Family Winners for Family U1 (Medio) - (There are 2143 distinct members with 5647 race wins or awards.)
YearNameDoBSexRace NameTrackTime/$/Grp
2019Readly Express2012M1:51 Trotters (Alltime)INT1:50.9EU
2019Readly Express2012MFRA Grand Criterium de VitesseCsM1
2019Readly Express2012MFRA Grand Prix de FranceVinc1
2019Readly Express2012MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT21,832,855SK
2019Speeding Spur2011M$500,000 Stake Earners (ANZ$ only) (All Time)AUS$991,310
2018-FAleppo Pine2015FSWE ASVT Trottex Auktionslopp -3SolvS
2018-FKiki Girl2015FIRE Ireland Sires Stake -3Port2
2018-CCool Clifford2016GCAN Harvest Series -2TWdbL
2018-3Stella Jane2016FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fTPhl3
2018-2Global Strategy2012MDEN Tarok MindelobChar3
2018-2Speeding Spur2011MInter Dominion Trotting Heat (R1)Meltn3
2018-2Speeding Spur2011MInter Dominion Trotting Heat (R3)Cran3
2018-10McWicked2011M1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:46.2US
2018-1Allies Finale2015GUSA Maryland SS -3cRcR3
2018Aflame Hanover2016GUSA John Simpson Memorial -2cPhl3
2018All Cashed Up2015MNSW Breeders Challenge -2TMen2
2018All Royal Gal2010FNSW Bathurst Trotters CupBaPyS
2018Andover Hall1999MLeading Sire - Stakes (Finland)EUR 
2018Bandit Brick2013MEUR Summer Meeting OpenHalmS
2018Basquiat2015FUSA Zanzukki Memorial -3ftM3
2018Big Weezy2016FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fTTgDn3
2018Blood Money2016MUSA Matron Stakes -2cDD2
2018Boston Red Rocks2013MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,370,016
2018Cafe Society2016FCAN OSS Gold - 2fMoh3
2018Cantab Hall2001MHall of Fame Living (USA)USA 
2018Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (USA)USA 
2018Carmen Ohio2016FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2fpDelaS
2018Chin Chin Hall2016MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2018Confidence2014GDEN Aalborg Stora Pris - 4Aalb2
2018Confidence2014GDEN Grand Circle Championship -4AalbF
2018Confidence2014GDEN Jydsk Grand Prix - 4JydskF
2018Confidence2014GStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Denmark)EUR111,663€
2018Confidence2014GStake Earner of the Year (Denmark)EUR111,663€
2018Cuts Like A Knife2015FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fTgDn3
2018Deb2016FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fMoh2
2018Dial or Nodial2006GMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,756,475
2018Edstone2015GCAN City of London Series - 3/4TLonL
2018Flaming Trix2016FUSA Virginia Breeders -2fTWdstk3
2018Forecast2016MUSA Kentucky SS -2cTLex3
2018Fox Valley Picaso2016MUSA Cardinal -2cTHawL
2018Ginger Tree Skyr2016MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
2018Ginger Tree Skyr2016MUSA Keystone Classic -2cTMea3
2018Giveitgasandgo2014MNOR Elite - 4Bje2
2018Giveitgasandgo2014MSWE Elite - 4Solv2
2018Giveitgasandgo2014MSWE HallandmasterenHalmF
2018Glenferrie Burn2011FNSW La Coocaracha -OMTMen3
2018Glenferrie Burn2011FVic Vulcan Free For All -TMeltnF
2018Global Oracle2009GMAL Presidents CupMarsaS
2018Hannelore Hanover2012FCAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTMoh1
2018Hannelore Hanover2012FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$2,781,638
2018Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA Cutler Memorial -OTM1
2018Hervey Hanover2016MUSA John Simpson Memorial -2cPhl3
2018I Love You Darling2014FAUT Austria Derby - 4Krie1
2018I Love You Darling2014FStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Austria)EUR35,391€
2018Im A Clown2015GUSA Massachusetts SS- 3cPRc3
2018Karans Choice2016FUSA Massachusetts SS- 2fPRc3
2018Kissesforall2016FUSA Indiana SS -2fTHoP3
2018Labadee As2016GUSA Excelsior Stake -2cTStga3
2018Lexus Dream2014GFIN Breeders Crown - 4hJyv2
2018Lexus Dream2014GFIN Glenn Kosmos Memorial -4Vermo3
2018Lexus Dream2014GStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Finland)EUR147,765€
2018Manchego2015F1:51 Trotters (Alltime)INT1:50.0
2018Manchego2015FCAN Casual Breeze -3fTMohL
2018Manchego2015FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,532,942
2018Manchego2015FUSA Hambletonian Oaks -3fTM1
2018Manchego2015FUSA Moni Maker -3fTHoP3
2018Mangogh2016MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cLex2
2018Mangogh2016MUSA Liberty Bell -2cPhlL
2018Mangogh2016MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTgDn3
2018Markey Oh Markey2010GQld Flashing Red -OPAPL
2018McWicked2011MCAN Canadian Derby -OPMoh1
2018McWicked2011MHarness Horse of the Year (Canada)CAN 
2018McWicked2011MHarness Horse of the Year (USA)USA 
2018McWicked2011MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$3,725,376
2018McWicked2011MO'Brien Older H&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
2018McWicked2011MStake Earner of the Year (Pacers) (NA)NA $1,575,364
2018McWicked2011MUSA 4YO+ H&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
2018McWicked2011MUSA Allerage Open -OPLex1
2018McWicked2011MUSA Ben Franklin -OHPPcD1
2018McWicked2011MUSA Breeders Crown -OPPcD1
2018McWicked2011MUSA Dan Rooney International -PYR2
2018McWicked2011MUSA Pacer of the YearUSA 
2018McWicked2011MUSA TVG-OPM1
2018McWicked2011MUSA William R Haughton Memorial- OPM1
2018Midnight Express2015MUSA Landmark Stake -3cTGoshL
2018Mississippi Storm2015GUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cTPhl3
2018Mississippi Storm2015GUSA Keystone Classic -3cTMea3
2018Mississippi Storm2015GUSA Liberty Bell -3ctPhlL
2018Muscle Mass2005MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 4YONZ $484,881
2018New Queen2015FUSA Violet -3fTHawL
2018Normandie Royal2014FNOR Nils Brekkes Pokallop -4MDramL
2018Northern Charm2015FDEN Pay Dirt Mindelob - 3Skive3
2018Northern Pride2016MIRE Vincent Delaney Memorial -2Port1
2018Northern Pride2016MSCO Scottish Futurity - 2Corb3
2018Our Golden Goddess2012FVic Aust. Breeders Crown -OMBenL
2018Our Golden Goddess2012FVic Graham Goffin Memorial -OMMeltnL
2018Our Golden Goddess2012FVic Ladyship Cup -OMMeltn1
2018Our Golden Goddess2012FVic Our Maestro Free-For-AllMeltnL
2018Pascia Lest2009MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT1,309,923€
2018Pattis Main Man2016GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ctDelaS
2018Powerful Chris2016FCAN OSS Gold - 2fMoh3
2018Presto Change O2016FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTMoh3
2018Pyro2016MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cMea3
2018Readly Express2012MFRA Grand Prix d'AmeriqueVinc1
2018Readly Express2012MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT1,530,224€
2018Readly Express2012MSWE Jamtlands Stora PrisOs2
2018Readly Express2012MSWE Sweden MasterskapAby1
2018Reigning Deo2016MUSA NYSS -2cYR3
2018Repentance2015FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fTMoh2
2018Repentance2015FUSA John Simpson Memorial -3fTPhl3
2018Rockin Mystery2016FCAN Alberta SS Super -2fCnD3
2018Rocknroll Baby2013FSA Gramel Trotters CupGDPL
2018Rocknroll Baby2013FSA Hambletonian -OTGDPF
2018Rocknroll Baby2013FSA Kadina (YPTC) Trotters CupPtPF
2018Rocknroll Baby2013FSA Kapunda Trotters CupKapF
2018Rocknroll Baby2013FSA Mt Gambier Trotters CupMtGF
2018Rocknroll Baby2013FSA Port Pirie Trotters CupPtPF
2018Roses Tara2014FFIN Breeders Crown - 4mJyv2
2018Roses Tara2014FFIN Stochampionet -4mLap3
2018Royal Rob2016GCAN OSS Gold - 2cTMoh3
2018She Rains2016FFIN Breeders Crown -2fMets2
2018Shez in Orbit2015FUSA Virginia Breeders -3fTWdstk3
2018Someones Fantasy2014MSCO Hurricane Pace Muss3
2018Sorceress Seelster2015FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTMoh3
2018Special Kay Deo2015FUSA Excelsior Stake -3fStga3
2018Speeding Spur2011MNZ Aged (5YO+) H&G Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $180,450, T2:02.5
2018Speeding Spur2011MNZ Kaikoura South Bay Cup - OTKaik3
2018Speeding Spur2011MNZ Rowe Cup -OTAxP1
2018Speeding Spur2011MNZ Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $180,450, T2:02.5
2018Speeding Spur2011MNZ Trotting Champ -OTAdd1
2018Speeding Spur2011MNZ Trotting FFAAdd1
2018Speeding Spur2011MStake Earner of the Year (Trotters) (NZ)NZ $180,450
2018Starita2016FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTTgDnL
2018Starzinner2012GFIN Festivaali-ajoKaust3
2018Stay Hungry2015M1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:47.3US
2018Stay Hungry2015MCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Moh3
2018Stay Hungry2015MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3cMoh2
2018Stay Hungry2015MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,239,459
2018Stay Hungry2015MUSA Bluegrass -3cLex3
2018Stay Hungry2015MUSA Cane Pace -3M1
2018Stay Hungry2015MUSA Meadowlands Pace (elim) -3M3
2018Stay Hungry2015MUSA Messenger Stakes -3cYR1
2018Stella Jane2016FUSA Kindergarten Classic -2ftM3
2018Stoletheshow2015MNOR Norsk Trav-Kriterium - 3Bje1
2018Summer Charm2016FCAN OSS Super -2fMoh2
2018Sunset Peak2011FNZ Green Lane Cup -OTAxP3
2018Supergirl Riley2015FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
2018Supergirl Riley2015FUSA Zweig Memorial -3fTVD3
2018Tall Drink Hanover2016F1:50 2YO Pacers (alltime)USA1:50.0
2018Tall Drink Hanover2016FCAN Eternal Camnation -2fMoh2
2018Tall Drink Hanover2016FCAN Shes A Great Lady -2fMoh1
2018Tall Drink Hanover2016FCAN Whenuwishuponastar -2fWdb3
2018Tall Drink Hanover2016FO'Brien 2YO Filly Pacer of the YearCAN 
2018Tall Drink Hanover2016FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
2018The Erm2014F1:51 Trotters (Alltime)INT1:50.3
2018Toast of Lindy2015MUSA Liberty Bell -3ctPhlL
2018Tommi Canu Hearme2016FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
2018Tommi Canu Hearme2016FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTFlmD3
2018Twilight Tinker2016FUSA Minnesota Championship -2fTAces3
2018Two Left Feet2016FUK British SS - 2fTirP1
2018Ugolinast2013FITA GP Coppa di MilanoLaM3
2018Via Lattea2014FUSA Bobby Weiss -3/4fTPcDL
2018Western Passage2015GCAN OSS Gold - 3cFlmD3
2018When Dovescry2016F1:53 2YO Trotters (Alltime)USA1:52.3
2018When Dovescry2016FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2018When Dovescry2016FUSA Matron Stakes -2fTDD2
2018Winndevie2016FUSA NYSS -2fTYR3
2018Winston2015MUSA Liberty Bell -3cPhlL
2018Winston2015MUSA Tompkins Geers -3cTgDn3
2018Workout Wonder2012MFIN Helsinki AjoVermoF
2018Worldly Hanover2015FUSA Keystone Classic -3fTMea3
2018YSS Super Storm2015GUSA Michigan SS -3cTNor3
2017-3Cordoba Hall2015MUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2017-3Perfect Summer K2015FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fTPhl3
2017-2Allies Finale2015GUSA Maryland SS -2cRcR3
2017-2Cool Cates2014FUSA Currier and Ives -3fTMeaL
2017-2Dangle Then Deke2014FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
2017-2Gabbysloosechange2014FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftScD3
2017-2Northernpossession2003FUSA Duenna -3ftML
2017-2Workout Wonder2012MSWE GulddivisionenGavle1
2017-1Bye Bye Felicia2014FUSA First Lady -3fpScD3
2017-1Pinecraft Nellie2015FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
2017-09Nirvana Seelster2011G1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:48.0US
2017Alexie Mattosie2006GMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,096,520
2017Allies Finale2015GUSA Maryland SS -2cRcR3
2017Allies Finale2015GUSA Maryland SS -2cTRcR3
2017Anndrovette2007FMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$3,544,930
2017Art Scene2014MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3cMoh2
2017Art Scene2014MUSA Bluegrass -3cLex3
2017Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$26,404,853
2017Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Winners (USA)USA753W
2017Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO Winners (USA)USA207W
2017Avant Garde2015MSWE Norrlands Tvaaringselit -2BsL
2017Barney Mac2015GCAN OSS Gold - 2cTMoh3
2017Basquiat2015F1:53 2YO Trotters (Alltime)USA1:52.4
2017Basquiat2015FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2017Basquiat2015FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTHoP2
2017Bragginade2015GUSA Minnesota Championship -2cTAces3
2017Broadway Appolo2012MEUR Summer Meeting OpenHalmS
2017Brown Eyed Girl2015FUK British SS - 2fTirP1
2017Bvlgari Peak2013MDEN Dansk Derby - 4Char1
2017Bvlgari Peak2013MDEN Jydsk Grand Prix - 4JydskF
2017Bvlgari Peak2013MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Denmark)EUR128,814€
2017Bvlgari Peak2013MStake Earner of the Year (Denmark)EUR128,814€
2017Caddie Lisieux2013FSWE Sto Sprintern -4MTHalm3
2017Callela Ladyboss2012FFIN Arvid Avallin Tammaderby -5mVermo2
2017Callela Lisbeth2014FFIN Breeders Crown - 3fMets2
2017Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (USA)USA 
2017Cantabmymoney2014FUSA Keystone Classic -3fTMea3
2017Cool Cates2014FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
2017Cool Cates2014FUSA Liberty Bell -3ftPhlL
2017Dance To Fame2015FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
2017DDs Hitman2011MFIN Finlandia AJOVermo1
2017Drunk On Your Love2014GUSA Ohio SS -3cScD3
2017Elegantimage1994FHall of Fame (Canada)CAN 
2017Everything2011GNZ Otaki CupOtakiF
2017Everything2011GNZ Stratford CupStraF
2017Fade2014FCAN SBOA Classic -3fMoh3
2017Filly Forty Seven2014FCAN Atlantic Breeders Crown -3fChrtn3
2017Fox Valley Nemitz2014GUSA Cardinal -3cHawL
2017Furiette2014FUSA Indiana SS -3fTHoP3
2017Gabbysloosechange2014FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ftDelaS
2017Gibbs2008GUSA Robert F Molaro -OPHaw3
2017Giveitgasandgo2014MUSA Liberty Bell -3ctPhlL
2017Glenferrie Burn2011F1:56 Trotters (Alltime-ANZ)ANZT1:55.9
2017Glenferrie Burn2011FNSW La Coocaracha -OMTMen3
2017Glenferrie Burn2011FVic Bacardi Lindy C'ship - 4/5MTMeltn2
2017Glenferrie Burn2011FVic Sumthingaboutmaori FFA -TMeltnL
2017Glenferrie Dreamer2009M1:55 Trotters List (All Time-Aust Bred)INTT1:52.4US
2017Hannelore Hanover2012F1:51 Trotters (Alltime)INT1:49.2
2017Hannelore Hanover2012FCAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTMoh1
2017Hannelore Hanover2012FCAN Maple Leaf Classic -OTMoh1
2017Hannelore Hanover2012FEvolution of Trotters Mares Mile (NA)USAT1:49.2
2017Hannelore Hanover2012FFastest Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:49.2
2017Hannelore Hanover2012FHarness Horse of the Year (Canada)CAN 
2017Hannelore Hanover2012FHarness Horse of the Year (USA)USA 
2017Hannelore Hanover2012FO'Brien Older Mare Trotter of the YearCAN 
2017Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA 4YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
2017Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA Allerage Open -OTLex1
2017Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA Breeders Crown -OTHoP1
2017Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
2017Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA TVG FFA -OMTM1
2017High Sobriety2004FUSA Broodmare (Trot) of the YearUSA 
2017Hoppi2015GUSA Maine Sires Stake -2cBang3
2017Im A Clown2015GUSA Massachusetts SS- 2cPRc3
2017Jan2015FCAN Whenuwishuponastar -2fMoh3
2017Karpathian Kid2015MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cLex2
2017Karpathian Kid2015MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTgDn3
2017Key Advisor2015MUSA Kentucky SS -2cLex3
2017Keystone Phoenix2014GUSA Landmark Stake -3cGoshL
2017Krispy Apple2008FMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,905,676
2017Kwik Talkin2014MUSA Lawrence Sheppard -2cYR3
2017Lindy The Great2014MUSA Bluegrass -3cTLex3
2017Lucky Unlucky2014G1:55 2YO Times (Alltime-ANZ)ANZ1:54.0
2017Lucky Unlucky2014GNSW Br-Challenge Blue -2cMen2
2017Mac Smily2014MGER Adbell Toddington -3 Mrndf2
2017Manchego2015F1:53 2YO Trotters (Alltime)USA1:52.4
2017Manchego2015FCAN Peaceful Way Stakes -2fTMoh1
2017Manchego2015FUSA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
2017Manchego2015FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2017Manchego2015FUSA Breeders Crown -2fTHoP1
2017Manchego2015FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2017Manchego2015FUSA Jim Doherty Memorial- 2fTM1
2017Manchego2015FUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2fTPcD3
2017McWicked2011MCAN Mohawk Gold Cup -OPMoh2
2017McWicked2011MUSA Jim Ewart Memorial-OPScD2
2017Mississippi Storm2015GUSA Liberty Bell -2ctPhlL
2017Muscle Hustle2013MSWE Ina Scot Ara -4Mp3
2017Muscle Hustle2013MSWE Norrlands Grand Prix -4Bs3
2017Nascar Seelster2014GCAN OSS Gold - 3cMoh3
2017Neon Moon2015FCAN OSS Grassroots -2fMohS
2017Order by Keeper2010GSWE Gosta Bergengrens MinnesloppBodenL
2017Pappy Go Go2014GCAN Atlantic Breeders Crown -3TChrtn3
2017Pembroke Conifer2014FUSA Maine Sires Stake -3fTScar3
2017Points North2015GUSA Bluegrass -2cLex2
2017Points North2015GUSA Kindergarten Classic -2cM3
2017Points North2015GUSA Liberty Bell -2cPhlL
2017Princeoftheforest2014GUSA Maine Sires Stake -3cScar3
2017Princess Marxxx2015FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2fTM3
2017Quality Kemp2015MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2017Quite Easy2004MLeading Sire - Stakes (Finland)EUR 
2017Readly Express2012MEUR European Champ -5Solv1
2017Readly Express2012MFRA Prix Tenor de Baune -6Vinc1
2017Readly Express2012MHarness Horse of the Year (Sweden)EUR 
2017Readly Express2012MSWE AxevallalopningAxe3
2017Readly Express2012MSWE JubileumspokalenSolv1
2017Readly Express2012MSWE Sweden MasterskapAby1
2017Repentance2015FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fTTgDn3
2017Rhyds Shoofly2015FUK Breeders Crown -2fTirP1
2017Rock N Tony2014GUSA Indiana SS -3cHoP3
2017Rocknroll Baby2013FSA BOTRA Trot -3/4GDPF
2017Rocknroll Baby2013FSA Taylor Trotting Classic -3GDPL
2017Rocknroll Baby2013FSA Trotters of the Future -3GDPS
2017Run for Royalty2014MFIN Finsk Trav Kriterium -3Teivo1
2017Sauveur2010MSWE Harper Hanover LoppSolv2
2017Seabiscuit2007GFIN Helsinki AjoVermoF
2017Seven Karats2015FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2017Shake it off Lindy2014MUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela3
2017Silverado Lux2011GSWE MonteelitenSolv3
2017Simple Kinda Man2015MCAN Battle of Waterloo -2cGRvr2
2017Slick Mick2015MUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2cpDelaS
2017Sorceress Seelster2015FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTMoh3
2017Stay Hungry2015MCAN Champlain Stakes -2Moh2
2017Stay Hungry2015MO'Brien 2YO C&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
2017Stay Hungry2015MUSA Breeders Crown -2cHoP1
2017Stay Hungry2015MUSA Madison County -2cHoP3
2017Stienams Place1994FHall of Fame Living (USA)USA 
2017Sunshine Delight2014FUSA Moni Maker -3fTHoP3
2017Sweet of my Heart2014FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTMoh3
2017Toast of Lindy2015MUSA Keystone Classic -2cTMea3
2017Tricky Nick2012GUSA Plesac Championship -OTHaw3
2017Vanesia EK2014FITA Oaks Del Trotto - 3fCap1
2017Venariareale Font2014FITA GP Citta Di Napoli -3fAgn3
2017Vics Cheval2009FVic George Gath -OTShepp3
2017Victory Bonsai2011MFIN Kultaloimi GuldtacketPori3
2017Western Passage2015GCAN OSS Gold - 2cLon3
2017Western Passage2015GCAN OSS Super -2cMoh2
2017Win Treasure2015FUSA Keystone Classic -2fTMea3
2017Winston2015MUSA Liberty Bell -2cPhlL
2017Zelante EK2015MITA Gran Premio Delle Aste -2Trev3
2016-FOur Celebrity2013FSA Golden Nursery -2GDPL
2016-5Shadow Woodland2009GSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
2016-2Betting Line2013MCAN Somebeachsomewhere Stks -3cMoh3
2016-1A TC Queenie2013MUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftScD3
2016-1Betting Line2013MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
2016-1Dangle Then Deke2014FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
2016-1Madeira As2014FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2016-1Readly Express2012MEUR European Derby (heat) -4Solv3
2016-08Betting Line2013M1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:47.2US
2016-08JK Panache2009G1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:48.0US
2016All Royal Gal2010FNZ GN Breeders Stakes -OMTAxP3
2016Amuses2014FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
2016Another Daily Copy2013MUSA Liberty Bell -3cPhlL
2016Arsenal Seelster2014MCAN OSS Super -2cMoh2
2016Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$28,828,578
2016Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Winners (USA)USA807W
2016Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO Winners (USA)USA217W
2016ATC Queenie2013FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ftDelaS
2016Awash2014FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
2016Betting Line2013MCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Moh3
2016Betting Line2013MCAN North America Cup -3Moh1
2016Betting Line2013MCAN OSS Gold - 3cGeoD3
2016Betting Line2013MCAN OSS Gold - 3cMoh3
2016Betting Line2013MCAN OSS Super -3cMoh2
2016Betting Line2013MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3cMoh2
2016Betting Line2013MFastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA1:47.2
2016Betting Line2013MHarness Horse of the Year (Canada)CAN 
2016Betting Line2013MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,383,505
2016Betting Line2013MO'Brien 3YO C&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
2016Betting Line2013MUSA 3YO C&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
2016Betting Line2013MUSA Battle of Brandywine -3PcD1
2016Betting Line2013MUSA Carl Milstein Memorial -3cNfld1
2016Betting Line2013MUSA Little Brown Jug -3Dela1
2016Blood Line2014MUSA Bluegrass -2cLex2
2016Blue Star Jet2013GCAN Brad Gunn - 3cAlbDL
2016Boston Red Rocks2013MCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Moh3
2016Boston Red Rocks2013MUSA Matron Stakes -3cDD2
2016Boston Red Rocks2013MUSA New Jersey Futurity -3FhldL
2016Bye Bye Felicia2014FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2fpDelaS
2016Caberneto Misi2012GCZ Breeders Crown - 4Brav3
2016Caberneto Misi2012GCZ Czech Republic Derby -4Brav1
2016Callela Ladyboss2012FFIN Breeders Crown - 4mSein2
2016Callela Ladyboss2012FFIN Kuopio Stakes -4Kuo3
2016Callela Ladyboss2012FFIN Tamma Champion -4mVermo3
2016Callela Leonard2013MFIN Finsk Trav Kriterium -3Teivo1
2016Callela Leonard2013MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Finland)EUR115,025€
2016Callela Lisbeth2014FFIN Breeders Crown -2fJyv2
2016Callela Lisbeth2014FFRA Coupe Inter-Regionale des 4 ansVinc3
2016Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (USA)USA 
2016Charisma KW2012FNOR Hoppe Derby -4mBje1
2016Chin Chin2013FNOR Hoppe Kriteriet -3fBje1
2016Clarion Hall2014MCAN OSS Gold - 2cTMoh3
2016Come Vacation2013FNOR Pr. Martha Pokal (hoppe) -3fBiri3
2016Crosby2014GUSA Delaware Breeders -2cTDD3
2016Dangle Then Deke2014FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2016Dangle Then Deke2014FUSA Liberty Bell -2ftPhl3
2016Debbies Peanut2013FUSA Virginia Breeders -3fTWdstk3
2016Donatello Sisu2013MSWE E3 Classic (Short) - 3Or1
2016Donna Di Quattro2010FFRA Prix d'Angouleme -5Vinc3
2016Donna Di Quattro2010FNOR Steinlagers AereslopMomkS
2016Dudesalady2014FCAN OSS Grassroots -2fMohS
2016Filly Forty Seven2014FCAN Atlantic Breeders Crown -2fChrtn3
2016Fire To The Rain2011MSWE Good As Gold MemorialJag3
2016Flowers N Songs2013FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTFlmD3
2016Flowers N Songs2013FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTMoh3
2016Flowers N Songs2013FCAN SBOA Classic -3fTMoh3
2016Flowers N Songs2013FUSA Crossroads of America -3ftHoP3
2016Flowers N Songs2013FUSA Zweig Memorial -3fTVD3
2016Giveitgasandgo2014MUSA Keystone Classic -2cTMea3
2016Giveitgasandgo2014MUSA Liberty Bell -2ctPhlL
2016Glenferrie Burn2011F2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:56.7
2016Glenferrie Burn2011F2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:57.0
2016Glenferrie Dash2010FVic Carisbrook Trustees TrotMaryS
2016Glenferrie Dreamer2009M1:56 Trotters (Alltime-ANZ)ANZT1:55.6
2016Glenferrie Dreamer2009M2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:55.6
2016Glenferrie Dreamer2009M2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:57.4
2016Glenferrie Dreamer2009MNSW Hammer Head -TMen3
2016Gustavson Be2013MHUN Hungaria DijKinc2
2016Hannelore Hanover2012FCAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTMoh1
2016Hannelore Hanover2012FO'Brien Older Mare Trotter of the YearCAN 
2016Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA 4YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
2016Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA Breeders Crown -OMTM1
2016Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA Centaur Trotting Classic -OTHoP1
2016Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA Hambletonian Maturity -4TM1
2016Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA Miami Valley Distaff -OMTMVR2
2016Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA Steele Memorial (Fresh Yankee) -MTM2
2016Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA The Muscle Hill -OMTVD2
2016Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA TVG FFA -OMTM1
2016HP Sissy2013FCAN Coupe Des Eleveurs -3fH3R3
2016JK Heaven Sent2013GUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cPhl3
2016Lindy The Great2014MUSA Madison County -2cTHoP3
2016Lizzybeth Taylor2014FUSA Virginia Breeders -2fTWdstk3
2016Magical Steph2013FCAN OSS Grassroots -3fTMohS
2016Man of Excess2014GUSA Hoosier -2cInd3
2016Manssive2014MCAN OSS Gold - 2cTMoh3
2016Mary Ann J2014FGER Breeders Crown -2fMrndf1
2016Melmerby Beach2011M1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:47.4US
2016Miss Flaggy Meadow2013FUSA Maine Sires Stake -3fTScar3
2016Muscle Hustle2013MCAN Don Mills -4/5TMohL
2016Muscle Hustle2013MCAN OSS Gold - 3cTGeoD3
2016Muscle Hustle2013MCAN OSS Gold - 3cTMoh3
2016Muscle Hustle2013MCAN Tie Silk Series -3TWdbL
2016Muscle Mass2005MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 2YONZ $148,249
2016Musical Rhythm2012MCAN General Brock Series -4TWdbL
2016Musical Rhythm2012MUSA Graduate Series -4cTM1
2016Non Stick2013FUSA Empire Classic -3fTVD2
2016Non Stick2013FUSA NYSS -3fTYR3
2016Odds On Delray2014MCAN Metro Consolation -2cMoh3
2016Our Celebrity2013FSA SS (Southern Cross) -2fGDP2
2016Our Celebrity2013FVic Des McQueen 2YO -2fMeltnL
2016Our Celebrity2013FVic Sapling -2fMeltnL
2016Pappy Go Go2014GCAN Atlantic Breeders Crown -2TChrtn3
2016Pascia Lest2009MITA GP Costa AzzurraTurin2
2016Pascia Lest2009MITA GP Palio Dei ComuniMont3
2016Pense Kloster2011FEUR Summer Meeting OpenCharS
2016Princeoftheforest2014GUSA Maine Sires Stake -2cScar3
2016Rania Lest2010FITA GP Royal Mares Del TrottoAgn2
2016Readly Express2012MEUR European Derby (GP de l'UET) - 4Vinc1
2016Readly Express2012MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Sweden)EUR516,708€
2016Readly Express2012MStake Earner of the Year (4YOT) (Europe)EUR516,708€
2016Readly Express2012MSWE Eskilstuna Fyraaringtest -4Esk3
2016Readly Express2012MSWE Sweden Trav Derby - 4Jag1
2016RJP2014MUSA Bluegrass -2cLex2
2016Rock Me Baby2013FUSA Courageous Lady -3fNfld3
2016Roll Away Joe2013GUSA NYSS -3cYR3
2016Royal Red2014GUSA Virginia Breeders -2cWdstk3
2016Sam McSmith2013MUSA Liberty Bell -3cPhlL
2016Sauveur2010MNOR Ulf Thoresen Grand InternationalJarl1
2016Shadow Woodland2009GSWE Frances Bulwark LoppSolv1
2016Shake it off Lindy2014MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2016Speeding Spur2011M1:56 Trotters (Alltime-ANZ)ANZT1:55.5 (1720m)
2016Speeding Spur2011M2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:55.5 (1720m)
2016Speeding Spur2011M2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:59.5 (1700m)
2016Speeding Spur2011MGrand Circuit Champion (T) (ANZ)AUS 
2016Speeding Spur2011MNZ Cambridge Flying Stakes -OTCamb3
2016Speeding Spur2011MVic Great Southern Star -TMeltn1
2016Speedy Taxi2013GUSA Virginia Breeders -3cTWdstk3
2016Sweet of my Heart2014FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTGRvr3
2016Thats The Ticket2014FUSA Three Diamonds -2fWdb1
2016Vanesia EK2014FITA Gran Criterium -2fLaM2
2016Vics Cheval2009F2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT2:00.0 (2240m)
2016Victory Bonsai2011MFIN Pohjola Grand PrixOulu3
2016Wiggle It Jiggleit2012G1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:47.2US
2016Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GCAN Canadian Derby -OPMoh1
2016Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$3,907,557
2016Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GO'Brien Older H&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
2016Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GStake Earner of the Year (Pacers) (NA)NA $1,719,062
2016Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Battle of Lake Erie -OPNfld3
2016Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Bobby Quillen Memorial -OHPHar2
2016Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Dan Patch Invitational -OPHoP1
2016Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Dayton Pacing DerbyDtn2
2016Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Graduate Series -4cPM1
2016Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Joe Gerrity Memorial -OHPStga2
2016Winmecredit2007MNOR Forus OpenForus1
2016Winter Sweet Frost2014FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTGeoD3
2016Winter Sweet Frost2014FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTMoh3
2016Winter Sweet Frost2014FCAN OSS Super -2fTMoh2
2016Workout Wonder2012MSWE Solvalla GP -4Solv2
2016Youvegotwhatitakes2014FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2016YSS Super Muscle2014 USA Michigan SS -2cTNor3
2016Zorro Photo2006MITA GP Renzo OrlandiMod2
2015-CSpeeding Spur2011MVic Aust. Breeders Crown -3TMeltn1
2015-3Jay Boy2012GUSA Maryland SS -3cTRcR3
2015-2Just Jess2013FUSA Madison County -2fTHoP3
2015-2Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
2015-1Bright Baby Blues2012FUSA Circle City -3ftHoPL
2015-1Dudes The Man2012MCAN Somebeachsomewhere Stks -3cMoh3
2015-1Kanthaka2013MUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2015-1National Seelster2012MUSA Hugh Grant Pace -3cYRL
2015-07JK Panache2009G1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:47.3US
2015-07Melmerby Beach2011M1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:47.3US
2015-07Wiggle It Jiggleit2012G1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:47.4US
2015Action Kosmos2007GVic Hamilton Trotters CupHamF
2015Action Kosmos2007GVic Terang Trotters CupTrngL
2015Action Kosmos2007GVic Yarra Valley Trotters CupYVF
2015Allies Cruiser2013MUSA Keystone Classic -2cMea3
2015Aniston Seelster2012FCAN Autumn Stakes -3fWdbL
2015Anndrovette2007FUSA Golden Girls -OMPM2
2015Anndrovette2007FUSA Lady Liberty -OMM2
2015Artistic Fusion2011FCAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmWdbL
2015Artsplace1988MHall of Fame (Canada)CAN 
2015Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$30,306,555
2015Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Winners (USA)USA853W
2015Betting Line2013MCAN Champlain Stakes -2Moh2
2015Betting Line2013MCAN OSS Gold - 2cMoh3
2015Betting Line2013MCAN OSS Super -2cWdb2
2015Blue Star Texas2012FCAN Penny Bath Memorial- 3fFrD3
2015Boston Red Rocks2013MUSA 2YO C&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
2015Boston Red Rocks2013MUSA Breeders Crown -2cWdb1
2015Boston Red Rocks2013MUSA Governors Cup -2M2
2015Bourbon Bay2011GCAN General Brock Series -4TWdbL
2015Callela Ladyboss2012FFIN Breeders Crown - 3fMets2
2015Callela Ladyboss2012FFIN Tammahambo -3fLahti3
2015Callela Longshot2009GFIN Number OneOulu3
2015Chapeau2009MFRA Grand Prix de VincennesCsM3
2015Chatain2009GSWE KG Bertmarks MinnesloppJagL
2015Classic Martine2010FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,168,161US
2015Classic Martine2010FUSA Miami Valley Distaff -OMTMVR2
2015Dialamara2012GCAN WEGZ Stakes -4HWdbL
2015Dorian Venus2011FAUT Pokal Der Vierjahrigen -4MagnaF
2015Dr Venkman2013GUSA Lincoln Land -2TBmlPL
2015Dudes The Man2012MUSA Adios -3Mea1
2015Duh Bubbees2012GCAN OSS Grassroots -3cTMohS
2015El Diablo Hall2012GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTLon3
2015EL Love2012FUSA Lady Suffolk -3fTFhld2
2015Elegant Serenity2012FCAN Casual Breeze -3fTMohL
2015Elegant Serenity2012FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTMoh3
2015Elegant Serenity2012FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fTMoh2
2015Fast Movin Train2012GUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cML
2015Fiery Sid2006GFIN Kouvolo AjoKouv2
2015Giorgio Boko2013MHOL Jonkerprijs -2cWlvga2
2015Glenferrie Burn2011FVic Maryborough Oaks - 3fTMaryF
2015Glenferrie Dreamer2009M2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:58.1 (2300m)
2015Glenferrie Dreamer2009MNSW Franco/Australian Series - OTMen2
2015Go Daddy Go2012MCAN OSS Gold - 3cLon3
2015Hannelore Hanover2012FUSA Indiana SS -3fTHoP3
2015Heavens Door2011FSWE Sto Sprintern -4MTHalm3
2015High Heels2013FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTGeoD3
2015His Boy Elroy2012MCAN OSS Gold - 3cWdb3
2015Hooray For Willie2011GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ctDelaS
2015Jamil Cortina2011MGER NRZ Pokal -4Dinsl2
2015Just Jess2013FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
2015Just Jess2013FUSA Indiana SS -2fTHoP3
2015Just Jess2013FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
2015Kindofabigdeal2011GCAN Snowshoe Series -3&4WdbL
2015Kyvalley Vice2011M2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:59.0 (1710m)
2015Lindys Jersey Boy2009MFIN Pohjola Grand PrixOulu3
2015Lisa Jane2012FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ftDelaS
2015Looks A Moral2005GVic Wangaratta (Daniel Boon) Cup - TWgtaS
2015Magic Tonight2009MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,362,296
2015Magic Tonight2009MSWE ElitloppetSolv1
2015Magic Tonight2009MSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
2015Majestos2012GUSA Virginia Breeders -3cOakR3
2015Martz Time2009GUSA Indiana SS -OHTHoP3
2015Master of Law2010GUSA American National -OTBmlP2
2015MJB Got Faith2013FUSA Ohio SS -2cTScD3
2015Model Behavior2012FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTML
2015Mosquito Blue Chip2012FUSA Empire Classic -3cTgDn3
2015Mosquito Blue Chip2012FUSA Empire Classic -3fTgDn2
2015Mosquito Blue Chip2012FUSA Matron Stakes -3fDD2
2015Mozzi Hanover2005FUSA Broodmare (Pace) of the YearUSA 
2015Non Stick2013FUSA NYSS -2fTYR3
2015Northern Obsession2012FUSA Lady Suffolk -3fTFhld2
2015Northern Sweetie2013FUSA Landmark Stake -2fTGoshL
2015Our Golden Goddess2012F1:55 2YO Times (Alltime-ANZ)ANZ1:54.3
2015Our Golden Goddess2012FNZ Ladyship Stakes -3fAxP2
2015Our Golden Goddess2012FNZ SS Champ -3fAxP1
2015Pascia Lest2009MFRA GP du Sud QuestToul1
2015Queen of Justice2013FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
2015Radiant Beam2013FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fTVD3
2015Readly Express2012MSWE Sweden TravKriterium - 3Solv1
2015Rock Me Baby2013FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
2015Rodeo Rock2013MCAN Metro Consolation -2cMoh3
2015Royal Aspirations2009MNZ North Canterbury (Michael Carrigg Memorial) TrotRngF
2015Sam McSmith2013MUSA Liberty Bell -2cPhlL
2015Sauveur2010MSWE Walter Lundbergs MemorialSolvF
2015Seabiscuit2007GFIN Finskt MasterskapVermo3
2015Seabiscuit2007GFIN Killerin EliitiJyvF
2015Serrano Hall2011FWAL Senior Welsh Dragon - OPTregF
2015Shady Stella2013FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fBmlP3
2015Shady Stella2013FUSA Hoosier -2fInd3
2015Speak To Me2012FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
2015Speeding Spur2011MAustralian 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearAUS 
2015Speeding Spur2011MNZ 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $218,296, T2:01.1
2015Speeding Spur2011MNZ GN Trotting Derby -3TAxP1
2015Speeding Spur2011MNZ SS -3TAxP2
2015Speeding Spur2011MNZ Trotters Derby -3TAdd1
2015Speeding Spur2011MNZ Yearling Sales Series -3TAddL
2015Speeding Spur2011MVic Trotters Derby -3TMary1
2015Spoil Me2012FSWE Svensk Trav Oaks - 3Solv1
2015Sportskeeper2012MCAN OSS Gold - 3cLon3
2015Sunset Glider2013FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTHoP2
2015Tessa Seelster2012FCAN OSS Gold - 3fFlmD3
2015Testimonial OK2012MITA Derby Italiano - 3Cap1
2015Testimonial OK2012MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Italy)EUR291,118€
2015Testimonial OK2012MStake Earner of the Year (Italy)EUR291,118€
2015The Last Ticket2011MNOR Josef Kleins Lop -4Lgn3
2015The Perfect Lindy2013MUSA The Standardbred -2TDela3
2015The Show Returns2012FUSA NJSS (Summer) -3fM3
2015Totoo del Ronco2012MITA Gran Premio Marche -3Mont2
2015Tough Cookie2012FSWE Elite -3fSolv2
2015Treasure Keys K2013MUSA Keystone Classic -2cTMea3
2015Ultimate Shopper2013FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2015Vics Cheval2009F2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:57.4 (1650m-monte)
2015Vics Cheval2009F2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:59.6 (2240m)
2015Vics Cheval2009FVic Lightfoot Laurels -OTMeltn3
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Moh3
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GHarness Horse of the Year (USA)USA 
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GStake Earner of the Year (Pacers) (NA)NA $2,181,995
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA 3YO C&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Battle of Brandywine -3PcD1
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Buddy Gilmour Pace- 3cML
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Carl Milstein Memorial -3cNfld1
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cM3
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Little Brown Jug -3Dela1
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Matron Stakes -3cDD2
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Max Hempt Memorial -3cPcD1
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Meadowlands Pace (elim) -3M3
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Meadowlands Pace -3cM1
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Pacer of the YearUSA 
2015Wiggle It Jiggleit2012GUSA Progress Pace -3cDD1
2015Winning Wizard2012GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTLon3
2015Witch Dali2011FUSA Petticoat 3/4fmYR3
2015Wrangler Magic2012FCAN Fan Hanover -3fMoh1
2015Wrangler Magic2012FCAN OSS Gold - 3fMoh3
2015Wrangler Magic2012FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fMoh2
2015Zorro Photo2006MITA GP Palio Dei ComuniMont3
2014-3Jay Boy2012GUSA Maryland SS -2cTRcR3
2014-2CC Hall2012FUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
2014-2DDs Hitman2011MUSA Townsend Ackerman -3TM3
2014-2Gold Cora2012FUSA Madison County -2fTHoP3
2014-2Sweet Shurga2012FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
2014-1Broadway Socks2011FUSA Currier and Ives -3fTMeaL
2014-1Friskie Adam2011MUSA Director of Agriculture Pace - 3ScD3
2014-1Model Behavior2012FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fTVD3
2014-1Sunrise Nibbles2012FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2014-09Bigtown Hero2008G1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:47.3US
2014-05Anderlecht2005M1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:48.0US
2014Act Now2011FUSA Lady Maud -3fYR1
2014Act Now2011FUSA Tattersalls (Garnsey Memorial) -3fLex2
2014Alacrity2012GCAN OSS Gold - 2cTMoh3
2014Allstar Rating2011FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
2014Also Encouraging2011FUSA Shady Daisy -3fM2
2014Andriy Fortuna2007GHOL Breeders Crown -5+Wlvga2
2014Anndrovette2007FCAN Roses Are Red -fmMoh1
2014Anndrovette2007FO'Brien Older Mare Pacer of the YearCAN 
2014Anndrovette2007FUSA 4YO+ Mare Pacer of the YearUSA 
2014Anndrovette2007FUSA Betsy Ross Memorial -OMPPhl2
2014Artistic Fusion2011FCAN Autumn Stakes -3fWdbL
2014Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$31,701,996
2014Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Winners (USA)USA886W
2014Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$11,234,658
2014Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO Winners (USA)USA288W
2014Avatartist2010GUSA Clyde Hirt -4cML
2014Bambino Glide2010G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.2
2014Beautiful Yankee2011FCZ Jarni Ceny Triletych (Spring) -3Brav3
2014Beautiful Yankee2011FCZ Kriterium Triletych -3Velka3
2014Beautiful Yankee2011FCZ Letni Cena Triletych (Summer) -3Brav2
2014Bigtown Hero2008GCAN PEI Gold Cup and Saucer -OPChrtn3
2014Bigtown Hero2008GUSA Jim Ewart Memorial-OPScD2
2014Bright Baby Blues2012F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.0
2014Bright Baby Blues2012FUSA Acorn -2fTPhl2
2014Broadway Socks2011FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
2014Broadway Socks2011FUSA Coaching Club Oaks -3fTPcD2
2014Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (USA)USA 
2014Captive Audience2010MUSA Whata Baron -OPML
2014Cashaway2012FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fTgDn3
2014Classic Martine2010F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:51.2
2014Classic Martine2010FCAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTMoh1
2014Classic Martine2010FO'Brien Older Mare Trotter of the YearCAN 
2014Classic Martine2010FUSA 4YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
2014Classic Martine2010FUSA Ima Lula -4mM3
2014Classic Martine2010FUSA Ms Versatility Series -OMTDela3
2014Count Full Mac2011GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ctDelaS
2014DDs Hitman2011M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:53.0
2014Dibs2011GUSA Ohio SS -3cScD3
2014Doonbeg2003MSCO Hazel Kemp Memorial FFAMussF
2014Easy Strength2009F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:53.0
2014EL Titan2011MUSA Carl Erskine Trot -3THoP2
2014EL Titan2011MUSA Galt Memorial -3cTMay3
2014Elite Awards2011GUSA Delaware Breeders -3cHar3
2014Elm Grove Inarush2011FCAN Atlantic Breeders Crown -3fChrtn3
2014Explosive Shadow2011FHOL Fokkers Trofee (merries) -3fWlvga3
2014Explosive Shadow2011FHOL Netherlands Derby (Merries) - 3fDuind2
2014Fancy Desire2011FUSA James Lynch -3fPcD1
2014Fancy Desire2011FUSA Ladyship -3fPcD3
2014Fire To The Rain2011MNOR Ulf Thoresen Minnelopp- 3Jarl1
2014Flyer Boshoeve2012FGER Jugend Preis -2Daglf1
2014Gatka Hanover2012F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:56.0
2014Gee O'Keeffe2012FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTGRvr3
2014Go Daddy Go2012MCAN Battle of Waterloo -2cGRvr2
2014Gold Cora2012FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTTgDnL
2014Harper Blue Chip2011MCAN Breeders Championship -3cTMohL
2014Harper Blue Chip2011MCAN OSS Gold - 3cTMoh3
2014Harper Blue Chip2011MCAN OSS Gold - 3cTRidC3
2014Harper Blue Chip2011MCAN OSS Super -3cTMoh2
2014Harper Blue Chip2011MO'Brien 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearCAN 
2014Heavens Door2011F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.0
2014Highest Peak2011FUSA Hudson Filly Trot -3fTYR2
2014Im the Answer2008GNOR Marthinsens AeroslopJarlL
2014Iron2012MUSA American National -2cTBmlP2
2014Jaccka Justy 2006GNZ Dominion Hcp -OTAdd1
2014Lambert Sas2005MHUN Marschall Jozsef EmlekversenyKinc2
2014Magic Tonight2009M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:51.5EU
2014Magic Tonight2009MSWE American TrotRoL
2014Magic Tonight2009MSWE Arjang Stora SprinterloppArj2
2014Magic Tonight2009MSWE Pr Philips Jubileumspokal -5Farj3
2014Manny In Sports2012GCAN OSS Gold - 2cMoh3
2014Massive Talent2011GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTLon3
2014Master of Law2010G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.0
2014Master of Law2010GUSA Centaur Trotting Classic -OTHoP1
2014McWicked2011MCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Moh3
2014McWicked2011MO'Brien 3YO C&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
2014McWicked2011MStake Earner of the Year (Pacers) (NA)NA $1,472,937
2014McWicked2011MUSA 3YO C&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
2014McWicked2011MUSA Adios -3Mea1
2014McWicked2011MUSA Breeders Crown -3cM1
2014McWicked2011MUSA Max Hempt Memorial -3cPcD1
2014McWicked2011MUSA Pennsylvania Champ -3cPhl3
2014McWicked2011MUSA Progress Pace -3cDD1
2014Melmerby Beach2011MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3cMoh2
2014Melmerby Beach2011MCAN Summertime Series -3WdbL
2014Miss Elvira1982FHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
2014Model Behavior2012F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.1
2014Mosquito Blue Chip2012FUSA NYSS -2fTgDn3
2014Olympia Tilly2011FSWE Breeders Crown - 3fEsk1
2014Olympia Tilly2011FSWE Oaksrevanschen -3fSolv3
2014Opening Night2008M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.2
2014Origo Tilly2011GSWE E3 Revanchen (Long) -3Gavle2
2014Owen CR2008MITA GP Renzo OrlandiMod2
2014Pascia Lest2009MFRA Prix de L'AtlantiqueEngh1
2014Penn2010G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:53.0
2014Platinum Spirit2011FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fBmlP3
2014Prussia2009FFIN Etain RoyalSein2
2014Prussia2009FITA GP Delle NazioniAgn1
2014Prussia2009FITA GP Gaetano TurilliCap1
2014Prussia2009FStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Italy)EUR180,642€
2014Rania Lest2010FITA GP Continentale -4mBolog2
2014Rania Lest2010FITA GP d'Europa -4mCap2
2014Rockingcam Park2011FUSA John Simpson Memorial -3fM3
2014Royal Aspirations2009MNZ Methven Green Mile - TMethF
2014Royal Aspirations2009MNZ Southern Lights TrotInverF
2014Royal Aspirations2009MNZ Trotters Champ -4/5Add3
2014Royal Status2012GUSA Massachusetts SS- 2cTPRc3
2014Say No Mo2011FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fTBmlP3
2014Seabiscuit2007GSWE Ericssons MemorialSolvF
2014Sixteen Encores2012MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTTgDnL
2014Smoother Ride2010M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
2014Southwind Indy2012GCAN OSS Gold - 2cGeoD3
2014Speak To Me2012F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:53.4
2014Speak To Me2012FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTHoP2
2014Sportskeeper2012MCAN OSS Gold - 2cGeoD3
2014Sunrise Nibbles2012FUSA Ohio SS -2fTScD3
2014Swan in a Million2008MCAN Earl Rowe Memorial -OTGeoD2
2014Sweetie Hearts2011FCAN Casual Breeze -3fTMohL
2014Sweetie Hearts2011FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTGRvr3
2014Sweetie Hearts2011FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTMoh3
2014Sweetie Hearts2011FUSA John Simpson Memorial -3fTM3
2014The Kissing Bandit2009GNSW Dubbo City CupDubboS
2014The Show Returns2012FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fMoh2
2014The Wayfaring Man2012MCAN Dream Maker (ex Kindergarten) -2Moh3
2014Trixton2011M1:51 Trotters (Alltime)INT1:50.3
2014Trixton2011M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:50.3
2014Trixton2011MCAN Goodtimes -3TMoh1
2014Trixton2011MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3TMoh2
2014Trixton2011MUSA Hambletonian -3TM1
2014Trixton2011MUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cTM3
2014Trixton2011MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTML
2014Vics Cheval2009F2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:56.2 (1690m)
2014Vics Cheval2009F2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:59.8 (1720m)
2014Victory Tilly1995MHall of Fame (Sweden)EUR 
2014Wimborne Hanover2012GUSA Keystone Classic -2cTMea3
2014Winmecredit2007MNOR BjerkepokalenBje3
2014Winmecredit2007MNOR Kal Eriksen Minneslopp -5BjeS
2014Witch Dali2011FCAN Niagara Series -3fWdbL
2014Wrangler Magic2012FCAN OSS Gold - 2fMoh3
2013-COntop Girlcharmer2010MUK BHRC 3YO Pacer of the YearUK  
2013-6Harry Haythrow2006GSWE GulddivisionenHalm1
2013-4Harry Haythrow2006GSWE GulddivisionenOr1
2013-2Authorize2010FUSA Hoosier Hysteria -3fHoP3
2013-2Caddie Comet2004GSWE GulddivisionenGavle1
2013-2Cupcake2010FUSA Duenna -3ftML
2013-2Hanky L2010GUSA Parshall Futurity -3GreenL
2013-2Luck is All Ineed2011FUSA Madison County -2fTHoP3
2013-1EL Titan2011MUSA Madison County -2cTHoP3
2013-1Ma Chere Hall2010FUSA Currier and Ives -3fTMeaL
2013-1Olympia Tilly2011FSWE Breeders Crown - 2Bs2
2013-1Pine Credit2010MUSA Hoosier Hysteria -3cTHoP3
2013-1Pink Camo2010FUSA Hoosier Hysteria -3fHoP3
2013-07Anndrovette2007F1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:48.0US
2013 (eq)Conway Hall1995MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2STP (USA)USA34W
2013A Ok Hanover2011GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2cBlomS
2013Abrokenart Hanover2009FUSA Night Styles -3&4fmML
2013Act Now2011FUSA Kentuckiana -2fHoP2
2013Aggressive2011GCAN OSS Gold - 2cTMoh3
2013Alevala Hanover2011FCAN Lucien Bombardier Stakes -2fH3R3
2013Alibi Seelster2011FCAN OSS Gold - 2fMoh3
2013All Laid Out2010M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
2013Allstar Rating2011F1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:50.1
2013Allstar Rating2011F1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.2
2013Allstar Rating2011FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
2013Angies Lucky Star2010FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTGRvr3
2013Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (USA)USA 
2013Anndrovette2007FCAN Roses Are Red -fmMoh1
2013Anndrovette2007FO'Brien Older Mare Pacer of the YearCAN 
2013Anndrovette2007FUSA 4YO+ Mare Pacer of the YearUSA 
2013Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$36,363,613
2013Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Winners (USA)USA1185W
2013Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$14,192,025
2013Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO Winners (USA)USA312W
2013Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA100W
2013Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA112W
2013Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA181W
2013Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA203W
2013Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA117W
2013Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2YOSP (USA)USA118W
2013Auniqueaquistion2010FUSA Ann Vonian -fmBmlPL
2013Auniqueaquistion2010FUSA Grandma Ann -3fBmlP2
2013Auniqueaquistion2010FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fBmlP3
2013Auniqueaquistion2010FUSA Maywood Pace -3fMay3
2013Backina Lifetime2006F2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:59.9
2013Bambino Glide2010GUSA Keystone Classic -3cTMea3
2013Be Winnin2010FCAN Autumn Stakes -3fTWdbL
2013Beautiful Yankee2011FCZ Velke Ceny Dvouletych -2Velka3
2013Blue Star Admiral2010MCAN Adios Pick -3cAlbDL
2013Broadway Socks2011FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2013Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire - Stakes (Russia)EUR 
2013Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA12W
2013Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA36W
2013Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (USA)USA 
2013Cedar Dove2008FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,177,330US
2013Chelseas Chance2011FCAN OSS Grassroots -2fTMohS
2013Classic Gent2010MCAN Youthful Series -3WdbL
2013Classic Martine2010FUSA Keystone Classic -3fTMea3
2013Classic Martine2010FUSA Pennsylvania Champ -3fTMea3
2013Contessa Leigh2010FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ftDelaS
2013Contessa Leigh2010FUSA Ohio SS -3fTScD3
2013Contessa Leigh2010FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftScD3
2013Conway Hall1995MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA45W
2013Creeks Star2009MNOR Johan Widdings Minnelop -4BjeF
2013Dibs2011GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2cpDelaS
2013EL Titan2011M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:53.4
2013EL Titan2011MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2013Elite Awards2011GUSA Delaware Breeders -2cHar3
2013Enrique of Malacca2008GQld Racing Ministers CupAPF
2013From Above2009M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:53.0
2013Glenferrie Dreamer2009MSA Trotters Derby -3TGDP1
2013Green Speed1974MHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
2013Harper Blue Chip2011M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.0
2013Harper Blue Chip2011MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
2013Harper Blue Chip2011MCAN OSS Gold - 2cMoh3
2013Hooray For Willie2011GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ctDelaS
2013I Saw You2006GSWE BergslagsloppetLiL
2013Jaccka Justy 2006GNZ Banks Peninsula Trotting CupMot3
2013JK Molly2011FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fVD3
2013JK Molly2011FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fTgDn3
2013Jolenes Pinehonker2009GUSA Indiana SS -OHTHoP3
2013Jonigold2011FUSA Delaware Breeders -2fHar3
2013Kayla Grace2011FUSA Michigan SS -2fHzP3
2013Lady Windsor2011FUSA Michigan SS -2fTHzP3
2013Lordy Miss Scarlet2010FUSA Massachusetts SS- 3fPRc3
2013Luck is All Ineed2011FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTGRvr3
2013Luck is All Ineed2011FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTRidC3
2013Ma Chere Hall2010F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
2013Ma Chere Hall2010FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
2013Ma Chere Hall2010FUSA Kentucky SS -3fTLex3
2013Ma Chere Hall2010FUSA Matron Stakes -3fTDD2
2013Ma Chere Hall2010FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTML
2013Maggie Cloud2008FFIN Breeders Crown -5mMets1
2013Magic Tonight2009MSWE Fyraaringsstjarnan -4GavleL
2013Magic Tonight2009MSWE Prix Cagnes-sur-Mer -4Jag3
2013Marcella Hall2011FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTGeoD3
2013Marcella Hall2011FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTMoh3
2013Massive Muscles2011GCAN OSS Gold - 2cTGeoD3
2013Master of Law2010GUSA Kentucky SS -3cTLex3
2013Mayberry2011FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTRidC3
2013McWicked2011M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:52.0
2013Mikeys Trottintoy2010GUSA Parshall Futurity -3TGreenL
2013Murder He Wrote2011GUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTgDn3
2013Muscle Mass2005MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA47W
2013Nicky Eileen2004FSA Pride of Petite -OMTGDPF
2013Nikki Beach2010FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
2013Ollyan Nincs2008MHUN Majusi NagydijKinc2
2013Ontop Girlcharmer2010MSCO Hurricane Pace Muss3
2013Ontop Girlcharmer2010MSCO Scottish Grass Derby -3Muss3
2013Owen CR2008MITA Gran Premio Giorgio JegherTri2
2013Pascia Lest2009MSWE Elite - 4Solv2
2013Pine Credit2010MUSA Tompkins Geers -3cTTgDn3
2013Prussia2009FITA GP Citta di Follonica - 4FoDP3
2013Prussia2009FITA GP Continentale -4mBolog2
2013Prussia2009FITA GP d'Europa -4mTurin2
2013Ragata2010FSWE Oaksrevanschen -3fSolv3
2013Rotary OK2010MITA GP Carlo Marangoni -3Turin2
2013Royal Aspirations2009M2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:59.2 (2200m)
2013Royal Aspirations2009M2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:59.7 (1950m)
2013Royal Aspirations2009MNZ 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $118,192, T1:59.2
2013Royal Aspirations2009MNZ Ashburton Boxing Day Trot - TAshF
2013Royal Aspirations2009MNZ Cambridge Trotting Stakes - 3TCambF
2013Royal Aspirations2009MNZ North Canterbury (Michael Carrigg Memorial) TrotRngF
2013Royal Aspirations2009MNZ SS -3TAxP2
2013Royal Aspirations2009MNZ Yearling Sales Series -3TAddL
2013Ruby2011F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.3
2013Serrano Hall2011FWAL Junior Welsh Dragoness - 2fTregF
2013Simply Class2011FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
2013Simply Class2011FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
2013Sir Benjamin2010MNOR Pr. Martha Louises Pokallop - 3Biri2
2013Slip Into Glide2008G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.2
2013Summer Indian2009G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:51.1
2013Sushi Sushi2007M$500,000 Stake Earners (ANZ$ only) (All Time)AUS$1,103,327
2013Sushi Sushi2007MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,103,327
2013Sushi Sushi2007MVic Bendigo CupBen2
2013Thorn in Your Side2010GCAN Autumn Stakes -3cWdbL
2013Trixton2011M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.4
2013True Advantage2007FSWE Peace Corps Lopp -OMTSolv3
2013Twin B Famous2010MCAN OSS Gold - 3cMoh3
2013Upfront Billy2009G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.0
2013Vacanza2008F2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:59.8 (1950m)
2013Vibe Blue Chip2010GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
2013Vibe Blue Chip2010GUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela3
2013Vida De Vie2010FUSA Lady Suffolk -3fTFhld2
2013Western Shore2003MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,247,985
2013Win Missy B2009FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,599,436US
2013Winning Mister2006MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,116,484US
2013Winning Pursuit2011FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fTTgDn3
2013Yoga2011F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.4
2013Yoga2011FUSA Acorn -2fTPhl2
2013Yucatan2010MCAN Valedictory Series -3cWdbL
2012-FDonna Di Quattro2010FSWE ASVT Trottex Auktionslopp -2SolvF
2012-4Donna Di Quattro2010FSWE Breeders Crown - 2Jag2
2012-3Hanky L2010GUSA Parshall Futurity -2GreenL
2012-3Win Missy B2009FUSA Currier and Ives -3fTMeaL
2012-2Pink Camo2010FUSA State Fair Manager -2fScDL
2012-2Upfront Billy2009GUSA Circle City -3ctIndyL
2012-1Contessa Leigh2010FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2012-1Melissa L2010FUSA Parshall Futurity -2GreenL
2012-08Panther Hanover2009M1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:47.2US
2012-08Put on a Show2007F1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:47.3US
2012 (eq)Dragon Again1995MLeading Sire of Pacers - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA56W
2012All Laid Out2010M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.3
2012All Laid Out2010MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2012Andover Hall1999MLeading Sire - Stakes (Finland)EUR 
2012Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA64W
2012Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (USA)USA 
2012Anndrovette2007FCAN Roses Are Red -fmMoh1
2012Anndrovette2007FO'Brien Older Mare Pacer of the YearCAN 
2012Anndrovette2007FUSA 4YO+ Mare Pacer of the YearUSA 
2012Anndrovette2007FUSA Breeders Crown -OMPWdb1
2012Anndrovette2007FUSA Overbid Series -OMM2
2012Appomattox2009M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.2
2012Appomattox2009MUSA Bluegrass -3cTLex3
2012Arnies Way AD2008MAUT Austria Derby - 4Krie1
2012Arnies Way AD2008MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Austria)EUR47,670€
2012Art Director2001MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,123,734
2012Art Z2008GUSA Four Leaf Clover -OPML
2012Arterra1997FHall of Fame Living (USA)USA 
2012Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$36,687,107
2012Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Winners (USA)USA1190W
2012Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$14,311,089
2012Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO Winners (USA)USA304W
2012Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA91W
2012Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA85W
2012Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA179W
2012Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA201W
2012Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA119W
2012Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2YOSP (USA)USA119W
2012Aunt Mel2009FUSA New Jersey Futurity -3TFhldL
2012Aunt Mel2009FUSA Review Stakes -3fTSpr2
2012Authorize2010F1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.1
2012Authorize2010FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
2012Authorize2010FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2fM3
2012Big Jer2009MUSA Michigan SS -3cHzP3
2012Blatantly Best2010MUSA Circle City -2cIndyL
2012Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA15W
2012Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA52W
2012Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (USA)USA 
2012Cao Dai2008MGER Breeders Crown -4hGels1
2012Cao Dai2008MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Germany)EUR39,841€
2012Captive Audience2010M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:50.2
2012Captive Audience2010MCAN Champlain Stakes -2Moh2
2012Carol Alice2010FCAN Atlantic Breeders Crown -2fChrtn3
2012Cedar Dove2008F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
2012Classic Martine2010FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2012Classic Martine2010FUSA Keystone Classic -2fTMea3
2012Contessa Leigh2010FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ftDelaS
2012Contessa Leigh2010FUSA Ohio SS -2fTScD3
2012Cosimo Bromac2003G1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:54.7
2012Cowboy Caper2009GCAN Adios Pick -3cAlbDL
2012Duggans Pride2008MUK Breeders Crown -4hYork1
2012Eastwood Blue Chip2009GUSA Junior Trendsetter -3cML
2012Flicka Frost1954FHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
2012Fountainbleau Volo2008G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.2
2012Fountainbleau Volo2008GUSA Horse And Groom -OTML
2012Fox Valley Appeal2003G1:52 Performances (Alltime-ANZ)ANZ1:51.7
2012Fox Valley Appeal2003G1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:51.7
2012Frost Bites K2009MUSA Currier and Ives -3TMeaL
2012Good Day Mate2010MUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2cMea3
2012Goodtime Mike2009GVic Loddon Valley Juvenile - 2cBenF
2012Iam Bonasera2007GUSA Tony Maurello -OHPBmlP2
2012Im the Answer2008GNOR Josef Kleins Lop -4Lgn3
2012Im the Answer2008GSWE Fyraaringsstjarnan -4GavleL
2012Im the Answer2008GSWE Prix Cagnes-sur-Mer -4Jag3
2012Jaccka Justy 2006GNZ Central Otago FFA - TOmaF
2012Jet Speed2009FCAN OSS Grassroots -3fGRvrS
2012Jolenes Pinehonker2009GUSA Indiana SS -3cTHoP3
2012Lindys Jersey Boy2009MUSA Keystone Classic -3cTMea3
2012Luscious Leigh2010FUSA Delaware Breeders -2fTDD3
2012Ma Chere Hall2010F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.3
2012Ma Chere Hall2010FUSA Kindergarten Classic -2ftVD3
2012Magic Tonight2009M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
2012Magic Tonight2009MUSA Pennsylvania Champ -3cTPcD3
2012Manalapan1998FSWE Breeders Crown - 4HEsk1
2012Maxwell Mayday2005GFIN Käpylä Grand PrixVermo3
2012Maxwell Mayday2005GFIN Kouvolo AjoKouv2
2012Maxwell Mayday2005GFIN St Michel AJOMikk1
2012Maxwell Mayday2005GStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Finland)EUR180,008€
2012Miss Chip K2009FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
2012Miss Chip K2009FUSA Keystone Classic -3fTMea3
2012Morrigan2010FUSA Massachusetts SS- 2fPRc3
2012Mousse2009FSWE E3 Classic (Short) - 3fGavle1
2012Musclescorleone2010GCAN OSS Gold - 2cTFlmD3
2012Nicky Eileen2004F2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT2:00.0 (1670m)
2012Nicky Eileen2004FWA Gloucester Park FFA -TGPF
2012Nikki Beach2010F1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:52.0
2012Nikki Beach2010FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
2012Nikki Beach2010FUSA Kentuckiana -2fIndy2
2012Nikki Beach2010FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fM3
2012Nmack Beach2007G1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:54.2
2012Nmack Beach2007GNSW TP Menangle Country SeriesMenL
2012No Recess2009GUSA Minnesota Championship -3TAces3
2012Ollyan Nincs2008MHUN Hungaria DijKinc2
2012Ollyan Nincs2008MHUN Szent Istvan DijKinc2
2012On the Bright Side2009FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
2012One Bad Cookie2003FUSA Minnesota Champ -OTAces3
2012Our Ice Ice Baby2007F1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:53.5
2012Owen CR2008MITA GP Citta di Follonica - 4FoDP3
2012Owen CR2008MITA GP d'Europa - 4SS2
2012Oyster Kronos2008FSWE Sto Sprintern -4MTHalm3
2012Panera Hanover2010FUSA Lou Babic Pace-2fFhld2
2012Panther Hanover2009MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3cMoh2
2012Panther Hanover2009MFastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA1:47.2
2012Panther Hanover2009MFastest Pacer of The Year (USA)USA1:47.2
2012Panther Hanover2009MUSA New Jersey Classic -3cM2
2012Pascia Lest2009MITA Derby Italiano - 3TdV1
2012Pascia Lest2009MITA Elwood Medium -3Pad2
2012Pascia Lest2009MITA GP Carlo Marangoni -3Turin2
2012Pascia Lest2009MITA GP Citta Di Napoli - 3Agn2
2012Pascia Lest2009MITA GP Nazionale - 3SS1
2012Pascia Lest2009MITA Premio Tito Giovanardi - 3Mod2
2012Pascia Lest2009MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Italy)EUR453,390€
2012Pascia Lest2009MStake Earner of the Year (Italy)EUR453,390€
2012Peace Corps1986FHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
2012Pine Credit2010M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.3
2012Pine Credit2010MUSA Acorn -2fTVD2
2012Pine Credit2010MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TVD2
2012Pine Credit2010MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2012Power Pack Hanover2010M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.3
2012Put on a Show2007FCAN A Spring of Hope -OMPMoh2
2012Put on a Show2007FEvolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NA)USA1:47.3
2012Put on a Show2007FMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$2,406,628
2012Put on a Show2007FUSA Lady Liberty -OMM2
2012Roman Stride2005GACT Canberra Cup - OPCanb2
2012Roman Stride2005GNSW Bathurst City/LM CupBathL
2012Roman Stride2005GNSW PDF (Chippys) CupPenrF
2012Roman Stride2005GNSW Young CupYoung3
2012Royal Aspirations2009M2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:56.5
2012Royal Aspirations2009MEvolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NZ)NZ T1:56.5
2012Royal Aspirations2009MNZ 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $104.322, T1:56.5
2012Royal Aspirations2009MNZ Harness Jewels (Ruby) -2TCamb1
2012Royal Aspirations2009MNZ Yearling Sales Series -2TAddL
2012Sand Royal Blu2010MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
2012Sand Violent Blu2009FUSA Keystone Classic -3fTMea3
2012Skylites Finale2010GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2cBlomS
2012Smoother Ride2010MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
2012Sonny McDreamee2005G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:53.0
2012Stormin Normand2009M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:51.4
2012Strike an Attitude2008FMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,000,870
2012Summer Indian2009GUSA Dream of Glory -3tHnvrL
2012Sushi Sushi2007M1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:54.3 (1720m)
2012Sushi Sushi2007M1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:54.9 (2240m)
2012Sushi Sushi2007MNZ Kaikoura CupKaik2
2012Swan in a Million2008M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
2012Tacs Delight2005G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
2012Tesla2009FUSA Parshall Futurity -3TGreenL
2012Triumphant Monarch2008G2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:59.7 (1720m)
2012Triumphant Monarch2008GVic Aust. Breeders Crown -3TMeltn1
2012UF Dragons Queen2010FUSA Keystone Classic -2fMea3
2012Undercover Strike2008G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
2012Upfront Billy2009GUSA Currier and Ives -3TMeaL
2012Upfront Billy2009GUSA Oliver Trot Classic -3TIndy3
2012We Belong Together2009MUSA Governors Trophy/Cup -3TScDL
2012Win Missy B2009F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.0
2012Win Missy B2009FUSA Kentucky Futurity -3fTLex1
2012Win Missy B2009FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTML
2012Winning Mister2006M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:51.3
2012Winning Mister2006MCAN Earl Rowe Memorial -OTGeoD2
2012Zilver Boko2006GHarness Horse of the Year (Malta)EUR 
2011-FDairy Queen2009FSWE Svampen Orebro -2Or3
2011-2Northern Companion2008GUSA Parshall Futurity -3GreenL
2011-1Hare Craft2008GUSA Circle City -3cIndyL
2011-1We Belong Together2009MUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
2011-06Hare Craft2008G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2011-06Iam Bonasera2007G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.2US
2011-05Anndrovette2007F1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2011-05Watermelonwine2008M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2011Alexie Mattosie2006GUSA Presidential -OPM3
2011Alexie Mattosie2006GUSA William R Haughton Memorial- OPM1
2011All Action Man2005G2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:58.8
2011American Gangster2009M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.4
2011American Gangster2009MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TVD2
2011Amour Ami2002MFIN Killerin EliitiJyvF
2011Amour Ami2002MSWE Hilda Zonett LoppBsL
2011Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA57W
2011Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (USA)USA 
2011Anndrovette2007FCAN A Spring of Hope -OMPMoh2
2011Anndrovette2007FO'Brien Older Mare Pacer of the YearCAN 
2011Anndrovette2007FUSA 4YO+ Mare Pacer of the YearUSA 
2011Anndrovette2007FUSA Artiscape Pace -OMPTgDn2
2011Anndrovette2007FUSA Betsy Ross Memorial -OMPChst2
2011Anndrovette2007FUSA Breeders Crown -OMPWdb1
2011Apogee Hanover2009F1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:52.0
2011Apogee Hanover2009FCAN OSS Gold - 2fMoh3
2011Apogee Hanover2009FCAN OSS Gold - 2fWdb3
2011Apogee Hanover2009FCAN OSS Super -2fWdb2
2011Archer IT1990MLeading Sire - Stakes (Slovenia)EUR 
2011Arctic Love2006FFIN Arvid Avallin Tammaderby -5mVermo2
2011Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$34,256,905
2011Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Winners (USA)USA827W
2011Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$12,308,928
2011Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO Winners (USA)USA316W
2011Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA89W
2011Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA98W
2011Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA170W
2011Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA197W
2011Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA132W
2011Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2YOSP (USA)USA132W
2011Aunt Mel2009FUSA Review Stakes -2cTSpr2
2011Barefoot Brook2009FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ftBlomS
2011Big Jer2009MUSA Michigan SS -2cHzP3
2011Born in Birdland2004GFIN Tammer-AjoTeivo3
2011Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA28W
2011Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA36W
2011Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 2YO (USA)USA47W
2011Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA53W
2011Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2STP (USA)USA54W
2011Cao Dai2008MGER Breeders Crown -3cGels1
2011Cedar Dove2008FUSA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
2011Cedar Dove2008FUSA Breeders Crown -3fTWdb1
2011Cedar Dove2008FUSA Kentucky Futurity -3fTLex1
2011Count Me In2009GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ctDelaS
2011Count Me In2009GUSA Ohio SS -2cTScD3
2011Crown Sweep1984MLeading Sire - Stakes (Serbia)EUR 
2011Denver Cyclone2009MUSA Maine Sires Stake -2cScar3
2011Duluth2009MUSA Circle City -2ctIndyL
2011Dutch Richman2008GUSA Cardinal -3cBmlPL
2011Dutch Richman2008GUSA Hanover Stakes -3cBmlP3
2011EL Rock2008GUSA Charles Smith Mem -3cTFhld3
2011EL Rock2008GUSA New Jersey Futurity -3TFhldL
2011Elstar Pride2002GSWE KG Bertmarks MinnesloppJagL
2011Fire In The Cell2008FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ftDelaS
2011Flex the Muscle2007M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
2011Flipper J2008MUSA Tompkins Geers -3cTgDn3
2011Foolish Kiss2004FNSW Tamworth CupTamw2
2011Fox Valley Appeal2003G1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:53.7
2011Fox Valley Appeal2003G1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:54.8 (1660m)
2011Fox Valley Appeal2003GQld Albion Park Free For AllAPF
2011Fox Valley Velvet2009FUSA Violet -2fTBmlPL
2011From Above2009M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.4
2011From Above2009MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2011From Above2009MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2011Frost Bites K2009MUSA Hoosier -2cTIndy3
2011Full Picture2007FUSA Petticoat 3/4fmYR3
2011Go On Pale2001GSWE HallandmasterenHalmF
2011Hare Craft2008GUSA Ohio SS -3cScD3
2011Il Villaggio2007M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:51.4
2011Il Villaggio2007MUSA Pride in Progress -OTIndy3
2011Im the Answer2008G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
2011Im the Answer2008GUSA NYSS -3cTStga3
2011In Deep Thought2008FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fPcDL
2011JJ Hall2008GUSA Governors Trophy/Cup -3TScDL
2011JJ Hall2008GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ctDelaS
2011JJ Hall2008GUSA Ohio SS -3cTScD3
2011JK Owhatanite2008FUSA Lismore -3fYR2
2011JK Panache2009GUSA Landmark Stake -2cGoshL
2011Keenan2008GUSA Tompkins Geers -3cTTgDn3
2011Krispy Apple2008FUSA Miss New Jersey -3fM2
2011Krispy Apple2008FUSA Shady Daisy -3fPcD2
2011Krispy Apple2008FUSA Tattersalls (Garnsey Memorial) -3fLex2
2011Lady Andi2009FUSA Kindergarten Classic -2ftVD3
2011Leader of the Gang2008MUSA Yonkers Trot -3TYR1
2011Libertador Olm2005MITA GP D'Inverno (Etto Barbetti)SS2
2011Love Walked In2009FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
2011Love Walked In2009FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2011Maggie Cloud2008FFIN Breeders Crown - 3fSein2
2011Maggie Cloud2008FFIN Tammahambo -3fLahti3
2011Magic Tonight2009M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.1
2011Magic Tonight2009MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2011Magic Tonight2009MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2011Margarita Mary2006F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:53.0
2011McBoogie2009G1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:52.0
2011Mikayla Rose2008FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fPcDL
2011Miss Dat Kat2009FUSA Michigan SS -2fTHzP3
2011Miss Shape2008FSWE E3 Revanchen (Long) -3fGavle2
2011Miss Shape2008FSWE Oaksrevanschen -3fSolv3
2011ML Cupcake2008FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ftDelaS
2011ML Cupcake2008FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftScD3
2011Mojo Terror2008GUSA NYSS -3cStga3
2011Mortal Zin2009GUSA New Jersey Futurity -2FhldL
2011On the Bright Side2009F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:56.0
2011On the Bright Side2009FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2011Opening Night2008MUSA Pennsylvania Champ -3cTChst3
2011Opening Night2008MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
2011Owen CR2008MITA GP Nazionale - 3SS1
2011Oyster Kronos2008FITA Oaks Del Trotto - 3fTdV1
2011Pascia Lest2009MITA GP Allevatori - 2TdV1
2011Pascia Lest2009MITA Gran Premio Delle Aste -2SS3
2011Pascia Lest2009MStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Italy)EUR165,670€
2011Pascia Lest2009MStake Earner of the Year (2YOT) (Europe)EUR165,670€
2011Per Mento2007MDEN Jydsk Grand Prix - 4JydskF
2011Roman Stride2005G1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:54.0
2011Roman Stride2005GNSW Joe Ilsey CupMenL
2011Roman Stride2005GNSW Newcastle CupNewc3
2011Roman Stride2005GNSW TP Menangle FFAMenF
2011Roman Stride2005GNSW Winter CupMenL
2011Royal Becquet2003GCAN WEGZ Stakes -OPWdbL
2011Sand Violent Blu2009F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.3
2011Sand Violent Blu2009FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2011Sand Violent Blu2009FUSA Keystone Classic -2fTMea3
2011Sand Violent Blu2009FUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2fTPcD3
2011Sand Violent Blu2009FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2011Seabiscuit2007GFIN Finland Derby - 4Vermo1
2011Seabiscuit2007GStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Finland)EUR122,341€
2011Seducedbychocolate2008FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
2011Select Yankee2006MNOR Rex Rodney Arespris -4/5Forus3
2011Spectator K2008MUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cTVD3
2011Stick Man Moe2003M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.1
2011Stormin Normand2009M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.3
2011Stormin Normand2009MUSA Keystone Classic -2cTMea3
2011Stormin Normand2009MUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2cTPcD3
2011Strike an Attitude2008FUSA Tattersalls (Garnsey Memorial) -3fLex2
2011Strike The Cheque2009GCAN Balanced Image -2THnvrL
2011Striking Actions2005MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Austria)EUR74,450€
2011Sushi Sushi2007M1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:54.1 (2300m)
2011Sushi Sushi2007M1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:54.4 (2240m)
2011Sushi Sushi2007MAustralian 3YO C&G Pacer of the YearAUS 
2011Sushi Sushi2007MNSW Breeders Challenge -3cMen1
2011Sushi Sushi2007MNZ GN Derby -3AxP1
2011Sushi Sushi2007MStake Earner of the Year (3YOP) (Aust)AUS$399,680
2011Sushi Sushi2007MVic Aust. Breeders Crown -3cMeltn1
2011Sushi Sushi2007MVic Derby (heat) -3MeltnS
2011Sushi Sushi2007MVic Victoria Derby -3Meltn1
2011Swan in a Million2008MUSA Review Stakes -3cTSpr2
2011Thenoreasterbeast2008MUSA Maine Sires Stake -3cScar3
2011Thundering Ovation2009FCAN OSS Grassroots -2fTMohS
2011Timberland1998MLeading Sire - Stakes (Germany)EUR 
2011Twin B Warrior2007GCAN Willowdale Series -4WdbL
2011Tymal Recap2008GCAN OSS Grassroots -3cTMohS
2011Watermelonwine2008MCAN OSS Gold - 3cGeoD3
2011Wee Catch Diamond2006MGER Breeders Crown -5/7hGels1
2011Win Missy B2009F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:53.3
2011Win Missy B2009FCAN Peaceful Way Stakes -2fTMoh1
2011Win Missy B2009FUSA Goldsmith Maid -2fTChst1
2011Win Missy B2009FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2011Win Missy B2009FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
2011Windsun Lane2004GCAN General Brock Series -4TWdbL
2011Winmecredit2007MNOR Axel Jensen Minnelop -4TBje2
2011Wrangler Betonme2009MCAN Alberta SS Super -2cNP3
2011Zall Good2009GUSA Orange and Blue -2cBmlP3
2010-3Brewing Master2008GUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2010-2Power of a Moment2007GUSA Circle City -3cIndyL
2010-10Redneck Riviera2006G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.2US
2010-1Iam Bonasera2007GUSA Circle City -3cIndyL
2010-1JJ Hall2008GUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2010-1Lookin Fiesty2008MUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
2010-1ML Cupcake2008FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2010-1Playin for Keeps2008GUSA Elevation -2cIndy3
2010-09Estero Bay2006M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2010-09Put on a Show2007F1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2010-08Astounding Hanover2006G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2010-07Balanchine2004G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2010-07Dalhousie Dave2007G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2010-07Monster Dragon2006G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2010-06Anderlecht2005M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2010-06Dial or Nodial2006G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2010-06Star Party2006G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.1US
2010-06The Mohegan Pan2005M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.2US
2010-06Western Shore2003M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:48.3US
2010-05Takeshigemichi2004M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.0US
2010-05Valentino2007M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2010-04All or None2006F1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2010-03Alexie Mattosie2006G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.1US
2010 (eq)Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA53W
2010 (eq)Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA9W
2010 (eq)Conway Hall1995MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA15W
2010A Pippin Hanover2007FCAN Miss Vera Bars -3fWdbL
2010A Worthy Lad1987MHall of Fame (Canada)CAN 
2010Ace of Pace2008F1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:52.0
2010Ace of Pace2008FUSA Countess Adios -2fM2
2010Ace of Pace2008FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2fM3
2010Amour Ami2002M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.5EU
2010Amour Ami2002MFIN Killerin EliitiJyvF
2010Amour Ami2002MFIN St Michel AJOMikk1
2010Anderlecht2005MCAN Des Smith Classic -OPRidC3
2010Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (USA)USA 
2010Anndrovette2007FUSA American National -3fBmlP2
2010Anndrovette2007FUSA Lady Maud -3fYR1
2010Anndrovette2007FUSA NYSS -3fVD3
2010Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$25,747,523
2010Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$13,765,120
2010Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA93W
2010Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA101W
2010Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA168W
2010Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA183W
2010Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA130w
2010Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2YOSP (USA)USA132W
2010Aruba Vacation2007GUSA Tompkins Geers -3cTTgDn3
2010Audition2008GUSA Kentucky SS -2cTLex3
2010Backina Lifetime2006FNSW Bathurst Gold Coronet -3TBathL
2010Bar Slide2007F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
2010Bar Slide2007FUSA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
2010Bar Slide2007FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
2010Bar Slide2007FUSA Hambletonian Oaks -3fTM1
2010Barbra Ann2008FUSA Maine Sires Stake -2fScar3
2010Buvet2006MNOR Johan Widdings Minnelop -4BjeF
2010Caddie Dream2005FNOR Kal Eriksen Minneslopp -5BjeS
2010Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 2YO (USA)USA35W
2010Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA36W
2010Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2STP (USA)USA37W
2010Cedar Dove2008FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2010Chancy Roberto2004MFIN Festivaali-ajoKaust3
2010Chancy Roberto2004MFIN Number OneOulu3
2010Chiola Hanover1976MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Stakes (Australia)AUS$739,006
2010Conartist Hanover2008MUSA Delaware Breeders -2cDD3
2010Crown Sweep1984MLeading Sire - Stakes (Serbia)EUR 
2010Dalhousie Dave2007GCAN Summertime Series -3WdbL
2010Dali2005MCAN Spring Championship -4+Wdb3
2010Dali2005MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,410,714
2010Denver Dolly2008GUSA Massachusetts SS- 2cPRc3
2010Dial or Nodial2006GUSA Allerage Open -OPLex1
2010Dollys Joy2008FUSA Indiana SS -2fIndy3
2010Doonbeg2003MEvolution of Pacers Mile (Europe)EUR1:53.7
2010Doonbeg2003MEvolution of Pacers Racemile (Europe)EUR1:53.7
2010Doonbeg2003MSCO Hazel Kemp Memorial FFAMussF
2010Duggans Phoenix2007FWAL Little Welsh Dragoness - 3fTregL
2010Dutch Richman2008G1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.2
2010Dutch Richman2008GUSA Orange and Blue -2cBmlP3
2010Flex the Muscle2007MUSA Charles Smith Mem -3cTFhld3
2010Flex the Muscle2007MUSA Dexter Cup -3TFhld2
2010Flex the Muscle2007MUSA Galt Memorial -3cTMay3
2010Flex the Muscle2007MUSA NJSS (Fall) -3cTFhld3
2010Flex the Muscle2007MUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela3
2010Flipper J2008MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTgDn3
2010Fox Valley Appeal2003G1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:53.7 (1660m)
2010Fox Valley Appeal2003G1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:54.5 (1660m)
2010Fox Valley Appeal2003GQld Albion Park Free For AllAPF
2010Fox Valley Oracle2007FUSA Violet -3fBmlPL
2010Georgia Pacific2001GMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,299,889
2010Go On Pale2001GSWE Hilda Zonett LoppBsL
2010Go On Pale2001GSWE MalmloppetSkelF
2010Graceful Touch2000FUSA Broodmare (Trot) of the YearUSA 
2010Great Emancipator2007GUSA Hanover Stakes -3cTBmlP3
2010Hare Craft2008GUSA Ohio SS -2cLeb3
2010Hawthorns Maggie2007FSCO Scottish Futurity - 2Corb3
2010Hes So Hot2008GUSA Cardinal -2cMayL
2010Hes So Hot2008GUSA Hanover Stakes -2cBmlP3
2010I Kill Time2008FUSA NJSS (Fall) -2fFhldL
2010Iam Bonasera2007GUSA Pete Langley Memorial -3cBmlP2
2010If I Can Dream2006MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,990,276
2010Im Sheila2008FCAN Alberta SS Super -2fNP3
2010Impressive Kemp2007FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
2010Impressive Kemp2007FUSA Breeders Crown -3fTPcD1
2010Impressive Kemp2007FUSA John Simpson Memorial -3fTVD3
2010Impressive Kemp2007FUSA Zweig Memorial -3fTTgDn3
2010In Deep Thought2008FUSA Circle City -2fIndyL
2010Ise The By Boy2007GCAN OSS Grassroots -3cLonS
2010Jetblue Volo2007MUSA Tompkins Geers -3cTTgDn3
2010JJ Hall2008GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ctDelaS
2010Katkin2006FUSA Michigan SS -4mTNor3
2010KDK Primadonna2007FUSA Maine Sires Stake -3fScar3
2010Krispy Apple2008FUSA Matron Stakes -2fDD2
2010Leader of the Gang2008M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.2
2010Leader of the Gang2008MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
2010Leader of the Gang2008MUSA NJSS (Summer) -2cTM3
2010Libertador Olm2005MITA Gran Premio Giorgio JegherTri2
2010Lucas Ness2002GMAL Presidents CupMarsaS
2010McAce of Arts2008FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
2010Medusa Blue Chip2008FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2010Merited Victory2005G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
2010Mistral Bi2006FITA GP Coppa di MilanoSS3
2010ML Cupcake2008FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ftDelaS
2010Muscle Massive2007M1:51 Trotters (Alltime)INT1:51.0
2010Muscle Massive2007M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:51.0
2010Muscle Massive2007MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3TMoh2
2010Muscle Massive2007MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,239,138US
2010Muscle Massive2007MUSA Hambletonian -3TM1
2010Muscle Massive2007MUSA NJSS (Summer) -3cTM3
2010Muscle Massive2007MUSA Stanley Dancer (ex Beacon Course) -3TM1
2010Musette Mindale2008FUSA Keystone Classic -2fMea3
2010Nana2007FHarness Horse of the Year (Hungary)EUR 
2010Nana2007FHUN Magyar Ugetoderby - 3Kinc1
2010Northwest Hanover2007FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
2010Northwest Hanover2007FUSA Keystone Classic -3fMea3
2010One America2008MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cMea3
2010Playin for Keeps2008GUSA Sarah Meyers -2cpBmlPS
2010Power of a Moment2007GUSA Cardinal -3cBmlPL
2010Prana2008MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
2010Prom Mister2007GCAN Adios Pick -3cGrnPrL
2010Put on a Show2007FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fMoh2
2010Put on a Show2007FUSA 3YO Filly Pacer of the YearUSA 
2010Put on a Show2007FUSA Breeders Crown -3fPcD1
2010Put on a Show2007FUSA Miss New Jersey -3fM2
2010Put on a Show2007FUSA Nadia Lobell -3fLex1
2010Put on a Show2007FUSA NJSS (Summer) -3fM3
2010Put on a Show2007FUSA Tarport Hap -3fM2
2010Put on a Show2007FUSA Valley Forge -3fChst2
2010Queen Jane2008FUSA Review Stakes -2fTSpr2
2010Roman Stride2005G1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:54.2
2010Samcango2007GUSA Parshall Futurity -3TGreenL
2010Seducedbychocolate2008FUSA Kindergarten Classic -2ftVD3
2010Select Yankee2006MSWE Prix Cagnes-sur-Mer -4Jag3
2010Show and Tell2008FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
2010Skyway Cruiser2007GUSA Horseman Futurity -3TInd3
2010Solar Active1999GSA Globe Derby Park FFA -TGDPF
2010Solar Active1999GSA Trotters CupGDP3
2010Stepping Space2006FSWE Breeders Crown - 4MEsk1
2010Strike an Attitude2008F1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.2
2010Strike an Attitude2008FCAN Whenuwishuponastar -2fMoh3
2010Strike an Attitude2008FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
2010Strike an Attitude2008FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
2010Strike an Attitude2008FUSA Keystone Classic -2fMea3
2010Striking Lass2008FUSA Ohio SS -2fTLeb3
2010Surclasser2007GUSA Governors Trophy/Cup -3TScDL
2010Sushi Sushi2007M1:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)ANZ1:57.0
2010Sushi Sushi2007M1:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)ANZ1:57.3
2010Sushi Sushi2007M1:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)ANZ1:57.7 (2240m)
2010Sushi Sushi2007M1:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)ANZ1:58.0 (1660m)
2010Sushi Sushi2007MQld Kevin Seymour Nursery -2cAP1
2010Thatsnotmyname2008F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.0
2010Thatsnotmyname2008FUSA Merrie Annabelle -2fTM1
2010Thatsnotmyname2008FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2fTM3
2010Thenoreasterbeast2008MUSA Maine Sires Stake -2cScar3
2010Tommi My Girl2007FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fTFlmDL
2010Trick Man2007MUSA Director of Agriculture Pace - 3ScD3
2010Trick Man2007MUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3cpDelaS
2010Trick Man2007MUSA Ohio SS -3cLeb3
2010Twilight Artist2008MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cMea3
2010Twin B Legend2008G1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.2
2010Twin B Legend2008GCAN OSS Gold - 2cMoh3
2010Twin B Warrior2007GCAN OSS Gold - 3cWR3
2010Ultimate Cameron2007FCAN Casual Breeze -3fTMohL
2010Ultimate Cameron2007FCAN Elegantimage -3fTMoh1
2010Vasterbo Face It2007GDEN Trearingseliten -3Char2
2010Wind Me Up2008M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.1
2010Wind Me Up2008MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTgDn3
2010Xanthos Crown2004GSWE AxevallalopningAxe3
2010Zorro Photo2006MITA GP Continentale - 4Bolog1
2009-2Get Chipped2006FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftScD3
2009-2Peter Lugar2006MUSA Oliver Trot Classic -3TIndy3
2009-2Solar Active1999GVic Yarra Valley Trotters CupYVF
2009-2Standpoint2004MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
2009-11Arts Diva2005F1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2009-1Fox Avenue Mom2006FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftScD3
2009-1If I Can Dream2006MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
2009-1Winning Mister2006MUSA Oliver Trot Classic -3TIndy3
2009-09Showherthemoney2006F1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.0US
2009-08Best Magic2004G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2009-08If I Can Dream2006M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2009-07Trade Editor2005G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2009-03Splendid Kisser2004G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2009 (eq)Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA35W
2009 (eq)Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2STP (USA)USA36W
2009 (eq)Conway Hall1995MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA6W
2009 (eq)Conway Hall1995MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA50W
2009Abadeno2005MAUT Pokal Der Vierjahrigen -4MagnaF
2009Amour Angus1987FHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
2009Anderlecht2005MCAN Cam Fella Series -OPWdbL
2009Anderlecht2005MCAN City of Greater Sudbury -OPSudby3
2009Angostura2007FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTWdb2
2009Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (USA)USA 
2009Arctic Love2006FFIN Kymenlaaks Ajo -3Kouv3
2009Arctic Love2006FFIN Uudenmaan Upein -3VermoL
2009Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire - Winners (Australia)AUS258W
2009Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (Australia)AUS 
2009Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$34,894,359
2009Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$17,685,642
2009Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO Winners (USA)USA261W
2009Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA72W
2009Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA79W
2009Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA148W
2009Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA170W
2009Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA112W
2009Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2YOSP (USA)USA113W
2009Baileys Breeze2007MCAN Flamboro Breeders -2fTFlmDL
2009Bar Slide2007F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.1
2009Bar Slide2007FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
2009Bell On Wheels2006FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3fBlomS
2009Bixan Mortar1999GUK Prakas Championship - OTTirPF
2009Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA21W
2009Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA37W
2009Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 2YO (USA)USA34W
2009Carbon Footprint2007MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTTgDn3
2009Chaser2007GUSA Hayes Memorial -2cDuQ3
2009Chiola Hanover1976MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Stakes (Australia)AUS$819,125
2009Crown Laurel2007FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fTLex3
2009Delmetra Qui2006FAUT Prinz Th. Ypsilanti Memorial -3Magna3
2009Dial or Nodial2006GCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Moh3
2009Dial or Nodial2006GUSA NJSS (Summer) -3cM3
2009Eagle Real One2003MUSA Joe Gerrity Memorial -OHPStga2
2009Earl Tilly2001GSWE KalmarsundspokalenKr2
2009Earned Income2000FWAL Crock Of Gold -OPTirP1
2009Earned Income2000FWAL Welsh Classic - OPTregF
2009Flex the Muscle2007MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
2009Fox Valley Oracle2007FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fBmlP3
2009Fox Valley Oracle2007FUSA Orange and Blue -2fBmlP3
2009Fox Valley Oracle2007FUSA Violet -2fMayL
2009Fox Valley Topaz2006FUSA Grandma Ann -3fBmlP2
2009Gentle Tilly2003MNOR BjerkepokalenBje3
2009Ghibellino2003MITA GP Renzo OrlandiMod2
2009Go On Pale2001GSWE Gosta Bergengrens MinnesloppBodenL
2009Go On Pale2001GSWE HallandmasterenHalmF
2009Grand Cameron2006FUSA John Simpson Memorial -3fTLex3
2009Half Trotpiks2005MRUS Russia Derby -4Mosc1
2009Highscore Kemp2006F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:51.4
2009Highscore Kemp2006FUSA World Trotting Derby -3fTDuQ1
2009Iam Bonasera2007G1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.1
2009If I Can Dream2006MCAN Confederation Cup -3FlmD1
2009If I Can Dream2006MCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Moh3
2009If I Can Dream2006MUSA Art Rooney Memorial -3cYR1
2009If I Can Dream2006MUSA Breeders Crown -3cWdb1
2009If I Can Dream2006MUSA Cleveland Classic -3cNfld2
2009If I Can Dream2006MUSA Messenger Stakes -3cYR1
2009If I Can Dream2006MUSA Tattersalls Pace -3cLex1
2009Il Villaggio2007M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.4
2009Il Villaggio2007MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
2009Il Villaggio2007MCAN William Wellwood Memorial-2cTMoh1
2009Il Villaggio2007MO'Brien 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearCAN 
2009Il Villaggio2007MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2009Il Villaggio2007MUSA NJSS (Summer) -2cTM3
2009Im Possible2007MUSA Florida Breeders -2TPPk3
2009Impressive Kemp2007F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.3
2009Impressive Kemp2007FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2009Jinja Gal2006F2:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)ANZT1:59.7
2009Jinja Gal2006FNZ 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $56,258, T1:59.7
2009Jinja Gal2006FNZ Harness Jewels (Ruby) -2TAshL
2009Kor Mel Lil Lady2006FCAN Autumn Stakes -3fTWdbL
2009Le Touquet2005MITA GP Citta di Padova -4Pad2
2009Le Touquet2005MITA GP Citta di Torino - 4Turin2
2009Life on the Line2005FVic HRI Gold Bracelet -3fTMaryF
2009Lover of Art2007FUSA Debutante (Historic) Stakes -2fM3
2009Margarita Man2007GUSA Landmark Stake -2cTGoshL
2009Master In Charge2006GUSA Governors Trophy/Cup -3TScDL
2009McGibson2006FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fPcDL
2009McGibson2006FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fTgDn3
2009Megan Grif2006FITA GP Societa di Terme -3fMont3
2009Money Man K2007MUSA New Jersey Futurity -2TFhldL
2009Mr Whizzer2003GSA Hambletonian -OTGDPF
2009Muscle Massive2007MUSA John Simpson Memorial -2cTLex3
2009My Little Dragon2003FMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$2,318,623
2009Mystical Ann2005FNOR Jensen Minnelop (Hoppe) -4mBje2
2009Need For Run2000GUK Roosevelt Cup - OTTirPF
2009Passmaster Hanover2006MUSA New Jersey Classic -3cM2
2009Polar Rail2007MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
2009Power of a Moment2007G1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:50.4
2009Power of a Moment2007GUSA Cardinal -2cMayL
2009Power of a Moment2007GUSA Orange and Blue -2cBmlP3
2009Power of a Moment2007GUSA Sarah Meyers -2cpBmlPS
2009Put on a Show2007F1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.4
2009Put on a Show2007FCAN Eternal Camnation -2fMoh2
2009Put on a Show2007FCAN Shes A Great Lady -2fMoh1
2009Put on a Show2007FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
2009Put on a Show2007FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2flex2
2009Raising Rachel2006FCAN Casual Breeze -3fTMohL
2009Redneck Riviera2006GUSA New Jersey Futurity -3FhldL
2009Roadshow Vic2007GUSA Maine Sires Stake -2cTScar3
2009Roman Stride2005GNSW Bathurst Gold Chalice -3cBath3
2009Rudy Rose2004FFIN Festivaali-ajoKaust3
2009Scotty Doesnt Know2007GCAN OSS Grassroots -2cTRidCS
2009Secret Magic2007FUSA Acorn -2fTM2
2009Select Yankee2006MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
2009Showherthemoney2006FUSA Bluegrass -3fLex3
2009Showherthemoney2006FUSA Jugette -3fDela1
2009Showherthemoney2006FUSA Matron Stakes -3fDD2
2009Showherthemoney2006FUSA Miss New Jersey -3fM2
2009Showherthemoney2006FUSA Nadia Lobell -3fLex1
2009Showherthemoney2006FUSA Shady Daisy -3fFhld2
2009Showherthemoney2006FUSA Tattersalls (Garnsey Memorial) -3fLex2
2009Skyway Cruiser2007GUSA Indiana SS -2cTIndy3
2009Solar Active1999GNSW Harold Park FFA -THaPF
2009Standpoint2004MSWE Pr Philips Jubileumspokal -5Farj3
2009Sterling Silver2007FUSA Hayes Memorial -2fDuQ3
2009Striking Actions2005MAUT Austria Derby - 4Krie1
2009Striking Actions2005MAUT Racino Breeders Crown -4Magna3
2009Striking Actions2005MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Austria)EUR62,030€
2009Strong Yankee2002M1:51 Trotters (Alltime)INT1:50.3
2009Swan for All2006MUSA Matron Stakes -3cTDD2
2009Tracys Song2005FUSA Petticoat 3/4fmYR3
2009Trick Man2007MUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2cpDelaS
2009Trick Man2007MUSA Ohio SS -2cNfld3
2009Turnaround2002GNOR Steinlagers AereslopMomkS
2009Twin B Warrior2007GCAN OSS Grassroots -2cRidCS
2009Up Front Annika2006FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
2009Upfront Pattys Boy2007MUSA Harold Dancer Memorial -2TFhld3
2009Upfront Pattys Boy2007MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
2009Whos Unreal2006GUSA Indiana SS -3cTHoP3
2008-3Shes Not Red2005FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftScD3
2008-2Concertino2005MUSA Maryland SS -3cTRcR3
2008-2Look N Rhap2006GUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2008-2Say Rich2006GUSA Parshall Futurity -2GreenL
2008-12Dali2005M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:48.2US
2008-10Philos Hanover2003M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2008-1Concertino2005MUSA Maryland SS -3cTRcR3
2008-1Get Chipped2006FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2008-1Masters Cook2006GUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2008-08Ithinkimsomebody2002G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2008-06Get out of Dodge2005M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2008-06Green River Gorge2004G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.0US
2008-05Armbro Durable2003M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2008-05JK CU Later2003G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.2US
2008-05Western Smoocher2004G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.1US
2008-02Panaramic Art2004G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2008-01Camifications2004G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2008Adams Hall2001MSWE MalarprisetEsk3
2008All Accounted For2005FCAN OSS Grassroots -3fFlmDS
2008Allthatnabagofchip2006FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ftDelaS
2008Amour Ami2002MBEL Grand Prix d'HiverKuu3
2008Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA40W
2008Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA62W
2008Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (USA)USA 
2008Apple Delight2004FCAN Damsel Series -3&4fmWdb3
2008Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire - Stakes (Australia)AUS$3,549,889
2008Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire - Winners (Australia)AUS257W
2008Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of 3YO Winners (Aust.)AUS56W
2008Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of Pacers - Stakes (Australia)AUS 
2008Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (Australia)AUS 
2008Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$25,747,523
2008Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$13,765,120
2008Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA86W
2008Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA69W
2008Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA157W
2008Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA170W
2008Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA94W
2008Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2YOSP (USA)USA95W
2008Baldessarini2004MDEN Billund Sprintermesteren -4Bill3
2008Bell On Wheels2006FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2fBlomS
2008Beverage GT2005GNOR Tamin Sandy Lop -3Lgn3
2008Bixan Mortar1999GUK Prakas Championship - OTTirPF
2008Brave Boy2006GStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Norway)EUR10,812€
2008Caddie Dream2005FSWE Breeders Crown - 3fEsk1
2008Camifications2004GCAN Willowdale Series -4WdbL
2008Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA25W
2008Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 2YO (USA)USA42W
2008Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA44W
2008Cantab Hall2001MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2STP (USA)USA45W
2008Chiola Hanover1976MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Stakes (Australia)AUS$633,421
2008Cumin First2006FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTFlmD3
2008Cumin First2006FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTMoh3
2008Dali2005MCAN Burlington Pace -3cWdb3
2008Dali2005MUSA Matron Stakes -3cDD2
2008Delmetra Qui2006FAUT Krone der Zweijahrigen -2Magna3
2008Dial or Nodial2006G1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.2
2008Dial or Nodial2006GUSA Bluegrass -2cLex2
2008Dial or Nodial2006GUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cLex2
2008Dial or Nodial2006GUSA NJSS (Fall) -2cFhldL
2008Dial or Nodial2006GUSA NJSS (Summer) -2cM3
2008Dover Dolly2005FUSA Delaware Breeders -3fHar3
2008Earl Tilly2001GSWE BollnasloppetBollL
2008El Nino2001MITA GP Citta di TriesteTri2
2008Enzo the Baker2006G1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.3
2008Enzo the Baker2006GUSA Cardinal -2cMayL
2008Enzo the Baker2006GUSA Orange and Blue -2cBmlP3
2008Epangeline2005FUSA Empire Classic -3fTVD2
2008Four Starz Speed2005GUSA NYSS -3cTYR3
2008Fox Valley Appeal2003G1:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)ANZ1:54.3
2008Fox Valley Appeal2003GNSW Harold Park FFA -PHaPF
2008Fox Valley Topaz2006FUSA 2YO Filly Pacer of the YearUSA 
2008Fox Valley Topaz2006FUSA Breeders Crown -2fM1
2008Fox Valley Topaz2006FUSA Orange and Blue -2fBmlP3
2008Fox Valley Topaz2006FUSA Sarah Meyers -2fpBmlPS
2008Fox Valley Topaz2006FUSA Violet -2fMayL
2008Freeze Frame2003F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:53.0
2008Get Chipped2006FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ftDelaS
2008Get out of Dodge2005MCAN Diplomat Series -3cMohL
2008Ghibellino2003MDEN Copenhagen CupChar1
2008Girlie Tough2005FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
2008Golden Tilly2003MSWE Norrlands MasterskapBsL
2008Greathearted2006FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2008Harmonic Silvio2001GSWE American TrotRoL
2008Harmonic Silvio2001GSWE BergslagsloppetLiL
2008Hey Mister DJ2005MUSA Hayes Memorial -3cDuQ3
2008Highland Ridge2006FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2008Honeys Luck2006FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fBmlP3
2008Hoopie2004GCAN Don Mills -4/5TWdbL
2008If I Can Dream2006M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:50.4
2008If I Can Dream2006MUSA Matron Stakes -2cDD2
2008In The Game2006FCAN Eternal Camnation -2fMoh2
2008Kajan Kooker2005MUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cTLex3
2008Le Touquet2005MITA Gran Premio Etruria -3FirS
2008Locksweeper2005FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fTBmlP3
2008Lonestar Kosmos2002MFIN Pohjola Grand PrixOulu3
2008Made For Me2004FSLK Slovakian Derby - 4Brat1
2008Masters Cook2006GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ctDelaS
2008Maxter2005GUSA Cardinal -3cTBmlPL
2008Maxter2005GUSA Hanover Stakes -3cTBmlP3
2008Maxter2005GUSA Su Mac Lad -3TBmlP3
2008Meadowbranch Jojo2004FENG Appleby New Fair HcpApple2
2008Minos Vang2004GDEN Grand Circle Championship -4OdensF
2008Ms Naughty2005FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fTFlmDL
2008Musical Mystery2006FUSA American National -2fTBmlP2
2008Musical Mystery2006FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
2008Musical Mystery2006FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2008My Little Dragon2003FO'Brien Older Mare Pacer of the YearCAN 
2008My Little Dragon2003FUSA 4YO+ Mare Pacer of the YearUSA 
2008My Little Dragon2003FUSA Artiscape Pace -OMPVD2
2008My Little Dragon2003FUSA Breeders Crown -OMPMoh1
2008My Little Dragon2003FUSA Classic Distaff -3+fmM1
2008My Little Dragon2003FUSA Matriarch -OMM2
2008Mystical Ann2005FSWE E3 Classic (Long) - 3fBoden1
2008Mystical Prayer2006GUSA Hoosier -2cTInd3
2008Nebupanezzar2006M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.2
2008Nebupanezzar2006MCAN OSS Gold - 2cFlmD3
2008Nebupanezzar2006MCAN OSS Gold - 2cMoh3
2008Nebupanezzar2006MCAN OSS Super -2cWdb2
2008Nebupanezzar2006MO'Brien 2YO C&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
2008Nebupanezzar2006MUSA Governors Cup -2Wdb2
2008Need For Run2000GUK BHRC Trotter of the YearUK  
2008Neptune T2005GUSA Landmark Stake -3cTGoshL
2008Notjustaprettyface2006FUSA American National -2fBmlP2
2008One Tough Lass2005F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
2008One Tough Lass2005FUSA Coaching Club Oaks -3fTM2
2008One Tough Lass2005FUSA Kentucky Futurity -3fTLex1
2008Panaramic Art2004GUSA Clyde Hirt -4cML
2008Panaramic Art2004GUSA Exit 16W Series -3&4ML
2008Photocopy2003MFIN Number OneOulu3
2008Raising Rachel2006FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
2008Raising Rachel2006FCAN Flamboro Breeders -2fTFlmDL
2008Raising Rachel2006FCAN In Free Series -2fTWdbL
2008Razorblade Kiss2004FFIN Breeders Crown - 4mSein2
2008Redneck Riviera2006GUSA Hanover Stakes -2cBmlP3
2008Rudy Rose2004FFIN Stochampionet -4mLap3
2008Select Yankee2006MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTTgDn3
2008Shes So Hot2005FUSA Maywood Pace -3fMay3
2008Splendid Kisser2004GUSA Fox Sports Net - 3&4M3
2008Stand Guard2005GUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cTLex3
2008Standupnkissme2006G1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:50.3
2008Standupnkissme2006GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2cpDelaS
2008Standupnkissme2006GUSA Ohio SS -2cScD3
2008Stately Art2006GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2cBlomS
2008Stonebridge Marita2006FCAN OSS Grassroots -2fTFlmDS
2008Striking Actions2005MAUT Anton Poschacher Gedenkrennen -3KrieS
2008Striking Actions2005MAUT Frank Stronach Derby -3Magna2
2008Striking Actions2005MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Austria)EUR52,400€
2008Strong Yankee2002M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:50.3
2008Strong Yankee2002MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,434,351US
2008Sugarcane Yankee2006FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
2008Super Lotto2005GUSA Florida Breeders -3TPPk3
2008Swan for All2006MUSA American National -2cTBmlP2
2008Swan for All2006MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2008Terrys Star Dragon2005GUSA Maine Sires Stake -3cScar3
2008The Mohegan Pan2005MCAN Flamboro Breeders -3cFlmDL
2008The Mohegan Pan2005MCAN OSS Gold - 3cRidC3
2008Turnaround2002GDEN NJ Koster MemorialCharL
2008Up Front Annika2006F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.1
2008Up Front Annika2006FUSA Goldsmith Maid -2fTWdb1
2008Up Front Annika2006FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2008Victor Blue Chip2006MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
2008Virgilyn Hanover2006FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2008Wedding Dress2006FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2008Wee Catch Diamond2006MGER Preis der Winterfavoriten -2Gels2
2008Whispering Wind2006FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fTLex3
2008Why Not As2004MGER NRZ Pokal -4Dinsl2
2008Windsun Lane2004GCAN General Brock Series -4TWdbL
2008Winning Mister2006MCAN OSS Gold - 2cTMoh3
2008Winning Mister2006MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
2007-4Merited Victory2005GUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2007-3Shes Not Red2005FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2007-3Simb Chaplin2003MEUR European Derby (heat) -4Bje3
2007-2Megaman Neo2003MEUR European Derby (heat) -4Bje3
2007-2Rose Run Jeriah2005GUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2007-1Carlys Crown2005FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2007-1Western Bunny2004FUSA First Lady -3fpScD3
2007-09Cinderella Guy2004G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.1US
2007-07Isle of Patmos2002M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2007-07My Little Dragon2003F1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:48.1US
2007-07Sandro Hanover2003G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.1US
2007Adams Hall2001MSWE RecordforsoketTi2
2007All Action Son1997MNSW Harold Park FFA -THaPF
2007Amour Ami2002MSWE Norrlands MasterskapBsL
2007Andover Hall1999MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (US)USA$9,304,261
2007Andover Hall1999MLeading Sire of Trotters - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA10W
2007Andover Hall1999MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA52W
2007Andover Hall1999MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (USA)USA 
2007Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA73W
2007Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (USA)USA 
2007Armbro Decal2003FCAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmWdbL
2007Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire - Stakes (Australia)AUS$4,376,789
2007Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire - Winners (Australia)AUS279W
2007Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of 2YO Winners (Australia)AUS36W
2007Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of 3YO - Stakes (Australia)AUS$1,143,947
2007Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of 3YO Winners (Aust.)AUS53W
2007Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of Pacers - Stakes (Australia)AUS 
2007Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (Australia)AUS 
2007Art Star2004GUSA Robert Suslow Stake -3cM3
2007Arts Fantasy2004FUSA Valley Forge -3fChst2
2007Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$25,741,023
2007Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$13,761,870
2007Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA67W
2007Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA80W
2007Bacardi Lindy2003M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
2007Balanchine2004GCAN Silver Buckets - 3cNPL
2007Bayside Volo2004GUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cTLex3
2007Bayside Volo2004GUSA Townsend Ackerman -3TM3
2007Beda Hanover2005FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2fBlomS
2007Bet On Betty2005FUSA Massachusetts SS- 2fPRc3
2007Brunton Tilly1998G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
2007Captiva Island2004FUSA Lady Maud -3fYR1
2007Captiva Island2004FUSA Valley Forge -3fChst2
2007Carlys Crown2005FUSA Ohio SS -2fTNfld3
2007Chancy Roberto2004MFIN Breeders Crown - 3cJyv2
2007Chiola Hanover1976MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Stakes (Australia)AUS$389,126
2007Cinderella Guy2004GUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cLex3
2007Conway Hall1995MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA22W
2007Conway Hall1995MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 2YO (USA)USA42W
2007Conway Hall1995MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA47W
2007Conway Hall1995MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2STP (USA)USA49W
2007Crown Maker1995FDEN Bornholm MesterskebBH3
2007Crowns Best1984MLeading Sire - Stakes (Slovakia)EUR 
2007Dali2005M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:50.2
2007Dali2005MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cLex2
2007Dali2005MUSA Niatross -2cM2
2007Dali2005MUSA Woodrow Wilson -2M1
2007Dear Mac2005GUSA New Jersey Futurity -2FhldL
2007Double Your Moves2004GUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cPcDL
2007Dover Dolly2005FUSA Delaware Breeders -2fDD3
2007Dr No2001MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,002,498
2007Dragon Again1995MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA47W
2007El Nino2001MITA GP Citta di MontecatiniMtct2
2007El Nino2001MITA GP Citta di TrevisoTrev3
2007El Nino2001MITA GP Ponte VecchioFir3
2007El Nino2001MITA GP Renzo OrlandiMod2
2007El Nino2001MITA GP Societa Campo di MirafioriTurin1
2007El Nino2001MITA Gran Premio Giorgio JegherTri2
2007El Nino2001MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Italy) EUR362,473€
2007El Nino2001MStake Earner of the Year (Italy)EUR362,473E
2007Elegance Saulnier2003MSWE KG Bertmarks MinnesloppJagL
2007Fiery Buckeye2004FUSA Keystone Classic -3fMea3
2007Fiery Buckeye2004FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fPcDL
2007Flying Scotsman2004GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
2007Flying Scotsman2004GUSA Currier and Ives -3TMeaL
2007Gamblers Vacation2005GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
2007Ghibellino2003MITA Premio Tino Triossi - 4TdV1
2007Giulia Grif2003FITA GP Firenze - 4Fir2
2007Godiva Hall2004FUSA Matron Stakes -3fTDD2
2007Golda History2004GFIN Biofarm (Tapiola) Cup -3Kuo3
2007Hayseed2003FCAN City of London Series - 3f/4mLonL
2007Heirodynamic2004FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ftBlomS
2007Helene Tilly2004FSWE Sommarfavoriten ston -3fSolv3
2007Helens Colt2005MUSA New Jersey Futurity -2TFhldL
2007Ima Joy2005FUK Breeders Crown -2fYork1
2007Immensite2004FITA GP Societa di Terme -3fMont3
2007Its the Papergirl2005FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fTgDn3
2007Ivory Tilly2005FSWE Silverstoet - 2fAxe2
2007JK CU Later2003GUSA Clyde Hirt -4cML
2007Kajan Kooker2005M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:56.0
2007Kajan Kooker2005MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
2007Kajan Kooker2005MUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2TDuQ3
2007Kajan Kooker2005MUSA John Simpson Memorial -2cTLex3
2007Kurama Tengu2002MFIN Number OneOulu3
2007Leonardo Grif2005MITA Criterium Vinovo -2Turin3
2007Linderchip GT2003FNOR Hoppe Derby -4mBje1
2007Little Wendy2004FUSA Florida Breeders -3fTPPk3
2007Locksweeper2005F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.1
2007Lotuschic2002FSWE Pr Philips Jubileumspokal -5Farj3
2007May June Character2004GUSA Adios -3Mea1
2007May June Character2004GUSA Battle of Brandywine -3Chst1
2007May June Character2004GUSA Pennsylvania Champ -3cPcD3
2007Merits Looker2004MUSA Parshall Futurity -3TGreenL
2007Muscle Mass2005M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:53.4
2007Muscle Mass2005MUSA American National -2cTBmlP2
2007Muscle Mass2005MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2007Muscle Mass2005MUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2TDuQ3
2007Muscle Mass2005MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2007Muscle Mass2005MUSA Review Stakes -2cTSpr2
2007My Little Dragon2003FEvolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NA)USA1:48.1
2007New Hampshire Boy2004MUSA Landmark Stake -3cTGoshL
2007New Hampshire Boy2004MUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela2
2007One Tough Lass2005FUSA Marion Dancer Memorial -2fTFhld3
2007Panaramic Art2004GUSA Oil Burner -3-4M3
2007Passionate Glide2003FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$2,060,447US
2007Passionate Glide2003FUSA The Conway Hall -OMTVD2
2007Photocopy2003MFIN Finland Derby - 4Vermo1
2007Photocopy2003MFIN Kuopio Stakes -4Kuo3
2007Platinum Hanover2004FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
2007Possess the Magic2004FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,043,503US
2007Possess the Magic2004FUSA NJSS (Summer) -3fTM3
2007Quite Easy2004MCAN Goodtimes -3TWdb1
2007Rose Run Jeriah2005GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ctDelaS
2007Secret Grin2004FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fFlmDL
2007Shes Not Red2005FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ftDelaS
2007Shes So Hot2005FUSA Violet -2fMayL
2007Silver Quattro2000MFIN Finskt MasterskapVermo3
2007Simply Mavelous2004FCAN OSS Gold - 3fMoh3
2007Sneaky B Skipalong2004MUSA Maywood Pace -3cMay3
2007Solar Active1999GVic Coulter Crown -OTMV3
2007SOS Breezer2004MCAN Tie Silk Series -3TWdbL
2007St Pattys Love2004FUSA Massachusetts SS- 3fPRc3
2007Stand Guard2005GUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTTgDn3
2007Starfighter LM2000MHOL Kampioenschap (NL Paarden)Wlvga2
2007Swan Image2003G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:51.4
2007Takeshigemichi2004MUSA Cleveland Classic -3cNfld2
2007Terminator2003MRUS Russia Derby -4Mosc1
2007The Mash Potato2005MCAN OSS Grassroots -2cTKDS
2007Tis Himself2004GUSA Keystone Classic -3cTMea3
2007Trottin Troy2004GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ctDelaS
2007Trottin Troy2004GUSA Ohio SS -3cTNfld3
2007Tymal Mystique2005FCAN Flamboro Breeders -2fTFlmDL
2007Valmctorian2005FUSA Countess Adios -2fM2
2007Valmctorian2005FUSA Molly Pitcher -2fFhld3
2007Westgate Mike2005GUSA Delaware Breeders -2cTDD3
2007Winner Frost2004FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
2007Zabrinski2001GWA Central Wheatbelt CupKellF
2006-FArtcastic2003FENG Appleby 3YO ChampionshipApple3
2006-3Clareen2003FUSA Currier and Ives -3fTMeaL
2006-3Pat Pat Hooray2004FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2006-2Go Get Blanche2004FUSA Maryland SS -2fTRcR3
2006-12Blue Burner2002M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2006-1I Like Stephanie2003FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftScD3
2006-07Brian And Kellie2002G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2006-07Buckeye One2001G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:48.1US
2006-07Doonbeg2003M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2006-07Speed Demon2002G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:48.4US
2006-06Fox Valley Appeal2003G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2006-06Scoreboard Hanover2000G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.2US
2006-05Fly Fly Buckeye2002M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2006-04General Challenge2000G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2006 (eq)Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2STP (USA)USA42W
2006 (eq)Conway Hall1995MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2STP (USA)USA42W
2006Ambootia2002MUSA Jersey Girls -3&4fmMF
2006Andover Hall1999MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA19W
2006Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA54W
2006Appleoosa Hanover2004FCAN Shes A Great Lady -2fWdb1
2006Arctic Challenge2003MFIN Uudenmaan Upein -3VermoL
2006Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of 2YO Winners (Australia)AUS30W
2006Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of 3YO - Stakes (Australia)AUS$1,267,633
2006Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of 3YO Winners (Aust.)AUS78W
2006Artie Ivy2004GUSA Parshall Futurity -2GreenL
2006Arts Fantasy2004FUSA Hayes Memorial -2fDuQ3
2006Artsplace1988MHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
2006Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$10,414,800
2006Atlantis Secret2004GUSA Indiana SS -2cTIndy3
2006Bacardi Lindy2003MUSA Bluegrass -3cTLex3
2006Bacardi Lindy2003MUSA Townsend Ackerman -3TM3
2006Blue Burner2002MCAN Ontario Boys -4hWdbL
2006Buckeye One2001GUSA Battle of Lake Erie -OPNfld3
2006Buterscotchndaleys2003FUSA Landmark Stake -3fTGoshL
2006Carmody Lobell1983MLeading Sire - Stakes (Denmark)EUR 
2006Chiola Hanover1976MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Stakes (Australia)AUS$368,405
2006Chiola Hanover1976MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ)NZ $761,710
2006Chiola Hanover1976MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 43W
2006Constance Hall2004FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTMoh3
2006Conway Hall1995MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 2YO (USA)USA40W
2006Conway Hall1995MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA42W
2006Davanti1996MDEN Bornholm MesterskebBH3
2006Doonbeg2003MCAN Breeders Championship -3cMohL
2006Doonbeg2003MCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Wdb3
2006Doonbeg2003MCAN OSS Gold - 3cMoh3
2006Doonbeg2003MCAN OSS Gold - 3cRidC3
2006Doonbeg2003MCAN OSS Super -3cWdb2
2006Doonbeg2003MO'Brien 3YO C&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
2006El Nino2001MITA Gran Premio Riccardo GrassiCes2
2006Fabulous Kemp2004FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fTLex3
2006Fiery Buckeye2004FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
2006Floriboy Vita2002MITA Presidente Della Repubblica -4TriL
2006Floss2002MITA GP Della VittoriaBolog2
2006Four Starz Lindy2003FUSA Zweig Memorial -3fTTgDn3
2006Fox Valley Appeal2003GUSA Junior Trendsetter -3cML
2006Galadriel Baba2003FITA GP Nazionale (filly) - 3fSS2
2006Gemon Sharl OM2003FITA Gran Premio Marche -3fMont3
2006Gigant Neo1998MFRA Grand Prix d'AmeriqueVinc1
2006Gigant Neo1998MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Sweden)EUR613,911€
2006Gigant Neo1998MStake Earner of the Year (Sweden)EUR613,911E
2006Gisele Blue Chip2004FUSA Molly Pitcher -2fFhld3
2006Giulia Grif2003FITA GP Carlo Marangoni -3Turin2
2006Giulia Grif2003FITA GP Nazionale - 3SS1
2006Giulia Grif2003FITA GP Orsi Mangelli - 3SS1
2006Giulia Grif2003FITA Premio Italia - 3Bolog2
2006Giulia Grif2003FStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Italy)EUR468,675€
2006Giulia Grif2003FStake Earner of the Year (Italy)EUR468,875E
2006Godiva Hall2004FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2006Godiva Hall2004FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2006Godiva Hall2004FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2006Godiva Hall2004FUSA Kentucky SS -2fTLex3
2006Grandiose Gal2003FUSA Kentucky SS -3fLex3
2006Green Machine2004FCAN Flamboro Breeders -2fTFlmDL
2006Hare Royal Highnes2003FUSA Review Stakes -3fSpr2
2006Helene Tilly2004FSWE Breeders Crown - 2fSolv2
2006Helene Tilly2004FSWE Menhammer Stuteri Pris -2fSolv3
2006Home Bed Advantage2004M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:50.1
2006Home Bed Advantage2004MFastest 2YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA1:50.1
2006Home Bed Advantage2004MUSA Cardinal -2cMayL
2006Home Bed Advantage2004MUSA Orange and Blue -2cBmlP3
2006Home Bed Advantage2004MUSA Sarah Meyers -2cpBmlPS
2006I Like Stephanie2003FUSA Ohio SS -3fTScD3
2006Ima Spur2004GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ctDelaS
2006Ima Spur2004GUSA Ohio SS -2cTScD3
2006Impeto Grif2004MITA Criterium Vinovo -2Turin3
2006Julieannie2004FUSA Landmark Stake -2fTGoshL
2006Kurama Tengu2002MFIN Breeders Crown - 4hMets2
2006Kurama Tengu2002MFIN Eugen Pylvänäisen Muistoajo -4Mikk3
2006Lotuschic2002FSWE Drottning Silvia Pokal - 4MAby2
2006Lutin November1998GSWE Fyra Kilometer (4km)SolvL
2006Make You Mine2003GUSA Bluegrass -3cTLex3
2006Make You Mine2003GUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cTLex3
2006Masterofhisdomain1996GMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,026,907
2006May June Character2004GCAN Metro Consolation -2cWdb3
2006Megaman Neo2003MNOR Bergen Festival -3Berg2
2006Michael Scores2001GUSA Robert J Kane Memorial- OPBtvaL
2006Milton Zet2004MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2006Muscle Chips2003FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
2006My Little Dragon2003FUSA Bluegrass -3fLex3
2006My Little Dragon2003FUSA Breeders Crown -3fWdb1
2006My Little Dragon2003FUSA Tarport Hap -3fM2
2006My Little Dragon2003FUSA Tattersalls (Garnsey Memorial) -3fLex2
2006Passionate Glide2003F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.2
2006Passionate Glide2003FUSA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
2006Passionate Glide2003FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
2006Passionate Glide2003FUSA Delvin Miller Memorial -3fTM1
2006Passionate Glide2003FUSA Hambletonian Oaks -3fTM1
2006Passionate Glide2003FUSA Kentucky Futurity -3fTLex1
2006Passionate Glide2003FUSA Moni Maker -3fTLex3
2006Passionate Glide2003FUSA NJSS (Summer) -3fTM3
2006Pembroke Matron2004FUSA Maine Sires Stake -2fTScar3
2006Possess the Magic2004F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.2
2006Possess the Magic2004FFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:54.2
2006Possess the Magic2004FUSA Acorn -2fTM2
2006Possess the Magic2004FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2006Possess the Magic2004FUSA Breeders Crown -2fTWdb1
2006Possess the Magic2004FUSA Debutante (Historic) Stakes -2fM3
2006Possess the Magic2004FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2006Possess the Magic2004FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
2006Possess the Magic2004FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2fTM3
2006Quite Easy2004MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
2006Quite Easy2004MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2006Quite Easy2004MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTScD3
2006Rhonda T2004FUSA Review Stakes -2fTSpr2
2006Rhonda T2004FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fTTgDn3
2006Rustys Casino2004MUSA Smullin Memorial -2cRcR1
2006Sandro Hanover2003GUSA Jug Preview -3ScD3
2006Santastics Pan2001MUSA Bert Beckwith Memorial -OPPRc3
2006Savannah Star2004GUSA Landmark Stake -2cGoshF
2006Simb Chaplin2003MFIN Seppelaajo -3Vermo3
2006Simb Chaplin2003MNOR Ulf Thoresen Minnelopp- 3Jarl1
2006Simb Chaplin2003MSWE Sommarfavoriten -3Solv3
2006Snowboarder2004FUSA Matron Stakes -2cTDD2
2006Standpoint2004MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2006Super Cat2002MAUT Pokal Der Vierjahrigen -4MagnaF
2006Takeshigemichi2004MUSA John Simpson Memorial -2cLex3
2006Tis Himself2004GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
2006Tymal Timeout2004FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTWR3
2006Undercover Lover2004FUSA Matron Stakes -2fTDD2
2006Undercover Lover2004FUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2fTPcD3
2006Urbie J2002GHOL Derby for Vierjarigen -4Duind3
2006Urbie J2002GStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Netherlands)EUR40,895€
2006Vapor Maker2004GUSA Cardinal -2cTBmlPL
2006Vapor Maker2004GUSA Sarah Meyers -2ctBmlPS
2006Victory Tilly1995MNOR Forus OpenForus1
2006Victory Tilly1995MSWE Jamtlands Stora PrisOs2
2006Vysoke Tatry2002FUSA Night Styles -3&4fmML
2006Vysoke Tatry2002FUSA White Ruffles -4mML
2006Western Wisdom2003FUSA Helen Dancer Memorial -3fFhld2
2006Westgate Alexis2003FUSA Delaware Breeders -3fTDD3
2006Westgate Alexis2003FUSA Delaware Breeders -3fTHar3
2006Why Not As2004MGER Breeders Crown -2cMrndf1
2006Why Not As2004MStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Germany)EUR54,575€
2006Workout Doll2003FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
2005-12Tiberon1999G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2005-11Gryffindor2002G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
2005-1Creditability2002FUSA Currier and Ives -3fTMeaL
2005-1Hez Humorous2003GUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2005-1I Like Stephanie2003FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2005-08Timberton1995G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2005-06Dr No2001M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:48.2US
2005-06Groovie Day2001M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.0US
2005Aint Goin Back2002FUSA Kentucky SS -3fLex3
2005Alastor Hanover2003MCAN OSS Gold - 2cFlmD3
2005Alastor Hanover2003MCAN OSS Gold - 2cMoh3
2005Alastor Hanover2003MCAN OSS Gold - 2cWR3
2005Alastor Hanover2003MCAN OSS Super -2cWdb2
2005All Action Son1997MVic Evison Memorial -OTWglS
2005Amour Ami2002MUSA Pennsylvania Champ -3cTPcD3
2005Arctic Express2001MFIN Kuopio Stakes -4Kuo3
2005Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of 2YO - Stakes (Australia)AUS$564,038
2005Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of 2YO Winners (Australia)AUS40W
2005Armbro Operative1993MLeading Sire of 3YO Winners (Aust.)AUS74W
2005Artsplace1988MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA62W
2005Bluewater Catch2002FUSA Horseman Futurity -3ftIndL
2005Bluewater Catch2002FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fTScD3
2005Campbell Hall2003MCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cTFlmDL
2005Carmody Lobell1983MLeading Sire - Stakes (Denmark)EUR 
2005CC Spice2000FUSA Scarlet and Gray Stakes -OMPNfldL
2005Char Catie Becca2003FUSA Keystone Classic -2fTMea3
2005Chiola Hanover1976MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ)NZ $694,754
2005Chiola Hanover1976MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 34W
2005Chivas Rocket2002GUSA Indiana SS -3cTHoP3
2005Chivas Rocket2002GUSA Indiana SS -3cTIndy3
2005Clareen2003FUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2fTMea3
2005Claudia2003FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2005Courtney Hall2002FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
2005Crombes Last Laugh2001GCAN Willowdale Series -4WdbL
2005Dear Old Boy2002GUSA NYSS -3cStga3
2005Doonbeg2003MCAN OSS Gold - 2cMoh3
2005Doonbeg2003MCAN OSS Gold - 2cWdb3
2005Dr No2001MUSA William R Haughton Memorial- OPM1
2005El Nino2001MITA GP Nello Bellei -4Mtct2
2005Elena2002FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTWR3
2005Enflammatory2001G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.1
2005Enif Rob2001FITA GP Citta di Follonica - 4Foll3
2005Erotica2002FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTWdb3
2005Felicia Scott2002FUSA Shady Daisy -3fFhld2
2005Genuine Mattjic2003GUSA Indiana SS -2cIndy3
2005Gigant Neo1998MITA GP Costa AzzurraTurin2
2005Great Expense2001MUSA Clyde Hirt -4cML
2005Gryffindor2002GUSA James Dancer Memorial -3Fhld1
2005Gryffindor2002GUSA Messenger Stakes -3cHar1
2005Gryffindor2002GUSA Progress Pace -3cDD1
2005Hot N Sporty2003G1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:50.2
2005I Like Stephanie2003FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ftDelaS
2005Isle of Patmos2002MCAN Flamboro Breeders -3cFlmDL
2005Iviza Sun2002MHUN Szent Istvan DijKinc2
2005Kurama Tengu2002MFIN Uudenmaan Upein -3VermoL
2005Little Miss K2003FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fMoh2
2005Little Miss K2003FCAN Shes A Great Lady -2fWdb1
2005Little Miss K2003FUSA Kentuckiana -2fHop2
2005Lonestar Kosmos2002MUSA Keystone Classic -3cTMea3
2005Lotuschic2002FSWE E3 Classic (Short) - 3fBoden1
2005Lotuschic2002FSWE Oaksrevanschen -3fSolv3
2005Magic Swan2002GUSA Galt Memorial -3cTMay3
2005Magic Swan2002GUSA NJSS (Fall) -3cTFhld3
2005Make You Mine2003GUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2005Make You Mine2003GUSA Hoosier -2cTInd3
2005Make You Mine2003GUSA Horseman -2TInd2
2005Make You Mine2003GUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2005Muscle Chips2003FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fTBmlP3
2005My Little Dragon2003F1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:52.0
2005My Little Dragon2003FUSA 2YO Filly Pacer of the YearUSA 
2005My Little Dragon2003FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
2005My Little Dragon2003FUSA Breeders Crown -2fM1
2005My Little Dragon2003FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
2005My Little Dragon2003FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fLex3
2005My Little Dragon2003FUSA Matron Stakes -2fDD2
2005My Sweet Rosie2003FUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
2005No Wrong2003MUSA Landmark Stake -2cGoshF
2005Party Cat2003FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2fpDelaS
2005Passionate Glide2003F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.4
2005Passionate Glide2003FUSA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
2005Passionate Glide2003FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2005Passionate Glide2003FUSA Breeders Crown -2fTM1
2005Passionate Glide2003FUSA Goldsmith Maid -2fTWdb1
2005Passionate Glide2003FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
2005Prom Miss2001FCAN Prairie Gold (Alberta SS) - 4mStPL
2005Realistic Ability2002FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3fBlomS
2005Rockome Victory2003FUSA Sarah Meyers -2ftBmlPS
2005Rosebud Sioux2002FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
2005Rosebud Sioux2002FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ftBlomS
2005Rosebud Sioux2002FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fTScD3
2005Royal Mattjesty1999MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,652,730
2005Sandro Hanover2003GUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
2005Sandro Hanover2003GUSA The Standardbred -2cDela3
2005Sandro Hanover2003GUSA Tompkins Geers -2cScD3
2005Serenity Seelster2002FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fFlmDL
2005Serenity Seelster2002FCAN Miss Vera Bars -3fWdbL
2005Serenity Seelster2002FCAN SBOA Classic -3fMoh3
2005Simb Chaplin2003MStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Sweden)EUR79,185€
2005Simb Chaplin2003MSWE Svensk Uppfodningslopning - 2Jag1
2005Simb Chaplin2003MSWE Vinterfavoriten - 2Solv2
2005Starfighter LM2000MHOL Grote Prijs der Lage LandenDuind2
2005Starfighter LM2000MHOL Kampioenschap van NederlandDuind1
2005Starfighter LM2000MHOL VW Crommelin Memorial (3-5YO)Duind3
2005Starfighter LM2000MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Netherlands)EUR62,410€
2005Strong Yankee2002MFastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:50.3
2005Strong Yankee2002MFastest Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:50.3
2005Strong Yankee2002MUSA Breeders Crown -3cTM1
2005Strong Yankee2002MUSA Charles Smith Mem -3cTFhld3
2005Strong Yankee2002MUSA Kentucky Futurity -3TLex1
2005Strong Yankee2002MUSA Yonkers Trot -3TYR1
2005Sweetheart K2003FUSA Acorn -2fTM2
2005Toms the Man2000MUK European Pacing Classic - OpenTirPF
2005Upalazyriver2000M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
2005Vanessa Boko2003FSWE Breeders Crown - 2fSolv2
2005Vanessa Boko2003FSWE Menhammer Stuteri Pris -2fSolv3
2005VC Express2002GUSA Director of Agriculture Pace - 3ScD3
2005Victors Pursuit2002FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fTBmlP3
2005Victors Pursuit2002FUSA Lady Ann Reed -3fTBmlP3
2005Victors Pursuit2002FUSA Violet -3fTBmlPL
2005Victory Tilly1995MSWE BollnasloppetBollL
2005Vysoke Tatry2002FUSA Snow Angels -3+4fmM3
2005Westgate Alexis2003FUSA Delaware Breeders -2fTDD3
2005Westgate Alexis2003FUSA Delaware Breeders -2fTHar3
2005Wherley2003FUSA Landmark Stake -2fTGoshL
2005Witendo2001GCZ Kriterium Ctyrletych -4Velka3
2005Woody Woodrow2001G1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
2005Workout Doll2003FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2005Zabrinski2001GVic VHRC Cup -3MVL
2004-4An Easy Victory2002GUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2004-11Rapid Dialing2001M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.1US
2004-10Western Terror2001M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:48.3US
2004-1Katies Fortune2002FUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
2004-1Stephs Looker2002FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2004-1Western Terror2001MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
2004-09Santastics Pan2001M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2004-08Georgia Pacific2001G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.1US
2004-07Always Cam1999F1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.2US
2004-07Armbro Acquire2000G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.2US
2004-07Art Director2001M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2004-06Apple Krisp2001F1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2004-04Royal Mattjesty1999M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:48.4US
2004Always Cam1999FUSA Breeders Crown -OMPM1
2004Ambootia2002MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fMea3
2004Ambootia2002MUSA Debutante (Historic) Stakes -2fM3
2004American Jones2002MUSA Hanover Stakes -2cTBmlP3
2004Arcola2002FUSA Lady Lincoln Land -2fTBmlP3
2004Arcola2002FUSA Violet -2fTMayL
2004Arctic Alan2002MFIN Breeders Crown -2cJyv2
2004Arctic Express2001MFIN Uudenmaan Upein -3VermoL
2004Armbro Brando2001GCAN OSS Gold - 3cRidC3
2004Arts Risk2002FCAN Whenuwishuponastar -2fMoh3
2004Bar None2002GUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
2004Bertta Brave2002FFIN Breeders Crown -2fJyv2
2004Bertta Brave2002FStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Finland)EUR11,900€
2004Bramalea Road1997GCAN Walter Dale MemorialFrdtnL
2004Bretty Boy2001GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ctBlomS
2004Buckeye One2001GUSA Director of Agriculture Pace - 3ScD3
2004Buckeye One2001GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3cpDelaS
2004Bunny Talk2002GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2cpDelaS
2004Buzzin Fantastic2001FSWE Juliloppet -3Or3
2004Cameron Hall1999FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,816,236US
2004Cantab Hall2001MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,442,203US
2004Cantab Hall2001MUSA American National -3cTBmlP2
2004Cantab Hall2001MUSA Dickerson Cup -3TM1
2004Carmody Lobell1983MLeading Sire - Stakes (Denmark)EUR 
2004CC Spice2000FUSA Scarlet and Gray Stakes -OMPNfldL
2004Chivas Rocket2002GUSA Indiana SS -2cTIndy3
2004Chocolate Dipped2002MUSA Harold Dancer Memorial -2TFhld3
2004Cois Caf1999MITA GP Ponte VecchioFir3
2004Cois Caf1999MITA Gran Premio Riccardo GrassiCes2
2004Crombes Last Laugh2001GUSA Kentucky SS -3cLex3
2004Dakota Qui2000MAUT Pokal Der Vierjahrigen -4MagnaF
2004Dear Old Boy2002GUSA NYSS -2cYR3
2004Dr No2001MCAN Summertime Series -3WdbL
2004Elena2002FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTMoh3
2004Elena2002FCAN Robert Stewart -2fTMoh2
2004Enflammatory2001GUSA NJSS (Summer) -3cTM3
2004Enflammatory2001GUSA Zweig Memorial -3TSycs2
2004Enif Rob2001FITA Oaks Del Trotto - 3fTdV2
2004Esterina Rivarco2001FITA Gran Premio Delle Aste -3fSS3
2004Financier2000GFIN Glenn Kosmos Memorial -4Vermo3
2004First Tilly2002MSWE Breeders Crown - 2Solv1
2004Georgia Pacific2001GCAN Burlington Pace -3cWdb3
2004Georgia Pacific2001GCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Wdb3
2004Georgia Pacific2001GUSA Matron Stakes -3cDD2
2004Georgia Pacific2001GUSA Oliver Wendell Holmes -3cM1
2004Henri Hammering1997MCZ Breeders Crown - 5+Velka3
2004Heres Bo Bo2001GUSA Delaware Breeders -3cTDD3
2004Heres Bo Bo2001GUSA Delaware Breeders -3cTHar3
2004Isle of Patmos2002M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.4
2004Isle of Patmos2002MCAN Nassagaweya -2Moh1
2004Isle of Patmos2002MCAN OSS Gold - 2cRidC3
2004Isle of Patmos2002MCAN OSS Super -2cWdb2
2004J Bo2002FUSA Delaware Breeders -2fTHar3
2004Jamirage1997FGER Breeders Crown -5/7mMrndf1
2004Kaylas Raider2001FUSA Michigan SS -3fHzP3
2004Keaton Zet2002MUSA Review Stakes -2cTSpr2
2004Kenya Bayama2000FCAN Prix Du Quebec -OMTH3R3
2004Last Call at Dems2001GUSA Landmark Stake -3cTGoshL
2004Magic Swan2002GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
2004Magic Swan2002GUSA NJSS (Fall) -2cTFhldL
2004Minnesota Chelsea2002FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fTBmlP3
2004Miss Possessed2002FUSA John Simpson Memorial -2fTLex3
2004Monty Mac2000MNOR Rex Rodney Arespris -4/5Forus3
2004Nahcotta Jude2001GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ctDelaS
2004Nahcotta Jude2001GUSA Ohio SS -3cTScD3
2004Oscar Wild1999MNZ Championship -4/5FP2
2004Rosebud Sioux2002FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ftBlomS
2004Rosebud Sioux2002FUSA Keystone Classic -2fTMea3
2004Royal Mattjesty1999MUSA Allerage Open -OPLex1
2004Royal Mattjesty1999MUSA Battle of Lake Erie -OPNfld3
2004Royal Mattjesty1999MUSA First State FFA -OPHarL
2004Royal Mattjesty1999MUSA Magical Mike -OPDela3
2004Sand Whisper2002FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ftDelaS
2004Santastics Pan2001MUSA Jug Preview -3ScD3
2004Seducer Hall2002FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2004Silver Dialing2000FCAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmWdbL
2004Sir Mauritius2000MBEL Belgium Derby -4Wrgm1
2004Sky Watch2001MUSA Bluegrass -3cTLex3
2004Speed Demon2002G1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.4
2004Speed Demon2002GUSA Matron Stakes -2cDD2
2004Starfighter LM2000MHOL Derby for Vierjarigen -4Duind2
2004Starfighter LM2000MHOL VW Crommelin Memorial (3-5YO)Duind3
2004Starfighter LM2000MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Netherlands)EUR42,121€
2004Stefano Pueblo1995MSWE Bulwarks LoppSolvL
2004Strong Yankee2002MUSA Matron Stakes -2cTDD2
2004Sundons Luck1998MNZ Ordeal Trotting CupAddL
2004Super Spicy1997M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
2004Swirly2001FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fPcDL
2004Victory Tilly1995MSWE GotlandslopningVisby3
2004Victory Tilly1995MSWE Jamtlands Stora PrisOs2
2004Western Terror2001MCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Wdb3
2004Western Terror2001MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,164,174
2004Western Terror2001MO'Brien 3YO C&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
2004Western Terror2001MUSA Bluegrass -3cLex3
2004Western Terror2001MUSA Breeders Crown -3cWdb1
2004Western Terror2001MUSA Cane Pace -3Fhld1
2004Western Terror2001MUSA Tattersalls Pace -3cLex1
2004Western Terror2001MUSA Windy City Pace -3May2
2004What Idid For love2002FCAN Robert Stewart -2fTMoh2
2004Winning Missbrenda2001FUSA Keystone Classic -3fTMea3
2004Winning Missbrenda2001FUSA Lady Suffolk -3fTFhld2
2004Yankee Slide2001MUSA Breeders Crown -3cTWdb1
2003-3Imageofasweetgirl2001FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2003-3Woody Woodrow2001GUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2003-1Stockholder2001GUSA Buckeye State -2pScDF
2003-1Take Charge Lady2001FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2003-07Whatanartist2000G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.0US
2003 (eq)Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 2YO (USA)USA34W
2003 (eq)Conway Hall1995MLeading Sire of Trotters - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA5W
2003 (eq)Conway Hall1995MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA17W
2003Adellas Dash1997FVic Cochran Cup -OTMV3
2003All Action Son1997MVic Australasian Trot C'shipMV1
2003All Action Son1997MVic Australasian Trot C'ship (heat)MV3
2003Amourous Tag2001MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2003Angus Hall1996MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA39W
2003Arctic Express2001MFIN Breeders Crown -2cMets2
2003Arctic Express2001MStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Finland)EUR10,700€
2003Arctic Ice1999FFIN Breeders Crown - 4mSein2
2003Armbro Acquire2000GCAN OSS Super -3cWdb2
2003Armbro Wallflower1999FUSA Cape and Cutter -OMML
2003Art Director2001MUSA NJSS (Fall) -2cFhldL
2003Artsplace1988MLeading Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$14,249,694
2003Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (US)USA$6,713,046
2003Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA29W
2003Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - Stakes (USA)USA 
2003At A Boy Eric2000GCAN Flamboro Breeders -3cTFlmDL
2003Attestato1997MITA GP Citta di TrevisoTrev3
2003Au Courant Hanover2001FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2fBlomS
2003Backina Falcon1998MWA Championship -4/5GPL
2003Bankers Lane2001MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTScD3
2003Bar Exam2001MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
2003Bramalea Road1997GCAN Governors PlateChrtnS
2003Buckeye One2001GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2cpDelaS
2003Cantab Hall2001MUSA 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
2003Cantab Hall2001MUSA American National -2cTBmlP2
2003Cantab Hall2001MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2003Cantab Hall2001MUSA Breeders Crown -2cTM1
2003Cantab Hall2001MUSA Hanover Stakes -2cTBmlP3
2003Cantab Hall2001MUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2TDuQ3
2003Cantab Hall2001MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
2003Cantab Hall2001MUSA Review Stakes -2cTSpr2
2003Cantab Hall2001MUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
2003Captain Brady2000GCAN Simcoe Stakes -3TMoh2
2003Carmody Lobell1983MLeading Sire - Stakes (Denmark)EUR 
2003Castleton Classic1995MGER Grosser Preis Von BildHmbg1
2003CC Spice2000FUSA American National -3fBmlP2
2003CC Spice2000FUSA Courageous Lady -3fNfld3
2003CC Spice2000FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3fpDelaS
2003Character Counts2001FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fMoh2
2003Character Counts2001FCAN Harvest -2fMohL
2003Charming to a Tee2000FCAN Colonial Lady -3fTWdb2
2003Chiola Hanover1976MLeading BM Sire of Trotters - Stakes (Australia)AUS$277,700
2003Cois Caf1999MITA GP Citta di Cesena -4Ces3
2003Cois Caf1999MITA GP Citta di Padova -4Pad2
2003Cois Caf1999MITA GP Continentale - 4Bolog1
2003Cois Caf1999MITA GP Nello Bellei -4Mtct2
2003Cois Caf1999MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Italy)EUR279,712€
2003Conway Hall1995MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA37W
2003Crazy Character2001MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
2003Dream On2000FFIN Breeders Crown - 3fMets2
2003Dream On2000FFIN Seppelaajo -3Vermo3
2003Dream On2000FFIN Uudenmaan Upein -3VermoL
2003Earned Income2000F2:00 Pacers (First 100 in UK)UK 1:56.0
2003Fiery Fast2001FUSA Maine Sires Stake -2fTScar3
2003Five Kids2000GUSA Review Stakes -3cTSpr2
2003Five Kids2000GUSA Townsend Ackerman -3TM3
2003Flirting Lavec2001FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
2003Flirting Lavec2001FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTFlmD3
2003Fosse2000FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTKD3
2003Gigant Neo1998MFRA GP du Sud QuestToul1
2003Gigant Neo1998MFRA Grand Criterium de VitesseCSM1
2003Gigant Neo1998MFRA Prix Roederer - 5Vinc2
2003Good Leasing1996FFIN Suur Hollola AjoLahti1
2003Good Leasing1996FStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Finland)EUR185,001€
2003Good Leasing1996FStake Earner of the Year (Finland)EUR185,001E
2003Groovie Day2001MCAN Battle of Waterloo -2cElmra2
2003Groovie Day2001MCAN OSS Gold - 2cRidC3
2003Heathers Western2000FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fScD3
2003Henri Hammering1997MCZ Breeders Crown - 5+Velka3
2003Her Own Art2000FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
2003Her Own Art2000FUSA Keystone Classic -3fMea3
2003Her Own Art2000FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fPcDL
2003Heres Bo Bo2001GUSA Delaware Breeders -2cTDD3
2003Heres Bo Bo2001GUSA Delaware Breeders -2cTHar3
2003Hot Looking1998GFIN Kultaloimi GuldtacketPori3
2003Iroquoindiangiver2000GUSA NYSS -3cTYR3
2003Jolly Jessica2000FUSA Indiana SS -3fTIndy3
2003Jolly Molly T2001FUSA Landmark Stake -2fTGoshL
2003Lady Hathaway1985FHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
2003Last Call at Dems2001GUSA Landmark Stake -2cTGoshF
2003Last Call at Dems2001GUSA NYSS -2cTYR3
2003Laughing Is An Art2000GUSA Director of Agriculture Pace - 3ScD3
2003Lightning Apollo2001MUSA New Jersey Futurity -2FhldL
2003Likely Lad1999MNOR Elite - 4Bje2
2003Likely Lad1999MNOR Rex Rodney Arespris -4/5Forus3
2003Merit Badge2001FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
2003Merit Badge2001FUSA Keystone Classic -2fTMea3
2003Miss Ella D2000FUSA Delaware Breeders -3fTHar3
2003Miss Gibbons2000FUSA NYSS -3fTYR3
2003Missive Hanover2001FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2003Missive Hanover2001FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2003Mondostar Pro2000MCZ Jarni Ceny Triletych (Spring) -3Velka3
2003My Fantasy2000FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fBmlP3
2003My Fantasy2000FUSA Tattersalls (Garnsey Memorial) -3fLex2
2003Myolin2001FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
2003Novel Attack1996FGER Breeders Crown -5/7mMrndf1
2003Odee Scoot2001GCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cTFlmDL
2003Outright2001GUSA Michigan SS -2cHzP3
2003Pilot Kloster1996GFRA Prix de la HayeEngh2
2003Prince Royal2000MFIN Hambo -3cLahti3
2003Prufrock1999GCAN Snowshoe Series -3&4WdbL
2003Rapid Dialing2001MUSA John Simpson Memorial -2cIndy3
2003Riann Photo2001FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ftBlomS
2003Santastics Pan2001M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:52.0
2003Santastics Pan2001MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cMea3
2003Santastics Pan2001MUSA Bluegrass -2cLex2
2003Santastics Pan2001MUSA Keystone Classic -2cMea3
2003Santastics Pan2001MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
2003Santastics Pan2001MUSA Smullin Memorial -2cRcR1
2003Semi Spot2000GCAN OSS Grassroots -3cTFlmDS
2003Sharky Spur1996MUSA Dan Patch Invitational -OPHoP1
2003Show Off2001FUSA Keystone Classic -2fMea3
2003Sip The Wine2000FNOR Thoresen Minnelop (hoppe) -3fJarl2
2003Sir Luck2000MCAN OSS Gold - 3cSar3
2003Southwind Elian2001MUSA Review Stakes -2cTSpr2
2003Southwind Flanders2000FUSA American National -3fTBmlP2
2003Southwind Flanders2000FUSA Horseman Futurity -3ftIndL
2003Starfighter LM2000MHOL Grote Unitrot Sale Prijs -3Wlvga2
2003Starfighter LM2000MHOL VW Crommelin Memorial (3-5YO)Duind3
2003Steam the Windows2001GUSA Virginia Breeders -2cCnl3
2003Strike a Balance2000FCAN Princess Series -3fWdbL
2003Striking Page2000FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ftDelaS
2003Thechiefofmontana1999MSWE Prix Cagnes-sur-Mer -4Jag3
2003Upalazyriver2000MUSA Townsend Ackerman -3TM3
2003Victory Tilly1995MITA GP di LotteriaAgn1
2003Victory Tilly1995MSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
2003Whatanartist2000GFastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA1:49.0
2003Whatanartist2000GUSA Jug Preview -3ScD3
2003Whatanartist2000GUSA Meadowlands Pace (elim) -3M3
2003Whatanartist2000GUSA Tattersalls Pace -3cLex1
2003Yankee Boy1998M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:53.0
2002-5Victory Tilly1995MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
2002-3Ride The Rapids2000GUSA Buckeye State -2pScDF
2002-3Victory Tilly1995MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
2002-1Gold N Riddle2000GUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2002Adellas Dash1997FSA Alf Goran Memorial -OTGDPL
2002Adellas Dash1997FSA Globe Derby Park FFA -TGDPF
2002Adellas Dash1997FSA Jack Roberts Mem -OTGDPF
2002Alfhild Palema1995FSWE STC Avelslopp -MAxeL
2002Alix Hall2000FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
2002Always Cam1999FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
2002Always Cam1999FUSA Jugette -3fDela1
2002Always Cam1999FUSA Keystone Classic -3fMea3
2002Always Cam1999FUSA Lady Maud -3fMea1
2002Always Cam1999FUSA Pennsylvania Champ -3fMea3
2002Always Cam1999FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fScD3
2002Andover Hall1999M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:51.3
2002Andover Hall1999MEvolution of Trotters 3YO Mile (NA)USAT1:51.3
2002Andover Hall1999MFastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:51.3
2002Andover Hall1999MUSA World Trotting Derby -3TDuQ1
2002Armbro Wallflower1999FCAN Breeders Championship -3fMohL
2002Armbro Wallflower1999FCAN OSS Gold - 3fWdb3
2002Armbro Wallflower1999FCAN OSS Super -3fWdb2
2002Artsplace1988MLeading Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$13,935,327
2002Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (US)USA$7,905,084
2002Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA45W
2002Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA84W
2002Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA88W
2002Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - Stakes (USA)USA 
2002As Good As Gold1999FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ftBlomS
2002At A Boy Eric2000GCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cTFlmDL
2002Attestato1997MITA GP Societa Campo di MirafioriTurin1
2002Attestato1997MITA Gran Premio PadovanellePad3
2002Bixan Mortar1999GUK National Juvenile Trot -2&3TTirPF
2002Bixan Mortar1999GUK Prakas Derby - 3TTirP3
2002Bliz1998FITA GP Antonio Carena -4MTdV3
2002Bliz1998FITA GP d'Europa -4mSS2
2002Britewell1993MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 2YONZ $43,587
2002Cameron Hall1999FCAN Colonial Lady -3fTWdb2
2002Cameron Hall1999FCAN Elegantimage -3fTWdb1
2002Cameron Hall1999FO'Brien 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
2002Cameron Hall1999FUSA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
2002Cameron Hall1999FUSA Breeders Crown -3fTWdb1
2002Cameron Hall1999FUSA Delvin Miller Memorial -3fTM1
2002Cameron Hall1999FUSA Kentucky Futurity -3fTLex1
2002Cameron Hall1999FUSA Matron Stakes -3fTDD2
2002Casual Breeze1997FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,314,075US
2002CC Spice2000FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2fpDelaS
2002CC Spice2000FUSA Ohio SS -2fScD3
2002Chip Chip Hooray1999MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,095,001US
2002Chip Chip Hooray1999MUSA Hambletonian -3TM1
2002Chip Chip Hooray1999MUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela2
2002Cold Comfort1974MLeading Sire - Stakes (Slovakia)EUR 
2002Conch Key2006GUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
2002Darlane1999FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
2002Dear Girl1999FCAN Blossom -3fML
2002Donkeys Can Talk2000FUSA Kentucky SS -2fLex3
2002Donven Promise1998FCAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTWdb1
2002Evil Cnivel2000FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2002Fire Lane1999MUSA Keystone Classic -3cTMea3
2002Fire Lane1999MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
2002For The Girls1998FNZ SS -4/5 mares (Nth Is)CambF
2002Four Starzzz Best1999FUSA Tender Loving Care -3fM3
2002Gigant Neo1998MFRA Prix Ariste Hemard -4Vinc2
2002Gigant Neo1998MFRA Prix Marcel LaurentVinc2
2002Gigant Neo1998MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Sweden)EUR461,545€
2002Gigant Neo1998MSWE Konung Gustaf V Pokal - 4HAby2
2002Good Leasing1996FFIN Espoon Palkinto -OMTVermoL
2002Good Leasing1996FFIN Jouni Kaikko Memorial -OMTKouvL
2002Graceful Touch2000FUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2ftDuQL
2002Graceful Touch2000FUSA Review Stakes -2fTSpr2
2002Heathers Western2000FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
2002Heathers Western2000FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fScD3
2002Henri Hammering1997MCZ Cena SabbathaVelkaS
2002Her Own Art2000FUSA Keystone Classic -2fMea3
2002Hot Looking1998GFIN Breeders Crown - 4hMets2
2002Hot Looking1998GFIN Eugen Pylvänäisen Muistoajo -4Mikk3
2002Impressive Sign2000FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fBmlP3
2002Iroquoindiangiver2000GUSA NYSS -2cTYR3
2002Island Estate2000FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
2002Its A Cam Lie1999FCAN OSS Grassroots -3fWRS
2002Jackpot Penny2000FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fScD3
2002Lissome Hanover1999FUSA Pennsylvania Champ -3fTMea3
2002Lissome Hanover1999FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
2002Lookoutmom2000FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ftDelaS
2002Lotstoliveupto1999FUSA Parshall Futurity -3TGreenL
2002Lyell1999MFIN Tornio Racing -3Laiva3
2002Marla Bar1999FUSA Helen Smith -3fTFhld3
2002Message Machine2000GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ctDelaS
2002My Fantasy2000FUSA Kentuckiana -2fHop2
2002No Chatting2000FCAN Flamboro Breeders -2fTFlmDL
2002Northern Sky1999FUSA Courageous Lady -3fNfld3
2002Northern Sky1999FUSA Rose Red Pace -3fHzPL
2002Novel Attack1996FGER Breeders Crown -5/7mGels1
2002Object Way1996FFRA Prix Jean-Rene GougeonVinc3
2002Pan Hanover2000FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fBmlP3
2002Pan Hanover2000FUSA Hayes Memorial -2fDuQ3
2002Pan Hanover2000FUSA Hoosier -2fInd3
2002Perfect Gal1998FNOR Nils Brekkes Pokallop -4MDramL
2002Perfect Son1996GUSA Presidential -OPM3
2002Prufrock1999GCAN Valedictory Series -3cWdbL
2002River City Jack2000GUSA California Gold -2ctCalX3
2002Sanabelle Island1994FMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,641,676
2002Savoir1968GHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
2002Shine Towel1999MUSA Horseman Futurity -3cInd3
2002Shine Towel1999MUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cHop3
2002Sir Luck2000M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.2
2002Sir Luck2000MCAN Champlain Stakes -2Moh2
2002Sir Luck2000MCAN Metro -2Wdb1
2002Sir Luck2000MCAN Nassagaweya -2Moh1
2002Sir Luck2000MCAN OSS Gold - 2cMoh3
2002Sir Luck2000MCAN OSS Gold - 2cWdb3
2002Sir Luck2000MCAN OSS Gold - 2cWR3
2002Sir Luck2000MO'Brien 2YO C&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
2002Southwind Flanders2000FUSA American National -2fTBmlP2
2002Southwind Flanders2000FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2002Southwind Flanders2000FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
2002Sundons Luck1998MNZ 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $97,520, T2:02.1
2002Sundons Luck1998MNZ 3YO Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $97,520, T2:02.1
2002Sundons Luck1998MNZ GN Trotting Derby -3TAxP1
2002Sundons Luck1998MNZ SS -3TAxP2
2002Sundons Luck1998MNZ Trotters Derby -3TAdd1
2002Sundons Luck1998MVic Holmfield -3TMV3
2002Swingin Away1999MCAN Summertime Series -3WdbL
2002The Patriot2000FCAN Breeders Championship -2fMohF
2002The Patriot2000FCAN OSS Gold - 2fMoh3
2002The Patriot2000FCAN OSS Gold - 2fRidC3
2002Thechiefofmontana1999MCAN Coupe Des Eleveurs -3cTBB3
2002Timberland1998MDEN Fyraaringseliten -4Char2
2002To B MZ America1999FUSA Currier and Ives -3fTMeaL
2002To B MZ America1999FUSA Keystone Classic -3fTMea3
2002To B MZ America1999FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fTScD3
2002Torpedo Express1999FUSA Violet -3fBmlPL
2002Trump Image1999MUSA Delaware Breeders -3cTHar3
2002VA Two Thirty Two2000GUSA Virginia Breeders -2cTCnl3
2002Victory Tilly1995M1:51 Trotters (Alltime)INT1:50.4
2002Victory Tilly1995M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:50.4
2002Victory Tilly1995MEvolution of Trotters Mile (NA)USAT1:50.4
2002Victory Tilly1995MEvolution of Trotters Racemile (NA)USAT1:50.4
2002Victory Tilly1995MFastest Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:50.4
2002Victory Tilly1995MHarness Horse of the Year (Sweden)EUR 
2002Victory Tilly1995MITA GP Delle NazioniSS1
2002Victory Tilly1995MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT37,205,278SK
2002Victory Tilly1995MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Sweden)EUR1,053,961€
2002Victory Tilly1995MStake Earner of the Year (Sweden)EUR1,053,961E
2002Victory Tilly1995MSWE Aby Stora PrisAby1
2002Victory Tilly1995MSWE Arjang Stora SprinterloppArj2
2002Victory Tilly1995MSWE Ego Boy MinneRattF
2002Victory Tilly1995MSWE Frances Bulwark LoppSolv1
2002Victory Tilly1995MSWE Jamtlands Stora PrisOs2
2002Victory Tilly1995MSWE Sundsvall OpenBs2
2002Victory Tilly1995MUSA Nat Ray -OTM1
2002Village Blitz2000GCAN Battle of Waterloo -2cElmra2
2002Western Touch1999FUSA Keystone Classic -3fMea3
2002Whatanartist2000G1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:52.0
2002Whatanartist2000GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cMea3
2002Whatanartist2000GUSA Bluegrass -2cLex2
2002Whatanartist2000GUSA Smullin Memorial -2cRcR1
2002Zintillating2000FUSA Miss Rosecroft -2fRcR2
2002Zoltar Seelster2000GCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cTFlmDL
2001-FAppleonia Art1999FUSA New Jersey Futurity -2FhldL
2001-5Victory Tilly1995MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
2001-4Victory Tilly1995MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
2001-3Victory Tilly1995MSWE GulddivisionenOs1
2001-2Cynthia Iliad1998FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftScD3
2001-2Hangin At The Ritz1998GUSA Maryland SS -3cTRcR3
2001-1First To Stand1999FUSA State Fair Manager -2fScDL
2001-1Magical Misty1999FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2001-1Mannart New Wave1999FUSA The Standardbred -2fDela3
2001-1Star Siren1998FUSA First Lady -3fpScD3
2001-05Brioso Hanover1997M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
2001Adellas Dash1997FVic Trotters Oaks -3fTMV1
2001Always Cam1999FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fMea3
2001Always Cam1999FUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2fMea3
2001Andover Hall1999MCAN Campbellville -2TMoh2
2001Andover Hall1999MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
2001Andover Hall1999MUSA 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
2001Andover Hall1999MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
2001Andover Hall1999MUSA Hanover Stakes -2cTBmlP3
2001Andover Hall1999MUSA Horseman -2TInd2
2001Art Patrol1999MUSA John Simpson Memorial -2cHop3
2001As Good As Gold1999FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ftBlomS
2001Attestato1997MITA GP Citta di Follonica - 4Foll3
2001Attestato1997MITA GP Citta di Taranto -4TarL
2001Attestato1997MITA GP Nello Bellei -4Mtct2
2001Automatic Scorer1996GUSA Ohio SS -4&5TLeb3
2001Automatic Scorer1996GUSA Scarlet and Gray Stakes -OTNfldL
2001Big Chief1999FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fScD3
2001BJs Pleasure1983FHall of Fame Living (USA)USA 
2001Bliz1998FITA Oaks Del Trotto - 3fTdV2
2001C'Est La Guerre1996FHUN Majusi NagydijKerep2
2001Cadillac Vita1999MSLO Slovenia NS Classic - 2Lju2
2001Cameron Hall1999F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:56.0
2001Cameron Hall1999FFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:56.0
2001Cameron Hall1999FUSA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
2001Cameron Hall1999FUSA Breeders Crown -2fTWdb1
2001Cameron Hall1999FUSA Goldsmith Maid -2fTM1
2001Cameron Hall1999FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fTBmlP3
2001Cameron Hall1999FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
2001Canbec Mustang1999MCAN Coupe De L'Avenir -2cBB3
2001Capitol Power1998MUSA Junior Trendsetter -3cML
2001Capitol Power1998MUSA Matts Scooter -3cM2
2001Car Lins Sugar Two1998FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ftBlomS
2001Casa Marina1998FUSA Horseman Futurity -3ftIndL
2001Casa Marina1998FUSA Pennsylvania Champ -3fTPcD3
2001Casual Breeze1997FCAN Classic Oaks -OMTWdb1
2001Casual Breeze1997FO'Brien Older Mare Trotter of the YearCAN 
2001Casual Breeze1997FUSA 4YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
2001Chip Chip Hooray1999MUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2TDuQ3
2001Chip Chip Hooray1999MUSA Hoosier -2cTInd3
2001Chip Chip Hooray1999MUSA Kentucky SS -2cTLex3
2001Chip Chip Hooray1999MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
2001Chip Chip Hooray1999MUSA Valley Victory -2cTM1
2001Cigar Bar1998MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TM2
2001Cobol1998MUSA World Trotting Derby -3TDuQ1
2001Cobol1998MUSA Zweig Memorial -3TSycs2
2001Cold Comfort1974MLeading Sire - Stakes (Slovakia)EUR 
2001Crystas Power1997FGER Breeders Crown -4MGels1
2001Cynthia Iliad1998FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fTScD3
2001Donven Promise1998FCAN Breeders Championship -3fTMohL
2001Donven Promise1998FCAN OSS Super -3fTWdb2
2001Donven Promise1998FCAN SBOA Classic -3fTMoh3
2001Donven Promise1998FO'Brien 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
2001Explosive Ride1999MUSA Goshen (Historic) Cup -2M3
2001Fatima Lavec1997FSWE Sto Sprintern -4MTHalm3
2001Fox Avenue Lisa1997FCAN General Brock Series -4TWdbL
2001Gigant Neo1998MSWE E3 Classic (Long) - 3Or1
2001Gigant Neo1998MSWE Sommarfavoriten -3Solv3
2001Good Leasing1996FFIN Arvid Avallin Tammaderby -5mVermo2
2001Good Leasing1996FFIN Tamma ValtikkaFor3
2001Gothic Lady1998FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fMoh2
2001Gothic Lady1998FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
2001Henri Hammering1997MCZ Jarni Ceny Ctyrletych (Spring) -4Velka3
2001Henri Hammering1997MCZ Letni Kriterium Ctyletych -4Velka3
2001Hi Low Hanover1998GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
2001Hi Low Hanover1998GUSA New Jersey Futurity -3TFhldL
2001Honey Strikes Gold1999MUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ctDelaS
2001Hot Looking1998GFIN Finsk Trav Kriterium -3Teivo1
2001Hot Looking1998GFIN Uudenmaan Upein -3VermoL
2001Hot Looking1998GStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Finland)EUR86,549€
2001I Give Diamonds1999MUSA Hayes Memorial -2cDuQ3
2001Idole Normand1996FCAN Prix Du Quebec -OMTH3R3
2001Keystone Vogue1999FUSA Marion Dancer Memorial -2fTFhld3
2001Keystone Vogue1999FUSA Matron Stakes -2fTDD2
2001Keystone Vogue1999FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2001Kickin In1999FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fScD3
2001Laredo Kosmos1998GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
2001Laredo Kosmos1998GUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
2001Likely Lad1999MUSA Review Stakes -2cTSpr2
2001Lindermann GT1997MNOR 4YO Stjernen (Star)Bje3
2001Lindermann GT1997MNOR Johan Widdings Minnelop -4BjeF
2001Lookout Victory1992FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,921,611US
2001Lotstoliveupto1999FUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
2001Masterofhisdomain1996GUSA Dan Patch -OPBmlP2
2001Meanstoyourdreams1999FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTWR3
2001Northern Sky1999FCAN Harvest -2fMohL
2001Northern Sky1999FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
2001Odessa Drummond1999FCAN Coupe De L'Avenir -2fTBB3
2001Odessa Drummond1999FO'Brien 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
2001On The Attack1998MCAN Prix De Montreal -3BB3
2001On The Attack1998MUSA Cleveland Classic -3cNfld2
2001Pacific Photo1999FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2001Peachy Sue1999FUSA Landmark Stake -2fTGoshL
2001Perfect Gal1998FNOR Norskt Trav Oaks - 3Momk2
2001Pilot Kloster1996GSWE KG Bertmarks MinnesloppJagL
2001Playin For Ron1998MUSA California Gold - 3cTCalX3
2001Poemba Paniek1998MHOL Fokkers Trofee -3Wlvga3
2001Quality of Life1998MUSA Max Hempt Memorial -3cPcD1
2001RC My Darling1999FUSA Massachusetts SS- 2fTPRc3
2001Ready Cash1998GUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cPcDL
2001Rosanna1999FStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Austria)EUR27,594€
2001Royal Mattjesty1999M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:50.3
2001Royal Mattjesty1999MUSA Bluegrass -2cLex2
2001Royal Mattjesty1999MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cLex2
2001Sanabelle Island1994FUSA Cape and Cutter -OMML
2001Sand Ultra Strike1999FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ftDelaS
2001Sandys Sable1974FHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
2001Southwind Redbud1998FUSA Zweig Memorial -3fTSycs3
2001Star Siren1998FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3fpDelaS
2001Star Spur1997FUSA Indiana SS -OMPHoP3
2001The Big Show1999GUSA Tompkins Geers -2cScD3
2001Timberland1998MGER Bayern Pokal -3Daglf2
2001Timberland1998MGER NRZ Pokal -3Dinsl2
2001Tread Mill1998FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ctBlomS
2001Trump Image1999MUSA Delaware Breeders -2cTDD3
2001Trump Image1999MUSA Delaware Breeders -2cTHar3
2001Trump Image1999MUSA Indiana SS -2cTHoP3
2001Universal Victory1999FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2001Universal Victory1999FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
2001Vanilla Dream1998FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fTFlmDL
2001Victory My Way1998FUSA Kentucky Futurity -3fTLex1
2001Victory My Way1998FUSA World Trotting Derby -3fTDuQ1
2001Victory Tilly1995MDEN Copenhagen CupChar1
2001Victory Tilly1995MGrand Circuit Champion (Europe)EUR 
2001Victory Tilly1995MITA GP Delle NazioniSS1
2001Victory Tilly1995MITA GP Gaetano TurilliTdV1
2001Victory Tilly1995MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Sweden)EUR745,517€
2001Victory Tilly1995MSWE Frances Bulwark LoppSolv1
2001Victory Tilly1995MSWE JubileumspokalenSolv1
2001Victory Tilly1995MSWE Sundsvall OpenBs2
2001Western Touch1999FUSA Keystone Classic -2fMea3
2001Western Touch1999FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
2001Wild Pine1999FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
2001Zombi Dei1996MITA Gran Premio PadovanellePad3
2000-4Victory Tilly1995MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
2000-3Cynthia Iliad1998FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
2000-3Victory Tilly1995MSWE GulddivisionenFarj1
2000-2Casa Marina1998FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
2000-1Cant Wait On You1998GUSA Buckeye State -2pScDF
2000-1Tom Bruce1998FUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
2000-07Art Dialing1995M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:48.2US
2000-06Dragon Again1995M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:48.3US
2000-05Sharky Spur1996M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
2000Aeropostale1997GUSA Galt Memorial -3cTMay3
2000Allen Pay1989MUK BHRC Trotter of the YearUK  
2000Amer I Can1998MUSA Hanover Stakes -2cTBmlP3
2000Amer I Can1998MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTScD3
2000American Native1997MUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela2
2000American Native1997MUSA William Connors Memorial -3THzP3
2000Andys Golden Boy1997MUSA Cardinal -3cBmlPL
2000Andys Golden Boy1997MUSA Maywood Pace -3cMay3
2000Andys Golden Boy1997MUSA Pete Langley Memorial -3cBmlP2
2000Anjou1997FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fTFlmDL
2000Armbro Vanilla1998FCAN Breeders Championship -2fMohF
2000Armbro Virtual1998GUSA Goshen (Historic) Cup -2M3
2000Artsplace1988MLeading Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$11,552,962
2000Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (US)USA$6,124,931
2000Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA36W
2000Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - Stakes (USA)USA 
2000Backin A Jiffy1997FWA Sales Classic -2fGP2
2000Boston Blaze1997FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
2000Bramalea Road1997GCAN Flamboro Breeders -3cFlmDL
2000Carmody Lobell1983MLeading Sire - Stakes (Denmark)EUR 
2000Casual Breeze1997FCAN Breeders Championship -3fTMohL
2000Casual Breeze1997FCAN Elegantimage -3fTWdb1
2000Casual Breeze1997FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTMoh3
2000Casual Breeze1997FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTSar3
2000Casual Breeze1997FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTWR3
2000Casual Breeze1997FO'Brien 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
2000Charisse Hanover1997FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
2000Charisse Hanover1997FUSA Zweig Memorial -3fTSycs3
2000Chipwitch1998MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
2000Chuckalo Chase Tom1998MCAN OSS Grassroots -2cTLonS
2000CR Bellman1998GUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
2000Custom Cleared1998MUSA Landmark Stake -2cTGoshF
2000Custom Cleared1998MUSA Review Stakes -2cTSpr2
2000Cynthia Iliad1998FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ftDelaS
2000Cynthia Iliad1998FUSA Ohio SS -2fTScD3
2000Cynthia Iliad1998FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fTScD3
2000Do Ra Me1998FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
2000Dragon Again1995MCAN Toronto Series -OPMohF
2000Dragon Again1995MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$2,343,428
2000Dragon Again1995MUSA Battle of Lake Erie -OPNfld3
2000Dragon Again1995MUSA Cornell Memorial -OPFhld3
2000Dragon Again1995MUSA Nicole Hudock Memorial -OPHzP3
2000Dragon Again1995MUSA Presidential -OPM3
2000Dragon Again1995MUSA Rambling Willie InvitationalMS
2000Éclair de Flammes1997FCAN Coupe Des Eleveurs -3fBB3
2000El Diablo1998GUSA Goshen (Historic) Cup -2M3
2000Elegant Supreme1997GCAN OSS Gold - 3cTMoh3
2000Elegant Supreme1997GCAN Tie Silk Series -3TWdbL
2000Erikas Fame1997FCAN Breeders Championship -3fMohL
2000Ezamble1997FSWE E3 Classic (Long) - 3fFarj1
2000Fatima Lavec1997FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
2000Full Scholarship1996MCAN Cam Fella Series -OPWdbL
2000Gothic Lady1998FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fMoh2
2000Gothic Lady1998FCAN Harvest -2fMohL
2000Henri Hammering1997MCZ Cena SabbathaVelkaS
2000Ilooklikemymom1996MUSA Ohio SS -4&5TRP3
2000Ilooklikemymom1996MUSA Scarlet and Gray Stakes -OTNfldL
2000Kandys Casey1996FUSA Michigan SS -4mTSpCk3
2000Kendal Sprocket1997MCAN Flamboro Breeders -3cFlmDL
2000La Rapida1998FUSA Lady Lincoln Land -2fTBmlP3
2000Lookout Victory1992FCAN Classic Oaks -OMTFhld1
2000Lookslikeatrooper1997GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
2000Lookslikeatrooper1997GUSA Keystone Classic -3cTMea3
2000Lookslikeatrooper1997GUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
2000Louise Smabo1997FFIN Tammakriterium -3fTeivo2
2000Major Becquet1997MCAN Coupe Des Eleveurs -3cBB3
2000Maritas Victory1997FUSA Hambletonian Oaks -3fTM1
2000Maritas Victory1997FUSA Helen Smith -3fTFhld3
2000Maritas Victory1997FUSA NJSS (Summer) -3fTM3
2000Minnesota Carol1997FUSA Horseman Futurity -3ftIndL
2000Minnesota Carol1997FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fTScD3
2000Mr JBB1998GCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cFlmDL
2000Mr JBB1998GUSA John Simpson Memorial -2cHop3
2000Object Way1996FGER Kriterium der Vierjahrigen -4Daglf2
2000Odie Huberts1997FHOL Fokkers Trofee (merries) -3fWlvga3
2000Perfect Son1996GUSA Chill Factor -4cML
2000Pine Drop1997MUSA Review Stakes -3cTSpr2
2000Prelat1996MRUS Russia Derby -4Mosc1
2000Promised Dream1997FCAN Golden Garter (Alberta SS) -3fStPL
2000River City Kitty1997FUSA California Gold - 3ftCalX3
2000RJs Dexter1998GCAN Breeders Championship -2cMohF
2000RJs Dexter1998GCAN OSS Gold - 2cSar3
2000RJs Dexter1998GCAN OSS Gold - 2cWR3
2000Sanabelle Island1994FUSA Overbid Series -OMM2
2000Sarah Dream1998FCAN Robert Stewart -2fTMoh2
2000Seawind Alpha1998FCAN Atlantic Breeders Crown -2fEPR3
2000Star Spur1997FUSA Indiana SS -3fHoP3
2000Sunny Action1993FNZ Trotting FFAAdd1
2000Tracs1997MCAN OSS Gold - 3cTFlmD3
2000Treasure Forever1998FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2000Treasure Forever1998FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fTScD3
2000Tufflilskirt1998FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
2000Victory My Way1998FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
2000Victory My Way1998FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
2000Victory My Way1998FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
2000Victory Tilly1995MEvolution of Trotters Mile (Europe)EUR1:10.5
2000Victory Tilly1995MGrand Circuit Champion (Europe)EUR 
2000Victory Tilly1995MHarness Horse of the Year (Sweden)EUR 
2000Victory Tilly1995MNOR Oslo Grand PrixBje1
2000Victory Tilly1995MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+) (Sweden)EUR1,157,030€
2000Victory Tilly1995MStake Earner of the Year (5YO+T) (Europe)EUR1,157,030€
2000Victory Tilly1995MStake Earner of the Year (Europe)EUR1,157,030E
2000Victory Tilly1995MStake Earner of the Year (Sweden)EUR1,157,030E
2000Victory Tilly1995MSWE Aby Stora PrisAby1
2000Victory Tilly1995MSWE ElitloppetSolv1
2000Victory Tilly1995MSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
2000Victory Tilly1995MSWE Farjestads JubileumsloppFarj2
2000Victory Tilly1995MSWE GuldbjörkenUma3
2000Victory Tilly1995MSWE Hugo Abergs MemorialJag1
2000Victory Tilly1995MSWE Jamtlands Stora PrisOs2
2000Victory Tilly1995MSWE JubileumspokalenSolv1
2000Victory Tilly1995MSWE Sundsvall OpenBs2
2000Will Smith1998MUK British SS - 2cYork1
2000Windsong Flyer1996MCAN Molson Pace -OPLon2
2000Zombi Dei1996MITA GP Firenze - 4Fir2
1999-2Armbro Terrace1997FUSA The Standardbred -2fDela3
1999-2Hi Nooner1997GUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
1999-1CSI Jades Jewel1997FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
1999-1FD Test The Waters1997GUSA Maryland SS -2cTRcR3
1999-07English Tutor1995G1:50 Pacers (First 100)INT1:49.3US
1999-07English Tutor1995G1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
1999Aigre Doux1997FITA Gran Criterium -2SS1
1999Aigre Doux1997FStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Italy)EUR126,538€
1999Aigre Doux1997FStake Earner of the Year (2YOT) (Europe)EUR128,538€
1999Angus Hall1996MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TM2
1999Arapaho Hanover1997MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cScD3
1999Armbro Terrace1997FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fMoh2
1999Armbro Terrace1997FCAN Harvest -2fMohL
1999Arterra1997FUSA Countess Adios -2fM2
1999Artsplace1988MLeading Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$11,067,501
1999Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - Stakes (USA)USA 
1999Beijing Boy1995MSWE Sprintermastaren - 4Halm2
1999Bootsy1997FUSA American National -2fBmlP2
1999Cambest1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA73W
1999Cambest1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA94W
1999Cams Eclipse1997MCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cFlmDL
1999Canland Hall1996FCAN Colonial Lady -3fTWdb2
1999Canland Hall1996FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fTMoh2
1999Casual Breeze1997FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
1999Celebrity Ball1996FCAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmWdbL
1999Celebrity Ball1996FCAN Miss Vera Bars -3fWdbL
1999Cherished Victory1997FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
1999Cherished Victory1997FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
1999Cherished Victory1997FUSA Review Stakes -2fTSpr2
1999Dear Stena1997FUSA Miss Rosecroft -2fRcR2
1999Dino As1994MITA GP DuomoFir2
1999Doyles Missy1997FUSA Massachusetts SS- 2fTPRc3
1999Dragon Again1995MCAN Canadian Derby -OPMoh1
1999Dragon Again1995MCAN Prix d'Automne -OPH3R1
1999Dragon Again1995MO'Brien Older H&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
1999Dreamfair Tierra1996FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTRidC3
1999Dustin Qui1997FStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Austria)EUR26,887€
1999Dutchess Why1996FCAN OSS Gold - 3fElmra3
1999El Duque1997FUSA Indiana SS -2fHoP3
1999Ella G1997FUSA Acorn -2fTM2
1999English Tutor1995GUSA Exit 16W Series -3&4ML
1999English Tutor1995GUSA Fox Sports Net - 3&4M3
1999Enjoy Lavec1996M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.0
1999Enjoy Lavec1996MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Sweden)EUR584,927€
1999Enjoy Lavec1996MStake Earner of the Year (3YOT) (Europe)EUR584,927E
1999Enjoy Lavec1996MStake Earner of the Year (Sweden)EUR584,927E
1999Enjoy Lavec1996MUSA Bluegrass -3cTLex3
1999Enjoy Lavec1996MUSA World Trotting Derby -3TDuQ1
1999Enjoy Lavec1996MUSA Zweig Memorial -3TSycs2
1999Erikas Fame1997FCAN Breeders Championship -2fMohF
1999Figy Gabe1997FCAN Coupe De L'Avenir -2fTBB3
1999Ilooklikemymom1996MUSA Governors Trophy/Cup -3TScDL
1999Ilooklikemymom1996MUSA Ohio SS -3cTNfld3
1999Inquire Within1997GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ctDelaS
1999Kendal Sprocket1997MCAN Champlain Stakes -2Moh2
1999Kendal Sprocket1997MUSA Hopeful (Brandywine) -2cBrd1
1999Kimmie Girl1996FUSA California Gold - 3ftCalX3
1999Last Of Bella1997GCAN Atlantic Breeders Crown -2cTruro3
1999Lead Me1997MUSA Hoosier -2cTInd3
1999Lizzie Kemp1997FFIN Breeders Crown -2fJyv2
1999Major Becquet1997MCAN Coupe De L'Avenir -2cBB3
1999Maritas Victory1997FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
1999Maritas Victory1997FUSA Marion Dancer Memorial -2fTFhld3
1999Masterofhisdomain1996GUSA Cardinal -3cBmlPL
1999Masterofhisdomain1996GUSA Maywood Pace -3cMay3
1999Masterofhisdomain1996GUSA Pete Langley Memorial -3cBmlP2
1999My Striking Lisa1996FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ftDelaS
1999Oneeyedjackswild1997GUSA Fox Stakes -2Ind3
1999Our Golden Promise1996FUSA Grandma Ann -3fBmlP2
1999Ramilette Hanover1997FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fMea3
1999Ramilette Hanover1997FUSA Keystone Classic -2fMea3
1999Ramilette Hanover1997FUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2fMea3
1999River City Kitty1997FUSA California Gold -2fTCalX3
1999RL Annie H1996FCAN Princess Series -3fWdbL
1999Rum Boogie1996FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
1999Rum Boogie1996FUSA Kentucky Futurity -3fTLex1
1999Rum Boogie1996FUSA Matron Stakes -3fTDD2
1999Rum Boogie1996FUSA Zweig Memorial -3fTSycs3
1999San Pellegrino1996MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
1999Sharky Spur1996MUSA Jersey (Historic) Cup -3M3
1999Sharky Spur1996MUSA Matts Scooter -3cM2
1999Silver Invest1992GFIN Malja AjoYlivL
1999Super Spicy1997MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
1999Super Spicy1997MUSA Pennsylvania Champ -2cTMea3
1999Super Spicy1997MUSA Review Stakes -2cTSpr2
1999Ulysses Gold1997MUSA Landmark Stake -2cTGoshF
1999Umbro1994MITA GP Ponte VecchioFir3
1999Vega LB1995FITA Presidente Della Repubblica -4TriL
1999Victory Tilly1995MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Sweden)EUR440,483€
1999Victory Tilly1995MSWE Breeders Crown - 4HGavle1
1999Victory Tilly1995MSWE Elite - 4Solv2
1999Victory Tilly1995MSWE Eskilstuna Fyraaringtest -4Esk3
1999Victory Tilly1995MSWE Solvalla GP -4Solv2
1999Victory Tilly1995MSWE Sweden Trav Derby - 4Solv1
1999Wallingford1996GUSA NYSS -3cTYR3
1999Wasa Queen1992FFIN Tammer-AjoTeivo3
1999Windsong Flyer1996MCAN OSS Gold - 3cBar3
1999Wolfs Haley1997FUSA Landmark Stake -2fTGoshL
1999Zombi Dei1996MITA Friuli Venezia Giulia -3Tri2
1999Zombi Dei1996MITA Premio Italia - 3Bolog2
1998-2Ilooklikemymom1996MUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
1998-11Artiscape1995M1:50 Pacers (First 100)INT1:49.3US
1998-11Artiscape1995M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.3US
1998-07Little Steven1993M1:50 Pacers (First 100)INT1:49.4US
1998-07Little Steven1993M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.4US
1998Angus Hall1996M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:54.4
1998Angus Hall1996MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
1998Angus Hall1996MEvolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NA)USAT1:54.4
1998Angus Hall1996MUSA John Simpson Memorial -2cTVD3
1998Artiscape1995MCAN Provincial Cup -OPWR1
1998Artiscape1995MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3cMoh2
1998Artiscape1995MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,469,461
1998Artiscape1995MO'Brien 3YO C&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
1998Artiscape1995MUSA 3YO C&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
1998Artiscape1995MUSA American National -3cBmlP2
1998Artiscape1995MUSA Bluegrass -3cLex3
1998Artiscape1995MUSA Breeders Crown -3cCnl1
1998Artiscape1995MUSA Tattersalls Pace -3cLex1
1998Artsplace1988MLeading Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$9,593,237
1998Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (US)USA$7,369,059
1998Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA33W
1998Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - Stakes (USA)USA 
1998Aunt Fernie1995FUSA Lady Ann Reed -3fTBmlP3
1998Broderick Seelster1994GCAN Snowshoe Series -3&4WdbL
1998Bunny Trap1996GUSA Landmark Stake -2cGoshF
1998Cams Ace1996GUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
1998Canland Hall1996FCAN Coupe De L'Avenir -2fTBB3
1998Canland Hall1996FCAN Oakville -2fTMoh2
1998Canland Hall1996FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
1998Collecting Kisses1995FCAN Blossom -3fML
1998Conway Hall1995MITA GP Orsi Mangelli - 3SS1
1998Conway Hall1995MUSA John Simpson Memorial -3cTHop3
1998Dragon Again1995MUSA Hoosier Cup -3cHop2
1998Enjoy Lavec1996MStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Sweden)EUR279,773€
1998Enjoy Lavec1996MStake Earner of the Year (2YOT) (Europe)EUR279,773€
1998Enjoy Lavec1996MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
1998Enjoy Lavec1996MUSA Peter Haughton Memorial -2cTM1
1998Evropa Osteo1993FCZ Cena FlintaVelka3
1998Forever Gorgeous1996FUSA Review Stakes -2fSpr2
1998GVs Caesar1994MUSA Horse And Groom -3-5TM3
1998GVs Whiteface1996MUSA New Jersey Futurity -2TFhldL
1998GVs Whiteface1996MUSA NJSS (Fall) -2cTFhldL
1998Heat on the Street1995GUSA Maywood Pace -3cMay3
1998Her Mattjesty1996FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fMoh2
1998Her Mattjesty1996FCAN Harvest -2fMohL
1998Her Mattjesty1996FCAN Robert Stewart -2fMoh2
1998Her Mattjesty1996FUSA Kentuckiana -2fHop2
1998His Mattjesty1994MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,038,861
1998JBs Nod D Boy1995GUSA Great Mid West Pace -3MartS
1998Jonlin1995FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fTMoh2
1998Kellys Cigar1996MCAN OSS Gold - 2cTLon3
1998Lookout Victory1992FSWE EJs GuldskoHagm3
1998Meadowbranch Mike1995MCAN Canadian Trotting Classic -3TMoh1
1998Ms Vic1995FUSA NJSS (Fall) -3fTFhld3
1998Musical Victory1996F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.3
1998Musical Victory1996FUSA American National -2fTBmlP2
1998Musical Victory1996FUSA Breeders Crown -2fTCnl1
1998Musical Victory1996FUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2ftDuQL
1998Pacific Dynasty1995MUSA Jug Preview -3ScD3
1998Panned Out1995FUSA Hayes Memorial -3fDuQ3
1998Panned Out1995FUSA John Simpson Memorial -3fHoP3
1998Panned Out1995FUSA Review Stakes -3fSpr2
1998Quick To Catch1994GUSA Michigan SS -4hSpCk3
1998Rum Boogie1996FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
1998Rum Boogie1996FUSA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1998Rum Boogie1996FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
1998Rum Boogie1996FUSA Goldsmith Maid -2fTGSP1
1998Rum Boogie1996FUSA Kentuckiana -2fTIndy2
1998San Pellegrino1996MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
1998San Pellegrino1996MUSA Matron Stakes -2cTDD2
1998San Pellegrino1996MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
1998Sanabelle Island1994FUSA Los Alamitos Distaff -OMLA3
1998So So Chic1996FUSA Landmark Stake -2fTGoshL
1998Stienams Place1994FMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,402,301
1998Vega LB1995FITA GP Carlo Marangoni -3fTurin2
1998Victory Tilly1995MSWE E3 Revanchen (Long) -3Ro2
1998Victory Tilly1995MSWE Kriterierevanschen - 3Solv2
1998Victory Tilly1995MSWE Sikta mot Stjärnorna -3Mp3
1998Village Sovereign1996FUSA Lou Babic Pace-2fFhld2
1998Western Wonder1996FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
1998Zombi Dei1996MITA Criterium Vinovo -2Turin3
1997-5Lookout Victory1992FSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
1997-2Meadowbranch Music1995FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
1997-1Blue Water Fly1995FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
1997-1Lady Celine S1994FNOR Pr. Martha Pokal (hoppe) -3fBiri2
1997-1Old Dan1994GUSA Maryland SS -3cTRcR3
1997-06Armbro Operative1993M1:50 Pacers (First 100)INT1:50.0US
1997-06Armbro Operative1993M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:50.0US
1997 (eq)American Winner1990MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA34W
1997American Winner1990MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 2YO (USA)USA28W
1997American Winner1990MLeading Sire of Trotters - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA28W
1997Armbro Operative1993MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,012,712
1997Armbro Operative1993MUSA Breeders Crown -OPM1
1997Armbro Operative1993MUSA Governor Driscoll -OPM1
1997Armbro Rubble1995MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
1997Artiscape1995MUSA Breeders Crown -2cMoh1
1997Artiscape1995MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cLex2
1997Artsplace1988MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1997Artsplace1988MLeading Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$8,917,716
1997Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (US)USA$8,917,716
1997Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Winners (USA)USA142W
1997Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA28W
1997Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA44W
1997Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:00 3YO (USA)USA73W
1997Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:05 2YO (USA)USA63W
1997Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA64W
1997Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2STP (USA)USA64W
1997Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - Stakes (USA)USA 
1997Arvells Tenant1994FNOR Elite -3Bje2
1997Borga Spirit1994GSWE E3 Classic (Short) - 3Farj1
1997Cabernets Image1995FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTRidC3
1997Cash Gwin1992MSWE Fyra Kilometer (4km)SolvL
1997Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : AGEDNZ $586,573
1997Confident Victory1995MUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2TDuQ3
1997Conway Hall1995MCAN Campbellville -2TMoh2
1997Conway Hall1995MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
1997Conway Hall1995MO'Brien 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearCAN 
1997Conway Hall1995MUSA 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
1997Conway Hall1995MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
1997Coquette Hanover1995FUSA Keystone Classic -2fTMea3
1997Crystal VW1994FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ftDelaS
1997Dino As1994MGER Bayern Pokal -3Daglf2
1997Dino As1994MGER Buddenbrock Rennen -3Mrndf2
1997Dodger Boy1995G1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.3
1997Dodger Boy1995GFastest 2YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA1:51.3
1997Dodger Boy1995GUSA Fox Stakes -2Ind3
1997Donna Del Sol1992FUK BHRC Trotter of the YearUK  
1997Dragon Again1995MUSA The Standardbred -2cDela3
1997Duncan MacLeod1994GUSA Maywood Pace -3cMay3
1997Elegantimage1994FCAN Breeders Championship -3fTMohL
1997Elegantimage1994FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTFlmD3
1997Elegantimage1994FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTMoh3
1997Elegantimage1994FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTRidC3
1997Elegantimage1994FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTWdb3
1997Elegantimage1994FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fTMoh2
1997Elegantimage1994FO'Brien 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
1997Emilie Cas El1992FNOR Momarken Mares GPMomk3
1997Evropa Osteo1993FCZ Jarni Ceny Ctyrletych (Spring) -4Velka3
1997Fame N Fortune1994MUSA Keystone Classic -3cTMea3
1997Fame N Fortune1994MUSA Keystone Classic -3fTMea3
1997Firebird Hanover1995FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1997Firebird Hanover1995FUSA Keystone Classic -2fTMea3
1997Fox Valley Memory1994FUSA Grandma Ann -3fBmlP2
1997Fox Valley Memory1994FUSA Nadia Lobell -3fGSP1
1997Fox Valley Memory1994FUSA Tarport Hap -3fM2
1997Handbag1990FSWE STC Avelslopp -MAxeL
1997I Saw Molly1994FSWE E3 Revanchen (Short) -3fBoden2
1997Jates Touch1994GUSA Tompkins Geers -3cScD3
1997Jonlin1995FUSA Acorn -2fTM2
1997Jonlin1995FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
1997Jungle O Peaches1994FUSA Massachusetts SS- 3fTSufD3
1997Lady Celine S1994FNOR Norskt Trav Oaks - 3Momk2
1997Little Steven1993MUSA Arnold Series -OPLA2
1997Lookout Victory1992FNOR Momarken Grand PrixMomk2
1997Lookout Victory1992FSWE EJs GuldskoHagm3
1997Lookout Victory1992FSWE Frances Bulwark LoppSolv1
1997Lukes Elvira1995FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
1997Movie Star Laag1994FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fPcDL
1997Ms Vic1995FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
1997Panned Out1995FUSA Kentuckiana -2fHop2
1997Panned Out1995FUSA Review Stakes -2fSpr2
1997Razzle Dazzle Tom1994FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTWR3
1997Red Coach Hanover1987GVic RR Cochran Trotters CupYVL
1997Ringo Dei1991MITA GP Societa Campo di MirafioriTurin1
1997Ringo Dei1991MITA Gran Premio PadovanellePad3
1997River City Son1995GUSA California Gold -2ctCalX3
1997Roydon Speed1991GVic Ballarat Trotters Cup -OTBallL
1997Sanabelle Island1994FUSA American National -3fSPk2
1997Sanabelle Island1994FUSA Cinderella -3fMay3
1997Sea Cove1986MAUT Badener MeileBaden2
1997Six Point1993FUSA Scarlet and Gray Stakes -OMTNfldL
1997Speedy Tomali1983MLeading Sire - Stakes (Norway)EUR 
1997Stienams Place1994FUSA 3YO Filly Pacer of the YearUSA 
1997Stienams Place1994FUSA Bluegrass -3fLex3
1997Stienams Place1994FUSA Breeders Crown -3fMoh1
1997Stienams Place1994FUSA Helen Dancer Memorial -3fFhld2
1997Stienams Place1994FUSA Jugette -3fDela1
1997Stienams Place1994FUSA Matron Stakes -3fPPk2
1997Stienams Place1994FUSA Mistletoe Shalee -3fM1
1997Stienams Place1994FUSA Tarport Hap -3fM2
1997Stienams Place1994FUSA Tattersalls (Garnsey Memorial) -3fLex2
1997Sunny Action1993FNZ Trotting Stakes - 3TAdd2
1997Sunny Action1993FNZ Yearling Sales Series -3TAddL
1997Super Tilly1992MSWE AxevallalopningAxe3
1997Super Tilly1992MSWE GotlandslopningVisby3
1997This Ones For Sam1994FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3fBlomS
1997Thunder Dan1994GUSA Director of Agriculture Pace - 3ScD3
1997Treasure Always1994FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
1997Victory Scott1994FUSA Colonial -3TWdb1
1997Wilma Tilly1995FSWE Vinterfavoriten - 2Solv2
1996-4Armbro Operative1993MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
1996-3Nuke The Bunny1994GUSA Buckeye State -2pScDF
1996-2Sanabelle Island1994FUSA Maryland SS -2fRcR3
1996-1Armbro Operative1993MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
1996-1Mark Wight1993MUSA Maryland SS -3cRcR3
1996-1Sabilize1989FNSW Ladyship Mile -OMHaP1
1996-1Sanabelle Island1994FUSA Maryland SS -2fRcR3
1996 (eq)Rajah Lobell1971MLeading Sire - Winners (UK)UK 36W
1996Act of Grace1993F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
1996Act of Grace1993FUSA Coaching Club Oaks -3fTM2
1996Act of Grace1993FUSA World Trotting Derby -3fTDuQ1
1996Action Game1988GSA STA Championship -TGDPF
1996Action Man1992MSWE Rättviksloppet -4RattF
1996After Sam1994GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2cpDelaS
1996American Pride1990GSWE Fyra Kilometer (4km)SolvL
1996Arizona Hanover1994FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
1996Armbro Operative1993MUSA Bluegrass -3cLex3
1996Armbro Operative1993MUSA Breeders Crown -3cYR1
1996Armbro Operative1993MUSA Jersey (Historic) Cup -3M3
1996Armbro Operative1993MUSA Little Brown Jug -3Dela1
1996Armbro Operative1993MUSA Progress Pace -3cDD1
1996Artsplace1988MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:00 2YO (USA)USA43W
1996Billy Bly1992GUSA Michigan SS -4hTNor3
1996Bingo Johnnie1993MUSA Cardinal -3cBmlPL
1996Caphial1992FNOR Nils Brekkes Pokallop -4MDramL
1996Caphial1992FSWE Breeders Crown - 4MFarj1
1996Cattail Creek1994GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ctBlomS
1996Chief Marty1994MUSA Goshen (Historic) Cup -2M3
1996Chief Marty1994MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
1996Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : AGEDNZ $431,410
1996Class Pays1993FCAN Compass Rose -3fStPL
1996Clearly Visible1993FCAN Princess Series -3fWdbL
1996Clearly Visible1993FUSA Landmark Stake -3fGoshL
1996Conch T1993GUSA Parshall Futurity -3TGreenL
1996Coz Hanover1994MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTScD3
1996CR Royal Mo1993MUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela2
1996CR Royal Mo1993MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
1996Damon Qui1994MStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Austria)EUR11,125€
1996Decor1994FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fMoh2
1996Decor1994FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fMea3
1996Decor1994FUSA Kentuckiana -2fHop2
1996Decor1994FUSA Matron Stakes -2fPPk2
1996Denmaster1994GUSA Tompkins Geers -2cScD3
1996Dino As1994MGER Jugend Preis -2Dinsl1
1996Dino As1994MITA Gran Criterium -2SS1
1996Doreen As1993FGER Arthur Knauer Rennen -3fMrndf1
1996Duncan MacLeod1994GUSA Sarah Meyers -2cpBmlPS
1996Elegantimage1994FCAN Breeders Championship -2fTMohF
1996Elegantimage1994FCAN Oakville -2fTMoh2
1996Elegantimage1994FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTWdb3
1996Elegantimage1994FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTWR3
1996Elegantimage1994FCAN Robert Stewart -2fTMoh2
1996Elegantimage1994FO'Brien 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
1996Evropa Osteo1993FCZ Velka cena tříletých (Autumn) -3Velka2
1996Fox Valley Memory1994FUSA Orange and Blue -2fBmlP3
1996Garfunkel1994GUSA Orange and Blue -2cBmlP3
1996GG Dancer1993FCAN Breeders Championship -3fMohL
1996Good Time Peg1993FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3fBlomS
1996Handbag1990FSWE KalmarsundspokalenKr2
1996Handbag1990FSWE RommeheatetRo3
1996Handbag1990FSWE STC Avelslopp -MAxeL
1996His Mattjesty1994MCAN Nassagaweya -2Moh1
1996His Mattjesty1994MO'Brien 2YO C&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
1996His Mattjesty1994MUSA Breeders Crown -2cMoh1
1996His Mattjesty1994MUSA Matron Stakes -2cPPk2
1996Ilios1988MCZ Stredoevropska CenaVelka2
1996January Spur1994FUSA Keystone Classic -2fMea3
1996Jimmy1993GSLO Kriterium Trojrocnych -3Brat2
1996Kentucky Bluegrass1993GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3cBlomS
1996Lady Mattingly1993FUSA Ladyship -3fM3
1996Lamitech Dancing1991FNOR Elite Hoppelop -4/5mBje2
1996Lamitech Dancing1991FNOR Fina Cup (Biri International) -MBje1
1996Lamitech Dancing1991FNOR Momarken Mares GPMomk3
1996Look Whos Cumin1993FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fTFlmDL
1996Look Whos Cumin1993FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fTMoh2
1996Lookout Victory1992FSWE Elite -4mSolv2
1996Mattduff1993MCAN Burlington Pace -3cWdb3
1996Meadowbranch Lucky1994MCAN Campbellville -2TMoh2
1996Meadowbranch Lucky1994MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
1996Meadowbranch Lucky1994MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
1996Mr Vic1993MUSA Dickerson Cup -3TM1
1996Mr Vic1993MUSA NJSS (Summer) -3cTM3
1996Night Scooter1993GCAN Youthful Series -3WdbL
1996Nine Iron1993MNOR Tamin Sandy Lop -3Lgn3
1996Pleasant Time1994GCAN Breeders Championship -2cTMohF
1996Razzle Dazzle Tom1994FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTElmra3
1996Razzle Dazzle Tom1994FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTFlmD3
1996Razzle Dazzle Tom1994FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTWdb3
1996Ringo Dei1991MITA Gran Premio Due MariTar3
1996Sabilize1989FNSW Newcastle MileNewc2
1996Sabilize1989FTas George Johnson -OMHobSgL
1996Sabilize1989FVic Graham Goffin Memorial -OMMVL
1996Six Point1993FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -3ftDelaS
1996Six Point1993FUSA Ohio SS -3fTRP3
1996Six Point1993FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftScD3
1996Solo Donna1990FFIN Tamma ValtikkaFor3
1996Speedy Tomali1983MLeading Sire - Stakes (Norway)EUR 
1996Stienams Place1994FUSA Sweetheart -2fM1
1996Sun Seeker1993FNZ Yearling Sales Series -2TAxPL
1996Tespi LB1993MITA Premio Italia - 3Bolog2
1996Tra La La1993FUSA Landmark Stake -3fTGoshL
1996Tri Skye PP1994FCAN Flamboro Breeders -2fTFlmDL
1996Wall Alone1993FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
1996West Coast Lady1994FCAN Harvest -2fMohL
1996Wits Watch1993FCAN Golden Garter (Alberta SS) -3fStPL
1996Zurich Seelster1994MCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cTFlmDL
1995-CRiver City Sur1991GUSA California Breeders C'ship -4TLAF
1995-2Magic Stroke1993FUSA Maryland SS -2fTRcR3
1995-1Gildersleve1992GUSA Maryland SS -3cTRcR3
1995-1Super Gal1992FNOR Pr. Martha Pokal (hoppe) -3fBiri2
1995Act of Grace1993F1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.3
1995Act of Grace1993FFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:55.3
1995Act of Grace1993FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2fTM3
1995Althea Seelster1993FCAN Flamboro Breeders -2fFlmDL
1995Althea Seelster1993FCAN Robert Stewart -2fMoh2
1995Areba Hanover1993FUSA Lou Babic Pace-2fFhld2
1995Areba Hanover1993FUSA NJSS (Fall) -2fFhldL
1995Areba Hanover1993FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2fM3
1995Armbro Merchant1991MUSA Exit 16W Series -3&4ML
1995Baldoyle1993MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
1995Bingo Johnnie1993MUSA Orange and Blue -2cBmlP3
1995Bradley Seelster1993GCAN OSS Gold - 2cWdb3
1995Britewell1993MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
1995BWT Teacher1991FFIN Breeders Crown - 4mSein2
1995BWT Teacher1991FFIN Glenn Kosmos Memorial -4Vermo3
1995Caphial1992FNOR Thoresen Minnelop (hoppe) -3fJarl2
1995Favorite Madam1993FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2fpDelaS
1995Flora Allen1993FUSA Kentucky SS -2fLex3
1995Goal Hammering1992GSWE Sikta mot Stjärnorna -3Mp3
1995Good Gawdy1992FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
1995Good Gawdy1992FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fPcDL
1995Gosh1991FSWE Sto Sprintern -4MTHalm3
1995Grass is Greener1992FUSA Tarport Hap -3fM2
1995Hancos Diane1991FGER Johannes Fromming Memorial -MHmbg3
1995Handbag1990FNOR Elite Hoppelop -4/5mBje2
1995Handbag1990FNOR Fina Cup (Biri International) -MBje1
1995Handbag1990FNOR Momarken Mares GPMomk3
1995Handbag1990FSWE Nordiska Femaringspriset -5Aby3
1995Heres a Quarter1992MUSA Tompkins Geers -3cScD3
1995Hot Action1993MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTScD3
1995I Saw Him First1992MCAN Burlington Pace -3cWdb3
1995I Saw Him First1992MCAN North America Cup (elim)-3Wdb3
1995Its Buitenzorg1991MHOL VW Crommelin Memorial (3-5YO)Duind3
1995Its Buitenzorg1991MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Netherlands)EUR55,515ECU
1995John F Boko1992MHarness Horse of the Year (Netherlands)EUR 
1995John F Boko1992MHOL Netherlands Derby - 3Wlvga1
1995John F Boko1992MHOL Sprint Kampioenschap 3YOWlvga3
1995John F Boko1992MHOL Sweepstakes -3cGrgn2
1995John F Boko1992MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Netherlands)EUR101,650ECU
1995John F Boko1992MStake Earner of the Year (Netherlands)EUR101,650ECU
1995Laker Hanover1992GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3cBlomS
1995Lamitech Dancing1991FNOR Nils Brekkes Pokallop -4MDramL
1995Lite on her Feet1992FUSA Kentucky SS -3fBgD3
1995Lite on her Feet1992FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fPcDL
1995Living Pride1989MSWE Malmo Stadt PrisJagL
1995Lookout Victory1992FUSA Breeders Crown -3fTWdb1
1995Lookout Victory1992FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
1995Lookout Victory1992FUSA Coaching Club Oaks -3fTM2
1995Lookout Victory1992FUSA Hambletonian Oaks -3fTM1
1995Lookout Victory1992FUSA World Trotting Derby -3fTDuQ1
1995Lovely Lauxmont1992FHOL Grote Unitrot Sale Prijs -3Wlvga2
1995Major Bill1989MMAL Presidents CupMarsaS
1995Mattduff1993MUSA Matron Stakes -2cPPk2
1995Mr Vic1993MUSA NJSS (Summer) -2cTM3
1995Ms Chelsea T1992FUSA Horseman Futurity -3ftIndL
1995Naughty Sahbra1993FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1995Naughty Sahbra1993FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fTBmlP3
1995Naughty Sahbra1993FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fTScD3
1995Neptunes Crown1992MUSA Great Mid West Trot -3TMartS
1995Precious Punch1992FCAN Compass Rose -3fStPL
1995Royal Doughboy1988MUK BHRC Trotter of the YearUK  
1995Royal Doughboy1988MUK Roosevelt Cup - OTTirPF
1995Roydon Boy1981MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : AGEDNZ $330,270
1995Sabilize1989FNSW Harold Park FFA -PHaPF
1995Sabilize1989FNSW Newcastle MileNewc2
1995Sand Ultra Message1993FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ftDelaS
1995Sandy Hanover1991GCAN PEI Gold Cup and Saucer -OPChrtn3
1995Santastic1993FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
1995Scooter Hanover1992GUSA NJSS (Summer) -3cM3
1995Snowdeo Lynn1993FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
1995Southern Sailor1992GUSA Florida Breeders -3TPPk3
1995Southwind Rise1993FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
1995Speedy Tomali1983MLeading Sire - Stakes (Norway)EUR 
1995Super Arnie1992MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Austria)EUR59,138ECU
1995Super Wally1992MUSA Colonial -3TFox1
1995Super Wally1992MUSA Dexter Cup -3TFhld2
1995Tucson Time1992GUSA Director of Agriculture Pace - 3ScD3
1995Walk Alone1993FUSA Michigan SS -2fTHzP3
1994-FSarah Michelle1992FUSA New Jersey Futurity -2TFhldL
1994-2Lumber Hanover1990MUSA Whizzer R White -4HawS
1994Acadian Beauty1991FCAN OSS Gold - 3fTBar3
1994Alcaphi1990FNOR Hoppe Derby -4mBje1
1994Armbro Mackintosh1991MCAN Burlington Pace -3cWdb3
1994Armbro Maneuver1991MUSA Bluegrass -3cLex3
1994Armbro Maneuver1991MUSA Matron Stakes -3cPPk2
1994Aspiring Lass1987FNZ Canterbury Park Trotting CupAdd2
1994Best Brother1991MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
1994Blue Buckaroo1992MCAN Champlain Stakes -2Moh2
1994Bret Hanover1962MHall of Fame Immortal (USA)USA 
1994BWT Teacher1991FFIN Breeders Crown - 3fKuo2
1994BWT Teacher1991FFIN Oulu Express -3Oulu2
1994BWT Teacher1991FFIN Uudenmaan Upein -3VermoL
1994Call For Cash1991MUSA New Jersey Futurity -3FhldL
1994Captain Per1991MCAN Count B -3cWdbL
1994Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ)NZ $378,266
1994Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 3YONZ $73,760
1994Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 4YONZ $73,349
1994Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 35W
1994Chrisman Hanover1991MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
1994Cleverest Endeavour1991GUSA Charles Smith Mem -3cTFhld3
1994Daniel Lobell1987GGER Bild PokalGels2
1994Denim1992MUSA Abe Lincoln -2cHzP3
1994Emile Angus1991MCAN Coupe Des Eleveurs -3cTBB3
1994Emilie Cas El1992FCAN Breeders Championship -2fTMohF
1994Emilie Cas El1992FCAN Coupe Des Eleveurs -2fTBB3
1994Emilie Cas El1992FHarness Horse of the Year (Canada)CAN 
1994Emilie Cas El1992FO'Brien 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
1994Fearless Victory1992FUSA Acorn -2fTM2
1994Fox Valley Evita1991FUSA Lady Ann Reed -3fTBmlP3
1994Fox Valley Evita1991FUSA Violet -3fTBmlPL
1994Giant Force1989MFRA Grand Criterium de VitesseCSM1
1994Giant Force1989MGER Grosser Preis Von BildHmbg1
1994Giant Force1989MITA GP Delle NazioniSS1
1994Giant Force1989MSWE Gosta Bergengrens MinnesloppBodenL
1994Glorious Soup1992FCAN Flamboro Breeders -2fTFlmDL
1994Handbag1990FSWE Derbystoet - 4MJag2
1994Heres a Quarter1992MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
1994Heres a Quarter1992MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cScD3
1994I Saw Him First1992MUSA Matron Stakes -2cPPk2
1994Imageofaclearday1991FCAN Breeders Championship -3fTMohL
1994Imageofaclearday1991FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3fTMoh2
1994Imageofaclearday1991FO'Brien 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
1994Imageofaclearday1991FUSA Breeders Crown -3fTGSP1
1994Its Buitenzorg1991MHarness Horse of the Year (Netherlands)EUR 
1994Its Buitenzorg1991MHOL Fokkers Trofee -3Wlvga3
1994Its Buitenzorg1991MHOL Netherlands Derby - 3Wlvga1
1994Its Buitenzorg1991MHOL Sweepstakes -3cGrgn2
1994Its Buitenzorg1991MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Netherlands)EUR122,596ECU
1994Its Buitenzorg1991MStake Earner of the Year (Netherlands)EUR122,598ECU
1994Joey I1992MUSA Landmark Stake -2cTGoshF
1994John F Boko1992MHOL Jonkerprijs -2cDuind2
1994John F Boko1992MHOL Productendraverj -2Wlvga3
1994John F Boko1992MStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Netherlands)EUR34,438ECU
1994Keystone Colorful1991FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
1994King Savoy1985GFIN Number OneOulu3
1994King Savoy1985GFIN Tammer-AjoTeivo3
1994Lookout Victory1992FUSA Acorn -2fTM2
1994Lookout Victory1992FUSA Breeders Crown -2fTWdb1
1994Mesa Vista1992FUSA Horseman -2TInd2
1994Ms Chelsea T1992FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
1994Native Reel1977MLeading Sire - Stakes (Austria)EUR 
1994Our Commitment1992FUSA La Paloma -2fYR2
1994Our Super Force1990GNZ Hambletonian -3TAshF
1994Peace Corps1986FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$4,137,737US
1994Peace Corps1986FNOR Klosterskogens ElitelopKlost2
1994Prolific Lady1991FUSA NJSS (Summer) -3fTM3
1994Prolific Lady1991FUSA Review Stakes -3fTSpr2
1994Rajah Lobell1971MLeading Sire - Winners (UK)UK 51W
1994Reigning Charge1990GUSA Hiram Woodruff -3&4TML
1994Remington Bump1989FNOR Europamatch -4/5TBje2
1994Reprise1974MLeading Sire - Stakes (Slovakia)EUR 
1994Rollinginthedough1991FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ftBlomS
1994Royal Success1991MUSA Parshall Futurity -3TGreenL
1994Sabilize1989FNSW Harold Park FFA -PHaPF
1994Sabilize1989FNSW Newcastle MileNewc2
1994Sea Cove1986MBEL GP de la Ville de WaregemWrgm2
1994Sea Cove1986MFRA Grand Prix d'AmeriqueVinc1
1994Sea Cove1986MFRA Prix Rene BalliereVinc1
1994Sea Cove1986MGER Matador RennenMrndf2
1994Silver Game1990MFIN Breeders Crown - 4hJyv2
1994Silver Game1990MFIN Finland Derby - 4Vermo1
1994Silver Game1990MFIN Kuopio Stakes -4Kuo3
1994Silver Game1990MStake Earner of the Year (4YO) (Finland)EUR122,089ECU
1994Smasher1991MUSA Founders Gold Cup -3TVDF
1994Smasher1991MUSA Matron Stakes -3cTPPk2
1994Southern Sailor1992GUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
1994Speedy Tomali1983MLeading Sire - Stakes (Norway)EUR 
1994Suburbanite1989MUSA Senior Jug -OPDela3
1994Sunset Lane1991FGER Deutches Traber Derby - 3Mrndf1
1994Sunset Lane1991FGER NRZ Pokal -3Dinsl2
1994Sunset Lane1991FStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Germany)EUR269,854ECU
1994Super Arnie1992MStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Austria)EUR17,953ECU
1994Super Wally1992MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTScD3
1994Susan Lavictoire1991FCAN Coupe Des Eleveurs -3fTBB3
1994Tantallon Jewel1992FCAN OSS Gold - 2fTWR3
1994Valley Dancing1991FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
1994Winning Skylite1991FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
1994Young Commander1990M2:00 Pacers (First 100 in UK)UK 1:58.0 (8f50y)
1994Your Imagination1991FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fTFlmDL
1993-1Treasure Her1990FUSA Hanover Hempt -3ftVD3
1993-1Yankee Stick1991GUSA Maryland SS -2cTRcR3
1993-08Cambest1988M1:48 Pacers (Alltime)INT1:46.1TTUS
1993-08Cambest1988M1:50 Pacers (First 100)INT1:46.1TTUS
1993-08Cambest1988M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:46.1TTUS
1993 (eq)Arndon1979MLeading Sire of Trotters - 1:55 3YO (USA)USA1W
1993AJs Dad1990GUSA Maywood Pace -3cMay3
1993American Winner1990M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.3
1993American Winner1990M1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:52.3
1993American Winner1990MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3TMoh2
1993American Winner1990MFastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:52.3
1993American Winner1990MFastest Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:52.3
1993American Winner1990MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,302,451US
1993American Winner1990MUSA Currier and Ives -3TMeaL
1993American Winner1990MUSA Dexter Cup -3TFhld2
1993American Winner1990MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TM2
1993American Winner1990MUSA Hambletonian -3TM1
1993American Winner1990MUSA Macfarlane Memorial -3THzP3
1993American Winner1990MUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela2
1993American Winner1990MUSA Tompkins Geers -3cTScD3
1993American Winner1990MUSA Yonkers Trot -3TYR1
1993American Winner1990MUSA Zweig Memorial -3TSycs2
1993Armbro Mackintosh1991MCAN Nassagaweya -2Moh1
1993Armbro Mackintosh1991MUSA Battle of Freehold -2cFhld1
1993Armbro Mackintosh1991MUSA Lawrence Sheppard -2cYR3
1993Armbro Mackintosh1991MUSA Niatross -2cM2
1993Armbro Maneuver1991MUSA Matron Stakes -2cPPk2
1993Bowtown1991MUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ctDelaS
1993Bowtown1991MUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
1993Bullville Brook1990FUSA Landmark Stake -3fTGoshL
1993BWT Teacher1991FFIN Breeders Crown -2fMets2
1993Cambest1988MEvolution of Pacers Mile (NA)USA1:46.1TT
1993Cambest1988MFastest Pacer of The Year (USA)USA1:46.1TT
1993Cambest1988MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,444,835
1993Cambest1988MUSA Battle of Lake Erie -OPNfld3
1993Cambest1988MUSA Nicole Hudock Memorial -OPHzP3
1993Cambest1988MUSA Presidential -OPM3
1993Cambest1988MUSA William Haughton Pace -OPM2
1993Charlie Ten Hitch1988MCAN Horseman Series -OTGre3
1993Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 3YONZ $81,041
1993Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 4YONZ $115,979
1993 Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Winners (NZ)NZ 22W (eq)
1993Cramant1990MGER Bayerisches Zuchtrennen -3Pfaf3
1993Crankbait1991MUSA Landmark Stake -2cTGoshF
1993Delinquent Account1987FMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,038,997
1993Dr Elbon1991GUSA Buckeye State -2pScDF
1993Free Kitten1990FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fTFlmDL
1993Giant Force1989M1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:54.2
1993Giant Force1989MUSA International TrotYR1
1993Giant Force1989MUSA Nat Ray -OTM1
1993Golden Goal1990MUSA Tompkins Geers -3cTScD3
1993Golden Sunset1989MSWE Big Noon Pokalen -3/4Solv3
1993Golden Sunset1989MSWE Harper Hanover LoppSolv2
1993Happy Pappy1991GUSA Cardinal -2cTBmlPL
1993Jimmy The Kid1991GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ctBlomS
1993JT Flying1988MSWE JuliloppetOr3
1993Kin O Classic1988FUSA Legislator TrotScarS
1993King Savoy1985GFIN Festivaali-ajoKaust3
1993King Savoy1985GFIN Tammer-AjoTeivo3
1993Living Pride1989MNOR Johan Widdings Minnelop -4BjeF
1993Lotus Spur1991FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
1993Lotus Spur1991FUSA Keystone Classic -2fMea3
1993Margarita Miss1989FUSA Titan Cup -OHTM2
1993Meadow Hoskins1991GUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTScD3
1993Meadowbranch Hans1990MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cTVD3
1993My Goal1990FUSA American National -3fTSPk2
1993Offen LB1989MITA Presidente Della Repubblica -4TriL
1993On the Way Up1990MUSA Governors Trophy/Cup -3TScDL
1993On the Way Up1990MUSA Ohio SS -3cTScD3
1993Otto Mani1987MFIN St LegerPori2
1993Our Super Force1990GEvolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NZ)NZ T2:03.1
1993Our Super Force1990GNZ 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $45,020, T2:03.1
1993Our Super Force1990GNZ 2YO Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $45,020, T2:03.1
1993Our Super Force1990GNZ Trotting Stakes -2TAdd3
1993Our Super Force1990GNZ Yearling Sales Series -2TAxPL
1993Prolific Lady1991FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
1993Prolific Lady1991FUSA Matron Stakes -2fTPPk2
1993Prolific Lady1991FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2fTM3
1993Pucci OM1990MITA GP Societa di Terme -3Mont3
1993Rajah Lobell1971MLeading Sire - Winners (UK)UK 65W
1993Rocket Breeze1991GUSA Michigan SS -2cTJack3
1993Royal Pershing1989GSWE Eskilstuna Fyraaringtest -4Esk3
1993Sabilize1989FNSW Ladyship Mile -OMHaP1
1993Sable Matters1991MUSA Battle of Freehold -2cFhld1
1993Sable Matters1991MUSA New Jersey Futurity -2FhldL
1993Sable Matters1991MUSA Niatross -2cM2
1993Sea Cove1986MFRA GP du Sud QuestAgen1
1993Sea Cove1986MFRA Grand Criterium de VitesseCSM1
1993Sea Cove1986MFRA Grand Prix de FranceVinc1
1993Sea Cove1986MFRA Prix Rene BalliereVinc1
1993Sea Cove1986MGER Bild PokalGels2
1993Sea Cove1986MGER Elite RennenGels1
1993Sea Cove1986MGER Grossen Preis Von BayernDaglf1
1993Sea Cove1986MGER Grosser Preis Von BildHmbg1
1993Sea Cove1986MGrand Circuit Champion (Europe)EUR 
1993Sea Cove1986MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$2,466,355US
1993Sea Cove1986MSWE ElitloppetSolv1
1993Sea Cove1986MSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
1993Sea Cove1986MSWE Hugo Abergs MemorialJag1
1993Silver Game1990MFIN Finsk Trav Kriterium -3Teivo1
1993Silver Game1990MFIN Hambo -3cLahti3
1993Silver Game1990MFIN Oulu Express -3Oulu2
1993Silver Game1990MFIN Tornio Racing -3Laiva3
1993Smartie Hanover1991FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2fBlomS
1993Smasher1991MUSA New Jersey Futurity -2TFhldL
1993Smasher1991MUSA NJSS (Fall) -2cTFhldL
1993Speedy Tomali1983MLeading Sire - Stakes (Norway)EUR 
1993Stacy B Hanover1990FCAN Colonial Lady -3fTRcR2
1993Stienams Girl1989FUSA Night Styles -3&4fmML
1993Sunset Lane1991FGER Gold Pokal (Springer Cup) - 2Gels1
1993Sunset Lane1991FGER Preis der Winterfavoriten -2Reckl2
1993Sunset Lane1991FStake Earner of the Year (2YO) (Germany)EUR262,063ECU
1993Sunset Lane1991FStake Earner of the Year (2YOT) (Europe)EUR262,063ECU
1993Treasure Her1990FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
1993Treasure Her1990FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fTScD3
1993Wolfs Bot Jaffah1991FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1992-2Crouch1989MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
1992-2Ms Admiral1990FUSA Florida Breeders -2fPPk3
1992-2Rising Light1989MUSA Maryland SS -3cTRcR3
1992-1Lenson Bar1986MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
1992-1Ralph E Redman1989MUSA Maryland SS -3cTRcR3
1992-1Stienams Girl1989FUSA Herald-Leader Pace -3fLexS
1992-06Artsplace1988M1:50 Pacers (First 100)INT1:49.2US
1992-06Artsplace1988M1:50 Pacers (First 1000)INT1:49.2US
1992Adachi1990GUSA Ohio SS -2cTNfld3
1992AJs Dad1990GUSA Cardinal -2cMayL
1992Artsplace1988MCAN Canadian Derby -OPGre1
1992Artsplace1988MCAN Des Smith Classic -OPRidC3
1992Artsplace1988MCAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPNPF
1992Artsplace1988MEvolution of Pacers Racemile (NA)USA1:49.2
1992Artsplace1988MHarness Horse of the Year (Canada)CAN 
1992Artsplace1988MHarness Horse of the Year (USA)USA 
1992Artsplace1988MO'Brien Older H&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
1992Artsplace1988MUSA 4YO+ H&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
1992Artsplace1988MUSA American National -OPSPk2
1992Artsplace1988MUSA Breeders Crown -OPMoh1
1992Artsplace1988MUSA Governor Driscoll -OPM1
1992Artsplace1988MUSA Nicole Hudock Memorial -OPHzP3
1992Artsplace1988MUSA Pacer of the YearUSA 
1992Artsplace1988MUSA Pacing Championship -OPM1
1992Artsplace1988MUSA Senior Jug -OPDela3
1992Cambest1988MUSA William Haughton Pace -OPM2
1992Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 2YONZ $63,250
1992Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 3YONZ $78,328
1992Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 4YONZ $87,067
1992Cole Muffler1989MUSA Terrapin -3cFsR1
1992Cost Control1990MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
1992Crouch1989MUSA American National -3cSPk2
1992Crouch1989MUSA Bluegrass -3cLex3
1992Delinquent Account1987FUSA Clare Series -OMPYR2
1992Demetras Sabur1989MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cVD3
1992Durkin Lobell1990MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1992Dutch Lobell1989MUSA Colonial -3TRcR1
1992Giant Force1989MUSA Colonial -3TRcR1
1992Giant Force1989MUSA Matron Stakes -3cTPPk2
1992Giant Force1989MUSA NYSS -3cTYR3
1992Grace Ribb1986FSWE Sto - SM (Mare Championship)Aby2
1992Handbag1990FSWE Vinterfavoriten - 2Solv2
1992Hustlin Halfmoon1990FUSA Ohio SS -2fTNfld3
1992Keystone Corky1990MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTScD3
1992Lawful Hanover1989GUSA Jug Preview -3ScD3
1992Lumber Hanover1990MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
1992Man Trap Macho1990GUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2cpDelaS
1992Margarita Miss1989FUSA Horseman Futurity -3ftIndL
1992Miss Debbies Best1988FUSA Comforter Series -3f+4mML
1992Narisso1988MITA GP d'Europa - 4SS2
1992Narisso1988MITA GP Firenze - 4Fir2
1992Narisso1988MITA Presidente Della Repubblica -4TriL
1992Nilema Vic1990FSWE Silverstoet - 2fAxe2
1992Obriens Lair1989GUSA Parshall Futurity -3TGreenL
1992Offen LB1989MITA Derby Italiano - 3TdV1
1992Offen LB1989MITA GP Citta Di Napoli - 3Agn2
1992Offen LB1989MITA Premio Tito Giovanardi - 3Mod2
1992Offen LB1989MStake Earner of the Year (3YO) (Italy)EUR528,732ECU
1992Offen LB1989MStake Earner of the Year (3YOT) (Europe)EUR528,732ECU
1992On the Way Up1990MFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:56.3TT
1992On the Way Up1990MUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ctDelaS
1992Otto Mani1987MFIN Finlandia AJOVermo1
1992Pantankerous1990FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2fTM3
1992Peace Corps1986FFRA Grand Criterium de VitesseCSM1
1992Peace Corps1986FSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
1992Peace Corps1986FSWE KalmarsundspokalenKr2
1992Peace Corps1986FUSA 4YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
1992Peace Corps1986FUSA Breeders Crown -OMTMoh1
1992Rajah Lobell1971MLeading Sire - Winners (UK)UK 91W
1992Rising Light1989MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
1992Sea Cove1986MBEL Grand Prix d'HiverKuu3
1992Sea Cove1986MFRA Prix Du BourbonnaisVinc2
1992Sea Cove1986MGER Elite RennenGels1
1992Sea Cove1986MGER Grosser Preis Von BildHmbg1
1992Sea Cove1986MGrand Circuit Champion (Europe)EUR 
1992Sea Cove1986MNOR Oslo Grand PrixBje1
1992Sea Cove1986MSWE Aby Stora PrisAby1
1992Treasure Her1990FUSA American National -2fTSPk2
1992Treasure Her1990FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1992Wild Plum1987FSWE Ego Boy MinneRattF
1992Ziggy Hanover1986MFRA Prix de la Cote d'AzurCsM2
1991-CMad Milton1988GUSA California Breeders C'ship -3TLAF
1991-3Peace Corps1986FSWE GulddivisionenOs1
1991-2Ebonita Hanover1988FUSA Currier and Ives -3fTMeaL
1991-2Ebonita Hanover1988FUSA Hanover Hempt -3ftVD3
1991-2Jade Wilco1989FUSA Hanover Hempt -2ftVD3
1991-1Mack Lobell1984MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
1991-1Rising Light1989MUSA Maryland SS -2cTRcR3
1991A Treat1988FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fTRcR3
1991Artsplace1988MUSA American National -3cSPk2
1991Artsplace1988MUSA Gaines Memorial -3VD2
1991Artsplace1988MUSA James Dancer Memorial -3Fhld1
1991Artsplace1988MUSA Meadowlands Pace (elim) -3M3
1991Artsplace1988MUSA Terrapin -3cFsR1
1991Artsplace1988MUSA Tompkins Geers -3cScD3
1991BJs Mac1989MUSA Peter Haughton Memorial -2cTM1
1991BJs Mac1989MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
1991BJs Mac1989MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTScD3
1991Box Boy1988MCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -3cTChampS
1991Box Boy1988MO'Brien 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearCAN 
1991Carina Crown1987FSWE Sto - SM (Mare Championship)Aby2
1991Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 2YONZ $102,105
1991Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 3YONZ $105,925
1991Cocomo Son1989MUSA Hopeful (Brandywine) -2cBrd1
1991Cole Muffler1989MCAN Nassagaweya -2Moh1
1991Cole Muffler1989MUSA Niatross -2cM2
1991Corny Hoff1987FNOR Jensen Minnelop (Hoppe) -4mBje2
1991Cougar Lobell1985MITA Premio RomaTdV2
1991Crouch1989MCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cFlmDL
1991Crouch1989MUSA American National -2cSPk2
1991Crouch1989MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cMea3
1991Crouch1989MUSA Landmark Stake -2cGoshF
1991Delinquent Account1987FCAN Milton Stakes -fmMoh1
1991Delinquent Account1987FO'Brien Older Mare Pacer of the YearCAN 
1991Delinquent Account1987FUSA 4YO+ Mare Pacer of the YearUSA 
1991Delinquent Account1987FUSA Breeders Crown -OMPMea1
1991Doomsday1988MUSA Hanover Stakes -3cBmlP3
1991Ebonita Hanover1988FUSA American National -3fTSPk2
1991Ebonita Hanover1988FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
1991Ebonita Hanover1988FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fTScD3
1991Fiddler Hanover1988F1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:54.3
1991Fiddler Hanover1988FITA GP Gaetano TurilliTdV1
1991Fiddler Hanover1988FUSA Bluegrass -3cTLex3
1991Fiddler Hanover1988FUSA Founders Gold Cup -3TVDF
1991Fiddler Hanover1988FUSA Review Stakes -3cTSpr2
1991Giant Force1989MUSA Matron Stakes -2cTPPk2
1991Great Carre1989FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1991Hills Daredevil1987MDEN Frosty Hanover Mindelob -4Skive3
1991Hole In One1988MNOR Bergen Festival -3Berg2
1991Imported1989FCAN Harvest -2fMohL
1991JT Flying1988MSWE Sommarfavoriten -3Solv3
1991La Gorce1989FCAN Coupe Des Eleveurs -2fTBB3
1991La Grande Sun1988FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftScD3
1991Lacinda Hanover1988FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3fBlomS
1991Lawful Hanover1989GUSA Abe Lincoln -2cHzP3
1991Lenson Bar1986MSWE Harper Hanover LoppSolv2
1991Linebacker1985MDEN Danmark MesterskabChar1
1991Mack Lobell1984MSWE GoteborgspokalenAby3
1991MB Felty1988M1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:54.4
1991MB Felty1988MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TM2
1991MB Felty1988MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cTVD3
1991Noble Tilly1988MSWE Breeders Crown - 3cAxe1
1991Noble Tilly1988MSWE Kriterierevanschen - 3Solv3
1991Nuclear Legacy1988MCAN Burlington Pace -3cGre3
1991Nuclear Legacy1988MCAN North America Cup Cons -3cGre3
1991Offen LB1989MITA GP Allevatori - 2TdV1
1991Only Make Believe1988MUSA Townsend Ackerman -3TM3
1991Panic Attack1989FUSA Orange and Blue -2fBmlP3
1991Panic Attack1989FUSA Violet -2fMayL
1991Peace Corps1986FHarness Horse of the Year (Sweden)EUR 
1991Peace Corps1986FITA GP Costa AzzurraTurin2
1991Peace Corps1986FITA GP di LotteriaAgn1
1991Peace Corps1986FITA GP Renzo OrlandiMod2
1991Peace Corps1986FNOR Fina Cup (Biri International) -MBje1
1991Peace Corps1986FNOR Oslo Grand PrixBje1
1991Peace Corps1986FSWE Arjang Stora SprinterloppArj2
1991Peace Corps1986FSWE ElitloppetSolv1
1991Peace Corps1986FSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
1991Peace Corps1986FSWE Hugo Abergs MemorialJag1
1991Peace Corps1986FUSA 4YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
1991Peace Corps1986FUSA International TrotYR1
1991Pleasure Prince1989MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1991Prince Eric1988MUSA Landmark Stake -3cGoshL
1991Rajah Lobell1971MLeading Sire - Winners (UK)UK 84W
1991Rising Light1989MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
1991Royal Strength1989MUSA 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
1991Royal Strength1989MUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
1991Royal Strength1989MUSA Valley Victory -2cTGSP1
1991Rozs Man1989MUSA American National -2cTSPk2
1991Salvation1988MDEN Pay Dirt Mindelob - 3Skive3
1991Sandy Bayama1988FCAN Coupe Des Eleveurs -3fBB3
1991Sea Cove1986MDEN NJ Koster MemorialCharL
1991Silky Stallone1988MUSA Cane Pace -3YR1
1991Skytel1989GUSA Review Stakes -2cSpr2
1991Start Dialing1988FUSA Macfarlane Memorial -3fHzP3
1991Super Pleasure1988MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3TMoh2
1991Super Pleasure1988MUSA Macfarlane Memorial -3THzP3
1991Super Pleasure1988MUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela2
1991Super Timken1985GCAN Horseman Series -OTGre3
1991Sure Fact1986MUSA Dygert Memorial -OTHaw2
1991Terra Tee1987FNOR Hoppe Derby -4mBje1
1991Tooter Scooter1988MUSA Jersey (Historic) Cup -3M3
1991V Annas Good Stock1988GUSA Ohio SS -3cTLeb3
1991Workable1988MUSA New Jersey Futurity -3TFhldL
1991Yamani1988FSWE Stora Trearingspriset - 3TOr2
1990-FLepton1987FUSA California Breeders C'ship -3LAF
1990-9Mack Lobell1984MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
1990-8Peace Corps1986FSWE GulddivisionenAby1
1990-6Peace Corps1986FSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
1990-5Mack Lobell1984MSWE GulddivisionenBs1
1990-3Eternal Flare1988FUSA Hanover Hempt -2ftVD3
1990-10Jet Ribb1982MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
1990A Treat1988FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
1990A Worthy Lad1987MCAN Canadian Trotting Classic -3TMoh1
1990A Worthy Lad1987MCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -3cTChampS
1990A Worthy Lad1987MO'Brien 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearCAN 
1990Armbro1988MCZ Velke Ceny Dvouletych -2Velka3
1990Artsplace1988M1:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)INT1:51.1
1990Artsplace1988MCAN Metro -2Gre1
1990Artsplace1988MCAN Nassagaweya -2Moh1
1990Artsplace1988MEvolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NA)USA1:51.1
1990Artsplace1988MFastest 2YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA1:51.1
1990Artsplace1988MUSA 2YO C&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
1990Artsplace1988MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cMea3
1990Artsplace1988MUSA Breeders Crown -2cPPk1
1990Artsplace1988MUSA Governors Cup -2GSP2
1990Artsplace1988MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cVD3
1990Brando Hanover1987MUSA Jug Preview -3ScD3
1990Brando Hanover1987MUSA Macfarlane Memorial -3cHzP3
1990Brando Hanover1987MUSA Oliver Wendell Holmes -3cM1
1990Bruces Lady1987FUSA Tarport Hap -3fM2
1990Cambest1988MUSA Battle of Freehold -2cFhld1
1990Cambest1988MUSA NJSS (Fall) -2cFhldL
1990Cambest1988MUSA Potomac -2cFsRF
1990Charlie Ten Hitch1988MUSA Peter Haughton Memorial -2cTM1
1990Chiola Hanover1976MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 2YONZ $98,430
1990Cougar Lobell1985MITA GP Freccia d'EuropaAgn1
1990Cougar Lobell1985MITA Premio RomaTdV2
1990Crafty Caper1987FUSA Nadia Lobell -3fGSP1
1990Crimson Lobell1988MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
1990Cymbal Sund1985GSWE BergslagsloppetLiL
1990Delinquent Account1987FUSA Bluegrass -3fLex3
1990Docs Fella1978MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,267,059
1990Duke Marvel1988MUSA NJSS (Summer) -2cTM3
1990Eternal Flare1988FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
1990Fille de Montcalm1987FCAN Coupe Des Eleveurs -3fBB3
1990Friendly Face1984MFIN Killerin EliitiJyvF
1990Friendly Face1984MFIN Kouvolo AjoKouv2
1990Friendly Face1984MGrand Circuit Champion (Europe)EUR 
1990Friendly Face1984MHOL Prijs Der GigantenHilv1
1990Friendly Face1984MITA GP Costa AzzurraTurin2
1990Friendly Face1984MITA GP Renzo OrlandiMod2
1990Gretel T1987FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
1990Gretzky1988FUSA Hayes Memorial -2fDuQ3
1990Gretzky1988FUSA Tompkins Geers -2fScD3
1990Instant Rebate1987FCAN Princess Series -3fGreL
1990Instant Rebate1987FUSA Cinderella -3fMay3
1990Instant Rebate1987FUSA John Miller Memorial -3fRcR1
1990Island Ferry1988FCAN Flamboro Breeders -2fTFlmDL
1990Island Ferry1988FCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -2fTChampS
1990Janna Rose1988FUSA Hanover Hempt -2fVD3
1990Jeannes Somolli1987M1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:54.2
1990Jeannes Somolli1987MUSA Colonial -3TRcR1
1990Jeannes Somolli1987MUSA Macfarlane Memorial -3THzP3
1990Jeannes Somolli1987MUSA Matron Stakes -3cTPPk2
1990Jeannes Somolli1987MUSA Zweig Memorial -3TSycs2
1990Jet Ribb1982MEUR Skandinaviskt MasterskapSolv2
1990Jet Ribb1982MSWE OlympiatravetAby1
1990Jet Ribb1982MSWE RommeheatetRo3
1990Lacinda Hanover1988FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2fBlomS
1990Lady Dynamo1987FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
1990Letters From Hill1987GUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
1990Linebacker1985MNOR Shan Rags LopLgn3
1990Lukes Chantel1988FCAN Breeders Championship -2fTMohF
1990Mack Lobell1984MDEN NJ Koster MemorialCharL
1990Mack Lobell1984MFIN St Michel AJOMikk1
1990Mack Lobell1984MGER Grosser Preis Von BildHmbg1
1990Mack Lobell1984MNOR Klosterskogens ElitelopKlost2
1990Mack Lobell1984MSWE ElitloppetSolv1
1990Mack Lobell1984MSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
1990Mack Lobell1984MSWE KalmarsundspokalenKr2
1990Mack Lobell1984MSWE OstgotaloppetMpL
1990Mainstreet1987GUSA Michigan SS -3cJack3
1990Nuclear Legacy1988MUSA Battle of Freehold -2cFhld1
1990Nuclear Legacy1988MUSA Lou Babic Pace-2cFhld2
1990Nuclear Legacy1988MUSA New Jersey Futurity -2FhldL
1990Nuclear Legacy1988MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cScD3
1990Observer Wib1987GDEN Grand Circle Championship -3TNKF
1990Osgood Hanover1987FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3TMoh2
1990Our Real Force1985GInter Dominion Trotting FinalAdd1
1990Our Real Force1985GNZ 4YO H&G Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $123,225, T2:01.0
1990Our Real Force1985GNZ 4YO Trotter of the YearNZ NZ : $123,225, T2:01.0
1990Peace Corps1986FFRA GP Fed. Regional del NordLeCL1
1990Peace Corps1986FHarness Horse of the Year (Sweden)EUR 
1990Peace Corps1986FITA GP Delle NazioniSS1
1990Peace Corps1986FNOR Momarken Grand PrixMomk2
1990Peace Corps1986FSWE Gavle Stora PrisGavle2
1990Peace Corps1986FSWE Hugo Abergs MemorialJag1
1990Peace Corps1986FSWE JubileumspokalenSolv1
1990Peace Corps1986FUSA 4YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
1990Peace Corps1986FUSA Breeders Crown -OMTPPk1
1990Pitch and RC1988GCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cTFlmDL
1990Rajah Lobell1971MLeading Sire - Winners (UK)UK 98W
1990Sandy Bayama1988FCAN Coupe Des Eleveurs -2fBB3
1990Send Me The Bill1988GCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cFlmDL
1990Shezatrotnmachine1988FUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2ftDelaS
1990Shezatrotnmachine1988FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
1990Silky Stallone1988MCAN Champlain Stakes -2Moh2
1990Silky Stallone1988MCAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cBB1
1990Silky Stallone1988MUSA Potomac -2cFsRF
1990Spreadsheet1987FUSA American National -3fTSPk2
1990Start Dialing1988FUSA American National -2fSPk2
1990Start Dialing1988FUSA Hoosier -2fInd3
1990Start Dialing1988FUSA The Standardbred -2fDela3
1990Super Pleasure1988MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
1990Super Pleasure1988MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
1990Super Pleasure1988MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
1990Super Pleasure1988MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
1990Timothy Ridge1988MUSA The Ohio State -2TScDL
1990Tooter Scooter1988MUSA Kentucky Pacing Derby -2cLouD1
1990Touch of Silk1987FUSA Horseman Futurity -3fIndL
1990Touch of Silk1987FUSA Ohio SS -3fNfld3
1990Wild Plum1987FNOR Thoresen Minnelop (hoppe) -3fJarl2
1990Winter Bowl1986GCAN Earl Rowe Memorial -OTBar2
1990Wolfs Degal1987MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
1990Zizis Prakas1987MUSA Currier and Ives -3TMeaL
1989-FDivine Spirit1987FUSA California Breeders C'ship -2TLAF
1989-4Jet Ribb1982MSWE GulddivisionenJag1
1989-2Juan Song1987FUSA Maryland SS -2fTFsR3
1989-1Beatrice Dexter1987FUSA Hanover Hempt -2fVD3
1989-1Jet Ribb1982MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
1989A Worthy Lad1987MCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -2cTChampS
1989A Worthy Lad1987MO'Brien 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearCAN 
1989Arndon1979MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 3YONZ $63,690
1989Bandee Hanover1986MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
1989Bandee Hanover1986MUSA Tompkins Geers -3fTScD3
1989Boingity Boing1987FUSA Indiana SS -2Ind3
1989Brace Yourself1987MCAN Champlain Stakes -2Moh2
1989Brando Hanover1987MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cMea3
1989Bruces Lady1987FUSA Kentuckiana -2fFsR2
1989Bruces Lady1987FUSA Lady Baltimore -2fFsR1
1989Bruces Lady1987FUSA Matron Stakes -2fPPk2
1989Bruces Lady1987FUSA Review Stakes -2fSpr2
1989Bullfinch1985FNOR Rex Rodney Arespris -4/5Forus3
1989Cheri Boy1986GFIN Finsk Trav Kriterium -3Teivo1
1989Cheri Boy1986GFIN Tornio Racing -3Laiva3
1989Delinquent Account1987FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
1989Delinquent Account1987FUSA Kentuckiana -2fFsR2
1989Delray Lobell1985GUSA Breeders Crown -OTFhld1
1989Direct Quote1985GUSA Four Leaf Clover -OPML
1989Fox Valley Redhot1987FUSA Violet -2fSPkL
1989Friendly Face1984MFIN Killerin EliitiJyvF
1989Friendly Face1984MGrand Circuit Champion (Europe)EUR 
1989Friendly Face1984MHOL Prijs Der GigantenHilv1
1989Friendly Face1984MITA GP Citta di MontecatiniMtct2
1989Friendly Face1984MITA GP DuomoFir2
1989Friendly Face1984MITA GP UNIRESS2
1989Gambis Bigboy1987MUSA Cardinal -2cTSPkL
1989Happy Bottom1986FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fScD3
1989Hi Lass Lauxmont1983FITA GP Gaetano TurilliTdV1
1989Hollyhurst1982MITA GP Citta di TrevisoTrev3
1989Hollyhurst1982MITA GP Costa AzzurraTurin2
1989Hollyhurst1982MITA GP Della RepubblicaBolog2
1989Hollyhurst1982MITA GP di LotteriaAgn1
1989Hollyhurst1982MITA GP Freccia d'EuropaAgn1
1989Hot Trot Ting1981MSWE Harper Hanover LoppSolv2
1989Hot Trot Ting1981MSWE Lyons LoppAbyL
1989Jet Ribb1982MSWE MalarprisetEsk3
1989Jet Ribb1982MSWE Peterson-Brodda MemorialJag2
1989JJs Diamond1986GCAN General Brock Series -3TGreL
1989Juan Song1987FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ftBlomS
1989Lady Dynamo1987FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fFsR3
1989Letters From Hill1987GUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
1989Letters From Hill1987GUSA Tompkins Geers -2cTScD3
1989Long and Straight1986MUSA Governors Trophy/Cup -3TScDL
1989Long and Straight1986MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
1989Mack Lobell1984MGER Grosser Preis Von BildHmbg1
1989Mack Lobell1984MHarness Horse of the Year (Sweden)EUR 
1989Mack Lobell1984MITA Campionato EuropeoCes1
1989Mack Lobell1984MMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$3,917,504US
1989Mack Lobell1984MNOR Momarken Grand PrixMomk2
1989Mack Lobell1984MSWE Arjang Stora SprinterloppArj2
1989Mack Lobell1984MSWE Hugo Abergs MemorialJag1
1989Mack Lobell1984MUSA Challenge Cup -OTYRF
1989Mainstreet1987GUSA Michigan SS -2cJack3
1989Mamas Lad1984MDEN Lord Valentine Mindelob -5Skive3
1989Meadowbranch Eddie1987MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
1989Mean and Green1987FUSA Kentuckiana -2fFsR2
1989Mean and Green1987FUSA La Paloma -2fYR2
1989Mean and Green1987FUSA The Standardbred -2fDela3
1989Mr Mallory1986MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cVD3
1989Mr Mallory1986MUSA Hanover Stakes -3cBmlP3
1989Ne One Bluegrass1985GUSA Trendsetter -3/4cM3
1989On a Cruise1986FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fTFsR3
1989Our Real Force1985GSA Trotters Derby -3TGDP1
1989Paperback Writer1986FUSA Indiana SS -3TInd3
1989Peace Corps1986F1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.4
1989Peace Corps1986F1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:52.4
1989Peace Corps1986FEvolution of Trotters Mares Mile (NA)USAT1:52.4
1989Peace Corps1986FFastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:52.4
1989Peace Corps1986FFastest Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:52.4
1989Peace Corps1986FStake Earner of the Year (Trotters) (NA)NA $1,002,701
1989Peace Corps1986FUSA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1989Peace Corps1986FUSA American National -3fTSPk2
1989Peace Corps1986FUSA Bluegrass -3fTLex3
1989Peace Corps1986FUSA Breeders Crown -3fTPPk1
1989Peace Corps1986FUSA Buckette -3fTDela2
1989Peace Corps1986FUSA Coaching Club Oaks -3fTM2
1989Peace Corps1986FUSA Kentucky Futurity -3TLex1
1989Peace Corps1986FUSA NJSS (Summer) -3fTM3
1989Peace Corps1986FUSA Review Stakes -3fTSpr2
1989Peace Corps1986FUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
1989Peace Corps1986FUSA World Trotting Derby -3TDuQ1
1989Raiva Peter1987MFIN Breeders Crown -2cSein2
1989Rajah Lobell1971MLeading Sire - Winners (UK)UK 91W
1989Stormont Easygoing1986FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
1989Sweet Bargain1987FCAN Maiden Series -2fMohF
1989Wolfs Moshava1986FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fTFsR3
1988-4On a Cruise1986FUSA Hanover Hempt -2ftVD3
1988-10Jet Ribb1982MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
1988-1Gobot1985MUSA Maryland SS -3cFsR3
1988-1Merlins Slicer1985MUSA Parshall Futurity -3TGreenL
1988Acupuncture1985FUSA Hudson Filly Trot -3fTYR2
1988Allwin Steady Two1985MCAN Flamboro Breeders -3cFlmDL
1988Archie Almahurst1985MUSA Jug Preview -3ScD3
1988Bellina S1984FNOR Johan Widdings Minnelop -4BjeF
1988Bernices Hawk1985FUSA Landmark Stake -3fGoshL
1988Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA110W
1988Café Mariposa1986FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fFsR3
1988Dale Qui1984MAUT Austria Derby - 4Krie1
1988Defiant One1985MUSA Horseman Futurity -3TInd3
1988Dictionary1984MUSA On the Road Again Pace -OPYR3
1988Dragons Lair1982MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,085,317
1988Dragons Lair1982MUSA George Morton Levy FFA -OPYR1
1988Friendly Face1984M1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:54.1
1988Friendly Face1984MHOL Prijs Der GigantenHilv1
1988Friendly Face1984MUSA Hanover Stake -OTFsRF
1988Friendly Face1984MUSA Legislator TrotScarS
1988Grundys Ebony1985MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cTVD3
1988Guida1985MUSA Hanover Stakes -3cBmlP3
1988Guida1985MUSA Terrapin -3cFsR1
1988Hollyhurst1982MITA GP Citta di MontecatiniMtct2
1988Hollyhurst1982MITA GP Citta di TriesteTri2
1988Hollyhurst1982MITA GP Costa AzzurraTurin2
1988Hollyhurst1982MITA GP Ponte VecchioFir3
1988Huna Buna1985FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
1988Iadi LB1985FITA GP Citta Di Napoli - 3Agn2
1988Icora Tilly1983FSWE SmedtraffenEsk3
1988Inconspicuous1985FUSA Macfarlane Memorial -3fHzP3
1988Jet Ribb1982MSWE RommeheatetRo3
1988Keystone Nighthawk1985GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ctBlomS
1988Mack Lobell1984MEvolution of Trotters Mile (Europe)EUR1:11.3
1988Mack Lobell1984MHarness Horse of the Year (USA)USA 
1988Mack Lobell1984MSWE ElitloppetSolv1
1988Mack Lobell1984MSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
1988Mack Lobell1984MUSA 4YO+ H&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
1988Mack Lobell1984MUSA Breeders Crown -OTStga1
1988Mack Lobell1984MUSA Challenge Cup -OTYRF
1988Mack Lobell1984MUSA International TrotYR1
1988Mack Lobell1984MUSA Nat Ray -OTM1
1988Mack Lobell1984MUSA Statue Of Liberty Trot (1 1/16m) -OTMF
1988Mack Lobell1984MUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
1988Mack Lobell1984MUSA Van Lennep Invitational -4TPPkF
1988Miss Chansette1985FFIN Tornio Racing -3Laiva3
1988Mizner1986GUSA Hanover Stakes -2cFsR3
1988On a Cruise1986FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
1988On a Cruise1986FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1988On a Cruise1986FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fTFsR3
1988Over The Rise1986FUSA Landmark Stake -2fTGoshL
1988Peace Corps1986FUSA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1988Peace Corps1986FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
1988Peace Corps1986FUSA Breeders Crown -2fTPPk1
1988Peace Corps1986FUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2ftDuQL
1988Peace Corps1986FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
1988Peace Corps1986FUSA Matron Stakes -2fTPPk2
1988Peace Corps1986FUSA Merrie Annabelle -2fTM1
1988Peace Corps1986FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
1988Play The Palace1983MUSA Pacing Championship -OPM1
1988Rajah Lobell1971MLeading Sire - Winners (UK)UK 73W
1988Rampage Almahurst1984FCAN Damsel Series -3&4fmGre3
1988Raque Bogart1986MEvolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NA)USA1:52.1
1988Raque Bogart1986MUSA Hoosier Futurity -2cInd3
1988Raque Bogart1986MUSA Ohio Breeders Championship -2cpDelaS
1988Raque Bogart1986MUSA Ohio SS -2cNfld3
1988Ride the Wave1986MCAN Campbellville -2TMoh2
1988Ride the Wave1986MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
1988Ride the Wave1986MCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -2cTChampS
1988Ride the Wave1986MCTA 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearCAN 
1988Ruby Skye1985FCAN Flamboro Breeders -3fTFlmDL
1988Specs Boy1985MUSA Galt Memorial -3cTMay3
1988Specs Boy1985MUSA Su Mac Lad -3TBmlP3
1988Sure Fact1986MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1988Top O' the Sixes1985FUSA Meadowlands Pace Cons -3cM3
1988Youve Gotta Friend1986FUSA Acorn -2fTM2
1988Youve Gotta Friend1986FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1988Youve Gotta Friend1986FUSA Landmark Stake -2fTGoshL
1987-FPuton Hold1984FUSA California Breeders C'ship -3TLAF
1987-CMagna Mogul1984MUSA California Breeders C'ship -3TLAF
1987-2Bullfinch1985FUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
1987-2Eastern Shoreman1984GUSA Maryland SS -3cFsR3
1987-2Mamas Lad1984MUSA Parshall Futurity -3TGreenL
1987-10Jet Ribb1982MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
1987-1Eastern Shoreman1984GUSA Maryland SS -3cRcR3
1987Armbro Gerald1985MCAN Flamboro Breeders -2cFlmDL
1987Break Fast1985FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftScDL
1987Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA140W
1987Britelite Lobell1983FMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,161,506US
1987Classic Pro1984GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ctBlomS
1987Cosmic Storm1985FCAN Canadian Series Final -2ftGreS
1987Cosmo Lobell1983MDEN Billund Sprintermesteren -4Bill3
1987Crown Sweep1984MUSA Florida Breeders -3TPPk3
1987Crown Sweep1984MUSA Hanover Stakes -3cTFsR3
1987Crown Sweep1984MUSA Horseman Futurity -3TInd3
1987Crown Sweep1984MUSA Zweig Memorial -3TSycs2
1987Crowns Best1984M1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:54.2
1987Crowns Best1984MUSA Currier and Ives -3TMeaL
1987Crowns Best1984MUSA Dexter Cup -3TFhld2
1987Defiant One1985MUSA Breeders Crown -2cTMoh1
1987Defiant One1985MUSA Hoosier -2cTInd3
1987Defiant One1985MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
1987Dicks Bell1983M1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:53.4TT
1987Dicks Bell1983MUSA Titan Cup -OHTM2
1987Dictionary1984MUSA Terrapin -3cFsR1
1987Dragons Lair1982MCAN Gold Cup -OPMoh2
1987Dragons Lair1982MUSA On the Road Again Pace -OPYR3
1987Foolish Intensions1985FCAN Flamboro Breeders -2fFlmDL
1987Happy Tree1985MUSA Potomac -2cFsRF
1987Huna Buna1985FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fMea3
1987Huna Buna1985FUSA Hanover Hempt -2fVD3
1987Huna Buna1985FUSA Lady Baltimore -2fFsR1
1987Iadi LB1985FITA Criterium Vinovo -2Turin3
1987Jet Ribb1982MSWE Aby Stora PrisAby1
1987Jet Ribb1982MSWE RommeheatetRo3
1987Kittiwake1984FUSA Lady Catskill -3fMR3
1987Mack Lobell1984M1:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)INT1:52.1
1987Mack Lobell1984M1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:52.1
1987Mack Lobell1984MEvolution of Trotters 3YO Mile (NA)USAT1:52.1
1987Mack Lobell1984MEvolution of Trotters Mile (NA)USAT1:52.1
1987Mack Lobell1984MEvolution of Trotters Racemile (NA)USAT1:52.1
1987Mack Lobell1984MFastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:52.1
1987Mack Lobell1984MFastest Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:52.1
1987Mack Lobell1984MHarness Horse of the Year (USA)USA 
1987Mack Lobell1984MStake Earner of the Year (Trotters) (NA)NA $1,204,133
1987Mack Lobell1984MUSA 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
1987Mack Lobell1984MUSA Breeders Crown -3cTPPk1
1987Mack Lobell1984MUSA Colonial -3TRcR1
1987Mack Lobell1984MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TM2
1987Mack Lobell1984MUSA Hambletonian -3TM1
1987Mack Lobell1984MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cTVD3
1987Mack Lobell1984MUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela2
1987Mack Lobell1984MUSA Stanley Dancer (ex Beacon Course) -3TM1
1987Mack Lobell1984MUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
1987Mack Lobell1984MUSA Yonkers Trot -3TYR1
1987Matine1979MFIN St Michel AJOMikk1
1987Oriana1982FUSA Pretty Direct Pace -fmHawS
1987Rajah Lobell1971MLeading Sire - Winners (UK)UK 55W
1987Royal Reverie1984FUSA Grandma Ann -3fBmlP2
1987Ruby Skye1985FCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -2fTChampS
1987Senor Shiaway1983GUSA Michigan SS -4hTSpCk3
1987Set the Trap1984MUSA Director of Agriculture Pace - 3ScD3
1987Set the Trap1984MUSA Ohio SS -3cLeb3
1987Shiaway Juan1985GUSA Michigan SS -2cTSgVy3
1987Starmaster1983GUSA Su Mac Lad -OTM2
1987Tantallon Anna1985FUSA Ohio SS -2fTNfld3
1987Treasure Me1984FUSA Kentucky Futurity -3fTLex1
1987Wolfs Ahava1982FNOR Momarken Mares GPMomk3
1986-FDallas Princess1983FCAN Summer 3YO ChampionshipGreS
1986-2Richmars Image1984MUSA Parshall Futurity -2GreenL
1986-1Eastern Shoreman1984GUSA Maryland SS -2cRcR3
1986Armbro Elusive1983FUSA Landmark Stake -3cTGoshL
1986Armbro Elusive1983FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
1986Arne Palema1981MSWE Lyons LoppAbyL
1986Barbo Ribb1981FFIN Kouvolo AjoKouv2
1986BJs Pleasure1983FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
1986BJs Pleasure1983FUSA NJSS (Summer) -3fTM3
1986Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$6,681,990
1986Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO Winners (USA)USA244W
1986Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA124W
1986Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA103W
1986Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2YOSP (USA)USA106W
1986Britelite Lobell1983FCTA 3YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
1986Britelite Lobell1983FUSA Tompkins Geers -3fTGSP3
1986Britelite Lobell1983FUSA World Trotting Derby -3fTDuQ1
1986Bryn Hanover1983MCAN Valedictory Series -3cGreL
1986Classic Pro1984GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ctBlomS
1986Crown Sweep1984MUSA Florida Breeders -2TPPk3
1986Dallas Princess1983FCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -3fChampS
1986Dallas Princess1983FCTA 3YO Filly Pacer of the YearCAN 
1986Dictionary1984MUSA Battle of Freehold -2cFhld1
1986Dictionary1984MUSA Bluegrass -2cLex2
1986Dictionary1984MUSA Goshen (Historic) Cup -2M3
1986Dictionary1984MUSA Potomac -2cFsRF
1986Dictionary1984MUSA Tompkins Geers -2cGSP3
1986Field Auditor1984GCAN Dream Maker (ex Kindergarten) -2Gre3
1986Friendly Face1984MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
1986Good Day Luv2004FUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2ftDuQL
1986Hunter Tilly1982MNOR Tamin Sandy Lop -3/4Lgn3
1986Icora Tilly1983FFIN Erkki Rajakpsken Memorial -3Vermo3
1986Ignitor1982GUSA Michigan SS -4hTHzP3
1986Jet Ribb1982MSWE Sweden Trav Derby - 4Solv1
1986Keena1983FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3fBlomS
1986Keystone Modern1981MDEN ProvinsmesterskabetTNKF
1986Kupajo1984GUSA Michigan SS -2cTJack3
1986Mack Lobell1984M1:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)USA1:55.3
1986Mack Lobell1984MEvolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NA)USAT1:55.3
1986Mack Lobell1984MFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:55.3
1986Mack Lobell1984MUSA 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
1986Mack Lobell1984MUSA Breeders Crown -2cTPPk1
1986Mack Lobell1984MUSA Matron Stakes -2cTGSP2
1986Mack Lobell1984MUSA The Standardbred -2TDela1
1986Magna Mayhem1983GUSA California Breeders C'ship -3TLAF
1986Martina Lobell1984FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2fTM3
1986Master Willie1982MUSA American National -OTSPk2
1986Matine1979MNOR Bjerke Cup -OTBje2
1986Megabucks1980MGER Grosser Preis Von BildHmbg1
1986Nadirs Pride1983FCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -3fTChampS
1986Ogden Lobell1983MUSA Jersey (Historic) Cup -3M3
1986Pamelas Pride1983MUSA Dickerson Cup -3TM1
1986Play The Palace1983MUSA Florida Breeders -3PPk3
1986Sales Girl1983FUSA Bluegrass -3fLex3
1986Sales Girl1983FUSA Hanover Hempt -3fVD3
1986Set the Trap1984MUSA Ohio SS -2cNfld3
1986Shannon Bright1983MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cTVD3
1986Silkys Gal1983FCAN Niagara Series -3fGreL
1986Sticky Two Step1984MUSA Hayes Memorial -2cDuQ3
1986Tronta1982GCAN Snowshoe Series -3&4GreL
1986Uncut Jade1983MUSA Hanover Stakes -3cBmlP3
1985-2Gnocchi1983GUSA Hills Farm Pace -2LexS
1985-2Oriana1982FUSA Stable of Memories Pace -fmLexS
1985-1Towns Boy1983GUSA Maryland SS -2cTRcR3
1985Bon Sport1982MCAN Montreal Trot - 3cTBBF
1985Brandy Hanover1979MSWE Arjang Stora SprinterloppArj2
1985Brandy Hanover1979MSWE KalmarsundspokalenKr2
1985Brandy Hanover1979MSWE Konung Carl XVI Gustafs SilverhastenSolv3
1985Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire - Stakes (USA)USA$14,182,812
1985Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$8,433,379
1985Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA93W
1985Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2YOSP (USA)USA93W
1985Britelite Lobell1983FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fTMoh2
1985Britelite Lobell1983FCTA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
1985Britelite Lobell1983FUSA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1985Britelite Lobell1983FUSA Merrie Annabelle -2fTM1
1985Broadway Premier1980MUSA Presidents PaceScarS
1985Cher A Like1983FCAN Champlain Stakes -2fMoh2
1985Cher A Like1983FCTA 2YO Filly Pacer of the YearCAN 
1985Clearing Skies1982FUSA Geers Stakes -3fHzP3
1985El Greco1983GUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cPcD3
1985Fozzie Bear1979GFIN Helsinki AjoVermoF
1985Gnocchi1983GUSA New Jersey Futurity -2ML
1985Grace Broline1981FSWE Sto Sprintern -4MTHalm3
1985Grand Rapids1980MITA GP UNIRESS2
1985Hollyhurst1982MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
1985Hurricane Peach1982FUSA Maine Sires Stake -3TScar3
1985Keystone Profile1982FUSA Horseman Futurity -3ftIndL
1985Keystone Profile1982FUSA World Trotting Derby -3fTDuQ1
1985Maritime Hanover1983MUSA Hanover Stakes -2cFsR3
1985Maritime Hanover1983MUSA Potomac -2cFsRF
1985Markims Pride1982MUSA New Jersey Classic -3cM2
1985Master Willie1982MUSA Currier and Ives -3TMeaL
1985Master Willie1982MUSA Dexter Cup -3TFhld2
1985Master Willie1982MUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela2
1985Master Willie1982MUSA Yonkers Trot -3TYR1
1985Matine1979MSWE Hugo Abergs MemorialJag1
1985Mr Dalrae1979MMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,150,807
1985Mr Dalrae1979MUSA American National -OPSPk2
1985Mr Dalrae1979MUSA Pacing Championship -OPM1
1985Nadirs Pride1983FCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -2fTChampS
1985Plastered1982FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ftBlomS
1985Play The Palace1983MUSA Florida Breeders -2cPPk3
1985Shannon Bright1983MUSA Hoosier -2cTInd3
1985Speedy Tomali1983MUSA Matron Stakes -2cTHzP2
1985Speedy Tomali1983MUSA NJSS (Summer) -2cTM3
1985Spicy Mint1982MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3cBlomS
1985Stienam1982FMillionaire Stake Earners (Pacers - All Time)INT$1,355,474
1985Stienam1982FUSA 3YO Filly Pacer of the YearUSA 
1985Stienam1982FUSA Adioo Volo -3fMea3
1985Stienam1982FUSA Breeders Crown -3fNfld1
1985Stienam1982FUSA Tarport Hap -3fM2
1985Stienam1982FUSA Tattersalls (Garnsey Memorial) -3fLex2
1985Super Garry1979MSWE Farjestads JubileumsloppFarj2
1985Super Garry1979MSWE OstgotaloppetMpL
1985Tampico Sund1979GSWE MalmloppetSkelF
1985Uncut Jade1983MUSA Presidential -2RcR1
1985Victoria S1979FDEN Copenhagen OpenChar2
1985Why Indeed1983FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fTFsR3
1985Window W1982MSWE Elite - 3Solv2
1985Window W1982MSWE Stora Trearingspriset - 3TBs2
1985Worthy Boy Laren1980MHOL Grote Prijs van NederlandGrgn2
1984-8Brandy Hanover1979MSWE GulddivisionenAby1
1984-2Richmars Gambler1982FUSA Florida Breeders -2cPPk3
1984Auntie Jean1982FCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -2fChampS
1984Bon Sport1982MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
1984Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire - Stakes (USA)USA11,481,698
1984Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$8,153,349
1984Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA110W
1984Clearing Skies1982FUSA The Standardbred -2fDela3
1984Darioz1981FITA GP Nazionale - 3SS1
1984Darvin1980MUSA Dygert Memorial -OTHaw2
1984Darvin1980MUSA Michigan SS -4TDet3
1984Dragons Lair1982MCAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cBB1
1984Dragons Lair1982MUSA Breeders Crown -2cMea1
1984Dragons Lair1982MUSA Hanover Stakes -2cFsR3
1984Heather Legend1982MUSA Cardinal -2cTSPkL
1984Heather Legend1982MUSA Lincoln Land -2TBmlPL
1984Ide Ego1977MSWE Bulwarks LoppSolvL
1984John Dory1982MUSA American National -2cTSPk2
1984John Dory1982MUSA Hoosier -2cTInd3
1984John Dory1982MUSA Tompkins Memorial -2THzPF
1984Lady Belle1981FUSA Battle of Saratoga -3ftStgaF
1984Lord Amos1978MNOR Shan Rags LopLgn3
1984Matine1979MDEN Copenhagen OpenChar2
1984Megabucks1980MUSA NJSS (Fall) -4TFhldF
1984Moshannon Finesse1981FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ftBlomS
1984Moshannon Hot Shot1982FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ftBlomS
1984Mr Dalrae1979MCAN Canadian Derby -OPGre1
1984Mr Dalrae1979MCAN Gold Cup -OPMoh2
1984Mr Dalrae1979MUSA 4YO+ H&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
1984Mr Dalrae1979MUSA American National -OPSPk2
1984Mr Dalrae1979MUSA Pacing Championship -OPM1
1984Niafirst1982MUSA Batavia Downs Stake -2cBtvaF
1984Niafirst1982MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cVD3
1984Niafirst1982MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cLex2
1984Riklis1980MUSA Su Mac Lad -OTM2
1984Spicy Mint1982MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2cBlomS
1984Stienam1982FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
1984Stienam1982FUSA Lady Baltimore -2fFsR1
1984Why Not1981MUSA Colonial -3TRcR1
1984Why Not1981MUSA General George Washington -3cTBrdF
1984Window W1982MITA GP Allevatori - 2TdV1
1984Window W1982MSWE Vinterfavoriten - 2Solv2
1984Worth Beein1981FUSA Coaching Club Oaks -3fTM2
1983-FSilky Cedar1980FUSA New Jersey Futurity -3TFhldL
1983-2Rise And Rule1981MUSA Battle of Saratoga -2cTStgaL
1983-1Roydon Boy1981MUSA Battle of Saratoga -2cTStgaL
1983Augustus Dillon1979GUSA NJSS (Fall) -4TFhldF
1983Berkshire Buddy1980MUSA NJSS (Summer) -3cTM3
1983Bluefin1979FGER Kriterium der Vierjahrigen -4Daglf2
1983Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$6,164,917
1983Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA82W
1983Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of Pacers - 2YOSP (USA)USA91W
1983Brookside Pride1980MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cTVD3
1983Caleb Lobell1981MUSA American National -2cTSPk2
1983Columbo Seelster1976MCAN Walter Dale MemorialFrdtnL
1983Copter Lobell1980MUSA New Jersey Futurity -3TFhldL
1983Country Magic1981FUSA Michigan SS -2fTDet3
1983Cunning Bunny1980FUSA NJSS (Summer) -3fM3
1983Darvin1980MUSA Matron Stakes -3cTDet2
1983Darvin1980MUSA Michigan SS -3cTDet3
1983Darvin1980MUSA Tompkins Memorial -3cTHzPF
1983Duchess Faye1978FUSA 4YO+ Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
1983F Troop1980MCAN Burlington Pace -3cGre3
1983F Troop1980MUSA James Dancer Memorial -3Fhld1
1983F Troop1980MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cPcDL
1983First Investment1977MSWE Harper Hanover LoppSolv2
1983Jeannes Crown1981FUSA Battle of Saratoga -2ftStga3
1983Lindys Donna1981FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftColsL
1983Moshannon Finesse1981FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ftBlomS
1983Mr Dalrae1979MUSA Fort Dearborn PaceSPkS
1983Mr Drew1980MUSA American National -3cTSPk2
1983Mr Drew1980MUSA General George Washington -3cTBrdF
1983New Speed1975MSWE RommeheatetRo3
1983Perfect Blue Chip1980MUSA Midwest Derby -3&4SPkF
1983Roxan Jade1980FUSA Violet -3fTSPkL
1983Roydon Boy1981MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1983Sabis Skipper1979MUSA Suburban Downs Derby -OPHaw2
1983Scarlet Meema1981FUSA Pocahontas -2fBrdF
1983Segriff1980FUSA Matron Stakes -3fTDet2
1983Segriff1980FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
1983Sweet Bear1979FSWE Stochampionatet - 4MAxe2
1983Volo Pride1980MGER Deutches Traber Derby - 3Mrndf1
1983Weedplucker1980FUSA NJSS (Summer) -3fTM3
1983What a Dump1981FUSA Debutante (Historic) Stakes -2fM3
1983Why Not1981MUSA Peter Haughton Memorial -2cTM1
1982-CStar Hill G1980MUSA California Breeders C'ship -2TLAF
1982-4Merger1979MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
1982-1Merger1979MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
1982Ansaldo Red1978MITA GP Citta di Cesena -4Ces3
1982Arndon1979M1:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)USA1:54.0TT
1982Arndon1979MCAN Montreal Trot - 3cTBBF
1982Arndon1979MEvolution of Trotters 3YO Mile (NA)USAT1:54.0TT
1982Arndon1979MEvolution of Trotters Mile (NA)USAT1:54.0TT
1982Arndon1979MFastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:54.0TT
1982Arndon1979MFastest Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:54.0TT
1982Arndon1979MUSA Dickerson Cup -3TM1
1982Arndon1979MUSA Florida Breeders -3TPPk3
1982Arndon1979MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cTVD3
1982Arndon1979MUSA Hanover Stakes -3cTMea3
1982Barbie Rengo1980FUSA Violet -2fTSPkL
1982Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$6,150,050
1982Brina d'Assia1979FITA GP Societa di Terme -3Mont3
1982Buna Hanover1978FUSA Venus SeriesLAF
1982Clarissas Pride1980FUSA Hoosier -2ftInd3
1982Copter Lobell1980MUSA New Jersey Futurity -2TFhldL
1982Copter Lobell1980MUSA NJSS (Summer) -2cTM3
1982Duchess Faye1978FUSA Michigan SS -4TDet3
1982Duchess Faye1978FUSA Su Mac Lad -OTM2
1982Fedone1977GITA GP Freccia d'EuropaAgn1
1982Fedone1977GITA Gran Premio Giorgio JegherTri2
1982Gator Bowl1976MITA GP Renzo OrlandiMod2
1982Icarus Lobell1979MCAN Simcoe Stakes -3cMoh2
1982Icarus Lobell1979MUSA Battle of Brandywine -3Brd1
1982Icarus Lobell1979MUSA Tattersalls Pace -3cLex1
1982L'Eggins1980FUSA Ohio SS -2fScD3
1982Lesha Pride1980MUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
1982Lola Lobell1997FFIN Tamma ValtikkaFor3
1982Matara Hill1980FUSA Matron Stakes -2fDet2
1982Megabucks1980MUSA New Jersey Futurity -2TFhldL
1982Merger1979MUSA Little Brown Jug -3Dela1
1982Mr Drew1980MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
1982Mr Drew1980MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1982Native Reel1977MSWE Baletts LoppSolvL
1982No Honestly1979FUSA Herald-Leader Pace -3fLexS
1982Rita Almahurst1980FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
1982Silky Cedar1980FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1982Skipbar1980MUSA NJSS (Summer) -2cM3
1982Skipbar1980MUSA Tom Hal -2cBrdF
1982Sky View Chad1980GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ctBlomS
1982Sweet Bear1979FSWE Guldstoet - 3fAxe2
1982Weedplucker1980FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2fTM3
1981-1Tarpon1978FCAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tGreL
1981Ansaldo Red1978MITA Premio Italia - 3Bolog2
1981Ansaldo Red1978MITA Premio Tito Giovanardi - 3Mod2
1981April Day1977FFIN Stochampionet -4mLap3
1981Arndon1979MFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:57.2
1981Bambinos Rocky1977MUSA NJSS (Fall) -4TFhldF
1981Breakwind1979FUSA Matron Stakes -2fDet2
1981Bret Hanover1962MLeading BM Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (USA)USA$4,480,162
1981Chauncey Lobell1978MUSA Batavia Downs -3cTBtva3
1981Docs Fella1978MUSA Batavia Downs Stake -3cBtva1
1981Duchess Faye1978FUSA World Trotting Derby -3fTDuQ1
1981Fedone1977GITA GP Della Fiera SS1
1981Gator Bowl1976MITA Campionato EuropeoCes1
1981Gator Bowl1976MITA GP Citta di MontecatiniMtct2
1981Gator Bowl1976MITA GP Freccia d'EuropaAgn1
1981Gator Bowl1976MITA GP Gaetano TurilliTdV1
1981Gator Bowl1976MITA Premio RomaTdV2
1981Hark Pride1978FFIN Oulu Express -3Oulu2
1981Icarus Lobell1979M1:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)USA1:54.2
1981Icarus Lobell1979MUSA Goshen (Historic) Cup -2M3
1981Icarus Lobell1979MUSA Lawrence Sheppard -2cYR3
1981Merger1979M1:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)USA1:53.4
1981Merger1979MEvolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NA)USA1:53.4
1981Merger1979MFastest 2YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA1:53.4
1981Merger1979MUSA Bluegrass -2cLex2
1981Mo Bandy1978MUSA Currier and Ives -3TMeaL
1981Mo Bandy1978MUSA Matron Stakes -3cTDet2
1981Mo Bandy1978MUSA Yonkers Trot -3TYR1
1981Mr Dalrae1979MCAN Champlain Stakes -2Moh2
1981Mr Dalrae1979MUSA Geers Stakes -2HzP3
1981Newt Lobell1974MUSA George Morton Levy FFA -OPYR1
1981Orchid Hanover1979FUSA NJSS (Fall) -2fTFhldL
1981Orchid Hanover1979FUSA NJSS (Summer) -2fTM3
1981Ravens Arrow1979FUSA Indiana SS -2Ind3
1981Scenic John1978MUSA New Jersey Futurity -3FhldL
1981Smoldering Pride1978MUSA Parshall Futurity -3TGreenL
1981Star Pearl1978FUSA Violet -2fTSPkL
1981Super Marty1976MCAN Maple Leaf Classic -OTMoh2
1981Super Marty1976MUSA Titan Cup -OHTM2
1981Tanzy Lobell1978FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fFsR3
1981Timelys Best Man1975MUSA Fort Dearborn PaceSPkS
1981Timelys Best Man1975MUSA Maywood Pacing SeriesMayS
1981Varia1977FSWE Stochampionatet - 4MAxe2
1980-2Chauncey Lobell1978MUSA Battle of Saratoga -2cTStgaL
1980-2Greatest Action1977FUSA Flora Temple/Breeders FS -3fTVDS
1980-1Areba Areba1978FUSA Hanover Hempt -2fVD3
1980-1Thats Terrific1977MUSA Batavia Downs -3cTBtva3
1980Allwoods Star1978FUSA New Jersey Futurity -2TFhldL
1980Alta Moda1977FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
1980Alta Moda1977FUSA Martha Washington -3fTBrd3
1980Areba Areba1978FCAN Miss Vera Bars -2fGreF
1980Areba Areba1978FUSA 2YO Filly Pacer of the YearUSA 
1980Areba Areba1978FUSA Bluegrass -2fLex2
1980Areba Areba1978FUSA La Paloma -2fYR2
1980Areba Areba1978FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
1980Areba Areba1978FUSA The Standardbred -2fDela3
1980Armbro Turk1975MCAN Molson Pace -OPLon2
1980Armbro Turk1975MCAN Willowdale PaceGreS
1980Bambinos Rocky1977MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3ctBlomS
1980Bambinos Rocky1977MUSA NJSS (Fall) -3cTFhld3
1980Bar Hopper1978FUSA Violet -2fMayL
1980Buby1974MITA GP Gaetano TurilliTdV1
1980Buckeye Mark1978MUSA Tompkins Memorial -2THzPF
1980Casual Power1975MUSA New Jersey Futurity -3TFhldL
1980Cranford1977FCAN Celias Counsel -3fTGreL
1980Cranford1977FCAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTBBF
1980Cranford1977FUSA Battle of Saratoga -3ftStgaF
1980Cranford1977FUSA Hanover Hempt -3ftVD3
1980Erni1975MITA GP Della VittoriaBolog2
1980Fregoli1977MITA GP Societa di Terme -3Mont3
1980Greatest Action1977FUSA Tompkins Memorial -3fTHzPF
1980Malibu Hanover1978MUSA Hoosier -2cTInd3
1980Marino Hanover1977MCTA 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearCAN 
1980Marino Hanover1977MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
1980Marino Hanover1977MUSA Hanover Stakes -3cTMea3
1980Mo Bandy1978MUSA Westchester -2cTYRF
1980New Speed1975MSWE SverigeloppetSolv2
1980Olive Hanover1978FUSA NJSS (Fall) -2fTFhldL
1980Ruffian Parlay1978FUSA Ohio Fairs Stake -2ftColsL
1980Sir Ike1977GUSA Governors Trophy/Cup -3TColsL
1980Smoldering Pride1978MUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
1980Tanzy Lobell1978FCAN Canadian Series -2fMohS
1980Tanzy Lobell1978FCAN Canadian Series -2fRidCS
1980Teen Dee1977FCAN Quebec Circuit Final -3fBBS
1980Timelys Best Man1975MUSA Grand Prix FFA -OPSpkF
1979-2Marino Hanover1977MCAN Van Riddell Trot -2TGreF
1979Atlasta Adios1972GCAN Don Mills TrotMohS
1979Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA247W
1979Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (USA)USA 
1979Bunnie Hanover1977FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fFsR3
1979Bunnie Hanover1977FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fPcD3
1979Chiola Hanover1976MStake Earner of the Year (Trotters) (NA)NA $553,058
1979Chiola Hanover1976MUSA 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
1979Chiola Hanover1976MUSA Battle of Saratoga -3cTStgaF
1979Chiola Hanover1976MUSA Bluegrass -3cTLex3
1979Chiola Hanover1976MUSA Colonial -3TRcR1
1979Chiola Hanover1976MUSA Dexter Cup -3TFhld2
1979Chiola Hanover1976MUSA Founders Gold Cup -3TVDF
1979Chiola Hanover1976MUSA General George Washington -3cTBrdF
1979Chiola Hanover1976MUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
1979Chiola Hanover1976MUSA Yonkers Trot -3TYR1
1979Chiola Hanover1976MUSA Zweig Memorial -3TSycs2
1979Christal De Mai1977FCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -2fTChampS
1979Christal De Mai1977FCTA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearCAN 
1979Cold Comfort1974MCAN Maple Leaf Classic -OTMoh2
1979Countess Advocate1976FUSA Hudson Filly Trot -3fTYR2
1979Cranford1977FUSA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1979Cranford1977FUSA Nancy Hanks -2fTBrdF
1979Cranford1977FUSA The Standardbred -2ftDela3
1979Doris Lady1975FUSA Lewis C Ryan MemorialVDS
1979Dovers Surge1976MCAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tGreL
1979Flickory Flies1977GUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
1979Flickory Flies1977GUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TM2
1979Flickory Flies1977GUSA Hanover Stakes -2cTFsR3
1979Gator Bowl1976MUSA Horseman Futurity -3TInd3
1979Gator Bowl1976MUSA Review Stakes -3cTSpr2
1979Maple Lanes Strike1976M1:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)USA1:55.0
1979May Bjorn1975FSWE Stochampionatet - 4MAxe2
1979May Bjorn1975FSWE Sweden Trav Derby - 4Solv1
1979Native Sister1976FCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -3fChampS
1979No Mas Model1977MCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
1979Opal H1971MSWE HallandmasterenHalmF
1979Pure Bliss1976GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3cBlomS
1979Sans Strike1977MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cMea3
1979Spec Rader1976GUSA Cardinal -3cTMayL
1979Sterling John1977MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2cBlomS
1979Superior Sweep1976FUSA Chestnut Farm -3fTLexF
1979Superior Sweep1976FUSA Lady Suffolk -3fTRR2
1979Superior Sweep1976FUSA Ohio SS -3fTScD3
1979Superior Sweep1976FUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela2
1978-2Lancer Seelster1976GCAN Standardbred Futurity -2TGreS
1978-1Greenwich1975FUSA Maine Sires Stake -3TScar3
1978Baby Dumpling1976FUSA Debutante (Historic) Stakes -2fGosh3
1978Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA250W
1978Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (USA)USA 
1978Berry Hanover1969MLeading Sire of 3YO Winners (NZ)NZ 11W
1978Best of All1964MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA43W
1978Bomber1974MEvolution of Pacers Racemile (Europe)EUR2:04.3
1978Cami Almahurst1975FUSA Ohio SS -3fTNfld3
1978Cami Almahurst1975FUSA Old Oaken Bucket -3TDela2
1978Cami Almahurst1975FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftCols3
1978Casual Power1975MUSA New Jersey Futurity -3TFhldL
1978Cayal1975MITA Premio Italia - 3Bolog2
1978Cher Hanover1975FUSA Betsy Ross -3fBrdF
1978Chiola Hanover1976MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
1978Chiola Hanover1976MUSA Westchester -2cTYRF
1978Cold Comfort1974MCAN Maple Leaf Classic -OTMoh2
1978Cold Comfort1974MUSA Hiram Woodruff -OTM2
1978Cold Comfort1974MUSA International TrotRR1
1978Cora T1975FUSA Flora Temple/Breeders FS -3fTVDS
1978Cora T1975FUSA Hambletonian Oaks -3fTDUQ1
1978Cora T1975FUSA Tompkins Memorial -3fTHzPF
1978Counts Pride1975MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
1978Counts Pride1975MUSA Tompkins Memorial -3cTHzPF
1978Counts Pride1975MUSA Zweig Memorial -3TSycs2
1978Dalba Hanover1975FUSA Reading Futurity -3fLRF
1978Dovers Surge1976MCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -2cTChampS
1978Dovers Surge1976MCTA 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearCAN 
1978Finger Bowl1975FUSA Reading Futurity -3fTLRF
1978Fulla Strikes1974MUSA Suburban Downs Derby -OPHaw2
1978Gorgeous1975FUSA Herald-Leader Pace -3fLexS
1978Green Speed1974MUSA 4YO+ H&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
1978Green Speed1974MUSA American National -OTSPk2
1978Green Speed1974MUSA Marquis De Lafayette -OTBrdF
1978Heather Cecil1976MUSA Lincoln Land -2TBmlPL
1978Hominy Ros1976GUSA Ohio Colt Sweepstakes -2TDelaS
1978Kash Minbar1972MUSA American Trotting Championship -OTRR2
1978Lady Albatross1975FUSA Bluegrass -3fLex3
1978Mala Hanover1976FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ftBlomS
1978Mat Hanover1976 CAN Canadian Juvenile -2GreS
1978Opal H1971MSWE KalmarsundspokalenKr2
1978Our Hap1976FUSA Pocahontas -2fBrdF
1978Pure Bliss1976GUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2cBlomS
1978Ruby Rodney1975FCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -3fTChampS
1978Savoir1968GMillionaire Stake Earners (Trotters - All Time)INT$1,365,145US
1978Savoir1968GUSA Titan Cup -OHTM2
1978Songlark1976FUSA Nancy Hanks -2fTBrdF
1978Starita Lobell1975FUSA Currier and Ives -3fTMeaL
1978Timelys Best Man1975M1:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)USA1:54.2TT
1978Timelys Best Man1975MUSA North American Series -3&4FsRF
1978Unexpected Guest1976MUSA The Standardbred -2TDela1
1977Armbro Sonnet1974FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3TMoh2
1977Azalia Spinner1975GUSA Challenge Stakes -2ScDF
1977Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1977Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA273W
1977Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (USA)USA 
1977Bea C Note1974FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftCols3
1977Berry Hanover1969MLeading Sire of 2YO - Stakes (NZ)NZ $21,825
1977Berry Hanover1969MLeading Sire of 2YO Winners (NZ)NZ 3W
1977Best of All1964MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA39W
1977Best of All1964MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2STP (USA)USA44W
1977Cami Almahurst1975FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
1977Charismatic1972MNOR Momarken Grand PrixMomk2
1977Cher Hanover1975FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fLex2
1977Chin Chin1975FUSA Matron Stakes -2fDet2
1977Cold Comfort1974MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3cTMea3
1977Cold Comfort1974MUSA Battle of Saratoga -3cTStgaF
1977Cold Comfort1974MUSA Dexter Cup -3TFhld2
1977Cold Comfort1974MUSA Matron Stakes -3cTDet2
1977Cold Comfort1974MUSA Zweig Memorial -3TSycs2
1977Dearest1975FUSA Matron Stakes -2fTDet2
1977Dearest1975FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
1977Finger Bowl1975FUSA Reading Futurity -2ftLRF
1977Green Speed1974MEvolution of Trotters 3YO Mile (NA)USAT1:55.3
1977Green Speed1974MEvolution of Trotters Racemile (NA)USAT1:55.3
1977Green Speed1974MFastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:55.3
1977Green Speed1974MFastest Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:55.3
1977Green Speed1974MHarness Horse of the Year (USA)USA 
1977Green Speed1974MStake Earner of the Year (Trotters) (NA)NA $584,405
1977Green Speed1974MUSA 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
1977Green Speed1974MUSA Batavia Downs -3cTBtva3
1977Green Speed1974MUSA Colonial -3TRcR1
1977Green Speed1974MUSA Currier and Ives -3TMeaL
1977Green Speed1974MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TDuQ2
1977Green Speed1974MUSA Hambletonian -3TDuQ1
1977Green Speed1974MUSA Hanover Stakes -3cTMea3
1977Green Speed1974MUSA Leland Stanford -3/4THolF
1977Green Speed1974MUSA Stanley Dancer (ex Beacon Course) -3TM1
1977Green Speed1974MUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
1977Green Speed1974MUSA Yonkers Trot -3TYR1
1977Haygood1974MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
1977Hi Land Berna1974FUSA Illinois State Fair Colt -3fSprS
1977Hi Sum1975GUSA Maine Sires Stake -2TScarL
1977Jade Prince1974MCAN Burlington Pace -3cGre3
1977Jade Prince1974MUSA Cane Pace -3YR1
1977Kash Minbar1972MUSA American Trotting Championship -OTRR2
1977Kash Minbar1972MUSA Challenge Cup -OTYRF
1977Ladalia Hanover1975FCAN Canadian Series -2fFlmDS
1977Ladalia Hanover1975FCAN Canadian Series -2fMohS
1977Ladalia Hanover1975FCAN Miss Vera Bars -2fGreF
1977Melvins Strike1974MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -3cBlomS
1977Melvins Strike1974MUSA Reading Futurity -3LRF
1977Near Dot1972MSWE GuldbjörkenUma3
1977Near Dot1972MSWE V65 MasterenAby3
1977Pagado1968MAUT Badener MeileBaden2
1977Painter Lobell1973MCAN Connaught CupConnS
1977Reprise1974MUSA Horseman Futurity -3TInd3
1977Spicy Charlie1975MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cMea3
1977Spicy Charlie1975MUSA Fox Stakes -2Ind3
1977Spicy Charlie1975MUSA Hanover Stakes -2cFsR3
1977Starita Lobell1975FCAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTBBF
1977Starita Lobell1975FUSA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1977Starita Lobell1975FUSA Acorn -2fTGosh2
1977Starita Lobell1975FUSA American National -2fTSPk2
1977Starita Lobell1975FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1977Starita Lobell1975FUSA Battle of Saratoga -2ftStga3
1977Starita Lobell1975FUSA Bluegrass -2fTLex3
1977Starita Lobell1975FUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2ftDuQL
1977Starita Lobell1975FUSA Tompkins Memorial -2fTHzPF
1977Starsmoke Hanover1970GCAN Don Mills TrotMohS
1976-3Mill H1969MSWE GulddivisionenJag1
1976-2Cold Comfort1974MUSA Battle of Saratoga -2cTStgaL
1976-2Haygood1974MCAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTBBF
1976Armbro Oxford1971MCAN Kitchener TrotMohS
1976Armbro Sonnet1974FCAN Champlain Stakes -2TMoh2
1976Armbro Sonnet1974FCAN OSS Top $ (1974-1991) -2fTChampS
1976Armstead Don1973FCAN General Brock Series -3TGardCL
1976Armstead Don1973FCAN Simcoe Stakes -3TMoh2
1976Armstead Don1973FCTA 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearCAN 
1976Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1976Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA255W
1976Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (USA)USA 
1976Cold Comfort1974MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
1976Cold Comfort1974MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1976Connie Lobell1973FUSA Battle of Saratoga -3ftStgaF
1976Connie Lobell1973FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
1976Fulla Strikes1974M1:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)USA1:54.1TT
1976Fulla Strikes1974MEvolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NA)USA1:54.1TT
1976Fulla Strikes1974MFastest 2YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA1:54.1TT
1976Green Speed1974MUSA Hanover Stakes -2cTFsR3
1976Green Speed1974MUSA Westchester -2cTYRF
1976Haygood1974MCTA 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearCAN 
1976Haygood1974MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
1976Haygood1974MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cTVD3
1976Jade Prince1974M1:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)USA1:54.1
1976Jade Prince1974MCAN Canadian Juvenile -2BBS
1976Jade Prince1974MCAN Canadian Juvenile -2GreS
1976Jade Prince1974MCTA 2YO C&G Pacer of the YearCAN 
1976Jade Prince1974MEvolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NA)USA1:54.1
1976Jade Prince1974MEvolution of Pacers Racemile (NA)USA1:54.1
1976Jade Prince1974MFastest 2YO Pacer of the Year (NA)USA1:54.1
1976Jade Prince1974MHarness Horse of the Year (Canada)CAN 
1976Jade Prince1974MUSA 2YO C&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
1976Jade Prince1974MUSA Hanover Stakes -2cFsR3
1976Jade Prince1974MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cLex2
1976Kawartha New Time1974MCAN Canadian Juvenile -2GreS
1976Noble Carlene1974FUSA Hayes Memorial (ex Castleton) -2ftDuQL
1976Noble Rogue1972MUSA Challenge Stakes -4TScDS
1976Opal H1971MSWE Nordiska Femaringspriset -5Aby3
1976Pagado1968MAUT Badener MeileBaden2
1976Revenue Skipper1974MUSA Lawrence Sheppard -2cYR3
1976Rising Wind1971MUSA Dygert Memorial -OTHaw2
1976Savoir1968GCAN Maple Leaf Classic -OTMoh2
1976Sis Anette1973FUSA Maine Sires Stake -3TScar3
1976Skipper Dexter1973FUSA Betsy Ross -3fBrdF
1976Way To Fame1973MUSA General George Washington -3cTBrdF
1975-4Chaco S1970MSWE GulddivisionenSolv1
1975-2Armbro Rally1973MCAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cRicPkF
1975-1Savoir1968GCAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTGreF
1975-1Savoir1968GCAN Maple Leaf Classic -OTMoh2
1975All Smoke1972FGER Adbell Toddington -3 Mrndf2
1975All Smoke1972FGER Arthur Knauer Rennen -3fMrndf1
1975All Smoke1972FGER Buddenbrock Rennen -3Mrndf2
1975Armbro Octane1971GUSA Stars & Stripes PaceLBS
1975Armbro Rally1973MCAN Canadian Juvenile -2BBS
1975Armbro Rally1973MCAN Canadian Juvenile -2GardCS
1975Ata Laura1972FUSA New Jersey Futurity -3TFhldL
1975Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1975Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA237W
1975Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (USA)USA 
1975Beckilyn Hanover1972FUSA Lady Maud -3fYR1
1975Beckilyn Hanover1972FUSA Ladyship -3fGosh3
1975Berna Hanover1971FUSA 4YO Mare Trotter of the YearUSA 
1975Chaco S1970MAUT Graf Kalman Hunyady GedenkrennenKrieF
1975Chaco S1970MSWE Harper Hanover LoppSolv2
1975Ego Dillon1968MSWE SmedtraffenEsk3
1975Fairmaid Hanover1972FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
1975Final Flight1972FUSA Illinois State Fair Colt -3fSprS
1975HA Taylor1972MUSA Hanover Hempt -3cVD3
1975Italiano1971MAUT Austria Derby - 4Krie1
1975Nevele Gourmet1960MLeading Sire of Trotters - Stakes (NZ) : 2YONZ $325
1975Noble Jade1970MUSA Trader Horn TrotRRS
1975Noble Rogue1972MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TDuQ2
1975Noble Rogue1972MUSA Hanover Stakes -3cTMea3
1975Noble Rogue1972MUSA Kentucky Futurity -3TLex1
1975Noble Rogue1972MUSA Matron Stakes -3cTDet2
1975Opal H1971MHarness Horse of the Year (Sweden)EUR 
1975Opal H1971MSWE Sweden Trav Derby - 4Solv1
1975Peridot Pride1973MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
1975Racing Time1973MUSA Hoosier Futurity -2cInd3
1975Savoir1968GHarness Horse of the Year (USA)USA 
1975Savoir1968GStake Earner of the Year (Trotters) (NA)NA $351,385
1975Savoir1968GUSA 5YO+ H&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
1975Savoir1968GUSA American Classic -OTHol1
1975Savoir1968GUSA American Trotting Championship -OTRR2
1975Savoir1968GUSA Challenge Cup -OTYRF
1975Savoir1968GUSA Goldsmith Maid TrotRRS
1975Savoir1968GUSA International TrotRR1
1975Savoir1968GUSA Titan Cup -OHTM2
1975Savoir1968GUSA Trotter of the YearUSA 
1975Sir Dalrae1969MUSA Pacing Championship -OPM1
1975Skipper Dexter1973FUSA Pocahontas -2fBrdF
1975Starral Hanover1973FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1975Starral Hanover1973FUSA Lou Dillon-2fTYRF
1975Sunsweet Hanover1973FUSA Nancy Hanks -2fTBrdF
1975Talcott Road1973FUSA Tompkins Memorial -2fTHzPF
1975Timothy T1967MGER Grossen Preis Von BayernDaglf1
1975Timothy T1967MITA GP Della VittoriaBolog2
1975Timothy T1967MITA GP Delle NazioniSS1
1975Timothy T1967MITA Premio RomaTdVF
1975Timothy T1967MSWE ElitloppetSolv1
1974-2Armbro Place1972MCAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cRicPkF
1974-2Best of Donut1971FCAN Constance Scott -3fGreL
1974-1Formal Lady1972FUSA Hanover Hempt -2ftPcD3
1974Annette W1972FCAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTRicPkF
1974Annette W1972FUSA Tompkins Memorial -2fTHzPF
1974Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire - New/Reduced SP (USA)USA 
1974Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire - Winners (USA)USA198W
1974Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Winners (USA)USA86W
1974Baron Hanover1961MLeading Sire of Pacers - Winners (USA)USA 
1974Beckilyn Hanover1972FCAN Miss Vera Bars -2fGreF
1974Beckilyn Hanover1972FUSA Matron Stakes -2fDet2
1974Berna Hanover1971FCAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTRicPkF
1974Berna Hanover1971FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
1974Berna Hanover1971FUSA Battle of Saratoga -3ftStgaF
1974Berna Hanover1971FUSA Chestnut Farm -3fTLexF
1974Berna Hanover1971FUSA Hambletonian Oaks -3fTDUQ1
1974Berna Hanover1971FUSA Matron Stakes -3fTDet2
1974Blackjack Parlay1972MUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
1974Bret Hanover1962MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (US)USA$1,232,893
1974Bret Hanover1962MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:10 2YO (USA)USA33W
1974Bret Hanover1962MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2STP (USA)USA36W
1974Chaco S1970MSWE Gosta Bergengrens MinnesloppBodenL
1974Christopher T1971MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TDuQ2
1974Christopher T1971MUSA Hambletonian -3TDuQ1
1974Count Luigi1972MUSA New Jersey Futurity -2TFhldL
1974Ira Lobell1971MUSA Washington Park DerbyWashS
1974JJs Flawless1968GUSA Los Angeles FFA - OTHolF
1974Lance Almahurst1972MCAN Canadian Juvenile -2LonS
1974Make It Easy1972MUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2cBlomS
1974Noble Jade1970MUSA 4YO H&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
1974Noble Jade1970MUSA American National -OTSPk2
1974Noble Jade1970MUSA Marquis De Lafayette -OTBrdF
1974Noble Rogue1972MUSA Westbury Trot -2TRRF
1974Parlay RC1971MUSA Challenge Stakes -3TScDF
1974Racing Ace1971GUSA Champaign Futurity -3UrbS
1974Savoir1968GUSA 5YO+ H&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
1974Savoir1968GUSA American Classic -OTHol1
1974Savoir1968GUSA American Trotting Championship -OTRR2
1974Savoir1968GUSA Goldsmith Maid TrotRRS
1974Sir Dalrae1969MUSA Grand Prix FFA -OPSpkF
1974Sir Dalrae1969MUSA Pacing Championship -OPM1
1974Sir Dalrae1969MUSA Suburban Downs Derby -OPHaw2
1974Star Shot1971MUSA Florida Breeders -3TPPk3
1974Starlark Hanover1971FUSA Hanover Stakes -3fTFsR3
1974Starlark Hanover1971FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
1974Sutton Sue1971FUSA Illinois State Fair Colt -3ftSprS
1974Timothy T1967MFRA Grand Prix de ParisVinc1
1974Timothy T1967MGrand Circuit Champion (Europe)EUR 
1974Timothy T1967MITA GP Citta di MontecatiniMtct2
1974Timothy T1967MITA GP Della Fiera SS1
1974Timothy T1967MITA GP Della RepubblicaBolog2
1974Timothy T1967MITA GP Delle NazioniSS1
1974Timothy T1967MITA GP Freccia d'EuropaAgn1
1974Timothy T1967MITA GP Gaetano TurilliTdV1
1974Timothy T1967MITA GP Renzo OrlandiMod2
1974Timothy T1967MSWE ElitloppetSolv1
1973-2Berna Hanover1971FCAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTBBF
1973-2Faraway Bay1970MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
1973-1Armbro Nordic1970MCAN Standardbred Futurity -3TGreS
1973-1Best of Donut1971FUSA Hanover Hempt -2fPcD3
1973-1Rising Wind1971MUSA Scarlet & Gray -2TScDS
1973-1Savoir1968GCAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTGreF
1973Bartlett1971MUSA Reading Futurity -2TLRF
1973Berna Hanover1971FCAN In Free Series -2fTGreL
1973Berna Hanover1971FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fTMea3
1973Berna Hanover1971FUSA Battle of Saratoga -2ftStga3
1973Berna Hanover1971FUSA Breeders Filly -2ftDelaS
1973Berna Hanover1971FUSA Hanover Stakes -2fTFsR3
1973Berna Hanover1971FUSA Horace Johnston Memorial -2ftLexS
1973Berna Hanover1971FUSA Proximity -2fTRRF
1973Berna Hanover1971FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
1973Berna Hanover1971FUSA Tompkins Memorial -2fTHzPF
1973Best of Donut1971FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2fMea3
1973Best of Donut1971FUSA Pocahontas -2fBrdF
1973Bravado Hanover1963MLeading Sire of 2YO - Stakes (Australia)AUS$25,099
1973Breakaway Chip1971GCAN Canadian Juvenile -2BBS
1973Christopher T1971MUSA 2YO C&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
1973Christopher T1971MUSA International Stallion Stakes -2cTLex2
1973Christopher T1971MUSA Tompkins Memorial -2THzPF
1973Dart Hanover1965MFRA Grand Prix d'AmeriqueVinc1
1973Faraway Bay1970MUSA Scarlet & Gray -3ScDS
1973Fast Clip1969MUSA Matron Stakes-4Det2
1973Hawaian Mir1968MCTA Aged Trotter of the YearCAN 
1973Jorobes RJ1970MUSA Orange County Cup -3cGoshF
1973Matina Hanover1969FUSA Reynolds Memorial -4TBRS
1973Mr Dalrae1979MUSA Maywood Pacing SeriesMayS
1973Native Lobell1970MCAN Tecumseh -3MohS
1973Noble Jade1970MUSA Allwood Stable TrotLexS
1973Parlay RC1971MUSA Buckeye -2TUrbF
1973Parlay RC1971MUSA Ohio Colt Sweepstakes -2TDelaS
1973Parlay RC1971MUSA The Ohio State -2TColsL
1973Rising Wind1971MUSA General George Wilkes -2cTBrdF
1973Rising Wind1971MUSA Westbury Trot -2TRRF
1973River Circle Sue1971FCAN Canadian Series -2fBBS
1973River Circle Sue1971FCAN Canadian Series -2fQCS
1973Rocket Rebel1971MUSA Parshall Futurity -2GreenL
1973Savoir1968GUSA Dygert Memorial -OTHaw2
1973Savoir1968GUSA Marquis De Lafayette -OTBrdF
1973Sir Dalrae1969MCAN Canadian Derby -OPGre1
1973Sir Dalrae1969MCAN Continental Cup FFAWindS
1973Sir Dalrae1969MFastest Pacer of The Year (USA)USA1:56.0
1973Sir Dalrae1969MHarness Horse of the Year (USA)USA 
1973Sir Dalrae1969MStake Earner of the Year (Pacers) (NA)NA $307,354
1973Sir Dalrae1969MUSA 4YO H&G Pacer of the YearUSA 
1973Sir Dalrae1969MUSA General Mad Anthony -OPBrdF
1973Sir Dalrae1969MUSA Governors Cup -OPSPkF
1973Sir Dalrae1969MUSA James Clark Memorial -OPLBF
1973Sir Dalrae1969MUSA Pacer of the YearUSA 
1973Sir Dalrae1969MUSA Pacing Championship -OPM1
1973Sir Dalrae1969MUSA Suburban Downs Derby -OPHaw2
1973Star Shot1971MUSA Florida Breeders -2TPPk3
1973Starlark Hanover1971FUSA 2YO Filly Trotter of the YearUSA 
1973Starlark Hanover1971FUSA Acorn -2fTGosh2
1973Starlark Hanover1971FUSA Bloomsburg Fair S -2ftBlomS
1973Starlark Hanover1971FUSA E Roland Harriman -2TYRF
1973Starlark Hanover1971FUSA Hanover Hempt -2ftPcD3
1973Starlark Hanover1971FUSA Lou Dillon-2fTYRF
1973Starlark Hanover1971FUSA Nancy Hanks -2fTBrdF
1973Starlark Hanover1971FUSA Reading Futurity -2ftLRF
1973Starlark Hanover1971FUSA Reynolds Memorial -2fTPcDL
1973Starlark Hanover1971FUSA Westchester -2cTYRF
1973Tarville1971MUSA Tom Hal -2cBrdF
1973Timothy T1967MITA GP Gaetano TurilliTdV1
1972-1Troy Lobell1970MUSA Andy Kerr Memorial -2VDS
1972 (eq)Bret Hanover1962MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA24W
1972 (eq)Bret Hanover1962MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2STP (USA)USA26W
1972Armbro Intrigant1965GCAN Valedictory Series -OPWdbL
1972Armbro Nordic1970MCAN Standardbred Futurity -2TMohS
1972Armbro Nordic1970MCAN Supertest Stakes - 2TGardCF
1972Bret Hanover1962MLeading Sire of 2&3YO - Stakes (US)USA$1,198,911
1972Burning Speed1970MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cTMea3
1972Burning Speed1970MUSA Batavia Downs -2cTBtva3
1972Burning Speed1970MUSA Challenge Stakes -2TScDF
1972Burning Speed1970MUSA General George Wilkes -2cTBrdF
1972Burning Speed1970MUSA Westbury Trot -2TRRF
1972Dart Hanover1965MGER Elite RennenGels1
1972Dart Hanover1965MGER Grossen Preis Von BayernDaglf1
1972Dart Hanover1965MGrand Circuit Champion (Europe)EUR 
1972Dart Hanover1965MHOL Prijs Der GigantenHilv1
1972Dart Hanover1965MITA Campionato EuropeoCes1
1972Dart Hanover1965MITA GP Costa AzzurraTurin2
1972Dart Hanover1965MITA Premio Lido Di RomaTdV2
1972Dart Hanover1965MSWE ElitloppetSolv1
1972Dart Hanover1965MSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
1972Fairmont Hanover1970MUSA Hoosier -2cTInd3
1972Faraway Bay1970MUSA Buckeye -2pUrbF
1972Faraway Bay1970MUSA Fox Stakes -2Ind3
1972Fast Clip1969MUSA Geers Stakes -3cDuQ3
1972Hawaian Mir1968MCAN Projectile TrotBBS
1972Kacol Key1969FUSA New Jersey Futurity -3TFhldL
1972Lovely Drummond1970FCAN Standardbred Futurity -2ftGreS
1972Lovely Drummond1970FCAN The Blue Bonnets Trot -2TBBS
1972Marbest1970MUSA Reading Futurity -2LRF
1972Native Lobell1970MCAN Etobicoke Pace -2MohS
1972Native Lobell1970MCAN Lastic Grattan Stakes -2MohS
1972Savoir1968GUSA American National -OTSPk2
1972Savoir1968GUSA Columbian TrotSPkS
1972Savoir1968GUSA Hanover Stake -OTLBF
1972Savoir1968GUSA Marquis De Lafayette -OTBrdF
1972Savoir1968GUSA Matron Stakes -4TDet2
1972Sir Dalrae1969MUSA Pomona PaceHolS
1972Speedy Carlene1969FCTA 3YO Trotter of the YearCAN 
1972Speedy Carlene1969FUSA Arden Downs Stakes -3fTMea3
1972Speedy Carlene1969FUSA Hudson Filly Trot -3fTYR2
1972Speedy Carlene1969FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
1972The Black Streak1969MUSA Grandview Ohio Futurity -3TNfldS
1972The Black Streak1969MUSA Ohio Colt Sweepstakes -3TDelaS
1972Wyatt Dill1970MCAN Aerial Gunner TrotBBS
1972Wyatt Dill1970MCAN Dufferin Trot -2TBBS
1972Wyatt Dill1970MCAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTBBF
1972Wyatt Dill1970MCAN Van Riddell Trot -2TGreF
1972Wyatt Dill1970MCTA 2YO Trotter of the YearCAN 
1972Wyatt Dill1970MUSA Battle of Saratoga -2cTStgaL
1972Wyatt Dill1970MUSA EH Harriman (Historic) Cup -2TGosh2
1971Berry Hanover1969MUSA Hanover Stakes -2cFsR3
1971Berry Hanover1969MUSA Tom Hal -2cBrdF
1971Bret Hanover1962MLeading Sire of Pacers - 2:05 3YO (USA)USA23W
1971Cap D'Antibes1968MUSA Hilltop Trot -3TYRS
1971Cap D'Antibes1968MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
1971Darren Hanover1965MSWE Gavle Stora PrisGavle2
1971Dart Hanover1965MSWE Elitloppet (Heat)Solv2
1971Dart Hanover1965MUSA American Trotting Championship -OTRR2
1971Fast Clip1969MUSA American National -2cSPk2
1971Kacol Key1969FUSA New Jersey Futurity -2TFhldL
1971Keystone Hattie1968FUSA Reading Futurity -3fTLRF
1971Perfect Weapon1969MUSA Illinois State Fair Colt Stake -2SprF
1971Real Cool1968FUSA Excelsior Stake -3fTMRF
1971Real Cool1968FUSA Hanover Hempt -3ftPcD3
1971Real Cool1968FUSA Reynolds Memorial -3fTPcDL
1971Savoir1968GUSA Colonial -3TRcR1
1971Savoir1968GUSA Kentucky Futurity -3TLex1
1971Snapphanen1964MSWE Baletts LoppSolvL
1971Spanish Frigate1968GUSA Florida Breeders -3TPPk3
1971The Black Streak1969MUSA Grandview Ohio Futurity -2TNfldS
1971The Black Streak1969MUSA Parshall Futurity -2TGreenL
1971The Black Streak1969MUSA Scarlet & Gray -2TScDS
1971Timothy T1967MUSA Realization - 4TRRF
1971Vatson1966MITA GP Della VittoriaBolog2
1970Baron Gruff1964MSWE GoteborgspokalenAby3
1970Baron Gruff1964MSWE Konung Carl XVI Gustafs SilverhastenSolv3
1970Baron Gruff1964MSWE Walter Lundbergs MemorialSolvF
1970Betty Hanover1967FUSA Lady Maud -3fYR1
1970Brazil Hanover1966GCAN Projectile TrotBBS
1970Clayt Hanover1967MUSA Reading Futurity -3TLRF
1970Clayt Hanover1967MUSA Reynolds Memorial -3cTPcDL
1970Commander Dell1963GCAN Willowdale PaceGreS
1970Frosted Yankee1968MCTA 2YO Trotter of the YearCAN 
1970Frosted Yankee1968MUSA Challenge Stakes -2TScDF
1970Frosted Yankee1968MUSA The Standardbred -2TDela1
1970Idol H1965MSWE Fyra Kilometer (4km)SolvL
1970Jane Will1960FSWE JuliloppetOr3
1970Lightning Wave1966MUSA American National -OPSPk2
1970Lord Iran1964MSWE BollnasloppetBollL
1970Lord Iran1964MSWE CH Mullers MemorialJag3
1970Marj Dill1967FUSA Pride of Ohio -3ftCols3
1970Nevele Rascal1967MUSA Dickerson Cup -3TGosh1
1970Real Cool1968FFastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)USAT1:59.1
1970Real Cool1968FUSA International Stallion Stakes -2fTLex2
1970Savoir1968GUSA Bluegrass -2cTLex3
1970Savoir1968GUSA Bluegrass -3cTLex3
1970Seton Hanover1968MUSA Arden Downs Stakes -2cMea3
1970Seton Hanover1968MUSA Hanover Hempt -2cVD3
1970Seton Hanover1968MUSA Worlds Playground Pace -2AtlCS
1970Snapphanen1964MSWE Peterson-Brodda MemorialJag2
1970Spanish Frigate1968GUSA Florida Breeders -2TPPk3
1970Spring Mir1967FCAN UHHA Futurity -3TRicPkS
1970Thai1968MUSA Reynolds Memorial -2cTPcDL
1970Timothy T1967MUSA 3YO C&G Trotter of the YearUSA 
1970Timothy T1967MUSA Colonial -3TRcR1
1970Timothy T1967MUSA Founders Gold Cup -3TVDF
1970Timothy T1967MUSA Hambletonian (Heat) -3TDuQ2
1970Timothy T1967MUSA Hambletonian -3TDuQ1
1970Timothy T1967MUSA Hanover Stakes -3cTMea3
1970Timothy T1967MUSA Kentucky Futurity -3TLex1
1970Timothy T1967MUSA Review Stakes -3cTSpr2
1970Vatson1966MITA GP d'Europa - 4SS2
1970Vatson1966MITA Presidente Della Repubblica -4TriL
1969-2Armbro Kwik1967MUSA Excelsior Stake -2cTMRF
1969-1Lightning Wave1966MUSA Little Brown Jug (heat) -3Dela3
1969Armbro Kwik1967MCAN Supertest Stakes - 2TGardCF
1969Baron Gruff1964MNOR Oslo Grand PrixBje1
1969Baron Gruff1964MSWE Ericssons MemorialSolvF
1969Baron Gruff1964MSWE GoteborgspokalenAby3
1969Baron Gruff1964MSWE Norrbottens GP (Top Of Europe)Boden3
1969Becky Hanover1967FUSA Reading Futurity -2fLRF
1969Betty Hanover1967FUSA Debutante (Historic) Stakes -2fGosh3
1969Charmette Hanover1966FUSA Hudson Filly Trot -3fTYR2
1969Darren Hanover1965MSWE Solvalla GP -4