29 Results for Cold Spring Park (Milwaukee, WI, United States) - Track Length is One mile

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
1942USA American Stake -2Widows Pride1940MU309 AbbedaleGrattan Royal 52284
1941USA American Stake -2Mighty Sweet1939FU4 VolomiteGuy Axworthy 37501
1942USA American Stake -2TVolo Song1940MU17 VolomiteNelson Dillon
1941USA American Stake -2TColby Hanover1939MU1 Mr McElwynPeter Volo
1942USA American Stake -3Hal Trim1939MU266 Hal DaleTrampfast
1941USA American Stake -3Bell Boy1938MU12 Guy CastletonBelwin
1947USA American Stake -3THoot Mon1944MU2 ScotlandGuy Abbey
1946USA American Stake -3TVictory Song1943MU17 VolomiteNelson Dillon
1942USA American Stake -3TCannon Ball1939MU32 Guy DayAtlantic Express 48787
1941USA American Stake -3TVolstadt1938MU5 VolomiteBelwin
1948USA Dan Patch (America) FFAPoplar Byrd1944MU50 VolomiteGrattan At Law
1947USA Dan Patch (America) FFAMillbrook1940GU35 VolomiteGuy Axworthy 37501
1946USA Dan Patch (America) FFAKings Counsel1940MU42 VolomiteGuy Axworthy 37501
1946-9USA Grand Circuit FFA-PaceKings Counsel1940MU42 VolomiteGuy Axworthy 37501
1944-2USA Grand Circuit FFA-PaceH Kay Worthy1930GU1432OutsiderEss H Kay 01187
1943-1USA Grand Circuit FFA-PaceCita Rector1938FU11 ProtectorSan Francisco 49173
1942-2USA Grand Circuit FFA-PaceEvening Sun1933FU2 VolomitePeter The Great 28955
1925-11USA Grand Circuit FFA-PaceSir Roch1917GU600 St RochEcho Dell 15340
1946-8USA Grand Circuit FFA-TrotDoctor Spencer1942MU17 SpencerPeter Volo
1944-3USA Grand Circuit FFA-TrotAll Spencer1936MU2185SpencerPeter McKlyo
1943-1USA Grand Circuit FFA-TrotAll Spencer1936MU2185SpencerPeter McKlyo
1942-2USA Grand Circuit FFA-TrotLovely Lady1936FU508 ScotlandMr McElwyn
1942USA Matron Stakes -OTHis Excellency1938MU6 VolomiteGuy Axworthy 37501
1941USA Matron Stakes -OTSpencer Scott1937MU9 ScotlandSpencer
1948USA Messenger -OTVictory Song1943MU17 VolomiteNelson Dillon
1947USA Messenger -OTVictory Song1943MU17 VolomiteNelson Dillon
1946USA Messenger -OTDoctor Spencer1942MU17 SpencerPeter Volo
1948USA The Big Five PaceJerry The First1944MU532 Jerry MPeter S
1948USA The Big Five TrotVita Lee1942FU150 Perk AxworthyGuy Great