Family Winners for Family U12 (Miss Copeland) - (There are 449 distinct members with 1168 race wins or awards.)
YearNameDoBSexRace NameTrackTime/$/Grp
2018Amelie Grif2016FEUR Breeders Course -2Berg1
2018Bella Glos2015FUSA Liberty Bell -3ftPhlL
2018Century Farroh2016MCAN OSS Grassroots -2cMohS
2018Endsin A Party2013GVic McNamara Memorial -OTGeelL
2018Hellbound2013GVic VSS Silver -4TMeltn3
2018Kaks Rockin2016FUSA Hoosier -2fInd3
2018Mahogany Ash2016MSCO Musselburgh Futurity -2MussS
2018Million Dollar Cam1999MNSW Bathurst Honouree SBaPyS
2018Miss Bluestone2016FUSA Michigan SS -2fTNor3
2018No Mas Amor2016M1:50 2YO Pacers (alltime)USA1:49.1
2018No Mas Amor2016MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cLex2
2018Nuncio2011MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT28,660,230SK
2018Queen Lagertha2016FUSA Madison County -2fHoP3
2018Racing Brodda2015FSWE E3 Revanchen (Long) -3fOr2
2017-4Weekend Wit Bigd2015FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fTPhl3
2017Declan Seelster2015MCAN OSS Gold - 2cMoh3
2017Mach Three1999MHall of Fame (Canada)CAN 
2017Maxus2015FUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2017Nuncio2011MSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
2017Nuncio2011MSWE Hilda Zonett LoppBsL
2017Racing Brodda2015FSWE ASVT Trottex Auktionslopp -2SolvF
2017Shadow Moon2015MCAN Nassagaweya -2Moh1
2017Shadow Moon2015MCAN OSS Gold - 2cMoh3
2017Shadow Place2011GCAN PEI Gold Cup and Saucer -OPChrtn3
2016-FCrosshill Ace2014FSCO Scottish Futurity - 2Corb3
2016-FVal Gardena2011FVic Aust. Breeders Crown - 4TMeltn2
2016Brighten Your Life2013FCAN Northlands Filly Pace -3fNP3
2016Calvin K2014MCAN OSS Gold - 2cMoh3
2016Galante Olandese2013 HOL Fokkers Trofee (merries) -3fWlvga3
2016New Jersey Viking2014MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2016New Jersey Viking2014MUSA Harold Dancer Memorial -2TFhld3
2016New Jersey Viking2014MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTTgDnL
2016Nuncio2011MEUR UET MastersBje1
2016Nuncio2011MHarness Horse of the Year (Sweden)EUR 
2016Nuncio2011MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Norway)EUR349,906€
2016Nuncio2011MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Sweden)EUR1,016,742€
2016Nuncio2011MStake Earner of the Year (Norway)EUR349,906€
2016Nuncio2011MStake Earner of the Year (Sweden)EUR1,016,742€
2016Nuncio2011MSWE Arjang Stora SprinterloppArj2
2016Nuncio2011MSWE ElitloppetSolv1
2016Nuncio2011MSWE JubileumspokalenSolv1
2016Nuncio2011MSWE Sundsvall OpenBs2
2016Princess Grif2009FITA GP Delle NazioniLaM1
2016Princess Grif2009FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT923,327€
2016Signal Hill2014MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
2016Stolen Glimpse2013MUSA Tattersalls Pace -3cLex1
2016Val Gardena2011F2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:58.9 (2240m)
2016Val Gardena2011FVic Sweetheart -4/5MTMeltnL
2015-2Star Rose2013FUSA Maryland SS -2fTRcR3
2015-1Lost For Words2012MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
2015-1Star Rose2013FUSA Maryland SS -2fTOcD3
2015Allie Labrook2010FUSA Indiana SS -OMTHoP3
2015Canepa Hanover2012MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3TMoh2
2015Canepa Hanover2012MUSA NJSS (Summer) -3cTM3
2015Explosive Man2012GUSA Liberty Bell -3ctPhlL
2015Ima Tragedy2010GWA Mount Eden Mile (Kalgoorlie)KalgF
2015Jewels In Hock2012FUSA NYSS -3fTYR3
2015Mach Three1999MLeading Sire of 4YO - Stakes (NZ)NZ $832,733
2015Nuncio2011MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Sweden)EUR382,680€
2015Nuncio2011MSWE Breeders Crown - 4HEsk1
2015Nuncio2011MSWE Fyraaringsstjarnan -4GavleL
2015Nuncio2011MSWE Solvalla GP -4Solv2
2015Nuncio2011MSWE Sprintermastaren - 4Halm2
2015Princess Grif2009FBEL GP de WallonieMons1
2015Star Rose2013FUSA Maine Sires Stake -2fTScar3
2015Unik Tamsen2011GDEN Jydsk Grand Prix - 4JydskF
2015Val Gardena2011F2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:59.9 (2300m)
2015Verbier2010F2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:59.6
2014Allie Labrook2010FUSA Indiana SS -OMTHoP3
2014Ed You2007GEUR UET MastersChar1
2014Ed You2007GStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Denmark)EUR250,000€
2014Ed You2007GStake Earner of the Year (Denmark)EUR250,000€
2014Ed You2007GSWE AdalprisetDan3
2014Ed You2007GSWE Hugo Abergs MemorialJag1
2014Ed You2007GSWE RommeheatetRo3
2014Josies Joy2012F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.1
2014Lost For Words2012MUSA Bluegrass -2cLex2
2014Lost For Words2012MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cLex2
2014Lost For Words2012MUSA The Standardbred -2cDela3
2014Mach Three1999MLeading Sire of 3YO - Stakes (NZ)NZ $1,359,350
2014Mach Three1999MLeading Sire of 3YO Winners (NZ)NZ 54W
2014National Debt2011MUSA Buddy Gilmour Pace- 3cML
2014National Debt2011MUSA Keystone Classic -3cMea3
2014Nuncio2011M1:51 Trotters (Alltime)INT1:50.4
2014Nuncio2011M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:50.4
2014Nuncio2011MUSA Bluegrass -3cTLex3
2014Nuncio2011MUSA Kentucky Futurity -3TLex1
2014Nuncio2011MUSA Matron Stakes -3cTDD2
2014Nuncio2011MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTML
2014Nuncio2011MUSA Yonkers Trot -3TYR1
2014Southwind Cartier2012FUSA Marion Dancer Memorial -2fTFhld3
2014Special Action2012M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.3
2014The Stingray2007GNSW Winter CupMen3
2014Val Gardena2011FNSW Young Trouper -2TCoolL
2014Verbier2010FNSW Bathurst Gold Coronet -3TBathL
2013Bags of Stars2010FUSA Delaware Breeders -3fDD3
2013Baltic Ice2002GNSW Albury Pacers CupAlbryL
2013Belle Boyd2010FCAN Blossom -3fWdbL
2013Belle Boyd2010FCAN Princess Series -3fWdbL
2013Deuce Seelster2005MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,141,102
2013Mach Three1999MLeading Sire of 2YO - Stakes (NZ)NZ $732,858
2013Mach Three1999MLeading Sire of 2YO Winners (NZ)NZ 18W
2013Mandys Mattjesty2010FUSA Indiana SS -3fHoP3
2013Nuncio2011M1:53 2YO Trotters (Alltime)USA1:53.0
2013Nuncio2011M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:53.0
2013Nuncio2011M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.3
2013Nuncio2011MUSA Matron Stakes -2cTDD2
2013Nuncio2011MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTVDL
2013Panpero Firpo2010MCAN OSS Grassroots -3cMohS
2013Princess Grif2009FFRA Prix de Milan -4Engh2
2013Princess Grif2009FITA GP d'Europa - 4Turin2
2013Princess Grif2009FITA Premio Tino Triossi - 4Agn1
2013Princess Grif2009FNOR Elite Hoppelop -4/5mBje2
2013Princess Grif2009FStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Italy)EUR148,580€
2013Smilin Eli2010M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.1
2013Smilin Eli2010MUSA Matron Stakes -3cTDD2
2013Smilin Eli2010MUSA NJSS (Summer) -3cTM3
2013Varadero Hanover2010MCAN Diplomat Series -3cWdbL
2013Word Power2010MUSA New Jersey Futurity -3FhldL
2013Word Power2010MUSA Windy City Pace -3May2
2012 (eq)Mach Three1999MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA84W
2012Baltic Ice2002GVic Wedderburn CupWeddS
2012Bay Girl2007FCAN HPI Stakes -OMPWdbL
2012Bay of Sharks2006MCAN WEGZ Stakes -OPWdbL
2012Friskies Cheapsuit2009GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3cpDelaS
2012Jamie Sue2009FUSA Tender Loving Care -3fM3
2012Mach Three1999MLeading Sire of AGED - Stakes (NZ)NZ $747,874
2012Mr I Am2009MUSA Ohio SS -3cScD3
2012Odds on Alpha2010FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fM3
2012Panpero Firpo2010MCAN OSS Grassroots -2cGRvrS
2012Tarport Venus2006MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Austria)EUR17,271€
2011-2In Front Charlie2009GUSA Maryland SS -2cOcD3
2011-1In Front Charlie2009GUSA Maryland SS -2cOcD3
2011Alcarine2007FUSA Super Bowl -3&4TML
2011Brandon Cs2009GCAN Bridger Series -2cTMohL
2011Cheyenne J2009FCAN BC-Betty Millbank -2fFrD3
2011Dewinton Destroyer2008FCAN Northlands Filly Pace -3fNP3
2011Major Belle2008GUSA Tompkins Geers -3cTgDn3
2011Mypanmar2001MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,490,996
2011Shining Ember2008GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ctDelaS
2011Tryst2007FUSA White Ruffles -4mML
2011Windsong Geant2007G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.0
2011Won the West2004GCAN Mohawk Gold Cup -OPMoh2
2011Won the West2004GMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$3,939,836
2010-2Won the West2004GUSA Pacing Championship -OPM1
2010-09Split Ticket2004G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2010-08Deuce Seelster2005M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2010-07Bay Girl2007F1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2010Bay Girl2007FCAN Breeders Championship -3fMohL
2010Bay Girl2007FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fFlmDL
2010Global Desire2008FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
2010Mach Three1999MLeading Sire of 3YO - Stakes (NZ)NZ $1,303,322
2010Nowuseeme2004FWA Gloucester Park FFAGPF
2010Offbroadway De Vie2007FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
2010Pang Shui2007MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cPcDL
2010So Over2008MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTgDn3
2010Southwind Jazmin2008FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
2010Southwind Jazmin2008FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fTgDn3
2010Won the West2004GCAN Canadian Derby -OPMoh1
2010Won the West2004GCAN Molson Pace -OPLon2
2010Won the West2004GO'Brien Older H&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
2010Won the West2004GUSA 4YO+ H&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
2010Won the West2004GUSA Breeders Crown -OPPcD1
2010Won the West2004GUSA Indiana Pacing Derby -OPIndy1
2009-08Park Lane Deputy2006M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2009-08Won the West2004G1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:47.0US
2009-08Won the West2004G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:47.0US
2009-06Daylon Beware2005G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.0US
2009-04One False Move2005G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2009Bay Girl2007FCAN OSS Gold - 2fMoh3
2009Bernardi2006MUSA Indiana SS -3cHoP3
2009Blueprint2005MUSA Michigan SS -4hSpCk3
2009Grin for Money2007MCAN OSS Gold - 2cMoh3
2009Look Closer2007MCAN Bridger Series -2cTWdbL
2009Media Darling2007FUSA Michigan SS -2fHzP3
2009Nowuseeme2004FWA Race for Roses -OMGP3
2009One Last Kiss2007FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2fM3
2009Park Lane Deputy2006MUSA Cardinal -3cBmlPL
2009Park Lane Deputy2006MUSA Hanover Stakes -3cBmlP3
2009Park Lane Deputy2006MUSA Pete Langley Memorial -3cBmlP2
2009Quiteasassybanana2006FCAN City of London Series - 3f/4mLonL
2009Quiteasassybanana2006FCAN Kin Pace -3fClntn3
2009Won the West2004GFastest Pacer of The Year (USA)USA1:47.0
2009Won the West2004GUSA 4YO+ H&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
2009Won the West2004GUSA American National -OPBmlp2
2009Won the West2004GUSA Bobby Quillen Memorial -OHPHar2
2009Won the West2004GUSA Breeders Crown -OPM1
2009Won the West2004GUSA Winbak Farm -OPDela3
2008-05Object of Art2003G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2008-05Proven Lover2004M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2008Baltic Ice2002GInter Dominion Pacing ConsolationMV3
2008Celebration XL2006MGER Breeders Crown -2cGels1
2008Deuce Seelster2005MCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Wdb3
2008Dude Kemp2002GSWE Orebro InternationalOr2
2008Electric Tom Boy2006GUSA Hoosier -2cInd3
2008Hillary2006FUSA Review Stakes -2fSpr2
2008Mach Three1999MLeading Sire of 2YO - Stakes (Australia)AUS$556,930
2008Nowuseeme2004FWA WASBA Country Oaks -3fPinjS
2008Panmunjom2006MUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2cMea3
2008Panmunjom2006MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
2008Panmunjom2006MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTgDn3
2008Ready For Freddie2004GUSA Michigan SS -4hTNor3
2008Snazzy Hot Rod2004M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
2008Snazzy Hot Rod2004MUSA Hiram Woodruff -OTML
2008Thou Shalt Not2006FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
2008Thou Shalt Not2006FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fLex3
2008Tonis Wink2006FUSA Delaware Breeders -2fTHar3
2008Tonis Wink2006FUSA Kindergarten Classic -2ftVD3
2008Up Front Bethann2005FUSA Adioo Volo -3fPcD3
2008Up Front Bethann2005FUSA Keystone Classic -3fMea3
2008Won the West2004GUSA American National -OPBmlp2
2008Won the West2004GUSA Dan Patch Invitational -OPHoP1
2007-3Medoland Kendall2005FUSA State Fair Manager -2fScDL
2007-2Up Front Bethann2005FUSA The Standardbred -2fDela3
2007-08Gotta Go Moe2004G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2007Baltic Ice2002GNSW Hondo Grattan Sprint - 4HaPL
2007Beachy Girl2005F1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.0
2007Beachy Girl2005FCAN Whenuwishuponastar -2fMoh3
2007Beachy Girl2005FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
2007Beachy Girl2005FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fBmlP3
2007Beachy Girl2005FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
2007Beachy Girl2005FUSA Kentucky SS -2fLex3
2007Deuce Seelster2005M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:52.0
2007Deuce Seelster2005MCAN OSS Gold - 2cMoh3
2007Deuce Seelster2005MCAN OSS Gold - 2cRidC3
2007Deuce Seelster2005MCAN OSS Gold - 2cWR3
2007Deuce Seelster2005MCAN OSS Super -2cWdb2
2007Fancy Chip2005GUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
2007Gerris Joy2004FUSA Moni Maker -3fTLex3
2007Gerris Joy2004FUSA Phil Tully Memorial -3TMR3
2007Mypanmar2001MUSA Monticello Classic -OPMR2
2007Nowuseeme2004FWA Ray de Campo Memorial -2fByF
2007Snazzy Hot Rod2004MCAN Flamboro Breeders -3cTFlmDL
2007Sweet Day2004FUSA Michigan SS -3fHzP3
2007Up Front Bethann2005F1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.1
2007Up Front Bethann2005FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
2007Vaudeville Margie2004FUSA John Simpson Memorial -3fLex3
2007Won the West2004GUSA American National -3cBmlP2
2007Won the West2004GUSA Cleveland Classic -3cNfld2
2007Won the West2004GUSA Jug Preview -3ScD3
2007Won the West2004GUSA Tattersalls Pace -3cLex1
2007Won the West2004GUSA Tompkins Geers -3cTgDn3
2006-06Mypanmar2001M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:48.3US
2006-05Daylon Harbour1999G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2006Anita Rush2001FUSA Scarlet and Gray Stakes -OMPNfldL
2006Baltic Ice2002GVic Bendigo Guineas/Derby - 3BenS
2006Briso Celesta2002FFIN Breeders Crown - 4mSein2
2006Cressida Hanover1998FUSA Broodmare (Trot) of the YearUSA 
2006Gerris Joy2004FUSA Merrie Annabelle -2fTM1
2006Glidemaster2003M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:51.1
2006Glidemaster2003MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3TMoh2
2006Glidemaster2003MFastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:51.1
2006Glidemaster2003MHarness Horse of the Year (USA)USA 
2006Glidemaster2003MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,968,023US
2006Glidemaster2003MStake Earner of the Year (Trotters) (NA)NA $1,918,701
2006Glidemaster2003MUSA 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
2006Glidemaster2003MUSA Hambletonian -3TM1
2006Glidemaster2003MUSA Kentucky Futurity -3TLex1
2006Glidemaster2003MUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
2006Glidemaster2003MUSA Yonkers Trot -3TYR1
2006Mach Three1999MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:05 2YO (USA)USA51W
2006Mach Three1999MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA52W
2006Mach Three1999MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2STP (USA)USA52W
2006Mary Artman2003FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fFlmDL
2006Mayflowers Song2001FUSA Indiana SS -OMPHoP3
2006Onceanight2000GSWE Malmo Stadt PrisJagL
2006Snazzy Millie2000FCAN Earl Rowe Memorial -OTGeoD2
2006Southwind Jason2003GUSA Horseman Futurity -3cInd3
2006Xhilaration2003FUSA Helen Dancer Memorial -3fFhld2
2005-4Gidde Palema1995MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
2005Boos Boy2001GUSA Senior Trendsetter -4cML
2005Civil Attack2003MUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2cpDelaS
2005Dart Boss2000FITA GP Ponte VecchioFir3
2005Dart Boss2000FITA Gran Premio Due MariTar3
2005Gidde Palema1995MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Sweden)EUR630,488€
2005Gidde Palema1995MSWE Aby Stora PrisAby1
2005Gidde Palema1995MSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
2005Gidde Palema1995MSWE Farjestads JubileumsloppFarj2
2005Gidde Palema1995MSWE Hugo Abergs MemorialJag1
2005Gidde Palema1995MSWE JubileumspokalenSolv1
2005Gidde Palema1995MSWE KalmarsundspokalenKr2
2005Gidde Palema1995MSWE OlympiatravetAby1
2005Glidemaster2003M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.3
2005Little Mister2000GUSA Robert J Kane Memorial- OPBtvaL
2005Sweet Thunder2003FUSA Michigan SS -2fHzP3
2005Taser Gun1995GMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,158,893
2005Up Front Peyton2003MUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2cMea3
2005Wilma Hall2001FUSA Night Styles -3&4fmML
2005Xhilaration2003FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fMea3
2005Xhilaration2003FUSA Countess Adios -2fM2
2005Xhilaration2003FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
2004-5Gidde Palema1995MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
2004Cheyenne Adrienne2002FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
2004Daylight Hip2000FFIN Tamma Champion -4mVermo3
2004Disraeli Hanover1985MLeading Sire - Winners (UK)UK 29W
2004Ester Velange2001FITA Campionato Femminile -3fGarig3
2004Extreme Three2002MCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cFlmDL
2004Fauve Grif2002FITA GP Allevatori - 2TdV1
2004Fauve Grif2002FStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Italy)EUR147,004€
2004Fauve Grif2002FStake Earner of the Year (2YOT) (Europe)EUR147,004€
2004Gidde Palema1995M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.7EU
2004Gidde Palema1995MEUR World CupChamp1
2004Gidde Palema1995MGrand Circuit Champion (Europe)EUR 
2004Gidde Palema1995MNOR Oslo Grand PrixBje1
2004Gidde Palema1995MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Sweden)EUR835,391€
2004Gidde Palema1995MStake Earner of the Year (Sweden)EUR835,391E
2004Gidde Palema1995MSWE ElitloppetSolv1
2004Gidde Palema1995MSWE Hugo Abergs MemorialJag1
2004Gidde Palema1995MSWE JubileumspokalenSolv1
2004Gidde Palema1995MSWE OlympiatravetAby1
2004HR Siem2000MDEN Grand Circle Championship -4SkiveF
2004Juvel Siem2001FDEN Grand Circle C'ship (filly) -3Odens2
2004Juvel Siem2001FDEN Jydsk Grand Prix (filly) -3JydskL
2004Mayflowers Song2001FUSA Indiana SS -3fHoP3
2004Mypanmar2001MUSA Keystone Classic -3cMea3
2004Northern Raucous2001MCAN OSS Grassroots -3cGeoDS
2004Peruvian Hanover1998MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,852,434
2004Peruvian Hanover1998MUSA American National -OPBmlP2
2004Pins And Needles2001GUSA Great Mid West Trot -3TMartS
2004Righteous Renee2002FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fMoh2
2004Righteous Renee2002FCAN Harvest -2fMohL
2004Taser Gun1995GUSA Dan Patch -OPBmlP2
2004Top Guard1996GSWE Norrbottens GP (Top Of Europe)Boden3
2004Up Front Lisa2002FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2004Up Front Lisa2002FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2004Yankee Lariat2001MUSA Tattersalls Pace -3cLex1
2003-4Gidde Palema1995MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
2003-3Anita Rush2001FUSA State Fair Manager -2fScDL
2003Brooklyn Hanover2000GUSA NJSS (Summer) -3cM3
2003Disraeli Hanover1985MLeading Sire - Winners (UK)UK 25W
2003Eufemia1999FNOR Jarlsberg GP (Hoppe) -4mJarl2
2003Figure the Odds2000FUSA Rose of Tralee -3fMR2
2003Gidde Palema1995MDEN Copenhagen CupChar1
2003Gidde Palema1995MGrand Circuit Champion (Europe)EUR 
2003Gidde Palema1995MNOR Oslo Grand PrixBje1
2003Gidde Palema1995MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Sweden)EUR855,537€
2003Gidde Palema1995MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+T) (Europe)EUR855,537€
2003Gidde Palema1995MStake Earner of the Year (Europe)EUR855,537E
2003Gidde Palema1995MStake Earner of the Year (Sweden)EUR855,537E
2003Gidde Palema1995MSWE Aby Stora PrisAby1
2003Gidde Palema1995MSWE Arjang Stora SprinterloppArj2
2003Gidde Palema1995MSWE JubileumspokalenSolv1
2003Gidde Palema1995MSWE KalmarsundspokalenKr2
2003Gidde Palema1995MSWE OlympiatravetAby1
2003Gidde Palema1995MSWE RommeheatetRo3
2003Gidde Palema1995MSWE SmedtraffenEsk3
2003Gidde Palema1995MSWE Sundsvall OpenBs2
2003Grand Sovereign2001GCAN Breeders Championship -2cTMohF
2003Grand Sovereign2001GCAN OSS Gold - 2cTLon3
2003HR Siem2000MDEN Grand Circle Championship -3AalbF
2003HR Siem2000MDEN Jydsk Grand Prix - 3JydskF
2003HR Siem2000MNOR Tamin Sandy Lop -3Lgn3
2003HR Siem2000MNOR Ulf Thoresen Minnelopp- 3Jarl1
2003HR Siem2000MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Denmark)EUR106,854€
2003HR Siem2000MStake Earner of the Year (Denmark)EUR106,854E
2003HRs Miller Gold2001GUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
2003Meghans Belle2001FUSA Virginia Breeders -2fCnl3
2003Newtown Joe1999M2:00 Pacers (First 100 in UK)UK 1:58.5
2003Peruvian Hanover1998MUSA American National -OPBmlP2
2003Peruvian Hanover1998MUSA Battle of Lake Erie -OPNfld3
2003To The Wire2001FUSA Kentucky SS -2fTLex3
2003Wilma Hall2001FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
2002-FFigure the Odds2000FUSA New Jersey Futurity -2FhldL
2002-4Million Dollar Cam1999MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
2002-3Mach Three1999MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
2002-2Million Dollar Cam1999MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
2002-1Mr Fit1999MUSA Maryland SS -3cRcR3
2002-07Big Green Machine1998M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2002-07Mach Three1999M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.0US
2002-07Peruvian Hanover1998M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2002-07Universal Dream1996M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2002Briso Glendora1998FFIN Breeders Crown - 4mSein2
2002Color Me Beachy2000FUSA Review Stakes -2fSpr2
2002Disraeli Hanover1985MLeading Sire - Winners (UK)UK 28W
2002Early Secret1999FCAN Breeders Championship -3fTMohL
2002Early Secret1999FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTRidC3
2002Early Secret1999FCAN SBOA Classic -3fTMoh3
2002Grevinde Siem1999FDEN Jydsk Grand Prix (filly) -3JydskL
2002HR Siem2000MDEN Jydsk Grand Prix - 2JydskF
2002HR Siem2000MStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Denmark)EUR17,396€
2002Incredible Moe2000MUSA Cardinal -2cMayL
2002JB Towne2000GUSA Hanover Stakes -2cBmlP3
2002Jewels Galore2000FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2002Jewels Galore2000FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2002Jewels Galore2000FUSA NJSS (Fall) -2fTFhldL
2002Liven Good1999FUSA Indiana SS -3fTHoP3
2002Mach Three1999MCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Wdb3
2002Mach Three1999MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$2,170,255
2002Mach Three1999MUSA Berrys Creek -3M1
2002Mach Three1999MUSA Meadowlands Pace (elim) -3M3
2002Mach Three1999MUSA Meadowlands Pace -3cM1
2002Mach Three1999MUSA Oliver Wendell Holmes -3cM1
2002Marks Superstar1999GUSA Tompkins Geers -3cScD3
2002Million Dollar Cam1999MCAN Burlington Pace -3cWdb3
2002Million Dollar Cam1999MUSA Adios -3Mea1
2002Million Dollar Cam1999MUSA Little Brown Jug -3Dela1
2002Peruvian Hanover1998MCAN Des Smith Classic -OPRidC3
2002Peruvian Hanover1998MUSA Battle of Lake Erie -OPNfld3
2002Return to Me1999FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fPcDL
2002Rocky Mountain Sun1999GUSA Governors Trophy/Cup -3TScDL
2002Rocky Mountain Sun1999GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ctDelaS
2002Sweet Baby O1999FUSA Landmark Stake -3fGoshL
2001-1Rocky Mountain Sun1999GUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2001 (eq)Disraeli Hanover1985MLeading Sire - Winners (UK)UK 19W
2001Angel in Disguise1999FCAN OSS Gold - 2fSar3
2001Angel in Disguise1999FCAN Robert Stewart -2fMoh2
2001Avacal Future1999FUSA NJSS (Fall) -2fFhldL
2001Early Secret1999FCAN OSS Grassroots -2fTWRS
2001Hawaiian Cowboy1998MCAN Nat Christie -3StP3
2001Hawaiian Cowboy1998MUSA Meadowlands Pace Cons -3cM3
2001Igor Brick1995MITA Campionato EuropeoCes1
2001Igor Brick1995MSWE Arjang Stora SprinterloppArj2
2001Igor Brick1995MSWE Jamtlands Stora PrisOs2
2001Igor Brick1995MSWE RommeheatetRo3
2001Incredible Tillie1997FUSA Ann Vonian -fmBmlPL
2001Ive Got Life1998MUSA Jersey (Historic) Cup -3M3
2001JCs Valley1998FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTFlmD3
2001Jesses Trigger1999GUSA Indiana SS -2cHoP3
2001Liven Good1999FUSA Indiana SS -2fTHoP3
2001Mach Three1999M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.1
2001Mach Three1999MCAN Metro -2Wdb1
2001Mach Three1999MCAN Nassagaweya -2Moh1
2001Open Plains1999FUSA Debutante (Historic) Stakes -2fM3
2001Peruvian Hanover1998MCAN Burlington Pace -3cWdb3
2001Peruvian Hanover1998MCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Wdb3
2001Peruvian Hanover1998MUSA Kentucky SS -3cBgD3
2001Peruvian Hanover1998MUSA Progress Pace -3cDD1
2001Peruvian Hanover1998MUSA Robert Suslow Stake -3cM3
2001Radiant Man1999GCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cFlmDL
2001Rosalinde Palema1998FSWE Guldstoet - 3fAxe2
2001Shooters Tour1999GUSA Landmark Stake -2cGoshF
2001Sweet Sylvester1998GUSA Michigan SS -3cHzP3
2000-2Heaven Knows Why1998FUSA Florida Breeders -2fPPk3
2000-2Medoland Partner1998GUSA Buckeye State -2pScDF
2000-1Salagadoola1998FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
2000-09Damien Seelster1995M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2000-08Incredible Tillie1997F1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.2US
2000-07Taser Gun1995G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.2US
2000Altamonty1997GUSA Great Mid West Pace -3MartS
2000Edward S1996MAUT Flieger Derby -4Krie3
2000En Lille Siem1997MNOR Ulf Thoresen Minnelopp- 3Jarl1
2000Gidde Palema1995MSWE Pr Philips Jubileumspokal -5Farj3
2000Hawaiian Cowboy1998MUSA Abe Lincoln -2cHzP3
2000Igor Brick1995MSWE Arjang Stora SprinterloppArj2
2000Incredible Tillie1997FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fBmlP3
2000Ive Got Life1998MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
2000Major Digby1998GUSA Lincoln Land -2TBmlPL
2000Mr Major1999MUSA Sarah Meyers -2cpBmlPS
2000Nowuseemenowudont1997FWA Champagne Classic -2GP3
2000Pinebank1997FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
2000RT Bad Boy1998MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ctBlomS
2000Salagadoola1998FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
2000VJ Miss Money1996FUSA Indiana SS -OMPHoP3
2000With Held1997MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cPcDL
1999-1Iffi1995FEUR European Derby (heat) -4Solv3
1999-05Stout1993M1:50 Pacers (First 100)INT1:49.2US
1999-05Stout1993M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.2US
1999Delaney Seelster1996FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fFlmDL
1999Diwali PL1966FDEN Grand Circle C'ship (filly) -3Skive2
1999Gidde Palema1995MSWE Rättviksloppet -4RattF
1999Incredible Tillie1997F1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.4
1999Incredible Tillie1997FUSA Orange and Blue -2fBmlP3
1999No Laughing Matter1997FUSA Review Stakes -2fSpr2
1999Nuke it Linsay1992FGER Charlie Mills MemorialMrndf2
1999Nuke it Linsay1992FITA Campionato EuropeoCes1
1999Nuke it Linsay1992FITA GP Citta di MontecatiniMtct2
1999Nuke it Linsay1992FStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Italy) EUR254,553€
1999Pinebank1997FUSA Kentucky SS -2fTLex3
1999Stout1993MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,506,390
1999The Scarlet Terror1997FCAN Atlantic Breeders Crown -2fTruro3
1999With Held1997M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.4
1998-2Grete Palema1998FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
1998-2Juliets Fate1996FUSA The Standardbred -2fDela3
1998Artful Angel1996FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fBmlP3
1998Hes a Jonathan1995GUSA Indiana SS -3cHoP3
1998Igor Brick1995MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Sweden)EUR232,300€
1998Igor Brick1995MSWE Breeders Crown - 3cKr1
1998Igor Brick1995MSWE E3 Classic (Long) - 3Esk1
1998Juliets Fate1996F1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:52.0
1998Juliets Fate1996FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
1998Juliets Fate1996FUSA Breeders Crown -2fCnl1
1998Juliets Fate1996FUSA Matron Stakes -2fDD2
1998Juliets Fate1996FUSA Miss Rosecroft -2fRcR2
1998Nuke it Linsay1992FGER Bild PokalGels2
1998Party Girl Killean1996FCAN Harvest -2fMohL
1998Quentin Hanover1995MUSA New Jersey Futurity -3FhldL
1998Riverside Kit1996FUSA Lady Lincoln Land -2fTBmlP3
1998Stormont Bronze1995MCAN Breeders Championship -3cTMohL
1998Stormont Bronze1995MCAN OSS Grassroots -3cTQuiS
1998Stormont Bronze1995MUSA Matron Stakes -3cTDD2
1997Bernies Buck1995GUSA Kentucky SS -2cLex3
1997Camaroom1994FCAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmWdbL
1997Daylon Hopeful1994FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fFlmDL
1997Hayleas Yak Yak1994GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3cpDelaS
1997Hayleas Yak Yak1994GUSA Ohio SS -3cScD3
1997Hes a Jonathan1995GUSA Indiana SS -2cHoP3
1997In Go Buitenzorg1991MHOL Grote Prijs van NederlandGrgn2
1997Kunemployed1993MBEL Belgium Derby -4Wrgm1
1997Linus Car1989GBEL GP de la Ville de WaregemWrgm2
1997Lush Limbaugh1995FCAN Harvest -2fMohL
1997Mickey Black1995GUSA Keystone Classic -2cMea3
1997Nite Nite Lee1994FUSA Maine Sires Stake -3fScar3
1997On to Rome1995GUSA Michigan SS -2cTHzP3
1997Playboy Darla1993FUSA Michigan SS -4mTNor3
1997Quality Fresh1994GUSA Florida Breeders -3PPk3
1997Road to Pandalay1995FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fMoh2
1997Sammies Cammi1994FCAN OSS Gold - 3fSar3
1997Sarah Palema1995FSWE Svensk Uppfodningslopning - 2Jag1
1996Brooke Haley1994FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
1996GG Travis1993GUSA Townsend Ackerman -3TM3
1996Oranges1994MUSA NYSS -2cYR3
1996Stout1993MCAN Burlington Pace -3cWdb3
1996Stout1993MCAN Confederation Cup -3FlmD1
1996Stout1993MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3cMoh2
1996Stout1993MO'Brien 3YO C&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
1996Stout1993MUSA Gaines Memorial -3VD2
1996Taylor Becky1993FITA GP Orsi Mangelli (filly) - 3fSS2
1995-FMotivation1992FUSA New Jersey Futurity -3FhldL
1995-4Nicks Fantasy1992MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
1995-2General Aidid1993MUSA Maryland SS -2cRcR3
1995-2Nicks Fantasy1992MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
1995-2Nicks Fantasy1992MUSA Maryland SS -3cRcR3
1995-1General Aidid1993MUSA Maryland SS -2cRcR3
1995-09Nicks Fantasy1992M1:50 Pacers (First 100)INT1:50.0US
1995-09Nicks Fantasy1992M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
1995Cynara Hanover1992FUSA Review Stakes -3fTSpr2
1995Hawaiian Nani1993FUSA Kentuckiana -2fHop2
1995Missy Will Do It1993FUSA Merrie Annabelle -2fTM1
1995Motivation1992FUSA Miss New Jersey -3fM2
1995Nicks Fantasy1992MUSA Bluegrass -3cLex3
1995Nicks Fantasy1992MUSA Cleveland Classic -3cNfld2
1995Nicks Fantasy1992MUSA Jug Preview -3ScD3
1995Nicks Fantasy1992MUSA Little Brown Jug -3Dela1
1995Nicks Fantasy1992MUSA Tattersalls Pace -3cLex1
1995Nuke it Freddie1993MCAN Campbellville -2TMoh2
1995Nuke it Freddie1993MCAN Coupe Des Eleveurs -2cTBB3
1995Nuke it Linsay1992FCAN Coupe Des Eleveurs -3fTBB3
1995Speed Up1992FUSA Landmark Stake -3fTGoshL
1995Taylor Becky1993FITA GP Allevatori -2fTdV2
1995Tuft1961MLeading BM Sire - Stakes (NZ)NZ $845,427
1995Tuft1961MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ)NZ $449,885
1994-2Marks Courtesan1991FUSA Maryland SS -3fRcR3
1994-2Perfect Catch1991FUSA Herald-Leader Pace -3fLexS
1994-2TVs Inferno1992FUSA Maryland SS -2cTRcR3
1994-1Electric Slide1991FUSA The Bronx -3fYR2
1994-1Nicks Fantasy1992MUSA Maryland SS -2cRcR3
1994Dont Be Bashful1991FUSA Great Mid West Pace -3MartS
1994Electric Slide1991FUSA Jugette -3fDela1
1994Electric Slide1991FUSA Lady Maud -3fYR1
1994Electric Slide1991FUSA Macfarlane Memorial -3fHzP3
1994Electric Slide1991FUSA Matron Stakes -3fPPk2
1994Electric Slide1991FUSA Nadia Lobell -3fGSP1
1994Electric Slide1991FUSA NYSS -3fYR3
1994Electric Slide1991FUSA Tarport Hap -3fM2
1994Funnys Pride1984FUSA Massachusetts Sires Stake -OMTFox3
1994Ideal Angel1990FUSA Ann Vonian -fmBmlPL
1994Marks Courtesan1991FCAN Blossom -3fML
1994Pomolli1990MHOL 4.5km van AlkmaarAlk2
1993-2Adelias Mark1991FUSA Maryland SS -2fRcR3
1993-1Courteous Mark1990GUSA Maryland SS -3cRcR3
1993Astro Game1989FNOR Nils Brekkes Pokallop -4MDramL
1993Broadway Commodity1991FUSA Orange and Blue -2fBmlP3
1993Cedar Shake1990GCAN OSS Gold - 3cBar3
1993Electric Slide1991FUSA American National -2fSPk2
1993Electric Slide1991FUSA Breeders Crown -2fFhld1
1993Girl Stuff1991FUSA NYSS -2fYR3
1993Ideal Angel1990FUSA Grandma Ann -3fBmlP2
1993Ideal Angel1990FUSA Violet -3fBmlPL
1993Prima Vista1990GSWE Stora Trearingspriset - 3TGavle2
1993Smoke Robertson1990MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cPcDL
1992-2Astro Game1989FNOR Pr. Martha Pokal (hoppe) -3fBiri2
1992-1Rackem1989FUSA Maryland SS -3fTRcR3
1992Astro Game1989FNOR Norskt Trav Oaks - 3Momk2
1992Biwa1989FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fTFlmDL
1992Carlsbad Cam1989MCAN Burlington Pace -3cGre3
1992Carlsbad Cam1989MCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Gre3
1992Carlsbad Cam1989MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,124,482
1992Carlsbad Cam1989MUSA Meadowlands Pace -3cM1
1992Carlsbad Cam1989MUSA NJSS (Fall) -3cFhld3
1992Carlsbad Cam1989MUSA Tattersalls Pace -3cLex1
1992Cedar Shake1990GCAN OSS Gold - 2cFlmD3
1992Cedar Shake1990GCAN OSS Gold - 2cGRvr3
1992Cedar Shake1990GCAN OSS Gold - 2cMoh3
1992Cedar Shake1990GCAN OSS Gold - 2cRidC3
1992Chrysos1989MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3cMoh2
1992Dixie Kemp1989FFIN Seppelaajo -3Vermo3
1992Emerald Viking1989FUSA Review Stakes -3fTSpr2
1992Flea Tag1989FCAN Northlands Filly Pace -3fEdm3
1992Go To Extremes1990GUSA Hanover Hempt -2cVD3
1992Instant Aussie1989MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cVD3
1992No Exception1988FVic SS -3fMV1
1992Smoke Robertson1990MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cMea3
1992Tuft1961MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Stakes (Australia)AUS$105,416
1992Tuft1961MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ)NZ $330,871
1992Tuft1961MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Winners (Australia)AUS9W
1991-3Dare You To1985MInter Dominion Pacing Heat (R2)AxP3
1991-2Rackem1989FUSA Maryland SS -2fTRcR3
1991-2Speedy Dandy1989MUSA Maryland SS -2cTRcR3
1991-2Winning Wilma1987FUSA Maryland SS -2fRcR3
1991Biwa1989FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
1991Chrysos1989MCAN Champlain Stakes -2Moh2
1991Cobira1989FITA Gran Criterium -2SS1
1991Dare You To1985MUSA Battle of Lake Erie -OPNfld3
1991Instant Aussie1989MCAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cBB1
1991Jate Mate1989FCAN Flamboro Breeders -2fFlmDL
1991Loving Proof1988FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
1991Pamir Du Pluvier1986GSWE BergslagsloppetLiL
1991Plum Peachy1988FUSA Grandma Ann -3fBmlP2
1991Plum Peachy1988FUSA Violet -3fBmlPL
1991Tuft1961MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ)NZ $457.796
1990-2Feel The Heat1987GUSA Florida Breeders -3PPk3
1990Bobs Escort1985GUSA Ohio SS -4&5Nfld3
1990Buck and Wing1986GUSA Dan Patch -OPBmlP2
1990Laugh Line1988FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fMoh2
1990Laugh Line1988FCAN Robert Stewart -2fMoh2
1990Laugh Line1988FO'Brien 2YO Filly Pacer of the YearCAN 
1990Laugh Line1988FUSA Countess Adios -2fM2
1990Laugh Line1988FUSA Debutante (Historic) Stakes -2fM3
1990Mugshot Special1988GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2cpDelaS
1990Plum Peachy1988FUSA Orange and Blue -2fBmlP3
1990Plum Peachy1988FUSA Violet -2fMayL
1990Speed Sailing1986MAUT Badener MeileBaden2
1990Tuft1961MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 20W
1989-08Camtastic1985M1:50 Pacers (First 100)INT1:49.3TTUS
1989-08Camtastic1985M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3USTT
1989Camtastic1985MCAN Canadian Derby -OPGre1
1989Camtastic1985MFastest Pacer of The Year (USA)USA1:49.3TT
1989Camtastic1985MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$2,117,619
1989Chadwick Hanover1985MUSA Nat Ray -OTM1
1989Jans Special Baby1986FUSA Ohio SS -3fLeb3
1989Knowing Bret1969MLeading BM Sire of 2YO - Winners (NZ)NZ 4W (eq)
1989Nette Bak1986FDEN Jydsk Grand Prix (filly) -3JydskL
1989Royal Notice1987FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fMoh2
1989Speed Sailing1986MNOR Elite -3Bje2
1989Super Gin1986FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ftBlomS
1989Tuft1961MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 23W
1988-3Camtastic1985MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
1988-2Conquered Quest1985FUSA Hanover Hempt -3fVD3
1988-2Endangered Species1986FUSA Hanover Hempt -2fVD3
1988Camtastic1985MCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Gre3
1988Camtastic1985MUSA Adios -3Mea1
1988Camtastic1985MUSA Breeders Crown -3cMoh1
1988Camtastic1985MUSA Gaines Memorial -3VD2
1988Camtastic1985MUSA Jersey (Historic) Cup -3M3
1988Camtastic1985MUSA Meadowlands Pace (elim) -3M3
1988Camtastic1985MUSA Tattersalls Pace -3cLex1
1988Camtastic1985MUSA Terrapin -3cFsR1
1988Conquered Quest1985FUSA Lady Catskill -3fMR3
1988Conquered Quest1985FUSA Matron Stakes -3fPPk2
1988Conquered Quest1985FUSA Mistletoe Shalee -3fM1
1988Conquered Quest1985FUSA Tarport Hap -3fM2
1988Dare You To1985MUSA Fireball SeriesLAF
1988Disraeli Hanover1985MCAN Youthful Series -3GreL
1988False Witness1985MUSA Maywood Pace -3cMay3
1988Jans Special Baby1986FUSA State Fair Manager -2fScDL
1988Lord Pit1964MLeading Sire - Stakes (Germany)EUR 
1988Speed Sailing1986MUSA Matron Stakes -2cTPPk2
1988Super Gin1986FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ftBlomS
1988Tuft1961MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 21W
1987-4Camtastic1985MUSA Hills Farm Pace -2LexS
1987Camtastic1985MUSA 2YO C&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
1987Camtastic1985MUSA Bluegrass -2cLex2
1987Camtastic1985MUSA Breeders Crown -2cRcR1
1987Camtastic1985MUSA Pacer of the YearUSA 
1987Camtastic1985MUSA Presidential -2RcR1
1987Conquered Quest1985FUSA Matron Stakes -2fPPk2
1987Emilie Palema1983FSWE Stochampionatet - 4MAxe2
1987Radiant Jubilee1984FUSA Violet -3fSPkL
1987Sharpsburg1985MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
1987Suthen Guvna1981GCAN Walter Dale MemorialFrdtnL
1987Tuft1961MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 17W
1986-FClassic Crystal1983FCAN Ambassador Series - 3/4WindS
1986-3Barberry Spur1983MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
1986-2Barberry Spur1983MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
1986-2Inimitable1983FUSA Herald-Leader Pace -3fLexS
1986Action Factor1984MUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ctDelaS
1986Barberry Spur1983MFastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA1:50.2TT
1986Barberry Spur1983MFastest Pacer of The Year (USA)USA1:50.2TT
1986Barberry Spur1983MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,634,017
1986Barberry Spur1983MUSA Adios -3Mea1
1986Barberry Spur1983MUSA Cane Pace -3YR1
1986Barberry Spur1983MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cVD3
1986Barberry Spur1983MUSA Hanover Stakes -3cBmlP3
1986Barberry Spur1983MUSA Little Brown Jug -3Dela1
1986Cash Asset1983MUSA Floridian -3PPk3
1986Cash Asset1983MUSA Hanover Stakes -3cBmlP3
1986Cash Asset1983MUSA William Miller Memorial -3RcR1
1986Classic Crystal1983FCAN Princess Series -3fGreL
1986Dance Marathon1983MCAN Montreal Trot - 3cTBBF
1986Dance Marathon1983MITA GP Orsi Mangelli - 3SS1
1986Fit to Rule1984MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cVD3
1986Mimi Ribb1982FNOR Nils Brekkes Pokallop -4MDramL
1986New York Nick1983MUSA Landmark Stake -3cGoshL
1986Radiant Jubilee1984FUSA Violet -2fMayL
1986Tuft1961MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 11W (eq)
1985Armbro Evita1983FCAN Canadian Series Final - 2fMohS
1985Armbro Evita1983FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
1985Barberry Spur1983MUSA 2YO C&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
1985Barberry Spur1983MUSA Governors Cup -2GSP2
1985Barberry Spur1983MUSA Matron Stakes -2cHzP2
1985Barberry Spur1983MUSA The Standardbred -2cDela3
1985Borne Ideal1982FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fPcDL
1985Dance Marathon1983MUSA Landmark Stake -2cTGoshF
1985Dazzle Almahurst1982FUSA Lady Maud -3fYR1
1985Kristina Palema1981FSWE Drottning Silvia Pokal - 4MAby2
1985Kristina Palema1981FSWE Stochampionatet - 4MAxe2
1985Torway1982MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TM2
1985Tuft1961MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 14W
1985Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 2YONZ $5,865
1984-1Talk About Sammy1982MUSA Maryland SS -2cRcR3
1984Borne Ideal1982FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
1984Dazzle Almahurst1982FUSA Debutante (Historic) Stakes -2fM3
1984Embrace Me1981MCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Gre3
1984Embrace Me1981MUSA Terrapin -3cFsR1
1984Energise1981MUSA Parshall Futurity -3GreenL
1984Major Force1982MUSA Batavia Downs Stake -2cBtvaF
1984Prize Sarnel1981MUSA Matron Stakes -3cDet2
1984Skippys Lady1982FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2fTM3
1984Speed Boots1982MFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:56.2
1984Speed Boots1982MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1984Thinking Aloud1982MUSA Parshall Futurity -2GreenL
1984Torway1982MUSA Hanover Stakes -2cTFsR3
1984Wholly Arnie1981MUSA Florida Breeders -3TPPk3
1984Wholly Arnie1981MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cTVD3
1983-2Sameness1981MUSA Florida Breeders -2cPPk3
1983-2Sameness1981MUSA Hills Farm Pace -2LexS
1983Arsenal1981MUSA Review Stakes -2cTSpr2
1983Callwood Breeze1980MCAN Summertime Series -3GreL
1983Coal Harbor1979MCAN Des Smith Classic -OPRidC3
1983Dancing Almahurst1980FUSA American National -3fSPk2
1983Dancing Almahurst1980FUSA Horseman Futurity -3fIndL
1983Dancing Almahurst1980FUSA Review Stakes -3fSpr2
1983Emma Lobell1980FUSA Hudson Filly Trot -3fTYR2
1983Emma Lobell1980FUSA Tompkins Memorial -3fTHzPF
1983Energise1981MUSA Parshall Futurity -2GreenL
1983Jivaso1975GFRA Prix du LuxembourgVinc2
1983Radiant Ruler1981MUSA Fox Stakes -2Ind3
1983Radiant Ruler1981MUSA Hayes Memorial -2cDuQ3
1983Radiant Ruler1981MUSA Matron Stakes -2cDet2
1983Speedster1954MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA23W
1983Wholly Arnie1981MUSA Florida Breeders -2TPPk3
1982-2Dance Spell1979FUSA Currier and Ives -3fTMeaL
1982Coal Harbor1979MCAN Burlington Pace -3cGre3
1982Coal Harbor1979MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cVD3
1982Coal Harbor1979MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cPcDL
1982Crystas Crown1979MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
1982Crystas Crown1979MUSA Currier and Ives -3TMeaL
1982Crystas Crown1979MUSA Review Stakes -3cTSpr2
1982Crystas Star1980MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
1982Dance Spell1979FUSA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1982Dance Spell1979FUSA American National -3fTSPk2
1982Dance Spell1979FUSA Coaching Club Oaks -3fTM2
1982Dance Spell1979FUSA Hambletonian Oaks -3fTM1
1982Dance Spell1979FUSA Review Stakes -3fTSpr2
1982Dance Spell1979FUSA World Trotting Derby -3fTDuQ1
1982Disc Drive1980GCAN Valedictory Series -3cGreL
1982Glenquin1976MDEN Danmark MesterskabChar1
1982Happy Crown1979MUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela2
1982Happy Crown1979MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
1982Ideal Tanner1978MUSA Four Leaf Clover -OPML
1982Jivaso1975GFRA Cr. de Vitesse (Basse Normandie)Arg3
1982Keystone Edmund1980MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
1982Keystone Edmund1980MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1982Lord Pit1964MLeading Sire - Stakes (Germany)EUR 
1981Coal Harbor1979MCAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cBB1
1981Dance Spell1979FUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2ftDuQL
1981Dance Spell1979FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
1981Dance Spell1979FUSA Merrie Annabelle -2fTM1
1981Doe Lobell1979FCAN Canadian Series -2fBBS
1981Equateur Grade1978MCAN Quebec Circuit Final -3BBS
1981Glenquin1976MDEN Danmark MesterskabChar1
1981Memorial Jubilee1978MUSA Great Mid West Pace -3MartS
1981Michael Marchand1975MFIN Helsinki AjoVermoF
1981Noble Stardom1978MGER Adbell Toddington -3 Mrndf2
1981Noble Stardom1978MGER Deutches Traber Derby - 3Mrndf1
1981Pennant Play1977GCAN Walter Dale MemorialFrdtnL
1981Perla1979FUSA Nancy Hanks -2fTBrdF
1981Speedster1954MHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
1981Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 24W
1981Willow First1979MUSA Ohio SS -2cScD3
1980-1Noble Stardom1978MGER Preis der Winterfavoriten -2Reckl2
1980Madison Avenue1971MDEN NJ Koster MemorialCharL
1980Madison Avenue1971MGER Bild PokalGels2
1980Madison Avenue1971MHOL Prijs Der GigantenHilv1
1980Madison Avenue1971MSWE AxevallalopningAxe3
1980Michael Marchand1975MFIN Kouvolo AjoKouv2
1980Michael Marchand1975MFIN Tammer-AjoTeivo3
1980Stonegate Scout1978MUSA NJSS (Fall) -2cFhldL
1980Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ)NZ $128,140
1980Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : AGEDNZ $115,073
1980Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 24W
1979Circuit Grade1976FCAN Quebec Circuit Final -3fBBS
1979Crystal Lens1975GCTA Older H&G Trotter of the YearCAN 
1979Grayfriars Jock1976GCAN Simcoe Stakes -3TMoh2
1979Lord Pit1964MLeading Sire - Stakes (Germany)EUR 
1979Madison Avenue1971MDEN Danmark MesterskabChar1
1979Madison Avenue1971MSWE AxevallalopningAxe3
1979Madison Avenue1971MSWE CH Mullers MemorialJag3
1979Madison Avenue1971MSWE Gavle Stora PrisGavle2
1979Madison Avenue1971MSWE GoteborgspokalenAby3
1979Oil Strike1976M1:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)USA1:54.4TT
1979Oil Strike1976MUSA Batavia Downs Stake -3cBtva1
1979Oil Strike1976MUSA Hanover Stakes -3cBmlP3
1979Perette Hanover1976FUSA Battle of Saratoga -3fStgaF
1979Perette Hanover1976FUSA Bluegrass -3fLex3
1979Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ)NZ $122,128
1979Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : AGEDNZ $108,527
1979Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 25W
1978-3Madison Avenue1971MSWE GulddivisionenJag1
1978-2Dennis Hanover1976MUSA Battle of Saratoga -2cStgaL
1978Battleshoe Orphan1975GUSA Illinois State Fair Colt Stake -3TSprF
1978Circuit Grade1976FCAN Canadian Series -2fBBS
1978Circuit Grade1976FCAN Quebec Circuit Final -2fpBBS
1978Lord Pit1964MLeading Sire - Stakes (Germany)EUR 
1978Madison Avenue1971MHOL Prijs Der GigantenHilv1
1978Madison Avenue1971MSWE AxevallalopningAxe3
1978Madison Avenue1971MSWE Peterson-Brodda MemorialJag2
1978Perette Hanover1976FUSA American National -2fSPk2
1978Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ)NZ $133,100
1978Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : AGEDNZ $110,180
1978Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 24W
1977-2JR Foxy1975GCAN Standardbred Futurity -2GreS
1977Becky Tanner1975FCAN Canadian Series -2fFlmDS
1977Ensemble1974FCAN Princess Series -3fGreL
1977Madison Avenue1971MSWE Arjang Stora SprinterloppArj2
1977Oil Burner1973M1:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)USA1:54.2
1977Strikie Ironstone1975FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2fBlomS
1977Tuft1961MLeading Sire - Winners (NZ)NZ 38W
1977Tuft1961MLeading Sire of AGED - Stakes (NZ)NZ $124,831
1977Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ)NZ $131,897
1977Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 4YONZ $15,100
1977Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : AGEDNZ $110,267
1977Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 31W
1976Besta Yankee1974FUSA Reading Futurity -2fRcRF
1976Brets Amour1973FCTA 3YO Filly Pacer of the YearCAN 
1976Brets Amour1973FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
1976Oil Burner1973MFastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA1:54.4
1976Oil Burner1973MUSA American Classic -OPHolF
1976Oil Burner1973MUSA Monticello Classic -3MRF
1976Oil Burner1973MUSA Oliver Wendell Holmes -3cM1
1976Power Baron1971MCAN PEI Gold Cup and Saucer -OPChrtn3
1976Speedster1954MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA15W
1976Speedster1954MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA20W
1976Tuft1961MLeading Sire - Winners (NZ)NZ 39W
1976Tuft1961MLeading Sire of AGED - Stakes (NZ)NZ $96,070
1976Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ)NZ $111,274
1976Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 2YONZ $1,775
1976Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 4YONZ $28,625
1976Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : AGEDNZ $79,950
1976Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 32W
1975Brets Amour1973FCAN Canadian Series -2fConnS
1975Dorado Almahurst1971MCAN Imperial PaceWindS
1975Justissima1915FHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
1975Leather Jacket1972FUSA American National -3fSPk2
1975Leather Jacket1972FUSA Tattersalls (Garnsey Memorial) -3fLex2
1975Mystic Yankee1972FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ftBlomS
1975Nibble Hanover1936MHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
1975Pilule1973FCAN Canadian Series -2fConnS
1975Quick Glancer1973MUSA Parshall Futurity -2GreenL
1975Speedster1954MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA13W
1975Tuft1961MLeading Sire - Winners (NZ)NZ 34W
1975Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 3YONZ $19,175
1975Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 4YONZ $16,500
1975Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 23W
1974-1Dark Ruler1972GUSA Grandview Ohio Futurity -2NfldS
1974Edith Lobell1972FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fTFsR3
1974Edith Lobell1972FUSA Horace Johnston Memorial -2ftLexS
1974Edith Lobell1972FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
1974Good Knight Star1972MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cVD3
1974Knowing Cognac1972MUSA Parshall Futurity -2GreenL
1974Leather Jacket1972FUSA Hayes Memorial -2fDuQ3
1974Tenacious Lobell1971MCAN Beaver/Castor Pace -3BBF
1974Thomas RN1971MSWE Konung Gustaf V Pokal - 3-5YOAby2
1974Thomas RN1971MSWE Sweden TravKriterium - 3Solv1
1974Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 3YONZ $9,200
1974Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 4YONZ $12,530
1973-2Fort Tilden1971MCAN Standardbred Futurity -2GreS
1973Candyline1970FUSA John Miller Memorial -3fRcR1
1973Flirth1970GFastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:57.1
1973Flirth1970GFastest Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:57.1
1973Flirth1970GUSA 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
1973Flirth1970GUSA Colonial -3TRcR1
1973Flirth1970GUSA Dickerson Cup -3TGosh1
1973Flirth1970GUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TDuQ2
1973Flirth1970GUSA Hambletonian -3TDuQ1
1973Flirth1970GUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
1973Playboy Hanover1970FUSA Dodge Stable PaceLexS
1973Playboy Hanover1970FUSA Moriarty-Raistin Pace -3LexS
1973Romanline1971MUSA Geers Stakes -2HzP3
1973Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 3YONZ $9,515
1973Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 4YONZ $10,980
1972Candyline1970FUSA Florida Breeders -2fPPk3
1972Decorum1969FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fPcDL
1972Decorum1969FUSA Tennessee Pace -3fLexS
1972Jewell Mir1970MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cVD3
1972Perfect Hostess1969FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftCols3
1972Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 2YONZ $1,125
1972Tuft1961MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 3YONZ $9,970
1971College Boy1968GUSA Great Mid West Trot -3TMartS
1971Decorum1969FCAN Miss Vera Bars -2fGreF
1971Decorum1969FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fMea3
1971Decorum1969FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
1971Decorum1969FUSA Miss America Pace -2fAtlCS
1971Decorum1969FUSA Pocahontas -2fBrdF
1971Decorum1969FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
1971Dulcinea Lobell1967FUSA Santa Monica Pace -OPHolF
1971Lomac Speed1968MCAN Burlington Pace -3cGre3
1971My Own Star1968FUSA Battle of Saratoga -3ftStgaF
1971My Own Star1968FUSA Coaching Club Oaks -3fTGosh2
1971Trevor Hanover1965MUSA Del Mar Trot -OTHolF
1970Chocolate Éclair1966FCAN Milton Stakes -fmMoh1
1970Hard Decision1968MUSA American National -2cTSPk2
1970Laurels Gypsy1968FUSA Breeders Filly -2fDuQS
1970Laurels Gypsy1968FUSA Illinois State Fair Colt -2fSprS
1969Chocolate Eclair1966FCAN Stoney Creek PaceMohS
1969Chocolate Eclair1966FCAN Tecumseh -3MohS
1969Crain Hanover1966GUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela2
1969Crain Hanover1966GUSA Reading Futurity -3TLRF
1969Crain Hanover1966GUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
1969Jean Richelieu1966MCAN The Blue Bonnets Pace -3BBS
1969Merrywood Malone1967GCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
1969Sanka1967MCAN Canadian Juvenile -2RidCS
1969Scotch Jewel1966FUSA 3YO Filly Pacer of the YearUSA 
1969Scotch Jewel1966FUSA Battle of Saratoga -3fStgaF
1969Scotch Jewel1966FUSA Breeders Filly -3fSprS
1969Scotch Jewel1966FUSA Flora Temple/Breeders FS -3fVDS
1969Scotch Jewel1966FUSA Ladyship -3fGosh3
1969Scotch Jewel1966FUSA The Bronx -3fYR2
1969Seven Veils1966FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3fBlomS
1969Speedster1954MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (USA)USA 
1968-2Scotch Jewel1966FUSA Flora Temple/Breeders FS -2fVDS
1968Chocolate Éclair1966FCAN Champlain Stakes -2Moh2
1968Miss Morristown1965FUSA Illinois State Fair Colt -3ftSprS
1968Pomp1964MUSA Titan Cup -OHTM2
1968Scotch Jewel1966FUSA 2YO Filly Pacer of the YearUSA 
1968Scotch Jewel1966FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fMea3
1968Scotch Jewel1966FUSA Belle Acton -2fRRF
1968Scotch Jewel1966FUSA Breeders Filly -2fDelaS
1968Scotch Jewel1966FUSA Breeders Filly -2fDuQS
1968Scotch Jewel1966FUSA Breeders Filly -2fHzPS
1968Scotch Jewel1966FUSA Debutante (Historic) Stakes -2fGosh3
1968Scotch Jewel1966FUSA Hoosier -2fInd3
1968Scotch Jewel1966FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
1968Scotch Jewel1966FUSA KD Owen Pace -2fLexS
1968Shipshape Lobell1964MUSA Excelsior Stake -4MRF
1968Speedster1954MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (USA)USA 
1968Tipster Lobell1965MCAN Tecumseh -3MohS
1968Titan Hanover1942MHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
1967Lord Pit1964MGER Adbell Toddington -3 Mrndf2
1967Lord Pit1964MGER Buddenbrock Rennen -3Mrndf2
1967Lord Pit1964MGER Deutches St Leger -3Gels2
1967Lord Pit1964MGER Deutches Traber Derby - 3Mrndf1
1967Pomp1964MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
1967Pomp1964MUSA Yonkers Trot -3TYR1
1966Candid Rodney1961FUSA Del Mar Trot -OTSAF
1966Lord Pit1964MGER Jugend Preis -2Dinsl1
1966Lord Pit1964MGER Preis der Winterfavoriten -2Reckl2
1966Nibble Hanover1936MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO Winners (USA)USA70W
1966Pomp1964MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1966Pomp1964MUSA Saul Camp Memorial -2TLexF
1966Pomp1964MUSA Thomas Murphy Memorial -2TVDS
1966Speedy Rodney1961MUSA Gotham -OTYRF
1966Speedy Rodney1961MUSA Titan Cup -OHTM2
1965Active Donna V1962FUSA Breeders Filly -3fDuQS
1965Active Donna V1962FUSA Breeders Filly -3fSPkS
1965Active Donna V1962FUSA Breeders Filly -3fSprS
1965Active Donna V1962FUSA Great Mid West Pace -3MartS
1965Goodnuff1963MUSA Star Pointer -2cYR1
1965Red Carpet1961MCAN Canada PaceRicPkS
1965Red Carpet1961MCAN Laurentian PaceBBS
1965Red Carpet1961MCAN Quebec Pacing DerbyQCF
1965Red Carpet1961MCAN The Beaches Stakes -OPGreF
1965Speedy Rodney1961MUSA Gotham -OTYRF
1965Speedy Rodney1961MUSA United Nations Trot -OTYRF
1965Tercel1959FITA GP Della RepubblicaBolog2
1965Worth Knowing1963FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fMea3
1965Worth Knowing1963FUSA Breeders Filly -2fSPkS
1965Worth Knowing1963FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
1965Worth Knowing1963FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
1965Worth Knowing1963FUSA State Fair Manager -2fColsL
1964-1Ricci Del Marge1962FUSA National Capitol Pace -2fRcRS
1964-1Tercel1959FITA GP Citta di TriesteTri2
1964Active Donna V1962FUSA Breeders Filly -2fDelaS
1964Active Donna V1962FUSA KD Owen Pace -2fLexS
1964Navy Prince1959MUSA Michigan Pacing DerbyNorF
1964Scarlet Wave1962MUSA Hoosier Futurity -2IndF
1964Scarlet Wave1962MUSA Parshall Futurity -2GreenL
1964Scarlet Wave1962MUSA Reading Futurity -2LRF
1964Speedy Rodney1961MUSA Great Mid West Trot -3TMartS
1964Tercel1959FITA GP Della RepubblicaBolog2
1964Tercel1959FITA GP DuomoFir2
1963Hadu1960MGER Adbell Toddington -3 Mrndf2
1963Hadu1960MGER Deutches Traber Derby - 3Mrndf1
1963Tercel1959FUSA American National -OTSPk2
1962Choice Time1960FUSA Breeders Filly -2fDetS
1962Gutenberg1959MGER Adbell Toddington -3 Mrndf2
1962Gutenberg1959MGER Deutches Traber Derby - 3Mrndf1
1962Hadu1960MGER Jugend Preis -2Dinsl1
1962Hadu1960MGER Preis der Winterfavoriten -2Reckl2
1962Max Iran1956MSWE MalarprisetEsk3
1962Max Iran1956MSWE Norrbottens GP (Top Of Europe)Boden3
1962Max Iran1956MSWE RommeheatetRo3
1962Scott Begot1960GUSA Reading Futurity -2TLRF
1962Smart Money1959GUSA Dodge Stable PaceLexS
1962Smart Money1959GUSA Sep Palin MemorialLexS
1962Speedstress1959FCAN Provident Trot -3TRicPkS
1961Gutenberg1959MGER Preis der Winterfavoriten -2Reckl2
1961Navy Prince1959MUSA Parshall Futurity -2GreenL
1960Kings Meadow1956MUSA Motor City Pace (FFA)DetF
1960Kings Meadow1956MUSA Newport Farm PaceLexS
1960Netepigen1948FDEN Bornholm MesterskebBH3
1960Regal Pick1957MUSA Allentown Fair Stake -3TAllS
1960Regal Pick1957MUSA Suffolk Downs Trot -3TSufDS
1960Sampson Direct1957MCAN Beaver/Castor Pace -3RicPkF
1960Sampson Direct1957MUSA Gene Acres PaceLexS
1959-2Mainsail1956MUSA Ville de Troit -3PHzPS
1959Careless Miss1957FUSA Breeders Filly -2fSPkS
1959Lumber Bill1955MUSA Sierra Nevada PaceSAS
1959Mainsail1956MUSA Parker-Whiting PaceLexS
1959Nobelle1957FGER Kriterium der Zweijahrigen -2Reckl2
1959Regal Pick1957MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ctBlomS
1959Regal Pick1957MUSA Reading Futurity -2TLRF
1959Regal Pick1957MUSA The Minute Man -2TSufDS
1959Sampson Direct1957MUSA American National -2SPk2
1958Delingsdorferin1956MGER Jugend Preis -2Dinsl1
1958Delingsdorferin1956MGER Kriterium der Zweijahrigen -2Reckl2
1958Key Club1963MUSA Sep Palin Memorial -2THzPS
1958Pompon1956FUSA Acorn -2fTGosh2
1958Speedster1954M2:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)USA1:59.4
1958Speedster1954MUSA Empire State Trotting ClassicStgaS
1958Speedster1954MUSA Empire State Trotting ClassicVDS
1957Frisco Creed1952GUSA Newport Farm PaceLexS
1957Leos Boy1954MUSA The Brandywine -3TBrdS
1957Nibble Hanover1936MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA130W
1957Speedster1954MUSA Batavia Downs - 3TBtvaF
1956Charletta Hanover1953FUSA Bostwick Filly -3fTRRF
1956Frisco Creed1952GUSA Derby-Moriarty PaceLexS
1956Leos Boy1954MUSA Ocean Downs Raceway S -2TOcDS
1956Nibble Hanover1936MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA125W
1956Titan Hanover1942MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (USA)USA 
1956Trump Hanover1952M2:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)USA2:00.0TT
1955Charletta Hanover1953FUSA Batavia Downs -2TBtvaF
1955Charletta Hanover1953FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ctBlomS
1955Charletta Hanover1953FUSA Bostwick Filly -2fTRRF
1955Frisco Creed1952GFastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA1:59.0
1955Frisco Creed1952GUSA Western Stake -3HolF
1955Trump Hanover1952MUSA American National -3TSedF
1954Nibble Hanover1936MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1954Nibble Hanover1936MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA6W
1954Tassel Hanover1947FUSA Almahurst Farm PaceLexS
1954Top Deck1951MUSA Director of Agriculture Pace - 3Cols3
1953Hardy Hanover1949MUSA Sonny Sheppard TrotLexS
1953Honey Bun1949FUSA Lafayette TrotLexF
1953Tassel Hanover1947FUSA Pomona PaceHolS
1953Tassel Hanover1947FUSA Reynolds PaceLexF
1953Tassel Hanover1947FUSA Shipshape StakeDuQS
1951Hardy Hanover1949M2:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)USAT2:04.3US
1951Hardy Hanover1949MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ctBlomS
1951Hardy Hanover1949MUSA Delaware Gazette -2TDelaF
1951Hardy Hanover1949MUSA Lexington -2TLexF
1951Tassel Hanover1947FUSA Derby-Moriarty PaceLexS
1951Tassel Hanover1947FUSA Siskiyou Farm PaceDuQS
1949Tassel Hanover1947F2:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)USA2:02.0US
1949Tassel Hanover1947FFastest 2YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA2:02.0TT
1948Dianaway1945FUSA Lafayette TrotLexF
1946Titan Hanover1942MUSA Titan Cup -OHTM2
1945Jessie Mite1942FUSA Abbedale Stake -3fVillFF
1945Titan Hanover1942M2:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)USA1:58.0TT
1945Titan Hanover1942MEvolution of Trotters 3YO Mile (NA)USAT1:58.0TT
1945Titan Hanover1942MFastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:58.0TT
1945Titan Hanover1942MFastest Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:58.0TT
1945Titan Hanover1942MStake Earner of the Year (Trotters) (NA)NA $35,272
1945Titan Hanover1942MUSA Champion Stallion Stakes -3TDuQF
1945Titan Hanover1942MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TGTP2
1945Titan Hanover1942MUSA Hambletonian -3TGTP1
1945Titan Hanover1942MUSA National Stake -3TGoshF
1945Titan Hanover1942MUSA The Arden TrotStgaS
1944Probationer1941GUSA American Stake -3LexF
1944Titan Hanover1942M2:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)USAT2:00.0US
1944Titan Hanover1942MEvolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NA)USAT2:00.0TT
1944Titan Hanover1942MFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT2:00.0
1944Titan Hanover1942MUSA American Stake -2TLex2
1944Titan Hanover1942MUSA Delaware Gazette -2TDelaF
1944Titan Hanover1942MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TStga2
1944Titan Hanover1942MUSA Horseman -2TInd2
1944Titan Hanover1942MUSA National Stake -2TOOBF
1944Titan Hanover1942MUSA Reading Futurity -2TReadgF
1944Titan Hanover1942MUSA Tompkins Memorial -2TGTPF
1943Bellwood1936MDEN Danmark MesterskabChar1
1943Probationer1941G2:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)USA2:03½TTUS
1943Probationer1941GFastest 2YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA2:03½TT
1943Probationer1941GUSA Elks Pace -2SedF
1943Probationer1941GUSA Village Farm Stake -2RRF
1942Nibble Hanover1936MUSA Messenger -OTLexF
1942Nibble Hanover1936MUSA Olentangy Trot -OTDelaF
1942Nibble Hanover1936MUSA Transylvania -OTLexF
1941-1Jessie Rector1939FUSA Buckeye State -2pColsF
1941Bell Boy1938MUSA American Stake -3MwkF
1941Bell Boy1938MUSA Matron Stakes -3cFtM2
1941Bell Boy1938MUSA National Stake -3OOBF
1941Bell Boy1938MUSA Review Stakes -3cSpr2
1941Nibble Hanover1936M2:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)USA1:58¾
1941Nibble Hanover1936MUSA Champion Stallion -OTSprF
1941Nibble Hanover1936MUSA Goldsmith Maid -OTOOBF
1941Nibble Hanover1936MUSA Messenger -OTSycsF
1940-1Bell Boy1938MUSA Buckeye State -2pColsF
1940Bell Boy1938M2:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)USA2:01¾US
1940Bell Boy1938MFastest 2YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA2:01¾
1940Bell Boy1938MUSA American Stake -2NarrF
1940Bell Boy1938MUSA National Stake -2NarrF
1940Bellwood1936MDEN Dansk Derby - 4Char1
1940Nibble Hanover1936MUSA Champion Stallion -OTSprF
1940Nibble Hanover1936MUSA Matron Stakes -OTSprF
1940Nibble Hanover1936MUSA Messenger -OTNarrF
1940Nibble Hanover1936MUSA Trotting Derby -OTGoshF
1939Action1936MUSA Director of Agriculture Pace - 3Cols3
1938Nibble Hanover1936M2:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)USAT2:02¼US
1938Nibble Hanover1936MFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT2:02¼
1938Nibble Hanover1936MUSA American Stake -2TAgawm2
1938Nibble Hanover1936MUSA Kentucky Futurity -2TLex1
1938Nibble Hanover1936MUSA Noyes Stake -2cTSycsF
1938Nibble Hanover1936MUSA Tompkins Memorial -2TGTPF
1936Friscomite1933MUSA Cedar Hill Trot - 3TIndS
1933Daniel Hanover1930M2:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)USA2:01½
1933Daniel Hanover1930MUSA Horseman Futurity -3cInd3
1932Calumet Adam1927M2:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)USA1:59¾
1932Calumet Charles1929M2:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)USA2:04.0
1932Challenger1930MUSA Reading Futurity -2TReadgF
1931Calumet Butler1928MStake Earner of the Year (Trotters) (NA)NA $38,115
1931Calumet Butler1928MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TGTP2
1931Calumet Butler1928MUSA Hambletonian -3TGTP1
1931Calumet Charles1929M2:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)USA2:04¼US
1930Calumet Adam1927M2:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)USA2:01¼
1930Calumet Adam1927MUSA Horseman Futurity -3cInd3
1930Calumet Adam1927MUSA Review Stakes -3cSpr2
1930Calumet Butler1928M2:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)USAT2:04¼US
1929Calumet Adam1927M2:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)USA2:04½US
1929Calumet Adam1927MEvolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NA)USA2:04½
1929Calumet Adam1927MFastest 2YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA2:04½
1929Calumet Adam1927MUSA Indiana Pace -2LexF
1929Calumet Adam1927MUSA Kentucky Futurity -2LexF
1929Calumet Adam1927MUSA Yates Hotel -2SycsF
1917The Real Lady1914F2:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)USA2:03.0
1917The Real Lady1914F2:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)USAT2:03.0TTUS
1917The Real Lady1914FEvolution of Trotters 3YO Mile (NA)USAT2:03.0TT
1917The Real Lady1914FFastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT2:03.0TT
1917The Real Lady1914FUSA Kentucky Futurity -3TLex1
1917The Real Lady1914FUSA Review Stakes -3cTSpr2
1916The Real Lady1914F2:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)USAT2:04¼US
1916The Real Lady1914FEvolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NA)USAT2:04¼
1916The Real Lady1914FFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT2:04¼
1916The Real Lady1914FUSA Horse Breeder Futurity -2TNRF
1916The Real Lady1914FUSA Kentucky Futurity -2TLex1
1916The Real Lady1914FUSA Review Stakes -2cTInd2
1916The Real Lady1914FUSA Vassar -OPPoughF
1911Justice Brooke1908M2:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)USAT2:08½US
1910Justice Brooke1908MUSA Kentucky Futurity -2TLex1
1908-2Major Delmar1897GUSA Grand Circuit FFA-TrotSycsF
1905Major Delmar1897GFastest Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT2:04.0TT
1904Major Delmar1897GUSA Memphis Gold Cup -OTMphsF
1903Major Delmar1897G2:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)USA1:59¾TT
1903Major Delmar1897G2:05 Performers (First 100-NA)USAT1:59¾
1902Major Delmar1897GUSA Diamond Hcp -OTMphsF
1902Major Delmar1897GUSA Massachusetts -OTRdvlF
 Gidde Palema1995MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT27,080,322SK
 Igor Brick1995MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT9,772,965SK
 Lord Pit1964MHall of Fame (Germany)EUR 
 Nobleness1943FHall of Fame (Germany)EUR