-1Maija K1994FUSA Maryland SS -2fTRcR3
1996Asgaya1993MFIN Breeders Crown - 3cSein2
1996Asgaya1993MFIN Seppelaajo -3Vermo3
1996Caitrin1994FUSA Keystone Classic -2fTMea3
1996Dark Magic1993MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
1996Dark Magic1993MUSA Keystone Classic -3cTMea3
1996Deliberate Speed1992MNOR Momarken Grand PrixMomk2
1996Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA340W
1996Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (USA)USA 
1996Huge Van Kemp1993MFIN Hambo -3cLahti3
1996Looming Favorite1994FCAN Flamboro Breeders -2fTFlmDL
1996Margaret Hall1993FUSA Keystone Classic -3fTMea3
1996Moni Maker1993FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fTMoh2
1996Moni Maker1993FUSA Currier and Ives -3fTMeaL
1996Moni Maker1993FUSA Hambletonian Oaks -3fTM1
1996Moni Maker1993FUSA Matron Stakes -3fTPPk2
1996Moni Maker1993FUSA NYSS -3fTYR3
1996Moni Maker1993FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
1996Moni Maker1993FUSA Zweig Memorial -3TSycs2
1996Mostly Super1993FUSA John Simpson Memorial -3fTVD3
1996Mostly Super1993FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fTScD3
1996Personal Banner1993FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
1996Personal Banner1993FUSA Breeders Crown -3fTVD1
1996Personal Banner1993FUSA Kentucky Futurity -3fTLex1
1996Stallone Jet1992MITA Gran Premio Trinacria -4Pal2
1996Whiteland Elegance1993FUSA Keystone Classic -3fTMea3
1995-1Lost Lady1993FUSA Maryland SS -2fTRcR3
1995Dark Magic1993MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ctBlomS
1995DDs Copter1989FUSA Massachusetts Sires Stake -OMTFox3
1995Deliberate Speed1992MUSA Founders Gold Cup -3TVDF
1995Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1995Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA386W
1995Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Winners (USA)USA135W
1995Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA91W
1995Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (USA)USA 
1995Easy Lover1992MSWE Varfavoriten -3Solv3
1995Jet Frances Boko1992FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fTMoh2
1995Jet Frances Boko1992FUSA Zweig Memorial -3fTSycs3
1995Meadowbranch Karin1993FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ftBlomS
1995Meadowbranch Karin1993FUSA Keystone Classic -2fTMea3
1994Armbro Marshall1991GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTFlmD3
1994Armbro Marshall1991GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTMoh3
1994Armbro Marshall1991GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTSar3
1994Armbro Marshall1991GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTWR3
1994Armbro Marshall1991GCAN Simcoe Stakes -3TMoh2
1994Dauphin Hanover1991GMost Wins in Year (T-USA)USA25
1994Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1994Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA400W
1994Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Winners (USA)USA141W
1994Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA38W
1994Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:05 2YO (USA)USA61W
1994Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA65W
1994Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2STP (USA)USA65W
1994Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (USA)USA 
1994Jet Frances Boko1992FCAN Oakville -2fTMoh2
1994Ninja Hanover1991FUSA Pennsylvania Champ -3fTMea3
1994Skeptical Howie1992GUSA NYSS -2cTYR3
1994Whiteland Rosemary1992FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
1993Armbro Marshall1991GCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cTFlmDL
1993Armbro Marshall1991GCAN OSS Gold - 2cTBar3
1993Columnist1987MITA GP Costa AzzurraTurin2
1993DDs Copter1989FUSA Massachusetts Sires Stake -OMTFox3
1993Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1993Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA404W
1993Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Winners (USA)USA142W
1993Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:05 2YO (USA)USA51W
1993Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (USA)USA 
1993Hay Dude1990GCAN Flamboro Breeders -3cTFlmDL
1993Hay Dude1990GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTFlmD3
1993Hay Dude1990GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTGRvr3
1993Keystone Queenie1991FUSA American National -2fTSPk2
1993Keystone Queenie1991FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
1993Lon Todds Power1990MUSA Michigan SS -3cMRc3
1993Miss Yellowjacket1990FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
1993Narkas1991FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
1993Nittany Hanover1991MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
1993Nordin Hanover1985MNOR Oslo Grand PrixBje1
1993Nordin Hanover1985MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Norway)EUR87,500ECU
1993Nordin Hanover1985MSWE AdalprisetDan3
1993Nordin Hanover1985MSWE GoteborgspokalenAby3
1993Nordin Hanover1985MSWE Konung Carl XVI Gustafs SilverhastenSolv3
1993Nowak Hanover1990MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cTVD3
1992-5Nordin Hanover1985MSWE GulddivisionenAby1
1992-2DDs Copter1989FUSA Hanover Hempt -3ftVD3
1992 (eq)Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Winners (USA)USA139W
1992Atkinson Ridge1987M1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:55.0
1992Awesome Goal1990MUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2TDuQ3
1992Awesome Goal1990MUSA Review Stakes -2cTSpr2
1992DDs Copter1989FUSA Coaching Club Oaks -3fTM2
1992DDs Copter1989FUSA Landmark Stake -3cTGoshL
1992Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1992Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA381W
1992Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (USA)USA 
1992Kendy Hanover1990FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
1992Supervision1989GNOR Norsk Trav-Kriterium - 3Bje1
1992Take Control1987MFIN Killerin EliitiJyvF
1992Tungsten1989MUSA Macfarlane Memorial -3THzP3
1992Tungsten1989MUSA Townsend Ackerman -3TM3
1992Village Hanover1988MNOR Josef Kleins Lop -4Lgn3
1992Yourworstnightmare1987MITA GP Citta di TrevisoTrev3
1992Yourworstnightmare1987MITA GP Renzo OrlandiMod2
1991-3Jean Bi1988FUSA Hanover Hempt -3ftVD3
1991-3Nantucky1989FUSA Hanover Hempt -2ftVD3
1991Armbro Garnsey1985MFIN Joensuu AjoJoen3
1991DDs Copter1989FUSA Landmark Stake -2fTGoshL
1991Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA338W
1991Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (USA)USA 
1991Jean Bi1988FUSA Hambletonian Oaks -3fTM1
1991Karate Chop1984MSWE OlympiatravetAby1
1991Nans Catch1985F1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:54.4
1991Nordin Hanover1985MGER Preis Der BestenDaglf1
1991Nordin Hanover1985MSWE Frances Bulwark LoppSolv1
1991Nordin Hanover1985MSWE KalmarsundspokalenKr2
1991Royal Roz1988FUSA Zweig Memorial -3fTSycs3
1991Whiteland Janice1988F1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:54.1
1991Whiteland Janice1988FCAN Colonial Lady -3fTRcR2
1991Whiteland Janice1988FUSA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1991Whiteland Janice1988FUSA Kentucky Futurity -3TLex1
1991Whiteland Janice1988FUSA World Trotting Derby -3fTDuQ1
1991Yourworstnightmare1987MITA GP Della RepubblicaBolog2
1991Yourworstnightmare1987MITA GP Della VittoriaBolog2
1990-5Cascades Girl1986FEUR European Derby (heat) -4Solv3
1990-4Frances Jet Boko1988FUSA Hanover Hempt -2ftVD3
1990-1Jean Bi1988FUSA Hanover Hempt -2ftVD3
1990Castleton Magic1987MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
1990Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA334W
1990Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA69W
1990Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (USA)USA 
1990Frances Jet Boko1988FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
1990Frances Jet Boko1988FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
1990Frances Jet Boko1988FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fTRcR3
1990Frances Jet Boko1988FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
1990Frances Jet Boko1988FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
1990Jean Bi1988FUSA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1990Jean Bi1988FUSA Acorn -2fTM2
1990Jean Bi1988FUSA American National -2fTSPk2
1990Jean Bi1988FUSA Breeders Crown -2fTPPk1
1990Jean Bi1988FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fTRcR3
1990Miss Holy Mackerel1986FFIN Käpylä Grand PrixVermo3
1990Musical Ironstone1987FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ftBlomS
1990Yourworstnightmare1987MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ctBlomS
1989-2Nappie Hanover1986FUSA Hanover Hempt -3fVD3
1989-2Noxie Hanover1986FUSA Hanover Hempt -3ftVD3
1989Armbro Hilary1986FUSA Horseman Futurity -3ftIndL
1989Armbro Hilary1986FUSA Zweig Memorial -3fTSycs3
1989Bold Gal1987FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1989Columnist1987MCAN Campbellville -2TMoh2
1989Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1989Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Winners (USA)USA141W
1989Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA33W
1989Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:05 2YO (USA)USA65W
1989Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA75W
1989Direct Scooter1976MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2STP (USA)USA75W
1989Karate Chop1984MNOR Kal Eriksen Minneslopp -5BjeS
1989Nappie Hanover1986FUSA Hayes Memorial -3fDuQ3
1989Nappie Hanover1986FUSA Review Stakes -3fSpr2
1989Park Avenue Joe1986MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TM2
1989Park Avenue Joe1986MUSA Hambletonian -3TM1
1989Park Avenue Joe1986MUSA Zweig Memorial -3TSycs2
1989Yourworstnightmare1987MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ctBlomS
1988-2Nalda Hanover1985FUSA Currier and Ives -3fTMeaL
1988-2Nama Hanover1985FUSA Parshall Futurity -3TGreenL
1988-2Nans Catch1985FUSA Hanover Hempt -3ftVD3
1988-1Armbro Hilary1986FUSA Hanover Hempt -2ftVD3
1988Anamosa Hanover1985FUSA Coaching Club Oaks -3fTM2
1988Cascades Girl1986FSWE Silverstoet - 2fAxe2
1988Continental Spirit1985MUSA NJSS (Fall) -3cTFhld3
1988Nalda Hanover1985FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fTMoh2
1988Nalda Hanover1985FUSA Breeders Crown -3fTRcR1
1988Nalda Hanover1985FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fTFsR3
1988Nans Catch1985FUSA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1988Nans Catch1985FUSA Coaching Club Oaks -3fTM2
1988Nans Catch1985FUSA Hambletonian Oaks -3fTM1
1988Nans Catch1985FUSA Kentucky Futurity -3fTLex1
1988Nans Catch1985FUSA World Trotting Derby -3fTDuQ1
1988Noxie Hanover1986F1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:55.0TT
1988Noxie Hanover1986F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.0TT
1988Noxie Hanover1986FEvolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NA)USAT1:55.0TT
1988Noxie Hanover1986FFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:55.0TT
1987-1Maxceleration1985MUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
1987Anamosa Hanover1985FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
1987Anamosa Hanover1985FCTA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
1987Anamosa Hanover1985FFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:56.0
1987Anamosa Hanover1985FUSA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1987Anamosa Hanover1985FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
1987Anamosa Hanover1985FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
1987Anamosa Hanover1985FUSA Review Stakes -2fTSpr2
1987Anamosa Hanover1985FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
1987Argonaut1983MRUS Russia Derby -4Mosc1
1987Armbro Frilly1984FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fTFlmDL
1987Catherine A1985FUSA Violet -2fMayL
1987Continental Spirit1985MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
1987Continental Spirit1985MUSA Matron Stakes -2cTPPk2
1987Dennison Hanover1981MFIN Pohjola Grand PrixOulu3
1987Nans Catch1985FFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:56.0
1987Nans Catch1985FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1987Nans Catch1985FUSA Breeders Crown -2fTHzP1
1987Nans Catch1985FUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2ftDuQL
1987Nanuet Hanover1985FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fTFsR3
1986Dennison Hanover1981MFIN St Michel AJOMikk1
1986Glenn Kosmos1979MITA GP Costa AzzurraTurin2
1986Glenn Kosmos1979MITA GP Renzo OrlandiMod2
1986Nobleboy Hanover1984MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
1986Super Flora1984FUSA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1986Super Flora1984FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
1986Super Flora1984FUSA Breeders Crown -2fTCD1
1986Super Flora1984FUSA Matron Stakes -2fTGSP2
1986Whiteland Sean1984MUSA NJSS (Fall) -2cTFhldL
1985Condominium1983MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ctBlomS
1985Glenn Kosmos1979MFIN St Michel AJOMikk1
1985Glenn Kosmos1979MSWE Sweden CupSolv2
1985Narva Hanover1982FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
1985Narva Hanover1982FUSA Cradle of Liberty -3fTLBF
1985Ron B Hanover1982MUSA Matron Stakes -3cTHzP2
1985Ron B Hanover1982MUSA Tompkins Memorial -3cTHzPF
1985Ron B Hanover1982MUSA Zweig Memorial -3TSycs2
1984Delvin G Hanover1981MUSA Batavia Downs -3cTBtva3
1984Delvin G Hanover1981MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TM2
1984Glenn Kosmos1979MFIN Killerin EliitiJyvF
1984Glenn Kosmos1979MFIN Pohjola Grand PrixOulu3
1984Neil Hanover1980MUSA Hiram Woodruff -OTM2
1983-1Neil Hanover1980MUSA Arden Homestead TrotLexS
1983Anders Favorite1980FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
1983Anders Favorite1980FUSA Chestnut Farm -3fTLexF
1983Anders Favorite1980FUSA Zweig Memorial -3fTSycs3
1983Delvin G Hanover1981MUSA Batavia Downs -2cTBtva3
1983Delvin G Hanover1981MUSA Hanover Stakes -2cTFsR3
1983Delvin Kosmos1981MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
1982Delmegan1978FCTA Older Mare Trotter of the YearCAN 
1982Delmegan1978FUSA 4YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
1982Delmegan1978FUSA Hiram Woodruff -OTM2
1981Delmegan1978FCTA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
1981Delmegan1978FUSA Currier and Ives -3fTMeaL
1981Newfi Hanover1979MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1980Delmegan1978FCAN Canadian Series -2ftMohS
1980Delmegan1978FCAN In Free Series -2fTGreL
1980Delmegan1978FCAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTBBF
1980Delmegan1978FCTA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
1980Delmegan1978FUSA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1980Delmegan1978FUSA Hanover Hempt -2ftVD3
1980Delmegan1978FUSA Merrie Annabelle -2fTM1
1980Devil Hanover1977MCAN Canadian Trotting Classic -3TMoh1
1980Direct Scooter1976MCAN Blue Bonnets Challenge -OPBB1
1980Direct Scooter1976MCAN Canadian Derby -OPGre1
1980Direct Scooter1976MUSA 4YO+ H&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
1980Direct Scooter1976MUSA Cornell Memorial -OPFhld3
1980Direct Scooter1976MUSA Graduate Series -OPM1
1980Direct Scooter1976MUSA Hanover Stake -OPLBF
1980Direct Scooter1976MUSA National Pacing Derby -OPRRF
1980Direct Scooter1976MUSA Paul Wixom FFASpkF
1979Direct Scooter1976M1:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)USA1:54.0
1979Direct Scooter1976MUSA Gov David Lawrence PaceLBS
1979Direct Scooter1976MUSA James Clark Memorial -OPLBF
1979Direct Scooter1976MUSA Shapiro Stake -3HolF
1979Flories Sister1976FUSA American National -3fTSPk2
1979Noble Spirit1977MUSA Hoosier -2cTInd3
1978Nobiliary1976FUSA Battle of Saratoga -2ftStga3
1978Nobiliary1976FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ftBlomS
1978Super Way1976MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1977-2Nobie Hanover1974FUSA Flora Temple/Breeders FS -3fTVDS
1977-1Nobie Hanover1974FUSA Hanover Hempt -3ftVD3
1977Just Ron1973GUSA NJSS (Fall) -4TFhldF
1977Nobie Hanover1974FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
1976-3Delvin Hanover1974MUSA Battle of Saratoga -2cTStgaL
1976Delvin Hanover1974MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1976Nobie Hanover1974FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
1975-2Delmonica Hanover1969FCAN Maple Leaf Classic -OTMoh2
1975Delmonica Hanover1969FCAN Volo Van Trot -fmGreS
1975Keystone Gyro1970MCAN Fort Erie TrotGardCS
1975Lively Anne1969FUSA 5YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
1974-3Hurly Burly1972GCAN Count B -2cGreL
1974Buckeye Count1971MUSA Founders Gold Cup -3TVDF
1974Delmonica Hanover1969FFRA Grand Prix d'AmeriqueVinc1
1974Delmonica Hanover1969FHarness Horse of the Year (USA)USA 
1974Delmonica Hanover1969FStake Earner of the Year (Trotters) (NA)NA $252,165
1974Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA 5YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
1974Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA International TrotRR1
1974Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Titan Cup -OHTM2
1974Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
1974Devona Hanover1971FUSA Coaching Club Oaks -3fTGosh2
1974Noble Florie1971FCAN Celias Counsel -3fTGreL
1974Noble Florie1971FUSA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1974Noble Florie1971FUSA American National -3fTSPk2
1974Noble Florie1971FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
1974Noble Florie1971FUSA Flora Temple/Breeders FS -3fTVDS
1974Noble Florie1971FUSA Hudson Filly Trot -3fTYR2
1974Noble Florie1971FUSA Lady Suffolk -3fTRR2
1974Noble Florie1971FUSA Martha Washington -3fTBrd3
1974Noble Florie1971FUSA Tompkins Memorial -3fTHzPF
1973-2Devona Hanover1971FUSA Flora Temple/Breeders FS -2fTVDS
1973-1Noble Florie1971FCAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTBBF
1973-1Noble Florie1971FUSA Flora Temple/Breeders FS -2fTVDS
1973Buckeye Count1971MUSA Hoosier -2cTInd3
1973Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA 4YO Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
1973Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Bluegrass -3cTLex3
1973Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Hanover Stake -OTLBF
1973Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA International TrotRR1
1973Noble Florie1971FCAN In Free Series -2fTGreL
1973Noble Florie1971FUSA American National -2fTSPk2
1973Noble Florie1971FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1973Noble Florie1971FUSA Breeders Filly -2ftDuQS
1973Noble Florie1971FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
1973Noble Florie1971FUSA Matron Stakes -2fTDet2
1973Noble Image1971FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
1972Blitzen1970MUSA Horseman -2TInd2
1972Delmonica Hanover1969FCAN Celias Counsel -3fTGreL
1972Delmonica Hanover1969FCAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTBBF
1972Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1972Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Breeders Filly -3ftSprS
1972Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Chestnut Farm -3fTLexF
1972Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Flora Temple/Breeders FS -3fTVDS
1972Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Hanover Hempt -3ftPcD3
1972Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fTFsR3
1972Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Lady Suffolk -3fTRR2
1972Keystone Gyro1970MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ctBlomS
1972Keystone Gyro1970MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1972Noble Gal1968FUSA American National -OMTSPk2
1971Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1971Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1971Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Boardwalk Trot -2TAtlCS
1971Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Breeders Filly -2ftDuQS
1971Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Breeders Filly -2ftSprS
1971Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
1971Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Horace Johnston Memorial -2ftLexS
1971Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
1971Delmonica Hanover1969FUSA Lou Dillon-2fTYRF
1971Harlan Earl1968MUSA Adrian Fisher Memorial -3TRcRS
1971Keystone Gypsy1969FCAN In Free Series -2fTGreL
1971Keystone Gypsy1969FCAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTBBF
1971Noble Gal1968FUSA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1971Noble Gal1968FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
1971Noble Gal1968FUSA Chestnut Farm -3fTLexF
1971Noble Gal1968FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fTFsR3
1970Noble Gal1968FUSA Breeders Filly -2ftDuQS
1970Noble Gal1968FUSA Breeders Filly -2ftSprS
1967Count Rodney1959GCAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTGreF
1966Kino Herbert1963MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3cMoh2
1965Speedy Count1961MUSA Volomite TrotYRS
1964Jean Sampson1962FUSA Batavia Downs -2TBtvaF
1964Jean Sampson1962FUSA Breeders Filly -2ftSPkS
1964Jean Sampson1962FUSA Breeders Filly -2ftSprS
1964Lively Rodney1961MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ftBlomS
1964Speedy Count1961MUSA American National -3TSPkF
1964Speedy Count1961MUSA Battle of Saratoga -3cTStgaF
1964Speedy Count1961MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ctBlomS
1964Speedy Count1961MUSA Fall Sophomore -3THolF
1964Speedy Count1961MUSA Gaines (Hambletonian Test) -3TVDS
1964Speedy Count1961MUSA Stars and Stripes Trot -3TLBS
1964Speedy Count1961MUSA Vic Fleming Memorial -3THzPS
1963-1Lively Rodney1961MUSA Hanover Hempt -2ftBrd3
1963Lively Rodney1961MUSA Breeders Filly -2ftDuQS
1963Lively Rodney1961MUSA Breeders Filly -2ftLBS
1963Lively Rodney1961MUSA Nancy Hanks -2fTBrdF
1963Lucille Eagle1969FUSA Breeders Filly -2fDelaS
1963Lucille Eagle1969FUSA KD Owen Pace -2fLexS
1963Speedy Count1961MFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT2:00.2
1963Speedy Count1961MUSA 2YO Trotter of the YearUSA 
1963Speedy Count1961MUSA Battle of Saratoga -2cTStgaL
1963Speedy Count1961MUSA Challenge Stakes -2TScDF
1963Speedy Count1961MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TGosh2
1963Speedy Count1961MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1963Speedy Count1961MUSA Hoosier -2TIndF
1963Speedy Count1961MUSA Rittenhouse Trot -2TLBS
1963Speedy Count1961MUSA Saul Camp Memorial -2TLexF
1963Speedy Count1961MUSA The Ohio State -2TColsL
1963Speedy Count1961MUSA Thomas Murphy Memorial -2TVDS
1963Speedy Count1961MUSA Walnut Hall Stud Trot -2LexF
1962Delicious1960FUSA Acorn -2fTGosh2
1962Lucky Demon1957MUSA El Camino Real TrotSAS
1961Claire Sampson1958FUSA Breeders Filly -3ftSprS
1961Claire Sampson1958FUSA Flora Temple/Breeders FS -3fTVDS
1961Claire Sampson1958FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
1960Agon Tide1958MSWE Svensk Uppfodningslopning - 2Jag1
1960Claire Sampson1958FUSA Breeders Filly -2ftIndS
1960Claire Sampson1958FUSA Reading Futurity -2TLRF
1960Lucky Demon1957MUSA Governors Cup -3TRcRS
1960Lucky Demon1957MUSA Maybury Trot -3TFoxS
1957Clipper1951FSWE AxevallalopningAxe3
1952Danny Boy Dal Yum1947MUSA Riverside TrotSAS
1952Lively Lady1950F2:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)USAT2:05.0US
1952Lively Lady1950FUSA 2YO Trotter of the YearUSA 
1952Lively Lady1950FUSA Acorn -2fTGosh2
1952Lively Lady1950FUSA Bostwick -2TStgaF
1952Lively Lady1950FUSA Breeders Filly -2ftGoshS
1952Lively Lady1950FUSA Breeders Filly -2ftSedS
1952Lively Lady1950FUSA Breeders Filly -2ftSprS
1952Lively Lady1950FUSA Dean Hanover -2TRRS
1952Lively Lady1950FUSA Old Country Trot -2TRRS
1952Lively Lady1950FUSA Old Westbury Trot -2TRRS
1952Lively Lady1950FUSA The Saratoga -2TStgaS
1947Jagilon1943MSWE Sweden MasterskapAby2
1946Jagilon1943MSWE Sweden TravKriterium - 3Solv1
1945Jagilon1943MSWE Svensk Uppfodningslopning - 2Jag1
1944The King1940MNOR Norsk Trav Derby - 4Bje1
1936Mae Strader1933F2:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)USA2:04¼
1922Bunter1919M2:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)USA2:04¾
1921Guardian Trust1918M2:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)USA2:04¼
1921Guardian Trust1918MUSA Champion Stallion Stakes -3TDuQF
1921Guardian Trust1918MUSA Matron Stakes -3cTFtM2
 Yourworstnightmare1987MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,087,883US