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Chronicles of every Group/Listed race in the past 150 years, not only in Australasia, but also North America, United Kingdom and Europe with accompanying pedigrees and families of every winner.

We have 191,745 Horses and 132,866 Results in our database.

Free e-book - "Real Horse Power at Albert Park", a comprehensive history of the Albert Park Speedway (1903-07)

LATEST NEWS: *Check out the 200 year old pedigree of 2018 Russian Derby winner Sensey CH *Classic Families will be undergoing a significant upgrade over the next three weeks which will see the addition of 5,387 North American results - 130 new Canadian races from 16 tracks & 353 new USA races from 50 tracks. The results are thanks to a Godzilla size database that was the culmination of an eight year project researched by Andrew Chapman (South Australia). When completed there will be 368 Canadian races and 1473 USA races on Classic Families.

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