212 Results for Gore Raceway (Gore, New Zealand) - Track Length is 1000m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2012NZ Caduceus Club of Southland Stakes - 4Eleanor Roosevelt2007FU30 Falcon SeelsterHolmes Hanover
2011NZ Caduceus Club of Southland Stakes - 4Arnoux2006GU303 ElsuIn The Pocket
2010NZ Caduceus Club of Southland Stakes - 4Telemecanique2005FN29 Falcon SeelsterHolmes Hanover
2009NZ Caduceus Club of Southland Stakes - 4Lord Forbes2004MN31 Live Or DieSokys Atom
2008NZ Caduceus Club of Southland Stakes - 4Charles Bronson2003MU327 Christian CullenFalcon Seelster
2007NZ Caduceus Club of Southland Stakes - 4First Royal2002GN3 Live Or DieTalk About Class
1984NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpMalaz1981MN3 LordshipTempest Hanover
1982NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpDear Sir1979GN36 Sir DalraeDick Adios
1981NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpTrilobal1978GA2 Nevele BigshotVan Hanover
1980NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpBerry Quick1977GN162 Berry HanoverYoung Charles
1979NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpJohnny Balbo1976MN184 Card SharkMorano
1978NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpJohnny Mac1975GN69 Holy HalFallacy
1975NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpTrusty Scot1972MN10 Scottish CommandFlying Song
1974NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpAdmiral Byrd1971GN10 Butler ByrdHal Tryax
1973NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpLunar Chance1970GN7 Majestic ChanceDillon Hall
1972NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpRobray1969GA3 TuftLight Brigade
1971NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpAvenge1968GN1 Garrison HanoverU Scott
1970NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpFrenchelle1967GA2 Newport ChiefJohnny Globe
1969NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpObstinate1966FU305 FallacyWorthy Monarch
1968NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpAmber Lad1965MN43 Van HanoverLight Brigade
1967NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpAvondale1964FN57 Newport ChiefFlying Song
1966NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpGlenda Hanover1963FN137 Garrison HanoverDillon Hall
1965NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpBlue Tryax1962GN141 Hal TryaxGreat Blaze
1964NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpViking Water1961MN3 Hal TryaxQuite Sure
1963NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpDannys Pal1960MN308 Young CharlesYoung Bob
1962NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpPart Time1959MU311 Hal TryaxBill B
1961NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpOtikirama Boy1958MN39 Garrison HanoverDillon Hall
1960NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpSouthern Lilly1957FN10 Flying SongSpringfield Globe
1959-2NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpWaterspray1956FN213 Hal TryaxDillon Hall
1959-1NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpGildirect1955MN550 Globe DirectDillon Hall
1958NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpWhippy Dillon1954MA2 WhipsterDillon Hall
1956NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpLord Balfour1953MN56 Dillon HallGrattan Loyal
1955NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpGirl Brigade1952FN43 Light BrigadeU Scott
1954NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpWaitaki Joe1951MN43 Josedale GrattanU Scott
1953NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpGeneral Sandy1950MN8 SandydaleWellington Direct
1952NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpMighty Benny1949MN919BlaydonDillon Hall
1951NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpKissing Cup1948MA409 Dillon HallKing Oro
1950NZ Eastern Southland 3yo HcpLady Balfour1947FN56 Dillon HallGrattan Loyal
2020NZ Gore (Grass track) CupCast A Shadow2012GN222 Real DesireOur Sir Vancelot
2019NZ Gore (Grass track) CupCast A Shadow2012GN222 Real DesireOur Sir Vancelot
2018NZ Gore (Grass track) CupPass The Speights2012GU30 Bettors DelightIn The Pocket
2017NZ Gore (Grass track) CupCosta Del Magnifico2011MU4 Mach ThreeFalcon Seelster
2016NZ Gore (Grass track) CupTitan Banner2011GN20 Art MajorSokys Atom
2015NZ Gore (Grass track) CupBelkmyster2009GN20 Mach ThreeArmbro Operative
2014NZ Gore (Grass track) CupCam Before The Storm2008MN9 McArdleCams Trickster
1971NZ Gore 3yo/Autumn 3yo HcpBelvan1967GN5 Van HanoverSecure
1970NZ Gore 3yo/Autumn 3yo HcpFriendly Jane1966FN1 Garrison HanoverJosedale Grattan
1969NZ Gore 3yo/Autumn 3yo HcpBobby Blue1965MN106 BlueBill B
1968NZ Gore 3yo/Autumn 3yo HcpSu Matic1964FU4 Hal O MaticCroughton
1967NZ Gore 3yo/Autumn 3yo HcpGolden Variety1963MN229 Hal O MaticAttack
1966NZ Gore 3yo/Autumn 3yo HcpSnead1962MN22 U ScottLight Brigade
1965NZ Gore 3yo/Autumn 3yo HcpBright Enterprise1961GN21 Light BrigadeU Scott
1964NZ Gore 3yo/Autumn 3yo HcpLin Dor1960FN198 Flying SongStirling Castle
1963NZ Gore 3yo/Autumn 3yo HcpFirst Battle1959GN21 BattlegroundHonestus
1962NZ Gore 3yo/Autumn 3yo HcpWhipson1958MN206 WhipsterDillon Hall
1961NZ Gore 3yo/Autumn 3yo HcpLynrobyn1957FN56 Hal TryaxWorthy Bond
1960NZ Gore 3yo/Autumn 3yo HcpFaru1956GN69 My ChiefDillon Hall
1988NZ Gore 4yoNellie Doon1983FN3 NoodlumBerry Hanover
1987NZ Gore 4yoHit The Tape1982GN51 SaigonLight Brigade
1986NZ Gore 4yoMalaz1981MN3 LordshipTempest Hanover
1985NZ Gore 4yoBeaudiene Fella1980GN128 Smooth FellaHonest Master
1984NZ Gore 4yoCrafty Kobba1980MN56 Timely KnightSly Yankee
1983NZ Gore 4yoBeaudiene Scott1979GN2 Scottish HanoverHonest Master
1982NZ Gore 4yoHappy Knight1977MN8 Timely KnightYankee Express
1981NZ Gore 4yoAuchen Bay1976GN57 Berry HanoverNewport Chief
1980NZ Gore 4yoLaugh At Last1975GN8 Holy HalDick Adios
1979NZ Gore 4yoGood Too1974MN3 LordshipDick Adios
2019NZ Gore Cup/HcpBettathanfast2015GN11 Bettors DelightWingspread
2018NZ Gore Cup/HcpMighty Santana2013GN4 Santanna Blue ChipChristian Cullen
2017NZ Gore Cup/HcpRoyal Bengal2013MU30 Christian CullenVillage Jasper
2016NZ Gore Cup/HcpAcolyte2010GU30 Lis MaraOK Bye
2015NZ Gore Cup/HcpWatch Pulp Fiction2011MN24 Art MajorChristian Cullen
2014NZ Gore Cup/HcpJango Fett2010MU303 Western IdealChristian Cullen
2013NZ Gore Cup/HcpAwesum Teddy2009GN3 ElsuMake A Deal
2012NZ Gore Cup/HcpOur Jimmy Johnstone2008GN1 P Forty SevenFalcon Seelster
2011NZ Gore Cup/HcpCracker Black2006MN56 Courage Under FireSave Fuel
2010NZ Gore Cup/HcpMcBeths Boy2005GN111 ArtiscapeBeach Towel
2009NZ Gore Cup/HcpCentreofattention2005GU318 Live Or DieAdmiral Halsey
2008NZ Gore Cup/HcpBigtime Blue Jean2003MN53 Il VicoloSave Fuel
2007NZ Gore Cup/HcpWee Willam2001GN57 CamtasticDouble Century
2006NZ Gore Cup/HcpLavros Jasper2002GN5 Village JasperTuapeka Knight
2005NZ Gore Cup/HcpOreti Beach2000GN22 Beach TowelOK Bye
2004NZ Gore Cup/HcpClint Westwood2000GN10 Western HanoverBo Scots Blue Chip
2003NZ Gore Cup/HcpMister Gee D1999GN9 Fake LeftLumber Dream
2002NZ Gore Cup/HcpStand Asquire1997GU309 Stand TogetherTransport Chip
2001NZ Gore Cup/HcpBernanne Chip1995FN22 Holmes HanoverTransport Chip
2000NZ Gore Cup/HcpJim Dandy1994GN18 Dancing MasterArmbro Del
1999NZ Gore Cup/HcpFoden Holmes1995GN158 Holmes HanoverLumber Dream
1998NZ Gore Cup/HcpTartan Lady1994FN8 Holmes HanoverSmooth Fella
1997NZ Gore Cup/HcpTitan Abel1992GA2 Admiral HalseyLumber Dream
1996NZ Gore Cup/HcpGeorgina Lobell1990FU133 Smooth FellaOil Burner
1995NZ Gore Cup/HcpExperte1991MN13 Tuapeka KnightVance Hanover
1994NZ Gore Cup/HcpArlo1989GN98 AndrelRegal Yankee
1993NZ Gore Cup/HcpPass Carefully1987GN6 New York MotoringLocal Light
1992NZ Gore Cup/HcpArnas Prize1988FN155 EnterpriseTimely Knight
1991NZ Gore Cup/HcpQuba Rose1987FN22 Majestic ChanceLumber Dream
1990NZ Gore Cup/HcpPopsicle1986GN78 Surmo HanoverKnowing Bret
1989NZ Gore Cup/HcpLynfield Lad1983GN261 Farr HanoverArmbro Del
1988NZ Gore Cup/HcpFlaming Chip1984FN63 Transport ChipSly Yankee
1987NZ Gore Cup/HcpShot1982GA3 Pass With CareParlez Vous
1986NZ Gore Cup/HcpYoung Lord1981MN69 LordshipYoung Charles
1985NZ Gore Cup/HcpBamboroughs Pride1979GA2 WatbroHonest Master
1984NZ Gore Cup/HcpSouthern Boy1979GN262 Prince TwinkleLord Butler
1983NZ Gore Cup/HcpMatai Skipper1979GN3 Mister HillasTempest Hanover
1982NZ Gore Cup/HcpDab Chick1978FU30 Dancer GeorgeYoung Charles
1981NZ Gore Cup/HcpArmbro Wings1976MN37 Good ChaseArmbro Del
1980NZ Gore Cup/HcpLincmac1975MN85 Young CharlesDick Adios
1979NZ Gore Cup/HcpLocal Joe1974GN176 Joe RewardIrish Orator
1978NZ Gore Cup/HcpHajano1974GN184 Jersey HanoverMorano
1977NZ Gore Cup/HcpTrevira1973GA2 Scottish CommandVan Hanover
1976NZ Gore Cup/HcpLooking Over1969FN51 Waitaki HanoverRed Emperor
1975NZ Gore Cup/HcpStreaker1971MN3 Bachelor HanoverJohnny Globe
1974NZ Gore Cup/HcpShavande1969MA2 Hundred ProofGarrison Hanover
1973NZ Gore Cup/HcpCharlies Romance1966MN306 Young CharlesRed Shadow
1972NZ Gore Cup/HcpThursa1967MN153 ForwardDillon Hall
1971NZ Gore Cup/HcpFlying Home1965MN8 Young CharlesCaptain Adios
1970NZ Gore Cup/HcpLogan Light1965FN201 Local LightYoung Bob
1969NZ Gore Cup/HcpJohnny Kawa1963MN305 Johnny GlobeU Scott
1968NZ Gore Cup/HcpDacron1963MA2 Garrison HanoverBlaydon
1967NZ Gore Cup/HcpSpanaway1962FN139 AksarbenBlaydon
1966NZ Gore Cup/HcpYankee Dandy1958MU317 Captain AdiosDillon Hall
1965NZ Gore Cup/HcpMerry Morning1959MN8 Light BrigadeLogan Derby
1964NZ Gore Cup/HcpLin Dor1960FN198 Flying SongStirling Castle
1963NZ Gore Cup/HcpTrigside1956GA2 Flying SongIndianapolis
1962NZ Gore Cup/HcpMarquess1953GN524 Free FightWellington Direct
1961NZ Gore Cup/HcpValcador1957GN81 Young CharlesGlobe Direct
1960NZ Gore Cup/HcpTarseal1952MN55 CroughtonGrattan Loyal
1959NZ Gore Cup/HcpGlenoware1953GN182 Bill BDillon Hall
1958NZ Gore Cup/HcpFrown1953GN8 Dillon HallBruce Walla
1957NZ Gore Cup/HcpEast Dome1952MN56 Free FightGrattan Loyal
1956NZ Gore Cup/HcpMountain Brigade1952GN8 Light BrigadeGrattan Loyal
1955NZ Gore Cup/HcpLady Cook1950FN198 Stirling CastleSandydale
1954NZ Gore Cup/HcpOur Kentucky1949GN506 Dillon HallArion Axworthy
1953NZ Gore Cup/HcpBarcola1947GN1 Dillon HallQuite Sure
1952NZ Gore Cup/HcpKissing Cup1948MA409 Dillon HallKing Oro
1951NZ Gore Cup/HcpHeather Dillon1946FU317 Dillon HallRoyal Silk
1950NZ Gore Cup/HcpRoyal Robin1944GN15 Grattan LoyalJack Potts
1949NZ Gore Cup/HcpWalnut Hall1943GN7 Dillon HallHappy Voyage
1948NZ Gore Cup/HcpWhipster1944MN70 Quite SureJack Potts
1947NZ Gore Cup/HcpNovelda1943FN514 Dillon HallAdioo Guy
1946NZ Gore Cup/HcpCopper Trail1941GN518 Quite SureNelson Bingen
1945NZ Gore Cup/HcpMonagh Leagh1940GN162 Quite SureAdioo Guy
1944NZ Gore Cup/HcpRoyal Fortune1938GN639 Quite SureBlue Mountain King
1943NZ Gore Cup/HcpDianus1935FN27 Jack PottsLogan Pointer
1942NZ Gore Cup/HcpGold Finder1937FN47 Gold PaperBrent Locanda
1941NZ Gore Cup/HcpRecluse1936GN178 Jack PottsLogan Pointer
1940NZ Gore Cup/HcpRoyal Grattan1933GN74 Grattan LoyalWildwood Junior
1939NZ Gore Cup/HcpIron Duke1932GN122 Wellington DirectHarold Rothschild
1939NZ Gore Cup/HcpWillow Bank1934FN7 Worthy BondWaverley
1938NZ Gore Cup/HcpBill B1933MU145 Single GDale Axworthy
1937NZ Gore Cup/HcpBing Crosby1934MU2277Grattan At LawPeter Gosnell
1936NZ Gore Cup/HcpRenowns Best1932FN107 Grattan LoyalAdvance
1935NZ Gore Cup/HcpFairhaven1929FA5 Man O'WarCaptain Tracey
1934NZ Gore Cup/HcpKibo1927FN635 Blue Mountain KingHarold Wilkes
1933NZ Gore Cup/HcpBlue Mountain Queen1927FN202 Blue Mountain KingBellman
1932NZ Gore Cup/HcpGreat Chenault1927MN624 Peter ChenaultRothschild
1931NZ Gore Cup/HcpGold Country1926GN5 Rey De OroWildmoor
1930NZ Gore Cup/HcpSatin King1926GN231 Erins KingHarold Wilkes
1929NZ Gore Cup/HcpTumatakuru1924GN64 MatchlightRothschild
1928NZ Gore Cup/HcpSunshower1923FN797 SungodWallace L
1927NZ Gore Cup/HcpLingfield1922FN6 Author DillonQuincey
1926NZ Gore Cup/HcpMate O Mine1921MN739 Four ChimesRothschild
1925NZ Gore Cup/HcpJolly Chimes1919MN735 Four ChimesRothschild
1924NZ Gore Cup/HcpHustler1918GN754 KerrwoodWallace L
1923NZ Gore Cup/HcpPrince Pointer1919MN241 Logan PointerKerrwood
1922NZ Gore Cup/HcpCountryman1918GN5 Logan PointerWildmoor
1921NZ Gore Cup/HcpLady Joan1917FN120 Logan PointerPrince Imperial
1920NZ Gore Cup/HcpIndra1915GN121 St SwithinKing Harold -3
1919NZ Gore Cup/HcpBarooga1912FN274 Four ChimesKentucky
1918NZ Gore Cup/HcpIndra1915GN121 St SwithinKing Harold -3
1917NZ Gore Cup/HcpGreat Britain1911MN721 RothschildQuincey
1916NZ Gore Cup/HcpSir Gavin1910GN127 Sir HectorBrookholm
1915NZ Gore Cup/HcpQuadroon1911MN907Harold RothschildTexas
1914NZ Gore Cup/HcpMoneymaker1910GN154 RothschildPrince Imperial
1913NZ Gore Cup/HcpTommy C1909MN797 Young McKinneyTracey
1912NZ Gore Cup/HcpWin Soon1908FN7 King ChildMacilleathean (thor)
1911NZ Gore Cup/HcpMonsoon1903GN797 The GossoonTexas
1910NZ Gore Cup/HcpMonsoon1903GN797 The GossoonTexas
1909NZ Gore Cup/HcpLady Sapwell1903FN799 Lord Vanderbilt
1908NZ Gore Cup/HcpBell Metal1903GN797 BellmanLincoln Yet
1907-2NZ Gore Cup/HcpTracey Yet1898FN759 General TraceyUntraced sire (NZ)
1907-1NZ Gore Cup/HcpBeulah1900FN63 General Tracey
1906NZ Gore Cup/HcpFichu1898GN764 Honest WilkesBlackwood Abdallah 4048
1905NZ Gore Cup/HcpTwo Up1899GN799 Dexter
1904NZ Gore Cup/HcpWhisper1895FN799 Lincoln Yet
1903NZ Gore Cup/HcpSt George1894GA1588St LouisUntraced sire (Aust)
1902NZ Gore Cup/HcpMiss Collins1889FN799 Untraced sire (NZ)
1901NZ Gore Cup/HcpMiracle Jack189-G Mambrino Mac
1984NZ Gore Tanqueray Stakes -3North Fleet1980FU302 Sir DalraeKey Club
1983NZ Gore Tanqueray Stakes -3Starling1979FN128 Majestic ChanceHundred Proof
1982NZ Gore Tanqueray Stakes -3Trilobal1978GA2 Nevele BigshotVan Hanover
1981NZ Gore Tanqueray Stakes -3Auburn Bret1977MN6 Knowing BretScottish Command
1980NZ Gore Tanqueray Stakes -3Ryal Pont1976MU43 TactileHi Los Forbes
1979NZ Gore Tanqueray Stakes -3Shona Way1975FN57 LordshipFlying Song
1978NZ Gore Tanqueray Stakes -3Hurricane Squire1974GU305 Armbro HurricaneDillon Hall
1977NZ Gore Tanqueray Stakes -3Islafax1973GN26 Tempest HanoverVan Dieman
1976NZ Gore Tanqueray Stakes -3Monarque1972MN7 Tempest HanoverGarrison Hanover
1975NZ Gore Tanqueray Stakes -3Bronze Regal1971MA200 Regal YankeeFalse Step
1974NZ Gore Tanqueray Stakes -3Lunar Chance1970GN7 Majestic ChanceDillon Hall
1973NZ Gore Tanqueray Stakes -3Shavande1969MA2 Hundred ProofGarrison Hanover
1972NZ Gore Tanqueray Stakes -3Tonton Macoute1968MN59 Armbro DelMorano
1950NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupBlack Puzzle1940FN173 Grattan LoyalJohn Dillon
2014NZ Southern Supremacy -3No Doctor Needed2010GU349 Mach ThreeChristian Cullen
1992NZ Southern Supremacy -3Giovanetto1988MU30 FitchSon of Afella
1987NZ Southern Supremacy -3Noble Fella1983GN49 Son of AfellaLordship
1971NZ Southland Invitation StakesRauka Lad1964MN55 King CreedGrattan Loyal
1970NZ Southland Invitation StakesManaroa1965MN13 MoranoFlying Song
1969NZ Southland Invitation StakesAllakasam1961FN13 FallacyYoung Bob
1968NZ Southland Invitation StakesHumphrey1961MU302 MoranoLight Brigade
1967NZ Southland Invitation StakesMaster Alan1957MN206 MasterpieceBruce Walla
1966NZ Southland Invitation StakesQueens Cord1957FU307 RipcordLight Brigade
1965NZ Southland Invitation StakesCheta1958MN16 FallacyU Scott